Bright Esperides Beach Femeli Resort 4* Greece, Rhodes, Faliraki – Paradise on the island of Rhodes

Hotel Esperides Beach Family Resort 4 * is built specifically for those who like to spend their free time with their families. Here you will find a lot of opportunities to organize joint leisure. Cycling, boating and water skiing, lunches and dinners in restaurants, shopping, excursions – all this and much more will forever remain in your memory as the best vacation spent with children and the second half. And if you pay for the services of a photographer, these memories may decorate the walls of your apartment and will be passed down from generation to generation in family albums.


General information and living conditions

The hotel complex Esperides Beach Family Resort 4 * is located on the largest and most popular for tourists island of Rhodes in a place with a beautiful name Faliraki. Staying here has an incredible number of benefits. For example, not far from the hotel there is a famous water park throughout Greece, springs, Kallitheia beach and many other cultural heritage sites of this ancient country.

On the territory of the tourist center there are 574 rooms suitable for both single living and staying with a family of 4-6 people. The design of the main hall and apartments is made in pleasant light colors. On the walls hang paintings by unknown artists and reproductions of famous surrealists. As for the arrangement, all rooms are equipped with air conditioning with an individual control panel. Next to the seating area are TVs with satellite channels. A telephone, radio, safe and refrigerator are also standard. Depending on the cost of accommodation, guests are provided with a double bed (or two single beds), a cradle for a child, bedside tables, a couch, a desk and a wardrobe.

Mikhail, Tula: “For the first time I make a tour of Greece, and my acquaintance with this country began with the hotel Esperides Beach Family Resort 4 *. The exterior is simply striking in its beauty. There is a lot of greenery around, a large swimming pool, walking paths, benches, a water park. Near endless beaches with fine soft sand. The booked room was very cozy, the furniture is new, the TV is large. It is immediately obvious that the design was worked on with special zeal. I recommend this place.”


The administration reserves for guests the right to choose the type of food on their own. Some prefer to visit the numerous restaurants and cafes located within the resort area, but the vast majority do not want to bother and choose all-inclusive accommodation. Especially for such guests on the territory of the hotel there is a buffet on the principle of “buffet”. According to this concept, vacationers can order alcoholic beverages of local production, soft cocktails and juices, light snacks and food for free.

Several lia carte restaurants have also been built. Several times a week they host themed dinners, every day the chefs prepare dishes of national and European cuisine. In the reviews of tourists, there are often enthusiastic thoughts about local chefs who know their business perfectly and cook delicious meat, fish and seafood. Some establishments offer real delicacies that you can hardly order in your country. And the youngest guests of the complex are waiting for a special menu. The food is decorated so brightly that even the most capricious and fastidious child will want to eat the contents of his plate and ask for supplements.

Oleg, St. Petersburg: “I paid for half board and was satisfied. Everything goes wrong, as, for example, in Turkish hotels. You come for breakfast or lunch, there are no queues, meat and fish are in abundance, a lot of fruits and vegetables. There is a combine, so you can make your own fresh. My son learned how to make juice from oranges and treated them to all our neighbors. But he and I fell especially in love with the local ice cream vendor. In the heat by the pool, we always ate it, and drank cold soda. “


Hotel Esperides Beach Family Resort 4 * offers a huge number of opportunities for a bright and exciting pastime on the territory of the hotel. For example, in the courtyard there is a tennis court with night lighting, a mini-golf course, a field for football, volleyball and basketball. Near the pool daily group lessons of water aerobics and water floor. In the evenings, discos and animated shows with the participation of pop stars, singers and musicians are held here. The mood is lifted by experienced animators, tirelessly working to ensure that the events are attended by as many people as possible.

Now let’s talk about a beach holiday. The coast is only a hundred meters from the main building. On its own plot there is everything you need (umbrellas, sunbeds, showers and changing cabins), there is a bar and a towel collection point. If you are tired of splashing in the sea, go sunbathing by the pool, there is a section for children with slides and terraces for sunbathing. Animators always keep watch here, unobtrusively offering guests to participate in competitions and team games.

Marina, Krasnoyarsk: “I can’t say I’m thrilled with the beach. The sea, of course, is warm, the entrance is comfortable and smooth, but you can not do without special shoes. Sand and pebble coating injures the feet, makes you feel discomfort when moving along the coast. But the bar serves soft drinks, alcohol, light snacks, pastries and ice cream. Nearby there is a diving school, motor and non-motorized equipment rental. I water-skied, catamarans, banana and parasailing. Once I even went fishing. But I did not dare to dive with scuba diving, for which I now scold myself very much. I advise you not to be afraid of anything and try all the entertainment offered. Everything is very cool, and it’s at a fairly low cost.”


For the convenience of vacationers in the hotel Esperides Beach Family Resort 4 * reception works around the clock. Staff at reception are fluent in several languages. Any issues that arise are resolved immediately.

On the territory of the hotel complex there is a private parking and car and bicycle rental. Each guest is assigned a parking place and remains for him throughout the entire period of stay in the tourist center. Laundry and modern dry cleaning services are also available, as well as babysitting and concierge services for a fee.

Everyone can travel around the island and get acquainted with local attractions. The tour desk sells tours, and, as tourists note, the prices for them do not bite. Such trips can afford every average traveler. We recommend that you allocate at least one day for this, because acquaintance with the history of Greece not only lifts the mood and helps to develop horizons and gain new knowledge about the world around you.

By the way, as you understand, payment for tours is made separately in cash and by bank transfer. To exchange rubles for currency, contact the exchange office located in the lobby. But there is a small “but”: the rate here is not very profitable, so some guests who want to get more money make currency transactions in nearby shopping centers.

Olga, Kirov: “The hotel has everything provided and created specifically to ensure that the tenants do not experience inconvenience during their stay here. Rooms are cleaned regularly, bed linen is changed several times a week. You can wash your things yourself, then the staff will bring an ironing board and a device for drying clothes to the apartment. I gave dresses, t-shirts and shorts to the laundry or dry cleaners, never got back a spoiled outfit. By the way, I recommend you to buy souvenirs in a local store. Prices for them are slightly lower than outside the hotel, but the quality is very good. But change the currency somewhere else or pay with cards.”

Reviews of tourists

The first thing that guests of the Esperides Beach Family Resort 4*hotel note in their assessments is the privileges enjoyed by the kids here. Especially for them, a menu with many different dishes was even developed. So, for example, you can often read about vegetable or meat puree (not from jars!), which can be fed to babies up to a year. They are also served fruit puree, milk mixtures, pureed soups and other delicious and healthy dishes.

Also, travelers always recommend renting a car. With a driver’s license, you have a unique opportunity to explore every corner of this amazingly beautiful island without the participation of a guide, overpayments and tedious waiting for the collection of the whole group. Be sure to hire a photographer for one day to capture you and your loved one in a romantic setting.

As mentioned earlier, this complex is designed specifically for couples with children. A quiet vacation does not tolerate unrestrained night fun, so the sounds of music completely subside by midnight. But this does not mean that representatives of active youth are closed here. Staying in one of the hotel rooms, you can always go to nightclubs, restaurants and cafes.

Speaking about the beach, it is worth noting that tourists note the incredible cleanliness of the coast. Hotel staff regularly clean the area assigned to the institution, remove algae that have been covered to the shore, and garbage left by guests. But not everyone is delighted with the coating: the presence of small pebbles does not allow you to walk barefoot. But with sun loungers and umbrellas there are no problems. They are provided completely free of charge, and their number is enough to meet the needs of their guests. You can come even at lunch, and always find a place to relax and lie in the sun.

Summing up, we confidently declare that the hotel Esperides Beach Family Resort 4 * deserves your attention. And if you are going on vacation in high season, we recommend that you take care of booking an apartment in advance. This will help save money, because with a preliminary reservation, the administration gives a discount. We wish you a pleasant stay!