Бутик-Отель Тургеневъ Тула

Boutique hotel “Turgenev” is considered one of the most interesting and exquisite among the hotels of Tula. He can rightfully claim for the title of business card for guests of the city. Its convenient location in the historical center, in the heart of the cultural and business life of the regional city makes it popular with business partners of local entrepreneurs and ordinary travelers. Nearby there are office buildings, historical monuments, places of interest.

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Location and history

The hotel is set in a building dating from the early 19th century. Its first owners were merchants Balasheva. They not only traded, but also had their own production of the famous Tula samovars. Later, their estate and business was bought by the manufacturer Santfleben. He expanded production and established a brass foundry in Tula. With the outbreak of the First World War, the company closed, and the premises for a long time passed from one organization to another, until they fell into complete decay.

In the 2000s, a complete reconstruction of the historical complex was carried out. As a result, the former merchant house turned into a luxury boutique hotel. Its interiors are designed in the Baroque and Empire styles, the furniture is made to order by Italian masters from the company Chelini. The staff provides a full range of services typical for 5-star hotels.

More information! The interiors of the rooms, hall and restaurant are often used for wedding photo shoots. The service is paid. As of February 2021, shooting within 4 hours will cost 10,000 rubles.

Hotel and restaurant complex “Turgenev” is located 2.5 km from the bus and railway stations. The nearest airport is located in Kaluga (90.5 km). When booking, you can discuss the transfer service (to be paid separately). Free parking spaces are provided for those who come by their own transport. Parking for people with disabilities is provided in the parking lot.

“Gorgeous location! 3 minutes to the ancient Kremlin, near theaters, museums, promenade streets. Special thanks to the owners for the historical entourage in the hotel. The unusual combination of the furnishings of ivan Turgenev’s time with modern equipment is very pleasant, although you feel yourself in the role of a museum exhibit. Pleased with the paintings of famous masters placed on the walls, as well as a collection of art objects worthy of attention” Ivan, Russia

Room stock

The fund includes 16 premium rooms. Each of them is decorated with an individual approach to colors, selection of decorative elements, choice of fabrics. The following rooms are available to accommodate guests:

  1. Category Standard Syuit. It includes NoNo 10 (18 sq. m.), 6 and 11 (improved on 25 sq. m.). The rooms are designed to accommodate 1-2 people. For sleep there are large double beds, you can relax in cozy armchairs. The bathroom is combined, a shower cabin is installed. There is a digital safe, tea station, mini-bar.
  2. Executive Suite (25 sq. m)) is equipped in NoNo 4, 13, 8, consists of one room. It is visually divided into a bedroom and a seating area. In addition to armchairs, there is a soft sofa. Bathroom with shower (8th with bath). There is a safe, a kettle with tea utensils, a mini-bar. Two more rooms 7 and 14 have corner bathrooms. These are large rooms for comfortable adoption of water procedures. These numbers are considered an improved version of the executives.
  3. Junior Suite. The category includes Nos. 2 and 3 (13 sq. m.), 5 and 12 (18 sq. m.). Quite cozy rooms with shower or bath. It is clear that the main area of the room is occupied by a huge bed (sometimes with a canopy), but luxury does not suffer from this.
  4. Suite (35 sq. m. – one-room number 1, divided into a living room and a bedroom. Bathroom with shower. There is a soft sofa, two armchairs, poufs, a huge double bed.
  5. The Presidential Suite with an office (50 sq. m.) is a three-room No. 9, consisting of a bedroom, a living room and a study. Upon check-in, a bottle of sparkling wine “Prosecco” is presented to the guest as a gift. Bathroom with bathtub.
  6. The Presidential Suite (55 sq. m.) is a two-room No. 15. It has large areas of bedroom, living room and bathroom. As a gift, the guest is presented with a bottle of sparkling “Prosecco” (Italian champagne).
  7. Presidential Suite with veranda (60 sq. m.) No. 16 is a comfortable super-premium class room. For a comfortable stay, a spacious bedroom, a living room and a terrace are prepared. Exquisite furniture is installed everywhere. There is a bath with a flexible shower.

In each bathroom for guests prepared a set of elite Italian cosmetics and perfumes. The caring staff will bring food and drinks to the room upon request. It is advisable not to smoke in the rooms. For these purposes, special places are equipped. Animals are not inhabited.

Pay attention! The reception is open around the clock. Fixed check-in time 14.00, check-out time – 12.00.

“Everything is perfect! From the central location to the cosy rooms. The staff is polite, knowledgeable. I especially want to note the quality of breakfasts and the ability of the chef to serve them. In this hotel you feel welcome” Natalia, Russia

Meals and restaurants

Restaurant “Turgenev” deserves a separate description, starting with the interior and ending with the menu. Its dining room is decorated with marble floors, on the ceilings – painting and stucco, on the walls – paintings by European painters. There is also a collection of antique watches made of bronze. This place is considered the best for appointed romantic dates.

A team of chefs sets the breakfast tables in the morning. No buffets and distribution lines! An English/Irish, traditional/continental or American breakfast is available on request. From 12.00 to midnight the restaurant serves an à la carte menu. It presents dishes of Russian cuisine of the century before last and European dishes. Each plate is beautifully decorated before serving, and the food is served in an appetizing aesthetic form. The products are purchased from local farmers and also delivered by suppliers from Horeca.

The city center gives a lot of opportunities to try different dishes of local original restaurants and cafes. A small gastro tour of the surrounding catering points near the “Turgenev”:

  • karaoke club«Gatsby»– the nearest place (100 m). This is the place where the most fashionable parties in Tula are held. The concept is simple – a lot of smoke, music, a great opportunity to show your own talents in karaoke, bar card, author’s cocktails and menus;
  • atmospheric brewery Saldens Taphouse (100m) with good cuisine, craft beer and pleasant interior. According to the concept of the owner, the chef focused on street food. In the assortment of street kitchen a large number of snacks and burgers that complement the taste of beer;
  • coffee shop-confectionery ALICE cakes & coffee (100 m) offers pastries, author’s desserts, a selection of coffee / tea.

In your free time, you can visit the best restaurants in Tula, which include:

  • pizzeria “Mama Mia” occupies the first position in the rating, is located at the address of the street Demonstrations, 1a, not far from the square. Lenin, works from 9 a.m. to midnight;
  • restaurant of Eastern European cuisine “Lepim-varim” (near Lenin Square on Sovetskaya Street). Regulars believe that the best dumplings in the city are prepared here. The menu includes herring under a fur coat, vinaigrettes, author’s compotes, craft beer and other dishes;
  • “Berendey” is an atmospheric place on the 192nd kilometer of the highway “Moscow-Crimea”. Here everything from the exterior and interior decoration to the kitchen with a stove resembles a hospitable Russian estate. The staff is dressed in national costumes, energetic waiters quickly serve guests, cooks cook some dishes on street braziers.

Otherwise, Tula is no different from other cities. It has its own McDonald’s, KFC and other chain cafes.

Leisure and entertainment

In the restaurant “Turgenev” there are evenings with live music. Apart from the TV channels, the hotel offers nothing as a leisure activity. It’s for nothing. There are enough entertainment venues in the surrounding area to paint the evening. Nearby are:

  1. The Drama Theatre (600 m) traces its history back to 1777. Today in his repertoire performances for adults and children, tours of the most famous troupes of Russian theaters, entreprises, premieres. The hotel’s porter will help you book tickets for any production you like.
  2. Nightclub “Gatsby” (it is written about it just above) is located in the building next to the hotel.
  3. Central Park of Culture and Recreation. Belousova (2.2 km) is a natural monument and an object of national heritage, one of the ten largest parks in Europe. Here you can stroll along the shady alleys, ride horses, experience delight on the rides. In summer there is a rental of bicycles, boats, scooters. Near the dam of one of the ponds gather fishing lovers. In winter, skating rinks are opened, ski slopes are laid, winter sports equipment rentals work, up to snowmobiles. On the territory there is a mini-zoo, dozens of cafes and eateries.

An evening walk along Lenin Square will be a good end to the day. Today it is being reconstructed to return to its original historical appearance. The square is the main place for holding city mass events.

Recreational opportunities for children

Children of any age can stay at the hotel. From the age of 7, guests are considered adults and a full surcharge is charged for their stay. In other cases, the following rates apply:

  • Baby cot on request for a child from 0 to 3 years old is free of charge;
  • a separate full bed for children from 0 to 6 years old costs 1000 rubles per night;
  • a separate place for children over 7 years old and adults is available at a price of 1800 rubles / night (the price is current for February 2021)

Tula herself will appeal to children. In 2020, the city celebrated its half-century anniversary. By the date, the reconstruction of the historical center was carried out. For children there are many interesting places. For example, the craft yard “Dobrodey”. This artisanal antimuseum is located in a working settlement. Visitors will travel through the textile, blacksmith, carpentry and pottery workshops, as well as with the famous Tula “blogger” – goose Dobrynya.

Not far from the hotel “Turgenev” is the Puppet Theater. There is also a circus. You can visit the zoo and exoterrarium, and also go to the “Epiphanovo Farmstead”, which is located in the village of Komissarovka. In belousov Park, children’s playgrounds have been built, there are attractions for the whole family. Museums will introduce the history of the region:

  • weapons built in the form of an old Russian shisak;
  • reserve “Kulikovo field”;
  • “Tula Antiquities”;
  • “Tula gingerbread”;
  • “Tula samovar” (500 m from the hotel).

Multimedia tours are held in all museums. Children’s Museum-quest offers a fascinating journey with tasks from a chest from an ancient monk.

Excursions and attractions nearby

The main attraction near the hotel is the Tula Kremlin. It is a stone fortress built in the 16th century. The territory occupies 6 hectares. Visitors will have a tour of 9 towers, fortress walls, farmstead and ancient shopping arcades. The Kremlin is the same age as Tula. It was built by Italian architects immediately after the construction of the Moscow Kremlin.

Excursion agencies of Tula offer guests of the city sightseeing tours to local attractions, adventures in the night city, trips to Yasnaya Polyana, where the great Russian writer L.N. Tolstoy lived. In the process of getting acquainted with the values of the city, tourists will learn the history of the origin of the main Tula brands – gingerbread, accordion and samovar.

Staying at the hotel “Turgenev”, guests can count on accommodation in luxurious rooms, excellent breakfast included in the room rate, assistance from the administration in organizing leisure activities. The porter will tell you where you can buy souvenirs.


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