Boutique hotel “Ioann Vasilyevich” Yaroslavl

In the heart of historical Yaroslavl,in the area protected by UNESCO, there is a 4-star hotel “John Vasilyevich”. The name itself sends to Soviet cinema. This is no coincidence. To embody in the hotel fund the names of all films shot in Yaroslavl, became the main concept of the owners. As a result, it turned out to be an authentic place for receiving and comfortable living of guests of the city. The complex is famous for its restaurant, consisting of 7 dining rooms. Travelers like to stay at the hotel, as all the main attractions of the ancient city are within walking distance.

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Location and history

The hotel is located near the walls of the Transfiguration Monastery. Tourists like to stay here, who are fundamentally close to the historical monuments of the city. The complex was opened in 2010 and immediately became popular among guests and residents of the city. The main disadvantage is the lack of its own parking. People often come to the restaurant complex just to spend a pleasant evening in the company of close friends. Finding a parking space is difficult. Guests can use the parking lot near the sidewalk, but there are very few places. There are much more people who want to park.

The owners explain the lack of parking by the location of the hotel in the historical center, protected by UNESCO. Here, in principle, it is not desirable to drive cars, but few people listen to these tips. Public parking is available along the building.

More information! In the courtyard of the hotel there is a small guarded motorcycle parking for 5 motorcycles.

Near Yaroslavl there is an international airport Tunoshna. It is 17.6 km away. The terminal receives flights from Kazan, Simferopol, Krasnodar, Sochi, Moscow (Sheremetyevo). Transfer flights with a convenient connection to Sheremetyevo are held 5 times a week. You can take a taxi. The possibility of providing a transfer from the hotel must be clarified with the administrator. In the city there is a bus number 183k. At the stop “Prospekt Frunze” you need to make a change to bus 42 or minibuses 36, 46 and get to the stop “Pervomayskaya”. Then on foot about 470 meters.

Yaroslavl Glavny train station is a 5-minute drive and 20 minutes by public transport. You can use buses 8, 76 (to the stop Komsomolskaya), minibuses 45, 81, 176. By buses 72, 5 to get to pl. Bogoyavlenskaya, then walk about 300 meters. Transport in the historical part of the city goes a large number, so you can get there by any means.

“This hotel has a better location than to think of! It is suitable for accommodation and tourists, and business trips. The center is a stone’s throw away, you do not need to think about food – there is a restaurant, and there are enough cafes and eateries in the district. The atmosphere created in the rooms returns to Soviet times). But that’s not a bad thing. When else will you watch the classics of Russian cinema on DVD-disks?” Oleg, Russia

Room stock

The hotel fund has 27 unique rooms. Each of them is associated with one of the films of domestic cinema. Exclusivity is created due to the fact that all these films were shot in Yaroslavl. Interiors are not repeated. Those who want to stay here, it remains only to choose the theme and color scheme of the room.

Pay attention! The building has 4 floors plus an attic, there is no elevator. Please note that the floor desired is required when booking.

All rooms are divided into 5 categories of comfort. Each of them is equipped with individual air conditioning, mini-bar, TV, bathroom. It offers the services of:

  1. Single rooms “Apartment Timofeev” (15.8 sq. m.) and “Athos” (16.4 sq. m.). the small room has a single bed, wardrobe, desk and chair.
  2. The shelter (38-45 sq. m.) is designed to accommodate 3-4 people. There is a double bed, a single bed and a soft pull-out sofa.
  3. Apartments (35-42 sq. m.) – large single rooms, which can accommodate up to 5 people. Double bed and sofa are already installed, the area allows you to add one extra bed.
  4. Suite (16-29 sq. m)- the main category of hotel rooms. To accommodate guests there are 16 rooms of different sizes. Some of them are located in the attic.
  5. Comfort suite (24 – 30.5 sq. m.) is visually divided into a bedroom and a seating area. There are 5 rooms.

“Above all praise is the extraordinary décor of the hotel rooms. Very atmospheric place. One appeal in the restaurant, made under the refectory hall of John the Terrible, what is it worth! In everything you can feel the huge work on creating an image, training personnel, developing interiors. I have never met a better boutique” Evgeny, Russia

Meals and restaurants

The restaurant, which today feeds guests, appeared a year before the opening of the hotel. In 2009, it received its first visitors. The idea was taken from leonid Gaidai’s comedy “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes His Profession”. So there was the main hall of the restaurant – “Refectory”. Then 6 more thematic halls were opened. They are designed for a different number of guests and can accommodate from 20 to 100 people. In addition to the Refectory Banquet Hall, there is another large Royal Hall, a little smaller – the Apartment of Engineer Timofeev, Shpak’s apartment, the hall of director Yakin. On the ground floor of the hotel there is a lobby bar. In a separate building next to the hotel is the Residence of the Empress maslenitsa.

Breakfast is served daily in the dining rooms. It is included in the price, served in buffet format. After lunch in all the halls begins the uniform fun, because the restaurant “John Vasilyevich” is the only one in Yaroslavl where waiters, bartenders and cheerful aunts-laughter in the dressing room take part in the entertainment of guests. To imagine a little bit of the degree of fun reigning here, just look at the interior design and costumes of the staff:

  • Refectory – the name speaks for itself. Spacious hall, decorated in the spirit of the Middle Ages, with wooden countertops, but comfortable modern semi-chairs. Dishes are prepared according to ancient Russian recipes. Homemade liqueurs are served;
  • The Royal Hall is a comfortable place for holding small banquets, business negotiations. Here in silence and comfort you can have a good time;
  • The hall of director Yakin in the entourage is more like a film set. Each guest can afford to become a star by picking up a microphone and performing a song in karaoke;
  • The lobby bar is decorated in the style of the 70s, when the first discos, bars, cocktails began to appear in the country;
  • Apartment Shpak – it contains everything that seemed in the 70s on top of chic and presentability;
  • Timofeev’s apartment, on the contrary, attracts with an unpretentious situation and a mystery of a new invention of an engineer – a time machine;
  • The residence of Maslenitsa invites you to pancakes and old Russian dishes.

For those who like to just sit with a mug of beer open beer “Athos”. It can be found in the tourist quarter “Golden Place”. At the entrance there is a monument to the plumber Athos and plasterer Kolya, a bronze cat sits on the roof, and its entire appearance resembles a Soviet “glass”. In such places, regulars liked to gather after a working day.

The restaurant has a barbecue area. It is located on the basis of the residence of Maslenitsa. These are several gazebos with equipped braziers. They are rented to meat lovers on fire. Those who wish can also order semi-finished products for barbecue, waiter and cook services, ready-made snacks and pastries. Chefs and their assistants periodically arrange a show here “Ice and Flame”.

Important! Guests of the restaurant and the hotel can enjoy bonuses and discounts. For regular customers, people coming on a business trip, and legal entities there are special favorable rates for accommodation.

“Very friendly staff! Impressions of the rooms, restaurant and breakfasts are only positive. The choice of dishes is decent, you will not remain hungry. In the evenings there are entertainment programs, so it is not boring” Vasily, Russia

Leisure and entertainment

Yaroslavl is a large city with a huge number of places for leisure. Tourists, after exploring the sights of the city, usually look for places of leisure that are not accessible to their city. The climatic conditions of Yaroslavl allowed at one time to develop the river cruise business. Boat trips have become one of the favorite entertainment of the guests of the city. Ships depart from the River Station. Its building itself is an architectural monument in the style of late Soviet modernism. Regular cruise flights are operated by Meteora and river trams.

Yaroslavl is the birthplace of the oldest Russian theater. It was here in 1750 that the great actor Fyodor Volkov founded the drama theater, which still operates today. it is worth visiting the historical building, getting acquainted with the repertoire of the theater, the history of its origin and development.

In Yaroslavl, cultural events of federal and international scale are held during the year. If you are lucky enough to be in the city during their conduct, then you should definitely visit:

  • festival “Jazz over the Volga” (held once every 2 years), in 2021 the city will again bring together professional jazz performers from around the world;
  • International Festival of Music and Bell Ringing “Transfiguration”;
  • Volkovsky International Theatre Festival;
  • Yuri Bashmet International Music Festival.

At the levtsovo airfield, the annual summer rock festival “Dobrofest” is held.

Recreational opportunities for children

Children are accepted from any age. A cot for toddlers up to 3 years old is provided free of charge. From the age of 4 for an extra bed will have to pay 1500 rubles / day (actual for March 2021) In the restaurant there is no children’s menu, but the waiters will always advise something delicious from the available. In particular, children will never give up self-made dumplings, chicken soup with noodles, baked potatoes and grandmother’s pies.

Of the entertainment in the hotel itself, only children’s TV channels are available. But you can please the child that he can take a pet with him. For the resettlement of animals, a deposit of 2000 rubles is charged, which is then returned to the owners upon departure (if everything is in order in the room).

In Yaroslavl with a child you can go to the following entertainment places:

  • amusement park on Damansky Island;
  • Ferris wheel “Golden Ring”;
  • Yaroslavl Zoo;
  • Einstein Museum of Entertaining Sciences;
  • private museum “Music and Time”.

An interesting attraction will be for kids “Show-layout of the Golden Ring”. Chic diorama offers children to follow the life of Yaroslavl. Here all transport hubs, attractions, streets, houses, roads in a reduced form are recreated. Children will lead all types of movement, at the same time learning the rules of the road.

Excursions and attractions nearby

The hotel is well located to the main attractions of Yaroslavl. From here you can walk to the nearest stop, from where sightseeing tours depart. If you do not have time for many hours of travel, you can independently explore the nearest historically significant places. Among them:

  1. The Church of Michael the Archangel is just 100 metres away. This is the garrison church of the Transfiguration Monastery. The church was built in the 17th century, has always been famous for its paintings, which were made by the iconographers of Yaroslavl.
  2. Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery (founded in 1224, rebuilt of stone in 1516). Monument of Ancient Russian Architecture. The entire territory of the monastery is the basis of the Yaroslavl Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve.
  3. Epiphany Square is the main square of the city, the center of its historical part.

In the hotel “John Vasilyevich” usually return guests who have visited it at least once. Convenient location, Russian hospitality disposes people to this place. The administration, in turn, pursues an attractive policy of loyalty to its regular customers.


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