Boutique Hotel Chersonese Sevastopol Crimea

Sevastopol is a city of military glory, the cradle of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, a major tourist center of the Southern coast of Crimea. Its convenient bays drew the attention of the ancient Greeks, who built here the “city of white columns” Chersonesos Tauric. Today, a museum-reserve is founded on the territory of archaeological excavations. A minute walk from it is the best in Sevastopol boutique hotel “Chersonese”. Its windows offer a unique view of a piece of the ancient history of human civilization.

Location and conditions

The construction of the hotel complex near the main ancient historical landmark of Sevastopol ended in 2006. In addition to the close proximity to the archaeological reserve, the hotel is close to the sea. The hotel has its own territory on the shore. From June to September, guests of the complex are transported there and back by a free minibus. Those who want to combine excursions with rest on the beach, may well do it, staying in the “Chersonesos”.

You can get here by public transport or book a transfer. The administrator will make an application, and at the appointed time the guests will be met by the driver. Moreover, he will wait even if the flight is delayed.

Pay attention! The hotel has its own parking. Seating is free of charge.

From the center of Sevastopol you need to go in the direction of the Quarantine Bay. This is part of the water area of Sevastopol, located 2.5 km from the central district of the city. On the north-western shore of the bay and is the hotel “Chersonese”. Nearby will be visible the ruins of an ancient settlement.

Living conditions are more than decent. Designers during the construction initially thought out a project that in detail resembles the ancient Greek traditions of decorating buildings and premises. They combined history with modern conditions of comfortable living. As a result, a unique style of each of the hotel rooms appeared, thanks to which it received the status of a boutique.

“Great place with a design twist in the décor. To the public transport stop walk 10-15 minutes. They take you to the beach, but there is a good place for swimming on the territory of the reserve. During the day, the entrance is paid, but you can go for free from 8.15 to 8.30. There is built a temple and local pensioners, like they go to the service, but in fact turn to the seashore. You can join them or just walk around the museum before breakfast” Oleg, Russia

Room stock

In the hotel fund – 16 unique and diverse in design rooms. Each guest has some kind of highlight. But there is a common – they all belong to the category of “Apartments” and differ only in the level of comfort. Each number has its own name. It is, of course, connected with ancient Greek mythology. So, the following apartments are at guests’ disposal:

  1. VIP numbers. “Poseidon” is decorated in a marine style, the area of 120 square meters. m is divided into a living room, bedroom and kitchen. There is a covered terrace-balcony. The bathroom comes with a jacuzzi and shower. The kitchen is equipped with a hob, extractor hood, sink, refrigerator, large wardrobe with dishes. There is a washing machine. “Chersonesos” (116 sq. m.) in addition to all of the above has a winter garden, another bathroom and office. Both VIPs can accommodate up to 6 people. They are ideal for long stays.
  2. Two-room suites and apartments. Suites “Marine”, “Flower” and “Dionysus” have an area of 39 to 41 square meters. m They are designed to accommodate two people without installing an extra bed. Exclusive suite “Atlantis” (89.3 sq. m) consists of two rooms. It has interestingly selected furniture. In particular, the bed looks like an ancient antique boat. “Sculptor’s Manor” (90 sq. m.) is located in a separate cottage. This is a two-storey suite with a wood-burning sauna (service is paid). “Argo” (49 sq. m.) consists of a bedroom, living room and kitchen. The room is adapted for people with disabilities.
  3. Standard rooms. The area is from 20 to 36 sq. m. Comfortable apartments with balconies-terraces. Almost all of them are two-level. A comfortable staircase leads to the sleeping area.

The price includes breakfast for two persons, access to the outdoor pool, bathrobes and slippers. All rooms are air-conditioned. Paid food and beverage service is available from 8.00 to 23.00.

Important! Accommodation with pets is paid. The cost depends on the size and weight of the animal. Details should be clarified with the administrator.

“Lovely rooms, spacious and bright. Cleaning is done every day, bed linen is changed once every three days. Wi-Fi is available, the living room has a music system and satellite TV. We lived in the room “Vostochny”. It consists of two levels and is decorated in the style of fairy tales from “One Thousand and One Nights”. There is a small kitchen. There is a small veranda with furniture, where we spent evenings drinking tea” Vitaly, Russia

Meals and restaurants

Guests of the hotel are served by the restaurant “Paradise”. It is considered one of the best in Sevastopol, both in design and in cooking. The dining room has a handmade fireplace, and the entire interior is made in the tradition of the ancient Greek refectory. Breakfast is served daily and is included in the room rate. The rest of the time the kitchen prepares food in the order-menu mode. There is a separate banquet hall where you can hold a family holiday or a corporate dinner. You can have a good time on the summer playground near the restaurant. On the veranda there are tables under canopies, there is an oriental dastarkhan and cozy closed gazebos in the antique style. The patio has a garden with roses and a fountain. A playground is available for children.

The restaurant offers several types of menus. Their list includes:

  1. Breakfasts – morning sets (English and Greek), hearty snacks, dishes of eggs, pancakes and cottage cheese, cereals, fruits and drinks. It is desirable to order food from the evening in order to come to the table already laid in the morning.
  2. The main menu consists of dishes that will be prepared for lunch, dinner or brought to order in the room. In addition to European cuisine, the chef uses many local Black Sea dishes, including fried rapans, mullet and sea delicacies.
  3. The gastro dinner menu is a great offer for those who are looking for something more interesting than traditional dishes. The cost of participation in the gastro dinner is 1000 rubles (the price is relevant for 2021). Events begin on June 28 and will last throughout the high season. Every day gourmets will be waiting for new taste discoveries.
  4. Set meals are offered if the number of applicants reaches 15 people. These are inexpensive sets, which include salad, soup, hot dish and drink. Dessert is served at an additional cost.
  5. Tasting sets are presented to visitors of the restaurant in the low season. Since the hotel works all year round, both tourists and business people can stay here. Such an offer from the restaurant allows you to get acquainted with the entire range of dishes prepared here. The chef also develops seasonal menus using products specific to the seasons.
  6. Buffet and banquet menus are designed for major events.

Waiters are always ready to offer a wine list, children’s and lenten menu. For corporate events (conferences, seminars, forums) there is a price list for coffee breaks. For rest and meals of guests there are bar, antique halls, fireplace hall “Time Machine”.

Leisure and entertainment

The hotel complex “Chersonesos” introduces a new format in the field of hospitality of Sevastopol. This is a real cultural center with a lot of interesting events. The territory of the hotel allows you to hold both traditional and exclusive events. Sometimes they occur at several sites at once. Therefore, guests of the city and locals like to come here.

Among the announced events, the most popular are:

  • master classes on intuitive painting, which are conducted under the guidance of the therapist-advisor of the European Professional Psychotherapeutic League;
  • psychological living rooms with various topics, classes are conducted by leading specialists of the Russian Federation;
  • trainings, conferences, seminars of professional orientation;
  • gastronomic dinners with tasting of products of wineries of Crimea.

In summer, the annual festival “Psifest” is held on the basis of the hotel, to which the best specialists from 15 countries of the world come. For the event, the territory of the hotel is zoned in such a way that participants and vacationers do not interfere with each other.

In addition, the event service of “Chersonesos” holds themed parties, calendar holidays. Do not forget that there is an archaeological museum nearby, on the territory of which festivals of historical orientation are held throughout the year.

The hotel has a wood-burning sauna with a hot tub. It is located in a two-storey cottage “Sculptor’s Estate”. The hotel staff will melt it on request of visitors. The area is designed for 4 people. Everyone is given a hat, a sheet, a towel. For an additional fee, you can buy an oak broom, soap accessories, disposable slippers, a washcloth, rent a bathrobe. You can bring it all with you. The cottage has two-storey apartments with a kitchen.

Beaches & Pools

An outdoor swimming pool is located on the sauna grounds. It’s small. Guests can visit it at any convenient time. Around the perimeter there are sun loungers for sunbathing in the amount of 4 pieces. A private beach is 300 metres away. During high season, a shuttle service can be arranged. Guests are taken to the sea in the morning and picked up from there in the afternoon. It is located next to the archaeological complex “Tauric Chersonese”. Art exhibitions of masters of fine arts are regularly held nearby.

Recreational opportunities for children

The hotel complex is a great place for parents with children. Young guests are welcomed from any age. Toddlers from 0 to 4 years old are provided with cots free of charge. There is a playground in the courtyard and a children’s menu is available in the restaurant. Here, sitting in a chic dining room on a high chair, they can feel like adults. For example, order the waiter “Salad like a mother”, sausages with mashed potatoes and other favorite dishes.

On the children’s playground there is a trampoline, swings, a sandbox, large soft cubes for the construction of houses and castles. For walks there is a recreation area with dastarkhans and a miniature botanical garden. On the territory there is a pond in which ornamental fish are found. There is an alpine slide and a fountain.

More information! Children under 4 years old stay free of charge, and guests aged 5 to 13 receive a 90% discount (with breakfast).

Excursions and attractions nearby

The main attraction, which is just a minute walk away, is the Museum-Reserve “Tauric Chersonese”. It is equipped on the site of archaeological excavations of the ancient Greek city. It was founded in 421 BC and lasted until the end of the 14th century of our time. Then it was finally abandoned by the inhabitants and began to gradually collapse. Of the historically significant objects preserved:

  • Agora – the central square of the city;
  • the only ancient Greek theater found on the territory of the Crimea;
  • basilica in the basilica;
  • Zeno’s tower;
  • bell.

In the 19th century, an Orthodox church of the Seven Holy Martyrs of Chersonesos was built on the territory of the complex. It became one of the seven churches of st. Vladimir’s Cathedral, built in honor of the baptism of the Kiev prince Vladimir the Red Sun.

The hotel’s tour desk offers sightseeing tours to Sevastopol and other Crimean cities, sea and hiking.