Bora Bora Anapa Hotel

The resorts of the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Territory annually attract from 10.5 to 11.5 million different tourists. One of them is Anapa,a city of 93.34 thousand people (2021). In the summer season, the population of the sea resort increases by 5-6 times. In Anapa and its environs for vacationers open more than 1750 hotels.

Any new hotel is not easy to occupy its worthy niche in the hospitality market of a picturesque resort. The four-star hotel “Bora-Bora” managed to quickly become one of the most popular in Anapa. He was especially loved by parents vacationing with teenagers or young children.

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Advantages of the hotel “Bora Bora”

Any hotel tries to stand out with something to attract the attention of customers. Hotel “Bora Bora” (often written in Latin – Bora-Bora) also has many advantages that encourage many tourists to stay here:

  • clean spacious rooms;
  • private beach and water park;
  • several well-equipped swimming pools;
  • close location of the city center and the sea coast;
  • clean air, in which sea and mountain aromas are mixed;
  • exquisitely prepared dishes of the restaurant;
  • location near the city’s attractions and entertainment venues;
  • qualified staff of the hotel “Bora Bora”, who passed a strict selection;
  • high quality of service.

Hotel “Bora Bora” is located in a cozy and quite quiet place, isolated from the city. At the same time, all the facilities necessary for a comfortable pastime at the resort – the beach, cafes, parks, squares and shops – are available for guests of Bora-Bora.

Location of the hotel and interesting facts about it

Hotel “Bora Bora” began to receive guests recently, since 2017, and quickly gained popularity. 2019 was a significant year for Bora-Bora. Then, according to the results of the All-Russian annual competition, the hotel was named the best summer project of the country among the hotels of the South of Russia. This indicates the recognition of a high level of service, qualified personnel and compliance of interior design with European trends in the hotel business of the XXI century.

Hotel Bora Bora is located in the north-western part of the resort, about 3.7 km from the central streets of Anapa. The city is surrounded by plateaus and green hills covered with dense forests. The climate of the resort is characterized as subtropical Mediterranean, when summer is characterized by dry weather, lack of rain and fairly high temperatures.

In the period from June to August inclusive, the water warms up to + 20.5 … 24.4, air – up to 24.1… + 28.3. Tourists will be interested to know the distance to the most important objects located in the neighborhood or in the vicinity of the resort:

  • to the sea station – 3,1 km;
  • “Vityazevo” – the nearest airport – 12 km;
  • the famous Gelendzhik – 84 km;
  • Sochi – 330 km;
  • Sea shore – 430 m;
  • nearest beach – 375 m;
  • Chemburg Lake – 446 m;
  • bus station of the city – 2,82 km;
  • Vityazevo – the nearest resort – 9.3 km.

Bora Bora: what rooms is the hotel equipped with?

The compact territory of the hotel complex is a separate “mini-resort”. The two-story building of Bora Bora, which positions itself as a four-star club-hotel, resembles a cruise ship. The hotel’s light blue façade and swimming pools, located in a courtyard similar to the deck of a ship, enhance this impression.

The interior design of 36 cozy rooms is made in a muted color scheme. Blue and white shades, prevailing in the decoration of wall furniture, give spacious rooms airiness and lightness. Hotel “Bora Bora” offers guests a choice of three categories of comfortable rooms:

categorydouble bedsRoomadditional furniturecost

(in rubles)

Deluxe11sofa bed9.9–15.0 Thou.
Family Deluxe21armchair9.9–15.0 Thou.
lux12soft sofa13.3–18.0 TK

Pay attention! Here is the current room rate in 2021 for two guests per night. The second number is the price in the high season, which covers the period from June 11 to August 31. The cost of an extra bed, depending on the season, for adults – 2970-5400 p, for children from 6 to 16 years – 2475-4500 p. Young guests of the hotel “Bora Bora”, who are under 5 years old, live in rooms and use the services free of charge. Parents with children under 1 year old are not allowed to stay in the hotel.

All rooms at Bora Bora Hotel are equipped with a spacious, comfortable bathroom with shower. Necessary toiletries are provided. Each room on the second floor has a spacious balcony. Guests can relax at the tables while watching tourists swim in the pools located in the compact courtyard. The rooms are equipped with the necessary furniture, as well as electrical and household appliances:

  • wall-mounted flat-screen TV;
  • large refrigerator;
  • two tables: writing and coffee;
  • silent air conditioning;
  • mini-safe.


The level of service always plays an important role when choosing a hotel. The larger the set of quality services, the higher the chances of the hotel becoming in demand among vacationers. Tourists will not be disappointed by the service provided in Bora-Bora for free.

  • guests can eat in the restaurant three times a day according to the popular “buffet” system;
  • leave the car in a large parking lot near the hotel;
  • access the Internet at any time of the day;
  • have fun riding on the water slides of the water park;
  • watch daily animation programs prepared by a team of professional organizers of entertainment events;
  • make any requests, if necessary, to the staff on duty at the reception throughout the day;
  • use the transfer booked in advance to get from the airport or bus station to the doors of the hotel “Bora Bora”;
  • ask for a set of sun loungers and towels necessary for relaxing on the beach;

Importantly! Registration of accommodation in the hotel “Bora Bora” begins at 14:00. In case guests need earlier ingestion, this issue is discussed with the administration on the spot. Check-out is due before 12:00.

Alla Verbitskaya, Moscow. Bora Bora is a lovely hotel. It corresponds to its four stars. Rested there three – me, my elderly mother and daughter of 6 years. The rooms are spacious. I loved that there is a balcony. From it you can see the pools. The room is bright. Even in cloudy weather, everything seems bright and festive. My daughter splashed around in the children’s pool for many hours. Mom enjoyed walking around the neighborhood. The beach is very close. We sunbathed there every day. There were a lot of people, but there was enough space for everyone. The stay was just wonderful.

Meals in the hotel and resort

The cozy restaurant of the hotel “Bora Bora” offers guests to get acquainted with the taste of Italian and European dishes, some of which are prepared according to exclusive recipes. The cost of positions (in rubles) is very diverse, which makes it easier for visitors to choose drinks and delicious food, depending on their desires and financial capabilities:

  • burgers – 350–850;
  • pizza – 150–850;
  • dishes cooked on the grill or grill – 250-950;
  • salads – 300–390;
  • rolls – 500–650;
  • hot snacks – 150–350;
  • champagne – from 9 thousand to 12 thousand (750 ml);
  • wine of Georgia, Argentina, Russia, France, New Zealand, USA, Italy, Chile, Spain – from 1.1 thousand to 4.2 thousand (750 ml);
  • beer (0,5 l) – 350–400;
  • coffee (30–250 ml) – 150–300;
  • dessert – 250–700;
  • herbal tea (600 ml) – 350.

More information! For young guests from 3 to 12 years old in the restaurant of the hotel “Bora Bora” developed a special menu. The cost of delicious dishes – from 250 to 350 rubles.

Guests of the hotel “Bora Bora”, who want to expand the opportunities and get acquainted with the local cuisine deeper, can visit other gastronomic establishments of Anapa. At the resort there are many cafes and restaurants worthy of trying their dishes:

  • “Golden Beach”;
  • “Nafan”;
  • “Islet”;
  • “Miller”;
  • Chalet;
  • “Uzbek cuisine”;
  • “Spring”.

Leonid Volkov, Kazan. In Anapa was with his wife and child for the first time. The resort is cozy, the residents are friendly. Hotel “Bora Bora” was chosen due to the fact that there are swimming pools, a water park, a dolphinarium. Our son of 7 years was very pleased. I especially enjoyed swimming with dolphins. The performance is also very bright. Pleased with the varied menu in the restaurant. We only had breakfast there as we spent the whole day either on the beach or somewhere at the resort. Of the excursions, we highly recommend a trip to the city of Anapa itself. The ruins of the ancient city, green streets, the temple of St. Onuphry – all this is worthy of attention. I remember the trip to Sochi. But Anapa liked more. Hotel “Bora Bora”, as it seems to us after a week of rest in it, is an ideal place for families with children.

Rest in the hotel and the city

Leisure guests of the hotel “Bora Bora” is primarily associated with swimming in the pools, where vacationers spend several hours, enjoying hydromassage, artificial waves and other water attractions. The hotel has a modern surf school. Training is conducted by professional instructors – champions of Russia in flow serf (flow serf – the so-called surfing on an artificial wave).

One of the pools is specially designed for surfing. The artificial pond occupies a large space, which allows swimmers to dive deep and move at high speed. The hotel “Bora Bora” is equipped with cozy rooms, where sessions of four types of massage are held:

  • Brazilian;
  • classical;
  • Creole;
  • Relaxing.

Animation programs for adults and children are organized on the stage of the hotel. Concerts of Russian performers of popular music are also held here. Singers and groups regularly come from various cities of Russia.

More information. The massage lasts from 20 to 90 minutes. The cost is from 1 thousand to 4.5 thousand rubles.

In the evenings, young guests of the hotel “Bora Bora” go to the nightlife of the resort. Among the stylish clubs, the five leaders stand out, in which modern music in the style of techno or trance sounds and fun parties are arranged:

  • “Steamboat”;
  • Sunrise;
  • “Eurasia”;
  • Mabi;
  • The One.

Children’s leisure in the hotel and resort

Aqua complex Bora-Bora opened its doors, as well as the hotel “Bora-Bora”, in 2017 Daily for numerous visitors of all ages here is a fun animation. DJs delight guests with many hours of sets, to which adults and children dance. Fans of swimming, snorkeling, swimming and surfing can spend hours at their favorite activities in 6 pools.

Adults sunbathe while relaxing on 300 comfortable sun loungers. For those who want to hide for a few minutes from the sun, on the territory of the hotel “Bora Bora” there are 20 compact bungalows. You can have a snack in a small restaurant, and quench your thirst – in three bars, one of which is equipped right in the pool.

On the territory of the hotel “Bora-Bora” is the Anapa Dolphinarium. Performances are held three times a day, excluding Mondays, when two shows are given. In spectacular performances on the water, several talented “actors” participate:

  • bottlenose dolphins;
  • walrus;
  • sea lion;
  • polar whale;
  • Seals.

Guests, including young visitors, are invited to swim with good-natured dolphins, dive with them to the bottom of the pool, as well as take pictures on a smartphone or camera of obedient marine animals. A great delight among young guests is a visit to the Oceanarium, located inside the aqua complex.

Children and teenagers watch with interest the inhabitants of aquariums: reef sharks, bizarre fish from Africa and agile piranhas. Here on the island there is a flock of Peruvian penguins. Funny birds almost do not pay attention to people and go about their daily business.

Note! The aqua complex receives visitors from 10 am to 8 pm. Access for guests of the hotel “Bora Bora” is free. This also applies to the Dolphinarium and the Oceanarium. Swimming, photography, video shooting and diving with dolphins are paid entertainment. The cost is from 700 to 9 thousand rubles.

Among the city’s entertainment, young tourists show special interest in “Tiki-Tak” – a large water park. There are 2 children’s, 3 family and 5 extreme slides. For fans of swimming in artificial reservoirs, access to 5 pools, including one for children, is open.

In the summer months, it is always crowded in the Children’s Park of Anapa. There are flat bike paths, in the evenings the doors of the circus-tent are open, food points with ice cream and juices work. If desired, visitors can admire the city by buying a ticket to the Ferris wheel cabin and making a few dizzying circles.

Sandy beach of the hotel “Bora Bora”

The sea coast stretches in Anapa and its suburbs for 42 km. A long strip is a series of sandy beaches, most of which belong to hotels, sanatoriums or boarding houses. Almost all of them are equipped with changing cabins, toilets, showers and other amenities.

On the coast there are numerous food outlets, especially kiosks where you can buy soft drinks and delicious ice cream. Clean sandy beach, owned by the hotel “Bora Bora”, is located 375 m from the door of the hotel. The way to it passes along the Ring Street. The width of the beach is from 40 to 60 m. Length – 410 m. Vacationers are happy to have fun, preferring leisure on the water:

  • jet ski;
  • water skiing;
  • surfing;
  • parasailing;
  • yacht, “banana”, boat.

Attractions near the hotel “Bora Bora” and excursion programs

Anapa can not be called a city rich in historical, cultural and sacred objects. However, the resort has several attractions located near the hotel “Bora Bora”, which may be of interest to curious tourists:

  • monuments to A. Pushkin, V. Lenin, V. Borozdin;
  • “Festival” is a modern house of culture;
  • “Butterfly World” – exhibition center;
  • square of military equipment;
  • Church of St. Onuphrius;
  • Gorgippia – the ruins of an ancient city;
  • Walnut Grove Park;
  • Wax Museum;
  • City Drama Theatre;
  • Central Square;
  • Park of the 30th Anniversary of Victory;
  • “Sunny Island” is a picturesque corner of attractions;
  • Spartak Stadium;
  • Museum of Local Lore;
  • Anapa Lighthouse;
  • Children’s park with attractions and a small circus.

Each of the objects can be seen with your own eyes. Most tourists prefer to do this during excursions. Local travel agencies offer dozens of exciting activities. Among them, there are several of the most interesting excursions that are most often chosen by tourists:

  • walking tour of the Valley of Lefkadia;
  • a trip to Shapsuga – a village known for anomalous phenomena – with an inspection of dolmens, valleys and mountain gorges;
  • sightseeing tour of the historical and cultural sites of Greater Sochi;
  • many hours trip to Abkhazia;
  • walk around Novorossiysk;
  • visit to the Sauk-Dere winery with tasting of product samples;
  • sightseeing tour of the sacred and historical places of Anapa with a visit to the Archaeological Museum and Gorgippia;
  • walking tour of the picturesque Lotus Valley;
  • a trip to the volcano Hephaestus;
  • acquaintance with the safari park near Gelendzhik;
  • bus and walking tour to the waterfalls on the Pshada River;
  • horseback riding in Sukko;
  • trip to the mud volcano Shuga;
  • visit to the winery in the village of Starotitorovskaya.

More information. Excursions can be booked at the Bora Bora Hotel. Staff will help you choose a program and make a reservation. The duration of the event is from 3 to 18 hours. The cost for one participant is from 1.6 to 13.5 thousand rubles.

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Bora-Bora positions itself as a club hotel for family holidays. However, the hotel is also quite satisfied with young people, active travelers, fans of carefree pastime on the beaches, lovers of water parks and swimming in the pools. It is unlikely that there are tourists who will spend a few days in the hotel “Bora Bora” and regret it.