Top 10 best hotels in Bora Bora: amazing vacation on the islands in French Polynesia

The best Hotels in Bora Bora are listed in the selection below. All of them are located on the magnificent white sand beaches, surrounded by lagoons of amazing beauty and thickets of palm trees. It is here that you can feel completely free from the everyday hustle and bustle, and help in this the staff of your chosen hotel.

Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora

This hotel offers guests to check in luxury bungalows built just above the surface of the water, or to the coastal villas, which offer magnificent views of Mount Otemanu. There are fitness club simulators and relaxing treatments in the spa, which is located on the coast.

This resort offers travelers to swim in a spacious pool or enjoy a game of tennis on a purpose-built court. In addition, any tourist who comes here can swim for free and admire the exotic underwater inhabitants.

Four Seasons Resort Bora-Bora is also invited to go for a catamaran ride, from which you can see the sharks, as well as windsurfing or kayaking.

“A good hotel with fine cuisine. Helpful staff. The room has very comfortable pillows.”

The St Regis Bora-Bora Resort

Several restaurants, two warm clear water pools and a spa with many treatments have been built specifically for the guests of this hotel. Travellers who come to Bora Bora are invited to live in villas that are equipped with everything they need.

Among the amenities are air conditioning and a modern bathroom decorated with marble. In addition, all of The St Regis Bora-Bora Resort villas are decorated with Handmade Polynesian-style sculptures. Some apartments have their own small pool, outdoor shower or whirlpool tub.

“Great hotel! Free internet is well caught everywhere, restaurants served delicious food on the grill and sushi. You could even try sake. I liked the Turkish bath and the gym.”

Conrad Bora-Bora Nui

The hotel is close to the beach with warm sand. There are magnificent villas, which are equipped with whirlpool baths. Each room has a balcony from which you can admire the amazing scenery of Bora Bora. The hotel features a clean water pool, a spa where relaxing treatments can be ordered, and two restaurants with original dishes on the menu.

All Conrad Bora-Bora Nui villas are equipped with wood floors and a granite bath. There is an air conditioner. The living area is very spacious. Some villas have specially built-in glass floor parts through which you can admire exotic fish living in the ocean.

The property has a large number of terraces, which offer stunning views of the lagoon. This is what attracts the majority of tourists who come here for a romantic holiday. Guests are invited to visit a gym or sauna. As an active pastime, you can choose to snorkel or exciting water skiing.

The restaurant, named Iriatai, is pleased to offer Mediterranean and traditional Polynesian cuisine to its residents. Tamure Beach Fare Grill, located right on a sandy beach, invites guests to enjoy grilled dishes.

“Everyone liked it, but caused bewilderment, why the Internet caught only near the reception desk? Although we had a great rest without the Internet. Great service and delicious food – what else is needed?”

Sofitel Bora-Bora Private Island

This hotel is located on its own island, on a fabulously beautiful beach, not far from the ocean. Guests can use the high-speed Internet and bar, the contents of which are replenished every day. These services are free. In addition, Sofitel Bora-Bora Private Island guests will not have to pay anything for diving and kayaking equipment.

This resort has a specially created cozy atmosphere of the islands of Polynesia. A lagoon with clear water gives visitors a wonderful view of corals and exotic fish. Guests can relax by ordering massage treatments or yoga classes.

“Transparent lagoon, great service. The restaurant served delicious food.”

InterContinental Bora-Bora & Thalasso Spa

This 5-star hotel has a comfortable spa where every tourist can order relaxing treatments. The institution has its own beach with white sand and comfortable rooms, which are built in the form of villas. Each of them is directly above the water surface and is equipped with a spacious terrace, which offers a magnificent view of Bora Bora.

Guests at InterContinental Bora-Bora and Thalasso Spa can have a good time in a modern gym, steam in a hammam or take a dip in a clean water pool. The wellness spa offers visitors to restore the mineral balance in the body with the help of special procedures.

Each villa has a comfortable living room, equipped with a TV and air conditioning. The spacious terrace is equipped with comfortable sunbeds, where tourists can enjoy the sun baths. From each terrace you can access the perfectly clear water of the lagoon. This resort in Bora Bora offers a variety of dishes to choose from, which can be enjoyed in an air-conditioned room or terrace.

“I liked the villa on the water. The room is spacious, the furniture is new. Service at the highest level. I’ll come back.”

InterContinental Bora-Bora Le Moana Resort

From the hotel you can walk very quickly to the beach with wonderful white sand. This institution at first glance will amaze tourists with its luxurious views, coming to Bora Bora in search of a better holiday. The rooms are comfortable bungalows located directly above the water surface.

You can relax on comfortable beach loungers, and you can do snorkeling (all the necessary equipment will provide the hotel) and kayaking.

For those who like to eat, kindly opened their doors restaurant, which is called Noa-Noa. Visitors to this wonderful place can order any dish from the restaurant’s menu or taste delicious snacks from the buffet. The property also has a Vini Vini bar, from which guests can admire the turquoise-water lagoon, poolside and beach.

Each InterContinental Bora-Bora Le Moana Resort has all the facilities you need. Guests are provided with a comfortable sofa, quickly transforming into a bed, TV, air conditioning and equipment for the preparation of hot drinks. It also has a modern bathroom.

“Perhaps this is the best hotel on Bora Bora, where I have been. Great service, great location and delicious food in the restaurant.”

Bora-Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa

This luxurious resort is equipped with suites, from which visitors to Bora Bora in search of a better holiday can admire the view of the blossoming tropical garden. In addition, some rooms have access to their own pool. Some suites have their own whirlpool. There are also bungalows above the water surface and access to the ocean.

This resort offers a magnificent view of Mount Otemanu. Each of the hotel’s rooms has a large state-of-the-art TV with satellite channels, free high-speed Internet and air conditioning. The bars and restaurants located on the premises offer delicious Polynesian cuisine.

Bora-Bora Pearl Beach Resort is happy to offer its guests a swim in the outdoor pool, a game of tennis on a specially equipped court or a snorkeling class. There are also boutiques and a spa where anyone can order treatments to relax or maintain beauty.

“I was on Bora Bora for the first time, checked into this hotel and did not regret a drop. We were pleased with delicious breakfasts, a spacious room and great service.”

Le Meridien Bora-Bora

This hotel is located in the middle of an exotic beach. Tourists loved this place for its magnificent views, which opens to the famous Mount Otemanu. The hotel is rightly proud to have a centre on its grounds that protects sea turtles. There are also restaurants catering to delicious food and a spacious swimming pool.

Le Meridien Bora-Bora offers a choice of different bungalows (e.g. on water or on land) as well as villas or suites. Each villa has its own pool with clean warm water.

Guests at this hotel in Bora Bora can use any equipment for free. These include kayaks, scuba diving, water bikes and canoes. Those who want to relax are invited to visit the massage parlour located in the hotel’s spa. The restaurant, which is called Le Tipanie, treats guests with traditional European, Asian and Polynesian cuisine.

“The most memorable moment on vacation in this hotel is a walk with sharks and stingrays. So much adrenaline! We will definitely come here again.”

Maitai Polynesia Bora-Bora

The facility is located on a beach called Matira Point. Guests can enjoyviews of the wonderful lagoon or the blossoming evergreen garden. Guests in this hotel can also settle in comfortable bungalows, which are located over the ocean and have a direct access to the beach with white warm sand.

Both the bungalows and the Maitai Polynesia Bora-Bora rooms have a small drinks bar, a large modern TV and air conditioning. The highlight of this hotel’s bungalow on Bora Bora is the tables made of durable glass, through which guests can admire the exotic fish living in the ocean.

Haere Mai restaurant has opened its doors for lovers of delicious food, which will please its visitors with dishes prepared according to traditional recipes of Polynesian and French cuisine. In addition, guests will appreciate the live performance of singers and dancers.

“As a fishing lover, I liked that the equipment for it was provided by the hotel for free. In addition, there is something to do in this place, such as kayaking or snorkeling. I was very pleased with the tour of the Polynesian islands.”

Eden Beach Hotel Bora-Bora

This holiday complex is located in the town of Mou-Piti-Au. The hotel offers travellers sunbathing on the beach near the ocean. Guests can use the bar and outdoor pool, which is always clean and warm. There is a restaurant on site, from which you can admire the magnificent picturesque views of the lagoon.

Each Eden Beach Hotel Bora-Bora has comfortable furniture, a ceiling fan, a comfortable sun terrace and a modern bathroom. Travellers who come to this hotel on Bora Bora will enjoy dishes prepared by the skilful chefs of Sunset restaurant according to traditional Polynesian recipes.

There are also dishes for those who prefer modern European cuisine without frills. For those who are on a diet for health reasons or of their own accord, this institution has a special dietary menu. The hotel’s bar offers to try its signature cocktails, which will give coolness on a hot day.

Tourists coming to this resort complex on Bora Bora can have fun and usefully spend time watching the frolicking whales, snorkeling, hiking on the picturesque island, and jet skiing. But the best pastime for most people coming here is considered to be relaxing on a lounger under coconut palms. To this there is a private beach with white sand as an advertisement.

“It’s like you’ve been in heaven! Such a wonderful beach and ocean! We will definitely come here again.”

It is noteworthy that you can come to Bora Bora at any time, because hotels here work all seasons because of the comfortable warm climate. But the best period for travel to this paradise in the Pacific ocean is considered to be the period from March to July. This holiday is suitable for romantic couples and family people, as well as those who want to spend time in silence and solitude.