Bezhitsa Hotel, Bryansk

If you want to stay in Bryansk with comfort and luxury, whether it is a business trip or just a vacation with friends, family, choose the most modern and stylish hotel in the city “Bezhitsa”. The main task of the staff is to create all conditions for a pleasant stay or fruitful work of guests. This hotel is loved for the convenience of location and the art of individual approach to the client.

Bryansk is a large regional center, a city with a population of more than 400 thousand inhabitants. It is located near the western borders of the country, and its closest “neighbors” are Belarusians and Ukrainians. In this beautiful developing city come guests not only from all over the country, but also from abroad.

When exploring any city, you want only pleasant memories to remain after visiting it, and the overall “picture” is complemented by the hotel where you are staying. Coming to Bryansk, stay in “Bezhitsa”,and you will definitely want to return.

Location of the hotel, how to get there

The name of the hotel “Bezhitsa” takes from the area of the city of Bryansk, which was previously a separate small village. By the way, now it is almost the center of the city. If you arrive in Bryansk by train, then in 10-15 minutes you can get from the station to the hotel.

The airport is also not far away, and after arrival in half an hour, including procedures at the air terminal, you will be at the hotel. In walking distance – museums of historical sights, which is so proud of Bryansk, we will talk about them a little later.

Room stock

The comfort of guests is the priority of the hotel, so in whatever category of room you are placed, the quality of service will be excellent. “Bezhitsa” accepts guests with disabilities and provides them with special rooms.

Rooms from economy to business class or suite have laconic but stylish interiors in calm colors, soundproofed. Everywhere there is an equipped working area, equipped with climatic equipment, TELEVISION and wireless Internet. At any time you can make tea or coffee, there is a tea corner, in some rooms with a coffee machine.

Studio rooms, business and suites are much larger than standards, have space for rest with a coffee table, sofa or armchair.

In all rooms – equipped with the necessary accessories bathroom. Towels are changed daily, cosmetic sets are replenished.

The hotel is often chosen by the newlyweds for the celebration and the wedding night, and for such occasions the hotel has “their” accommodation options. Creating a romantic atmosphere is guaranteed!

Nikolai, Moscow “I come to Bryansk for work not for the first time, and the city surprises with the high quality of accommodation. I have already been to “Bezhitsa”, and if possible I will return for sure. I really like the rooms – new, well-groomed, in a pleasant color scheme. The bathroom is cozy and everything is there. The service is on top, even in the room is standard, what can we say about the suite!”

Additional services and leisure

Hotel “Bezhitsa” rightfully deserves those stars that are assigned to it. Additional comfort is created by a first-class gym, swimming pool, spa center, steam room and sauna. We can safely say that the founders of the hotel perfectly equipped their health “corner”. If you plan to stay for a few days, then sign up for comprehensive rejuvenation programs in the spa center, massages, procedures on the latest equipment.

Professional trainers conduct classes in yoga and fitness, water sports.

Meals at the hotel

For all guests in the hotel “Bezhitsa” in the price includes an excellent continental breakfast. By the way, even people “from the street” who do not live in it come to the main restaurant of the hotel. They say that the chef works wonders and creates such dishes, the taste and presentation of which you will remember for a long time. The cuisine of the restaurant is diverse and will open for you new interesting combinations of ingredients. The hotel has its own suppliers of environmentally friendly products.

In the bar “Bezhitsy” you will be served the best wines of the world and delicious cocktails. Beautiful furnishings are also created by a luxurious interior, pleasant music and high service from the staff.

The hotel restaurant accepts orders for the organization and holding of banquets, wedding celebrations. Be sure, your guests will remember the holiday for a long time, and they themselves will order something here!

Peter and Svetlana, Smolensk “Stayed at the hotel for 3 nights, that is, there was enough time to evaluate the service. Everything was very nice, and especially the restaurant was remembered. Breakfasts are hearty, interesting dishes, every morning is different. Dinner was ordered from the menu, heard about the skill of the chef – it’s true, the kitchen is original. Wine cara is rich, what is not! In general, the gastronomic tour turned out, that’s for sure. The room service is excellent. We recommend it to everyone!”

Interesting in Bryansk and surroundings

Bryansk is a very interesting and beautiful city, older than Moscow, although not everyone knows about it. Let’s get to know him better and find out what you can see here, what places to visit, if you have already arrived and stayed in the hotel “Bezhitsa”.

Imagine that the city can celebrate 2 birthdays – there are 2 versions about the year of its foundation, but for both – Bryansk is older than Moscow. They excavated and found out that it is most likely to count his “age” from 985, even before the Baptism of Russia.

Many important events took place on the Bryansk land during the Great Patriotic War, because it stands at the westernmost borders of the country, and it was awarded the honorary title of the city of military glory. All admirers of the great feat of the people during the war here will be interesting and informative.

In addition to military themes, Bryansk is famous for literary museums, reserves, parks.

  • The mound of immortality isnot only a monument to all local heroes of the Second World Cup, but also an indisputable symbol of the city. What does it look like? It is a hill with 5 faces and a star at the top. It was solemnly opened for the great date of the 1000th anniversary of the city, and before that they brought land from mass graves from all over Russia and laid down the hill. The memorial is a symbol of the unity of peoples who suffered from the Nazis. Inside the hill originally laid a symbolic message from the past to descendants, you and me, in the form of a capsule. We read it in 2017.
  • The name of another memorial is Hatsun – Reminds Khatyn. Both places became a symbol of fascist abuse during the occupation. In Hatsuni, civilians were executed and burned, children were not spared. The complex consists of 28 steles, there is also a museum, visiting which you can find out in what conditions people lived under the yoke of the enemy.
  • Exhibition of military equipment, “Partisan glade”. During the Second World Age, partisans hid mainly in the forests. It was the same in the Bryansk region, near the Snezhet River. It was in this place that the leaders and participants of all organizations met and shared information, there was a headquarters. After the war, a monument was erected in the clearing, and then the idea of a guerrilla movement was deployed in the memorial. Now guests can visit the wall of memory, a museum, an exhibition of military equipment, bow to the eternal fire and obelisks. Under the open sky there are heavy military equipment of the war.
  • Petro – Pavlovsk Convent. One of the oldest and most revered in Bryansk, was founded in the 13th century, but has experienced a lot since those times. The monastery was ruined several times, and in the middle of the 18th century it did not look like a place of worship. Thanks to the efforts of the Bryansk merchants Semykina 100 years later, nuns began to live here again, but later the revolution changed his fate. As in many religious places, “survived” the cell, hospital and one temple. Already in our post-Soviet time, the monastery began to lead a full life.

Cultural life of Bryansk. Where do locals and guests of the city go

Not only war memorials are famous for Bryansk, and arriving here, be sure that you will not be bored in the evenings.

What is interesting in the city:

  • 6 cinemas;
  • 2 concert halls in the DK;
  • a large circus with a capacity of almost 2000 people;
  • 5 local history and literary museums;
  • for children – Theatre of the Young Spectator, Puppet Theatre, Musical Theatre;
  • river cruises on the Desna in summer;
  • hot air balloon flight over Bryansk;
  • skydiving;
  • fishing, both in the city and outside it.




Friends, Bryansk is not only a city of partisans, as it is called, but first of all a beautiful modern city with a rich history.

Book a great hotel “Bezhitsa”, enjoy your stay in it, and the city and its residents are always ready to discover a lot of new things for everyone!