Best Hotels in Savonlinna Finland

Savonlinna is called the Finnish Venice. The medieval city (1475) was built on a group of islands of Lake Saimaa. Until the 13th century, the territory was part of the Great Novgorod lands. Then it went to Sweden, in the 18th century it again became Russian. After the revolution of 1917, the Grand Duchy of Finland gained independence. Savonlinna also became part of the new state. During the war, the city suffered greatly from Soviet air raids, but quickly recovered.

Since 1803, the place is recognized as a resort area. By order of Alexander I, the first hotels with baths were built here, and the main guests were noble St. Petersburg families. In their place appeared modern hotels. Today, tourists from all over the world come to improve their health among the unique Finnish nature. The city has a perfectly preserved medieval fortress of St. Olaf (Olavinlinna) built in 1475. Of the attractions of travelers will be interested:

  • Punkaharju ridge, an interesting natural landscape preserved from the Ice Age. There is also a center of art “Retretti”;
  • Museum of Local Lore, located on the island of Riihisaari;
  • wooden church for 5,000 parishioners (Kerimaki) built in 1847;
  • Bird Lake (Siikalahti) is a unique ornithological natural object;
  • Hytermja Nature Reserve (Kerimaki);
  • protected parks in the vicinity of Savonlinna.

Every year, Finnish Venice becomes the center of opera art. An international music festival is held here, to which the best opera companies of the country and the world come. It happens that city hotels can not cope with the flow of guests, so it is advisable to book rooms in advance. Stage stages are erected at the walls of the old fortress. Residents and guests of the city can watch up to 30 new performances during the month.

Savonlinna hotels welcome guests throughout the year. In winter, guests can enjoy outdoor activities, relaxing baths and warming saunas. In summer – excursion tours to historical and natural sights.

Lomamokkila Cottages

Lomamokkila Cottages is located on the shores of Lake Pellosjärvi. Guests are accommodated in houses or hotel rooms. This is a family business, which is managed by the fourth generation. The home environment attracts travelers who appreciate comfort and good food. Breakfast made with local produce is included in the room rate. To the city center to drive 15-20 minutes, to natural attractions – Punkaharju, Linnansaari, Kolovesi – half an hour. In the cottage village you can go fishing, go for a walk or play tennis.

“The cottages are located in a very nice location. The kitchen is well equipped, everything is there for cooking. Prisma Grocery Store is a 15-minute drive away. Very bad Internet connection, but it’s for the best. Rested without gadgets. Along the way we got stuck in a snowdrift and the owners helped us pull out the car. This is a very good place for a family holiday. The houses are at a solid distance from each other, so isolation and silence are guaranteed” Julia




Original Sokos Hotel Seurahuone

The hotel is built in the heart of the city, on the shopping square. Kauppatori. Within walking distance is the medieval landmark of Savonlinna – the fortress of St. Olaf. Guests are accommodated in single, double, family rooms. Breakfast is served in the restaurant. On the roof of the 6-storey building there is a terrace for relaxation. Fried ryapushka is also served here. There is a lounge bar in the evenings and guests can have fun in the hotel’s nightclub until the morning.

“Great hotel. Clean, cozy, comfortable. Serves polite and friendly staff. I came with a dog. She was greeted as a welcome guest. They gave me a bag of dog goodies, a set of bags for walking and hung a sign on the door. For people there are bicycles, sauna. Superb view. Delicious and high-quality breakfast with a warm and cozy atmosphere.” Elena, Russia




Spahotel Casino

The island on which the Spahotel Casinois located is privately owned. Hikers can reach the nearby islets via bridges or boats. The city center is only 500 m. The hotel is equipped with comfortable rooms, a swimming pool, a sauna, a fitness area and a spa. A playroom has been created for children. There is a beautiful concert hall, where famous musical groups and performers perform. A gourmet breakfast is served in the restaurant or on the terrace. The chef specialises in traditional Finnish cuisine made with local produce.

The hotel is located in a very picturesque location. There is a place to walk, all interesting places in walking distance, an excellent swimming pool (t water is comfortable), there is a font on the street with warm water, breakfasts are standard (you will not stay hungry). The only drawback is the poor restaurant menu (there is practically no choice). You can go to the city through the bridge. There are restaurants on every corner” Elizabeth




Lomalehto Cottages

For those who decided to spend a vacation away from civilization, perfect cottage village Lomalehto Cottages. It was built in the village of Akhvioniemi. Spacious wooden houses Mäntüniemi, Katayanokka, Norppatorppa, Karhunpesä correspond to the five-star level of comfort according to the state system MALO. Villa “Uruoriahti” (3 stars) fully meets the needs of guests, including in winter. The hotels have their own beach areas, rental of sports and fishing equipment, coastal saunas. The village is located 75 km from Savonlinna.

“Quiet cozy place, has everything you need to relax. Wildlife. A hare ran to our barbecue. The owners are polite and helpful, very nice people. It feels like we’ve visited a fairy tale! I didn’t want to leave at all.”




Savonlinnan Kristillinen Opisto

Hotel Savonlinnan Kristillinen Opisto is designed for those who are not used to spending time in closed areas. In 6 kilometers the life of Savonlinna is in full swing: excursions to significant places of the city and the surrounding area are held, opera singing sounds, the market square is noisy. The hotel is more like a guest yard, where people come to spend the night, have breakfast in the morning and go on the road again.

“The hotel consists of three buildings. Our triple room was on the second floor. The room is quite spacious, there is a sofa and a table, very warm. In the corridor there is a kitchenette with a microwave, kettle, coffee machine and refrigerator. This is very convenient when at a late check-in you can have a snack, heat food and drink hot tea. For breakfast we went to the building where the reception is located. Delicious buffet with porridge, boiled egg, sausages and bacon, fresh vegetables, meat and cheese, yogurt, cereal with milk, tea, coffee with biscuits and fruits (apples and oranges). Quite diverse» Elena




Cafe-Restaurant & Hotel Saima

A small guest house with an attic is located near the center of Savonlinna. Guests are offered 6 cozy rooms, continental breakfast, summer terrace for relaxation. From the house there are paths to local historical sights, the central square, shops and restaurants.

“Very nice boutique hotel. Stunning interior is thought out to the smallest detail. Breakfast is available in several options to choose from. It is full and delicious, especially the pastries The hostess is wonderful, very friendly and welcoming. Wonderful location, near the fortress, one of the main attractions of Savonlinna” Kristina, Russia




Lossiranta Lodge

A small, cosy hotel is located on the opposite bank from the fortress of St. Olaf. There is a private pier with boats, from which you can at any time go to the other side to the historical landmark. In summer, breakfast is served on the lawn in front of the house. In winter, it is equipped with a heated jacuzzi. And all this with a view of the monument of medieval architecture. Guests are entertained by fishing, boating, in winter – skiing and tobogganing sports.

“What captivated me about this hotel. First, we waited after the specified time for check-in, which for us, tired of customs procedures, was happiness)). Secondly, the view of the beautiful fortress of Olavinlinna opens from all the windows of the hotel. We had breakfast in the interiors of an old Finnish house. Here everything is charged with a great mood and respect for the country and people” Inna



Hotel Hospitz

Hotel Hospitz dates back to 1930. The building was designed by Finnish architect Vivi Lönn. The main advantages of the location are the coast of Saimaa, proximity to the city center, individual design of each room. The four-storey building looks like an old manor house with extensions. The summer terrace is located on the shore of the lake. Breakfast is served throughout the year. During the Opera Festival (annually in July), a buffet dinner is served.

“Perfect place to relieve stress. Small number of rooms, cleanliness, silence. If there is a desire to be away from problems: you need to go here. There is parking, a lake, equipped paths to the city. A cot was put in the room, and even a larger room was given so that it was more comfortable. Everything for people, everything is human. Well, salmon and berries for breakfast, tables with burning candles – just a fairy tale!”




Boutique Hotel Tavis

Boutiquehotel is built near the city center. The interior of each room is presented in an individual design. Strict scandi, monochrome high-tech, cozy country harmoniously coexist together in a small two-story mansion. The owners adhere to the policy of preserving the environment, so there is a lot of natural wood and organics in the interiors. In the morning, guests are invited to breakfast.

«Location, room design, view, breakfast were amazing… will have to come next time” (Location, roomdesign, view, amazing breakfast… will have to come again) Marek, Lithuania



Resort Hotel Norppa

Private hotel complex Resort Hotel Norppa is built on the banks of Saimaa in the city of Savonlinna. In the laconic design of the rooms there is nothing superfluous, as in the traditional services of the hotel. It has everything you need to relax and put your body in order: sauna, sports equipment rental, hiking and cycling routes, fishing. Self-service breakfast is included in the payment. Guests can prepare their own meals in the shared kitchen. There is also a lounge bar.

“A great place to ventilate your brains and spend time away from civilization. The interior is concise, no frills, but all the necessary amenities are available. The rooms are clean and cozy. A platform is built on the surface of the lake. It has a miniature authentic sauna. For a fee, there is an opportunity to jump into the water right from the threshold after the steam room” Andrey, Estonia


The peak of the influx of tourists falls on July, when the city hosts a festival of opera art. At other times, hotels are empty or half-empty. At the same time, the service remains at a high level. The distance from Helsinki to Savonlinna is 330 km. The city has its own airport, receiving flights from the capital of Finland and charters during the music festival.

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