Best Hotels in Ordzhonikidze Crimea

The small village of Ordzhonikidze is located 12 km from Feodosia. As a resort, it began to develop recently, so tourists who are accustomed to special service and increased comfort may not like it here. The settlement is located in a picturesque bay next to the extinct volcano Karadag. There is amazing air, calm sea and the presence of beaches with different coatings. The central village is sandy, wild covered with pebbles. Among holidaymakers, this place is considered one of the cheapest options for a vacation on the Crimean coast.

Beaches of Ordzhonikidze village

The main area of recreation, entertainment and leisure is the beach. There have never been industrial enterprises in the village. At one time, submarines were tested in the bay. But the usual thing for people was the construction of vineyards, agriculture. The air here is clean, the water is transparent, around the pristate nature. There is only one sandy beach – Central. It runs along the promenade and is attractive to parents because of the gentle entrance to the water and, in fact, the presence of sand.

Pebble beaches are on either side of the central one. These are landscaped areas with sun loungers, canopies, rental offices. The most popular are:

  • “Under the Horse’s Saddle”;
  • “Lavash”;
  • “Under the Devil’s Bridge”;
  • “Agate”;
  • “Krasnyachka”.

The water is transparent due to the rocky bottom, and the places themselves are well suited for diving. There are many wild beaches on the coast. The most extreme of them is Goat Bay. Here are going to jump into the water from the coastal cliffs.

Sights of Ordzhonikidze village

The main attraction of the village is its Embankment. This is a spacious pedestrian street with a width of 25 meters, stretching along the Central Beach. The pavement area is lined with colored tiles. There are cafes, souvenir shops, grocery stores, salons. From the promenade there is a beautiful view of Provato Bay and Cape Kiik-Atlama.

The cape is considered a local natural landmark. It esters into the sea, dividing the coastal zone into two cozy bays – Provako and Dvukornaya. On the territory of the cape were found traces of sites of ancient people of the Neolithic era. The bay also has its own interesting history, as well as several popular hiking trails. Going for a walk with children, parents are warned that the path will pass through several nudist beaches.

Largely due to archaeological finds in Ordzhonikidze was created its own museum of local lore. Not every village can boast of the presence of such a research base. The museum’s collection contains materials telling about the history of life and development of the territory, starting from ancient times. It turns out that there was a time when Provato Bay was part of the Roman Empire. There is still a beautifully made Roman road, along which part of the walking tour from the Tepe-Oba ridge to the Two-Anchor Bay passes.

In the village is the oldest Greek Orthodox Church of Demetrius of Thessaloniki. It is almost completely destroyed, the frescoes are poorly preserved, but behind the altar you can see the paintings made by the hand of Theophanes the Greek himself. The temple is watched by ministers who, by the way, are engaged in beekeeping. Here you can try and buy natural honey.

In the Crimea there is not a single village that would not survive the occupation of the German fascist invaders. Monuments to soldiers-liberators are installed everywhere. In Ordzhonikidze, an obelisk of Glory was erected in memory of the fallen detachment of paratroopers who defended the village in 1941, and in honor of the troops of the Soviet army, who liberated the area in 1943.

This season, children’s entertainment was added to the sea trip on a pirate ship, horseback riding along the Tepe-Oba ridge, new water attractions are installed. If entertainment is not enough, then at any time you can go to Feodosia. Buses and minibuses run every 15-20 minutes.

Where to stay with a child in Ordzhonikidze?

The village is famous for its compactness. Anywhere can be reached in 10-15 minutes. Ordzhonikidze has only 11 streets, the coastline is almost built up with hotels and guest houses. On the territory there are 3 sanatoriums and 3 children’s recreation camps, but the rating is made only for guest houses of the village.

Гостевой Дом Ника

100 meters from the sea in the center of the village is a mini-hotel “Nika”. It has been welcoming guests since 2011. For families, duplex roomsare provided, although additional beds can be added to the usual Standard, making it multi-bedded. The maximum capacity of one-room suites is 6 people, two-level – 8. There is an age limit – children are accepted from 3 years old, but for free. The benefit will apply to children up to 5 years inclusive. It should be noted that the hotel has only 4 rooms, so it is advisable to book in advance.

Complex meals are provided by the café “Pilgrim”. It is literally across the street and is considered one of the best in the village. The kitchen is famous for cooking dishes on the grill, which will be especially useful during the evening promenade. The café is located on the second tier of the Embankment, which offers a magnificent view of the sea and the Karadag volcano. In the morning you can have breakfast here, going to the beach. At lunch, several complexes are offered at affordable prices. Unfortunately, Niki hotels do not provide meals, but rooms are equipped with a refrigerator and kettle.

A convenient entrance leads to the house. In order not to look for its location for a long time, the owner offers to use the transfer services. Convenient car will take guests from the stations of Feodosia or the airport of Simferopol. There is no on-site parking. Nearby there is a public village parking. If you get on your own, then by bus or minibus you need to get to the last stop of public transport. Then walk a few meters.

“I want to note the convenient location of the hotel. This tower is a five-minute walk from the promenade, central shops, cafes, the beach. The facilities in the room are all right. Hot and cold water is always there, tea can be boiled at any moment. We usually had breakfast in the room in the morning. We made tea and sandwiches, and then ate at local cafes during the day. Prices everywhere are reasonable, including for accommodation. Ordzhonikidze is a place where you can have a good and inexpensive rest with the whole family” Marina, Russia


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Гостиница Риека

Traditional spa house, where each room has a separate entrance, and the second floor is united by a common terrace. The complex is located in the centre of the village, 30 metres from the sea. The number of rooms is located in two buildings and is designed to receive 72 people at the same time. There is a restriction on the age of children – young guests are accepted only from the age of 3. Discounts are available up to 14 years inclusive. Ordzhonikidze hotels are in demand among large companies that can make noise at night, so most owners are not ready to take on kids under 3 years old.

For families, spacious rooms are offered Duplex, Suite and Junior Suite. In the Standards, only one bed can be installed, so the category is suitable for a married couple with one child. All rooms, including economy class, have a bathroom with shower, air conditioning, refrigerator and kettle. No meals are provided. Literally a stone’s throw away is the entire resort infrastructure of the village, including cafes, canteens and eateries.

The nearest beach is sandy. This is a landscaped area with umbrellas, canopies, sunbeds and all sorts of entertainment. In the 4-storey building of the hotel there is a tennis table. Game equipment can be borrowed from the reception at an additional cost. The owner allows pets by prior arrangement. The pet should weigh no more than five kg, have all vaccinations, carrier, bowl. For car owners, a place in the open free parking is provided. Prices for accommodation are more than affordable.

“Ordzhonikidze does not have such a large selection of a normal place to stay with children. Hotels, of course, are trying to reach a higher level of service. “Rijeka” is a very good option for living with teenage children. The sea is nearby, the embankment too. Everything here is relatively inexpensive. Restaurant-type café, with good décor and high-quality cooking. We chose for dinner “Zodiac” Elena, Russia


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Guest house Safar

The modern Safar Guest House is located 300 metres from the sea. The territory is closed, guarded. The building is built, like all traditional resort hotels – all rooms have separate entrances through external stairs and shared terraces. You need to pay attention to the fact that the rooms are designed to accommodate from 2 to 4 people and no more. The house is located in a quiet peaceful area. A concrete road leads to the gate, along which you can walk and drive in any weather. The owner is available to provide a shuttle service to/from the train station/airport. Car owners are provided with free parking.

No meals are served, but there is a shared kitchen. It has a full set of dishes, household appliances, a comfortable dining room is divided into dining areas for each family. You can eat outside under the shade canopies. There is a barbecue in the yard, so in the evening you can fry kebabs or cook vegetables / fish on the grill. 100 meters from the hotel there is a café “Zodiac”, which is considered one of the best in the village.

Children are accepted from any age. On the street there is a semblance of a playground, a TV antenna catches children’s channels. The nearest beach is a 7-minute walk away. There are the main entertainment facilities, so all guests of the hotel come here only to spend the night.

“It is good to stay in Safar if you travel around the Crimea by car. There is parking, it is guarded and free. Living conditions are acceptable. The room is spacious, there is a terrace with furniture, you cook dinner yourself not in the kitchen or go to a café on the shore. Prices for accommodation are democratic. I recommend all to autotourists” Nikolay, Russia


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Cozy guest house “Prana” is located on a hill 300 meters from the sea. From the balconies and the view terrace offers a beautiful view of the sea, the bay, the mountains. The mini-hotel has only 10 rooms. They can accommodate 3-4 people. At prices – this is the most affordable hotel of all the above. It features a lovely garden, facilities and a barbecue area. Parking is free. The owners have an 8-seater minibus, so travel to the sights of the Crimea is available, although they do not provide a transfer.

For every three rooms there is a separate kitchen. The apartments have a private kitchen area. The village centre is a 4-minute walk away. Pets are available. Payment for the service is not charged, but you need a preliminary agreement with the owners. Children are accepted from any age. There are no discounts. In the area there are several wild beaches, to the landscaped area to walk 5 minutes.

“Everything is good here – location, service, air. The room is clean and spacious. The shared kitchen is connected to the barbecue area. A quiet and peaceful environment makes it possible to have a good rest and sleep. we were satisfied and will definitely come here again” Natalia.


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Hotels in the village of Ordzhonikidze are not yet ready to provide a full service for parents with children. The owners do not guarantee the installation of cots, chairs. The conditions are more reminiscent of the Soviet period, but still every year there are improvements in service. The rating was formed according to the most acceptable parameters for living with children. All of the above places have no complaints about cleaning and cleanliness, they are conveniently located to the main infrastructure. “Safar” and “Prana” accept children from any age.