Best Hotels in Koli Ski Resort Finland

Ski Finnish resort Koli is suitable for active and relaxing holidays. A good location near the National Park, slopes, lakes and forests make it possible for skiing, cycling, hiking, fishing.

Hotels in Kolinküla will provide accommodation, meals, rental of necessary equipment, but the rest does not end there. The owners of cozy rooms will prepare a lot of interesting things for guests.

Break Sokos Hotel Koli

The hotel is located in the Koli National Park, in Eastern Finland. Literally from the steps of the complex begins the road to the slopes of the picturesque ski resort Ukko-Koli. A supermarket is 3 km away. Joensuu Airport is almost 50 km away.

The icy surface of Lake Pielinen – view from the warm hotel room

The hotel is located on a hill. Panoramic windows give a good view of the forest and the lake, which is located 1 km from the complex. The view is fascinating.

Not all rooms can be seen sunrise over the pond. But here everything is done with care for the guests. For this accommodation option, a special model of a spacious bed is installed, after riding on the slides, sleep will be soft and pleasant.

Hot fish soup and toasted pies with potatoes

A hearty breakfast with lush croissants is served at the property. The crust is delicious crunchy. On the territory of the hotel restaurant “Grill It” acquaints vacationers with delicious dishes of northern and local cuisine. In the café “Kahpitsa” visitors will be fed pizza. Here guests try pastries. Blueberry pie from a local berry with burning tea is the best treat after a frosty walk.

Spa holiday with nature views

Do not give up the Jacuzzi on the balcony of your room and from selfies against the background of the lake and the tops of fir trees. The hotel surprises and pleases. On-site facilities include an indoor pool, a hot tub with forest views and saunas.

Walking together in a boat or fishing in silence

Vacationers ride a boat, walk through the forest on foot and by bicycle. And also the complex offers guests:

  • rejoice in the fish caught on Lake Pielinen;
  • fall into a snowdrift, rolling on a tubing from the slope of Ukko-Koli;
  • take a picture of a friend who is racing from the same mountain on a snowboard;
  • to see the enthusiastic face of your child after the first descent on skis.

You can enroll in a ski school and rent the necessary equipment right there, at the hotel.

“An explosion of emotions from the descent on a snowboard, from the stunning view outside the window in the morning. You have to come here and see everything with your own eyes.”

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Kolin Keidas

In establishments such as “Bed & Breakfast” guests stay for the night after entertainment in nature and for a delicious breakfast. Kolin Keidas refers to this version of hotels. There is a holiday home in the village of Kolinküla in Finland. This is a place in the area of the Koli National Park. Joensuu Airport is 51 km away.

Kolin Keidas – a house in the village and breakfast for birdsong

Not often you will find hotels with their original idea and history. The idea of the owners of Kolin Keidas in moving guests to the original conditions of the village and the spirit of the 19th century. The complex is equipped in the style of a country house: a farm, wooden walls, a bed in a flower in the style of shebby-chic, simple but comfortable furniture.

The singing of the rooster at dawn and the taste of rye buns for breakfast can not be compared with the hustle and bustle of the city. The on-site restaurant serves children’s and diet menus, vegetarian salads and hot salads in summer.

Popular entertainment of tourists

Unusual and traditional for this resort activities of vacationers:

  • a tour of the area and a story about the region;
  • yoga classes;
  • observation of animals on the farm;
  • skiing;
  • sauna.

“We had a rest in the summer. Interesting design of rooms in the cottage, as if it fell into the old days. The children watched with interest as the horses were fed.”

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Farm hotel Paimentupa is hidden in the eastern part of Finland in the village of Kolinküla. The guest complex is located a short walk from Koli Park.

Around the complex are eboard pastures. Not far from the house is the Sokos Spa Hotel (3 km away), 6 km – the nearest shop. Joensuu Airport is about 82 km away.

A combination of rustic style and Scandinavian minimalism

The houses resemble a noble estate, in the decoration of some rooms is dominated by wood. The rest of the rooms are in light colors, with white furniture and textiles. There are budget dormitories.

Fresh berries from your garden on the breakfast buffet

Breakfast is buffet style, hearty and homely delicious. Guests can enjoy dinner and lunch in the shared kitchen. There are necessary utensils and accessories. Not far from the house there is a cozy restaurant Ryynänen with its own brewery. In summer, berries grown in their garden are served.

Winter and summer activities at Paimentupa Farm Stay

The hotel welcomes guests in both winter and summer. Stables are located in the same yard with rooms. You can see how horses are fed, how they are cared for. What else can and should be done in Paimentupa:

  1. Stroke horses on the mane and ride (for a fee).
  2. Fish.
  3. Master a new track.
  4. After that, take a steam break in the sauna.
  5. Ride bicycles.
  6. Get acquainted with art exhibitions.

“Clean cozy place. With pleasure we went cycling in Kohly Park, cooked lunch on the street. All the conditions for this are there. The children watched the horses with delight.”

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Kolin Ryynnen

Hotels with their own brewery are not uncommon in Finland. But to try a drink from the owners of the hotel and at the same time to see the life of the Finnish family is not possible everywhere. Kolin Ryynnen will provide this holiday option.

There is a house, restaurant and garden in a Finnish village called Kolinküla on the way to Ukko-Koli Mountain. Nearby ski lifts and ski slopes are waiting for tourists (2.7 km from the hotel). 1 km from the house is the Koli National Park, 2 km from the resting place lies Lake Pielinen. There is a grocery store across the street from the hotel. To joensuu airport, which is 51km from the house Kolin Ryynnen, on request provide a transfer (for a fee).

Room stock

In the old but clean and cozy log building, guests are welcome in double and large family rooms for 6 people. Meals can be found in the spacious kitchen.

Traditional Finnish food and relaxation

For lunch, Finnish soups and pastries are served here. Many dishes are prepared from fresh fish from Lake Pielinen, so tourists from other countries will get acquainted with the local cuisine. Meat and vegetables are also included. They offer vegan cuisine.

Guests ski, play mini golf, walk with a guide in Koli Park.

“Koli National Park and the warm welcome of the Finnish family pleased, left a pleasant impression of the rest.”

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Kolin Lotus Cottages

Cozy houses Kolin Lotus are built 2 km from the Finnish city of Koli and 100 m from Lake Pielinen. The beginning of The Ukko-Koli mountain is 3 km from the cottages. Joensuu Airport is 52 km away.

Accommodation in cottages and meals

In two-storey houses you can stay alone, there are accommodation options for families and for a group of people. Rooms have a fireplace in the cold. Each house has a kitchen and there are grill areas outside.

Cycling on the paths of the National Park or fishing

From the cottages to the beach 50 m, the best time for summer holidays is from June to mid-September. On warm days, tourists ride boats, ride bicycles. You can walk with a tour of the park or fish. In winter, lovers of the ski track come, the necessary equipment is given at the hotel for hire.

“Rested in the summer. Pleased with the view from the house to the lake and a clean beach within walking distance. Near a café and shop and near the house free parking. Very convenient.”

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Aava Koli

The hotel is waiting for vacationers in the village of Kolinküla, in the east of Finland. Joensuu Airport is 51 km away. Koli Park is 6 km away. Nearby there are shops, restaurants, ski bases and a beach.

Traditional log house on the shore of a Finnish lake

The 5-star villa has 4 bedrooms with white walls and light furnishings. You can sunbathe on the outdoor terrace or on the beach nearby, relax in the fresh air in a hammock or swim in a canoe.

Breakfast takes place on the site next to the house overlooking the lake, where avid fishermen fish in the afternoon. In winter, tourists go skiing, tubing and snowboarding.

“Specially came with the family in the winter to be in a snow fairy tale. The villa is all in the snow, spruce powdered. Beautiful and quiet. The rooms were clean and warm by our arrival and the heating was on.”

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Holiday Home Jerovaara

The holiday home, like many other hotels in Kolinkala, stands very close to the water. It is 4 km from the famous Koli National Park. Joensuu Airport is 83 km away.

Rocking chair, fireplace and sauna – a relaxing holiday

Each room has a kitchenette for self-catering. There is also a barbecue area in the yard. There is a fireplace in the living room. From entertainment in the hotel and surroundings offer:

  • Skiing:
  • fishing on Lake Pielinen;
  • walks in Koli Park;
  • sauna.

“Jerovaar is one of the hotels on the shore of a picturesque lake. For lovers of a relaxing holiday, I recommend this quiet place.”

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The 4-room Hotel Purnunpiilo is located next to Lake Pielinen, 1 km from the Koli National Park. The nearest airport is located 50 km from the holiday home. Anchor and Koli Scenic ski lifts are 2km away.

Recreation and entertainment of the hotel

Hotels in Kolinkala offer a variety of holidays to tourists, and Purnunpiilo is fun at any time of the year. The hotel offers a large list of entertainment for guests:

  1. Cross-country skiing on a lighted track.
  2. Cycling.
  3. Rest on the beach.
  4. Excursions and hiking.
  5. Riding.
  6. Fishing.
  7. Canoeing.

“The villa provides not only ski equipment for hire, but also bicycles as well as equipment for water activities.”

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Vaeltajan Residenssi – Rangers Residence

«Vaeltajan Residenssi – Rangers Residence» is a small but cozy villa. A great option for two. Its main value is in location. Ukko Koli Ski Resort is 5 km from Vaeltajan Residenssi – Rangers Residence 2. The road to the National Park begins outside the hotel door. Near ski bases, lifts, shop.

Activities to the liking for each guest

The hotel is located in a suitable place for active and recreational recreation. Depending on the season, guests choose traditional activities for the ski resort:

  • boating and fishing;
  • ski and learn this with an instructor in a special school;
  • play mini-golf;
  • horse riding;
  • go hiking with a guide.

“My son got up on skis for the first time under the guidance of an instructor. I learned to ride from the mountain, I was very happy about it. The villa is bright and clean.”

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Aalto Koli

Villa Aalto Koli stands in the silence of a pine forest and lake in Kolinkula, Finland. The house is surrounded by restaurants, café-bars and ski bases, near the Koli National Park. Mount Räsävaara and the Koli slope are 6 km away.

Such a different holiday in winter and summer

Guests pick berries in the surrounding area, go boating, sunbathe on the beach and fish. In winter, tourists are offered to go skiing, tuning and snowboarding.

“Pleased with the large selection of cafes and restaurants in the area, tried the local dishes.”

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You can choose only skis, frosty air and hot tea by the fireplace. And someone will decide to come for the beach, pine trees and picking berries on the slope of Ukko-Koli. In any case, in the hotel of the ski resort koli guest is waiting for a clean bed, a warm welcome and comfort.

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