Best Hotels in Bergamo Italy: top 10 properties for a comfortable stay in the provincial town of Lombardy

The charming town of the province of Lombardy is fraught with many secrets. This pearl of medieval architecture amazes with its grandeur and luxury. Visit the hotels of Bergamo Italy is worth everyone who appreciates comfort and luxury, magnificent architecture and unsurpassed landscapes, unique authenticity and excellent cuisine. In this corner of Italy there is something to see and something to enjoy.

Relais San Lorenzo

The modern Relais San Lorenzo is located near the centre of the old town. For guests there are comfortable apartments decorated in an urban style, equipped with a liquid crystal TV, Internet, mini-bar, refrigerator and having its own bathroom. The restaurant serves a daily buffet breakfast, which is included in the hotel’s room rate.

Bergamo Hotels Italy offer their guests to relax body and soul. The luxurious spa offers a hammam, sauna, massages and sensory showers. In the five-star hotel there is a restaurant of unsurpassed author’s cuisine offering a menu from the chef. Lovers of light snacks and original drinks will like the snack bar, from the terrace of which a breathtaking view of the city opens.
The nearest sights of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, the city tower and other beauties of the ancient part of the city can be reached in a couple of tens of minutes.

“Lovely hotel with a variety of services and high service. A special advantage is the location in the heart of ancient Bergamo.”

Petronilla – Hotel In Bergamo

To fully enjoy the beauty of lower Bergamo, it is worth staying at Petronilla – Hotel In Bergamo. Comfortable apartments of the hotel are equipped according to the latest technologies: mini-bar, large TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, internet, bathroom. Of particular note is the interior of the premises, as in each room there are works of modern artists. Every day in the restaurant guests are offered delicious, included in the price of the reservation.

Guests can enjoy a modern sauna and hot tubs. If desired, and for an additional fee in the hotel restaurant you can order lunches and dinners from Lombard culinary delights. Hotels in Bergamo Italy, Petronilla – Hotel In Bergamo, is a vivid confirmation of this, offers exceptional cuisine.

Conferences and business meetings can be arranged in the business lounge. Everyone who monitors their health, offered a gym.
The shopping district of the city is located in the next quarter. Public transport stops are located literally at the exit of the hotel. To get to Bergamo Alta by funicular, you will have to spend about half an hour. It is here that you can look at the impressive: Piazza Vecchif, La Fontana Contarini fountain, Soviet Square.

“You feel unsurpassed in this hotel. Here you enjoy every moment. The home forge is excellent, but I would like more variety of dishes.”


This charming, historic hotel is set in an ancient building on Via Mario Lupo in Bergamo. Despite the unique appearance, the interior decoration amazes with its modernity and attention to detail. Rooms are equipped with the latest category: modern furniture and appliances, air conditioning, refrigerator, safe, mini-bar and Internet, bath with accessories for swimming. The price includes a first-class breakfast delivered to the room.

In the hotel bar you can taste unsurpassed snacks and snacks, fresh juices and cocktails. Car rental is also available. An additional advantage is the ability to accommodate people with disabilities.

Almost all hotels in Bergamo Italy, located near all the attractions. So from the windows of the Hotel GombitHotel offers an impressive view of the Gombito Tower. The Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore is located a couple of hundred meters from the hotel. It is noteworthy that GombitHotel is located in the building of the XVII century.

“Great hotel with an antique spirit on the outside and modern amenities inside. The lack of a restaurant and a swimming pool is felt, but by the well-trained and friendly staff, this is compensated with a vengeance.”


The modern and cosy Berghotel is located on Via per Azzano San Paolo. The room stock is equipped with modern communications, a landline phone, a bathroom with shower accessories and personal hygiene items. Breakfast is included in the booking price. Guests can choose from both a gluten-free diet and a continental menu.

Many hotels in Bergamo Italy, the Berghotel, are also located at a slight distance from the beauties of the upper town. At the same time, from here it is good to get to Milan and other major cities. In order to enjoy the sights of antiquity, you should go to Bergamo Alta by funicular. It is here that you can see the incredible beauty of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore with unique tapestries of Allori and frescoes of Tjepolo. Torre del Comune is an example of architecture of the XII century. Palazzo Nuovo is called the oldest library that has preserved the oldest folios. It is here that you can more fully get acquainted with the history of the city.

Try modern Italian is recommended in numerous restaurants. True connoisseurs of pizza will like Da Nasty, they serve more than 250 varieties of this dish.

“Nice hotel with good staff and convenient parking. The bath in the rooms is small. There is a lack of a restaurant, but you can always go to the nearest establishments. “

Hotel Excelsior San Marco

On one of the most beautiful squares of the city of Piazza della Repubblica is the Hotel Excelsior San Marco. The rooms are designed in a modern design, equipped with a plasma TV, refrigerator, safe, mini-bar, Internet, landline telephone and private bathroom with individual bath accessories. Continental breakfast is included in the reservation.

Those who want to enjoy real Italian cuisine should look into the luxurious restaurant of the hotel. Here you can enjoy the author’s cuisine in a beautiful setting and watch the unsurpassed views of the city from the terrace. For relaxation, guests can relax in the sauna. In addition, there is an excellent gym and a trainer who helps to choose the optimal loads. Business meetings are held in a special hall designed for 100 people.

Attractions, this is what the hotels of Bergamo Italy are famous for. Hotel Excelsior San Marco immediately overlooks the famous Republic Square. The funicular to Bergamo Alta is less than a kilometres away. It is here that impressive architectural structures are presented. Shopping lovers will like the shopping district of Bassa, in which branded boutiques are located.

“Great place to stay. The rich buffet of farm products is very good. It is convenient to get to all the sights, as they are almost nearby. “

Best Western Premier Hotel Cappello d’Oro

On Viale Papa Giovanni XXIII is the incredible Best Western Premier Hotel Cappello d’Oro. Each room of the hotel is equipped according to modern trends of design and technical thought. Spacious bathroom with shower amenities and hygiene items. Breakfasts with several types of menus are included in the advance booking.

For those who like to soak up, there is a sauna and a massage room. You can actively engage in sports in the gym. Conferences are held in several spacious halls of the hotel, equipped with modern means of communication and communications.

Hotels in Bergamo Italy, Best Western Premier Hotel Cappello d’Oro is no exception, do not always have restaurants on their territory. This disadvantage is more than compensated by the restaurants and cafes located next door, offering Italian and Lombard cuisine.

Nearby attractions, including the impressive Carrara Art Gallery, are just a few steps away. The church of Santa Maria della Grazie and the Roman column, created at the dawn of the XVII century, provide a unique opportunity to admire the Venetian architecture.

“Good location of the hotel offering top-not-level services. There is a lack of a restaurant, although the snacks are excellent. From the stained glass windows of the rooms you can see unsurpassed views. “

Best Western Hotel Piemontese

Piazzale Guglielmo Marconi is home to the modern Best Western Hotel Piemontese. Cozy soundproofed rooms meet guests with modern comfortable furniture, equipped with all necessary appliances, as well as a safe and mini-bar. Spacious bathroom with bathing facilities. Some rooms have balconies overlooking the patio. For a small price, you can get a first-class continental breakfast.
In the snack bar you should enjoy plenty of fresh snacks and beautiful cakes and pastries, washed down with a cup of fragrant coffee or a first-class cocktail. The hotel has its own parking.

Connoisseurs of contemporary art in Narva will have the proximity of the Donizetti Theater. Hotels in Bergamo Italy, Best Western Hotel Piemontese, also offer interesting excursion and gastronomic tours, where you can get acquainted with the foundations and cuisine of this ancient city. A visit to Bergamo Alte, with a variety of cathedrals and architectural monuments, will be interesting.

“Cozy and inexpensive place with first class service. Good location, as you can get to any object of interest immediately. The staff will always help and prompt, as well as organize a trip, if necessary. “

Mercure Bergamo Centro Palazzo Dolci

On Viale Papa Giovanni XXIII near the picturesque square with fountains is mercure Bergamo Centro Palazzo Dolci. Modern comfortable rooms are equipped with modern communications and exquisite functional furniture. The spacious bathroom includes individual hygiene items and exquisite bath amenities. Some rooms have a balcony from the bathrooms. Continental breakfast is included in the room rate.
Hotels in Bergamo Italy, Mercure Bergamo Centro Palazzo Dolci, also, often do not have a restaurant on their territory, but they can offer their guests an excellent offer in the form of significant discounts in neighboring institutions. In the afternoon, the stunning L’Accademia Bar is open on site. Here it is recommended to try unsurpassed snacks and vintage wines. When pre-ordering, you should taste the amazing dishes of Lombard cuisine.

The Teatro Donizetti is located a couple of hundred meters from the hotel. If you want to get to another city, you can always rent a car at the hotel or arrive at the railway station, which is literally a few steps away.

“Stylish room with impressive views of the city. Comfortable, clean, staff cleaned twice a day. The bar’s kitchen is excellent, although I would like to try something else.”

NH Bergamo

On Via Pietro Paleocapa is a cozy urban hotel NH Bergamo. For the convenience of guests, there are first-class rooms with modern appliances, tea accessories, a safe, a split system and a chic bathroom with bath accessories. Continental menu is included in the price of advance booking.

For business meetings, there are conference rooms equipped with all necessary communications. Fans of an active lifestyle will like a gym and classes with an instructor.

Many hotels in Bergamo Italy, NH Bergamo is no exception, recommend to their guests restaurants of author’s and Italian cuisine in which a good system of discounts operates for hotel guests. Nearby there are several culinary establishments.

Almost next to the hotel is Dante Square with the fountains of Neptune and the picturesque Palace of Justice. After a walk of no more than 10 minutes, you can get to the impressive Carrara Art Gallery with works by Lotto, Baskenis, Maroni.

“Stylish room with impressive views of the city. Comfortable, clean, staff cleaned twice a day. The bar’s kitchen is excellent, although I would like to try something else.”

B&B Hotel Bergamo

Practical and modern B&B Hotel Bergamo is located on Via Autostarada. Modern comfortable rooms are equipped with everything necessary for a cozy and comfortable life. Private bathroom with bathing facilities. For a small fee, you can get a decent breakfast.
For the convenience of guests, there is a Wi-Fi device that works throughout the city, as well as a bicycle rental point. In the lobby there is a vending machine with snacks and drinks.

Any object of interest located in Bergamo Basso will be reached in just a few minutes. In the lower town you can enjoy the magnificent squares of Dante and the Cathedral. True connoisseurs of art will like the unsurpassed Opera House. Choosing hotels in Bergamo Italy, B&B Hotel Bergamo, no exception, you need to be ready to go on a trip by funicular to Bergamo Alta. It is here that a huge number of various attractions are concentrated, remaining in their original form since the Middle Ages.

“Great hotel: clean and timely changing linen, delicious breakfast. If necessary, solve the problem immediately come to the rescue. Separately, it is worth noting the cost: it is very low, so that the funds are enough for numerous entertainment. “

Hotels in Bergamo Italy is a great alternative for anyone who is tired of crowded metropolises. Here you can relax your heart and soul, enjoy the natural and architectural beauties, try the unique Lombard cuisine and get a lot of impressions. And most importantly, this corner of Lombardy welcomes its guests all year round.