Bauman Residence

Bauman Residence is a magnificent hotel complex with comfortable, beautiful rooms decorated in a classic style. Many tourists decide to spend your long-awaited vacation here, because only in Thailand you can truly have a good rest. And, of course, there is the question of choosing a hotel. That’s why we want to tell you as much as possible about a place like Baumann Residence.

Location and infrastructure

Baumann Residence Hotel is close to the well-known Patong Beach. It should also be noted that the international airport in Phuket is only about 40 minutes away. The location of Baumann Residence is very convenient for the tourist. The famous Jungceylon shopping complex is nearby.

Attractions in Phuket include Patong Boxing Stadium (285 meters from the hotel), Sphinx Theater (317 meters), Patong Hospital (368 meters), Paradise Complex (570 meters). Many holidaymakers speak positively about the convenience of finding all the attractions close to each other.

Room stock

As for the hotel itself, guests are offered several room options. The standard option is a double room. The room has one bed, free access to the pool. Often guests choose this offer.

In addition, the hotel offers suites in the penthouse. It can accommodate up to five people. Also of interest is the superior triple room. It is available in two categories: with one wide comfortable bed and with two beds. There are also deluxe suites with very comfortable accommodations. The hotel offers guests four-person family suites and another option, a suite with two bedrooms.

Hotel services

A variety of services and excellent facilities are the pride of Bauman Residence. Outdoors under the scorching Thai sun is a beautiful swimming pool, where hotel guests can enjoy the cool water. There is an opportunity to relax in the shade and sunbathe. It should also be noted the presence of an amazing restaurant and bar, where vacationers can not only taste the national cuisine and various drinks, but also just relax in a relaxing atmosphere. Parking is available close to the restaurant (free of charge).

The Bauman Residence Hotel offers the highest standard of service and its guests can have food delivered directly to their rooms for an extra fee. Guests can register at any time of the day or night, there are no problems with entry and departure. If vacationers want to organize fun activities for their children, they can hire a personal babysitter who can also help take care of the little ones.

The hotel can accommodate children of any age. The fact that if a toddler is under the age of four, their room is completely free of charge is very nice. A child under two years of age can be provided with a separate cot if required. But these questions need to be solved already at the time of booking the rooms.

A lot of people are probably wondering about the cost of rooms. The most budget-friendly are the two-seaters. As noted earlier, these rooms are offered with one large bed or two medium-sized beds. These rooms in the hotel complex are offered for 75,000 rubles for two vacationers for a two-week stay. If someone wants to have breakfast in a hotel, it is necessary to pay a symbolic fee of two to eight thousand rubles. If free access to the pool is required, the price for two guests will be around 113,000 rubles.

There are also deluxe suites available for up to three guests. Here the price already includes breakfast for two weeks. Family rooms are more expensive (about 48 square meters). Accommodation for four guests with breakfast will cost 775,000 rubles. For a suite with the area of 70 square meters will have to pay 1 170 000 rubles. For that amount, four guests can stay for two weeks in a chic multi-room suite with a balcony.

The Baumann Residence Hotel also has wireless internet. You can also be provided with a workspace with a computer and you can find free, current newspapers in the lobby. However, guests should be aware that entering the hotel complex with animals is forbidden.

Check-in time, as in many hotels, is from 2pm. They leave before 12 o’clock. If the check-in or check-out time is different, this should be discussed with the hotel manager in advance.

Positive reviews

Those who relaxed in this beautiful hotel complex, leave only rave reviews and about the service of the hotel and just about an amazing vacation in a paradise place called Patong.



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