Apart-Hotel Residence Altea Gurzuf Crimea

Aparthotel Altea Gurzuf is located 29 km from Yalta and a 40-minute drive from Simferopol. On the coast of the southern coast of Crimea, surrounded by mountains, it gives high quality rest to all visiting guests. Comfortable and spacious roomsequipped with everything you need, a variety of spa services and delicious food are the basis of any departure “to the south”. In addition, there is a large selection of areas of tourism, excursions and outdoor activities. This list is complemented by the hot Crimean climate, an abundance of fruits, local wines, many routes for walking, well-groomed pebble beaches and clean sea. No wonder this region was a favorite vacation spot of Chekhov, Pushkin, the imperial family and the noble nobility.

Ksenia F.: “we stayed in September 2020. The hotel has animation and yoga. Delicious and hearty breakfasts. The spa is open all day, I was pleased that the people are few. All the staff are polite and friendly. Jazz concerts are held in the evenings. The cleaner even washed dishes, although no one demanded it from her. “

Apartments & Rooms

Standard, superior and apartments with different filling, design and price are available for booking. Each of them has a large double bed and plasma with a smart-set-top box cable TV. There is good wi-fi and even a TV connected to the Internet. There is climate control, hair dryer, refrigerator, washing machine, oven. Another of the gadgets should be noted electric towel warmer, shower with thermostat and dishwasher. In the combined shower there is a whole set of cosmetics. There is also a wardrobe, kitchen, balcony with sea view. The interior design is made in a modern laconic style. Light colors, wall murals, white ceilings, discreet furniture. In general, cozy and familiar.

The first thing that pleases a tourist from Russia when booking is the spacious space of the premises. Standard room has an area of 50 m2 and costs from 4000r. Apartments of different sizes are more expensive and include an equipped kitchen. The cost of apartments is 6-8 thousand rubles per day, depending on the filling, area and view from the window. Krasnodar resorts prices for rooms of this level are about twice as high.

The price includes a transfer to the sea, a continental breakfast for two, a spa, a gym, a children’s room and a beach holiday. Also included is free access to the infinity pool with sun loungers and sea views, yoga classes 1 time per day and animation.

Excursions, car and boat rental, massage and beauty treatments, lunch and dinner, laundry and babysitting services, transfer to Simferopol are additionally paid.

Yuri B.: “The views of the sea and the mountains are gorgeous! Renovation in the rooms for not very demanding tourists. Parking is large, you can’t get here on foot. The pool is great, the cuisine is expensive and delicious.”

Restaurants with author’s cuisine

Breakfast is a choice of food on a special menu. Each dish is prepared by the chef of the restaurant and beautifully decorated before serving. For example, if it is cheesecakes, then served with berry sauce, crumble and sour cream. If it’s pancakes, then with salmon and cream cheese. There is a hearty and famous “English breakfast”, waffles with berries and cottage cheese mousse and other restaurant dishes. In addition to them, you can take condensed milk, honey, bacon, fried berries, cherry tomato, sour cream. In total, you can choose two positions on food and one position in the bar. For an ordinary person, this is enough to eat.

Restaurant Altea Gourmet has a hall for 30 people and a spacious terrace overlooking the sea. Local farm products are used in cooking, Crimean wines are offered in the bar. Chef Andrey Borisov prepares European and Mediterranean gastronomy at Moscow prices. For example, pelengas fillet with parsnip and carrot puree costs 790p, and weighs 240 grams. It requires a side dish, for example, a sauté of vegetables with pesto, worth 390r. Add to this lentil soup with pepper roll and sirts for 350p. We get an average bill without drinks in 1500-1600r.

Also here is a large selection of products with a price of 100 grams. This is a solid grill menu and Black Sea fish. Such dishes in total will come out twice as expensive, so it is better to order standard ones with a fixed filling. There is a lot of choice here.

Restaurant “Riviera” is located in the complex “Gurzuf Riviera Spa”. It offers a beautiful view of the sea and Mount Ayu-dag.

The main menu and prices, and specialty is similar to what is offered in Altea. The choice here is rich, the average score is about the same as the author’s preparation with a beautiful presentation.

There is a separate menu of Japanese cuisine. According to it, 1500p can be selected in various variations of soup + roll + udon.

In the “Riviera” in the evenings the ensemble plays decent “live music”. So dinner only there, and lunch is better in “Altea”.

Crimean wines from the best producers here are both bottled by the glass and sold in bottles. Price for 150 ml. varies from 300p to 780p. Also in the wine list there are French, Italian, South American wines.

Cocktails, smoothies, desserts are presented in large quantities and for every taste. Prices are again Moscow: cocktail “Long Island” costs 750p for 280 ml., Smoothie for 290p for 350 ml. etc.

A.S.Pushkin.: “In Yurzuf I lived in a seed, bathed in the sea and ate grapes. I loved to wake up at night, listen to the sound of the sea, and listened for hours. “

SPA-center and gym

Located in the neighboring hotel “Riviera”, which at first glance is not very convenient, although hiking is very useful for the body. However, the quality of services and relaxation in the spa more than rewards the way to it.

At the entrance, visitors are offered to take a bathrobe, towel and slippers, but you need to leave a pledge of 500r in cash, which will be returned when handing over textiles.

The spa is spread over almost 1200 m2. A large swimming pool with a length of 20 m and a depth of 1.8 m is filled with sea water, which became possible thanks to modern equipment. It is also equipped with a countercurrent and a hydromassage system. The pool floor with built-in heating is very warm.

The second pool with sea views is smaller than the first, and the third for children is even smaller.

For relaxation, 5 types of steam rooms with different temperature and humidity are available: hammam, classic Russian, Finnish sauna, herbal steam room and hay room. Such a variety will please even the most demanding lovers of steam.

Bathing will be complemented by a comfortable Jacuzzi with hydromassage, an aeromassage bath and an ice font. Around the pools there are numerous sun loungers and armchairs for relaxation.

Massages, pedicures and manicures can also be booked in the treatment rooms. A large and well-equipped gym is suitable for sports lovers and active pastime. In addition, there is a hall for yoga and exercises from Ayurveda.

Beach holidays and car rental

From the hotel in summer, an hourly shuttle service takes guests to the equipped beach. In the season, there are not enough sun loungers for everyone, there are a lot of people around, places are occupied from early in the morning. But the water is clean, the beach regularly collects garbage.

If there is a desire to swim and sunbathe in a more private environment, then there are many “wild” and unequipped places nearby. The best “wild” beaches are located near Bear Mountain and the rocks of Adalara. Here is the purest water, there are few vacationers, around the forests, rocks and pebble coast.

The hotel can order the service “car for rent”. It is worth this pleasure from 2000r per day, depending on the selected brand of car. During the day you can go around half of the southern coast of the Crimea, visiting the sights and interesting places.

House on the waterfront

Renting such a “villa” owned by the hotel for two families will cost 10,000 rubles per day for a minimum of 5 days. It will be cheaper than a hotel room, if there are 5-6 vacationers. There is a good repair, furnishings, a large living room, two bedrooms, a kitchen, three bathrooms and three balconies. Of the pros – cheap, private, location right on the waterfront, village infrastructure, shops, cafes, etc. You can decently save on food. Cons: No pool and spa relaxation.

Eugene V.: “modern, clean and spacious room with a gorgeous view of Bear Mountain. There is a restaurant in which delicious cooking, serving food in the room or in the pool. There have been a few times in the offseason when there are few people. We saw a wedding with a photo shoot – beautiful and unforgettable.”

Out of season discounts on holidays in the hotel reach 30%, so you can relax very cheaply.

Rooms have a kitchenette with kitchenware, but there are no shops nearby. This must be taken into account if there is a desire to save on the restaurant. You will either have to buy in Gurzuf, or order products with delivery.

At the first trip to the beach, it is logical to visit a wine supermarket in the village, where you can buy wine or cognac from local producers at low prices. There is a large selection of products of Crimean wineries, such as “Massandra”, “Perovsky Manor”, “Koktebel”, “New World” and others.

What to visit in Gurzuf

At the local diving centre, you can scuba dive under the guidance of experienced instructors. For beginners it costs 3500 p. For experienced divers from 2750 p. Different places for diving are available: a sunken ship, grottoes, caves and rocks. Spearfishing and water skiing, motorboat trips and regular fishing are also offered.

In the village itself. Gurzuf is available for visiting the restored embankment of marble tiles, lined with cypresses along the flowering alleys. There are many sculptures, a pebble beach and a pier, from where you can make a refreshing boat trip on a boat or a small ship. Also for tourists there are numerous cafes, museums, souvenir shops and a cinema. A.Pushkin, A.Chekhov, K.Korovin and F.Chaliapin liked to walk along this embankment. In Gurzuf were written “Prisoner of the Caucasus”, “Three Sisters” and “Cherry Orchard”.

Near the embankment is the“Gurzuf Park”,founded in 1803. It is very beautiful and well-groomed, magnolias and cypresses, Italian pines and oleanders grow. There is even an old olive grove that bears fruit every year. Many ancient fountains with sculptures, benches in the shade of trees, the estate of the Duke of Richelieu is a great place for walking.

Mount Ayu-Dag looks like a bear drinking water from the sea. This nature reserve is dotted with trails and hiking trails. It is home to many animals and grow trees listed in the red book. The age of some old-timers reaches 900 years. The ascent to the mountain takes about an hour. From here you can enjoy picturesque views and panoramas.

The Chekhov Museum is located in a bay at the foot of the mountain. This is the former dacha of the writer, recreated in its original form. The exposition includes personal belongings, original manuscripts, photographs. The guide interestingly tells about the Crimean period of the life of the great author.

The Pushkin Museum is located in a memorial building in the center of the Gurzuf Park. In the halls of the exposition there are personal belongings, drawings made by the hand of a genius. The guide will tell a lot of interesting things about the life and customs of that era, about the stay of the great Russian author in Gurzuf in 1820 and about his work during this period. Very informative and beautiful museum next to the estate of Richelieu.




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