Apart hotel Gubernskiy Sheregesh

Homely quiet apart-hotel “Gubernsky” in the ski resort Sheregesh is not some banal hotel with corridors and inflated staff. This is an opportunity to live by your own rules in an isolated apartment with a TV, a sofa and a small kitchen where you can quickly cook something. The only difference is that the maid will vacuum and make the bed.

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From the mine to the ski resort

Apart-hotel “Gubernsky” is located in Sheregesh,an amazing place that has historically united all the contradictions and advantages of the region. The village of Sheregesh at the foot of the magnificent Green Mountain, at the same time a super popular ski resort and a loss-making iron ore mine, this can only be in the Kuzbass.

Iron ore in the picturesque area of Mountain Shoria began to be mined at the very beginning of the XX century: Sheregesh himself received his unusual name by the name of the founders, the Sheregeshev brothers. It is unlikely that the brothers liked the harsh nature, rather it complicated the logistics (however, which continues to do today).

In Soviet times, the mountains, slopes, and long winter were appreciated: the first recreation centers for the workers of Kuzbass in Sheregesh appeared in the middle of the XX century, and to get a ticket there was an almost unrealistic task. This inspired officials when in the post-Olympic 1981 organized on the slopes of the Green famous Spartakiad of the peoples of the RSFSR.

The impetus for the development of modern tourism business Sheregesh gave zero and widespread enthusiasm for skiing. Since the beginning of the millennium, private investors have ennobled the slopes, and hotels appeared in the village one by one, the bill exceeded fifty. The hotel complex “Gubernsky” stands out among competitors, first of all, proximity to the slopes – about 50 meters to the nearest ski lift!

Apart-hotel “Gubernsky” is a child of Kuzbass in all senses: in terms of room design, and in the breadth of the soul, and even in the menu of a hotel restaurant. You need to come here not only to go skiing, here you can find yourself. “Gubernsky” is a living Russia. The one that is beyond the Urals, in the Alatau, among pines, coal and ores, on the harsh land. Huge to infinity, a little crazy, tired and sharply continental – a direct channel for entering the orbit of your own happiness.

Tip: Not far from Sheregesh lives a bigfoy. For a moderate fee, local guides organize educational excursions to his den, sometimes on foot, but more often on snowmobiles. Of course, when Bigfoot is unexpectedly absent on important matters.

Apartments: less is better

Apart-hotel “Gubernsky” in Sheregesh is a cozy place designed for a quiet secluded holiday. The hotel has a total of 10 individually decorated apartments with kitchenettes and amenities. If you book a place in advance, you can choose the design and view from the window to your own taste.

Nuances of placement:

  • apartments are different: one-level, two-level, one- and two-room;
  • depending on the beds, the apartments can accommodate 2-4 or 2-5 people, in the two-level – up to seven;
  • in the bathrooms bath or shower, necessarily hairdryer, the hotel provides branded toiletries, bathrobes, slippers;
  • each room has a refrigerator, mini-bar, microwave, kettle; A slow cooker is available on request.

The design of the rooms is individual, eclectic and looks homely: TV opposite the bed, soft armchairs and sofas, sometimes different chairs. The rooms have balconies with stunning views.

Tatiana, Miass: We went to Sheregesh as a family at the end of the season, in March 2018. We chose the apart-hotel “Gubernsky” for the possibility of autonomy, and, of course, for the motto “The best on the mountain”. They are really the best: reserved and friendly staff, great breakfasts, you can jump out of the balcony on the lift, so close. We liked it very much, but to everyone who goes with children, I recommend to clarify the possibilities of accommodation and generally find out the prices. They accommodate children up to 5 years old free of charge, and up to 12 must be paid extra. Be prepared.

Note: The hotel does not accept guests with animals, this is a principled position. It will not be possible to agree.

Heat is the restaurant “Heat”

In the hotel complex “Gubernsky” there is a good restaurant of Russian and European cuisine with the infaming name “Heat”. It has only one drawback: the entrance is open to all guests of the resort, not just guests of the apart-hotel.

Everything else in the work of the restaurant is a solid advantage. The restaurant is guided by the principle – fresh, natural, tasty. For those who need to eat, “Heat” is the perfect place.

  1. The owners of the hotel complex have their own dairy farm, so there is no doubt about the freshness and assortment of dairy products.
  2. Meat is purchased on a farm in the Altai Territory.
  3. The pride of the menu is deer meat and fresh fish from Siberian rivers.
  4. Pickles and herbs for teas for the hotel are made by contractors from environmentally friendly raw materials, personally grown or collected in Mountain Shoria.
  5. Honey is bought from Siberian Old Believers.

In season, the population buy wild plants – mushrooms, berries, nuts; fishermen buy fish, which is salted on the basis of the hotel. At all stages, the purchased raw materials are carefully checked.

Wine list

What kind of holiday without a good bar? Apart-hotel “Gubernsky” has an impressive selection of alcoholic beverages, including its own production:

  1. Tinctures: horseradish, celery, ginger, cedar, berry.
  2. Liqueurs: cherry, currant, sea buckthorn, cranberry, lingonberry, strawberry.
  3. Mulled wine from white or red wine.
  4. Champagne, sparkling wines, vermouths, port wines.
  5. French, Italian, Spanish, Austrian, Georgian, New World wines.
  6. Spirits.

The pride of the wine list is a small but proud selection of cocktails.

Importantly! Breakfast is served late, from 9 to 11. Served in the restaurant on the principle of buffet: hot dishes, cereals, from the common table you can take pastries, slices, vegetables, fruits, dairy products in the range. Breakfast can be ordered at an additional cost according to your personal preference. There is a small selection of smoothies.

Most guests of the apart-hotel “Gubernsky” prefer to cook their own snacks and chase teas in the evenings to watch their favorite TV show – just like at home.

What to do and where to ride

The main thing why tourists go to Sheregesh is still not Yeti or even Old Believer honey, but a huge ski resort with semi-wild trails and stunning views. And let it be cold here (in winter the temperature is stably kept below 10 degrees), but there is a lot of snow, sometimes more than four meters.

Russians, and most tourists are traditionally from Russia, so simply do not freeze. If the apart-hotel is quiet and calm, the neighbors are not seen and not heard, then in the high season (December-March) on the slopes you will not push through. People come here to ski and snowboard.

According to official information, in the season of 2014-2015, about a million skiers came to ride from Mount Green. And, therefore, at least in that season Sheregesh became the most popular ski resort in the country. Despite the fact that in subsequent years Sochi snatched the palm from Kuzbass, Sheregesh is still in the top 5 most visited GLK of Russia.

Ski area

The main resort is located at the foot of Mount Green, but the ski area itself is located on the tops of four mountains at once – Utuya, Kurgan, Green, Mustag. The tracks are divided into four sectors, and are divided into difficulty levels. The resort is not too friendly to beginners, the main emphasis is on the tracks of medium and difficult level, but there are also several black sections.

  1. Length from 700 to 3900 meters.
  2. The difference is from 300 to more than 600.
  3. Width from 50 to 200.
  4. The highest point is the peak of Mustag 1570 meters.

The resort has more than two dozen lifts of different types. Since 2015, there are several trails focused only on cross-country skiing, the bear road for snowmobiles has been opened. For beginners and children, coaches offer their services.


Unlike other GLC in the country, anarchy reigns in Sheregesh. On the slopes, especially away from the marked tracks, the movement is guided by signs and intuition. The highlight of Sheregesh, which is not supported by the official authorities, is, of course, riding on the unequifiled wooded slopes of Mustag. Unfortunately, adventures often end in tears, but this does not cause fewer people who want to tickle their nerves.

All freeriders are advised to remember that the main disadvantage of Sheregesh is the lack of a decent medical care station. There are only medical centers, the injured are taken to Tashtagol.

Importantly! Since 2015, a single skipass has been working on all routes, find out in the apart-hotel “Gubernsky”, where it is more convenient to buy it so as not to stand in line in the cold. Queues are a serious problem for Sheregesh.

Back to base

Having rolled back all the routes, the tourist wants to go to the room: dry, eat and generally relax. The apart-hotel has all the conditions for this:

  • room for drying equipment and skis;
  • spa with a choice of treatments – Russian bath, Finnish sauna and hammam;
  • children’s and adult swimming pool;
  • herbal teas with honey in the restaurant “Heat”.

A professional masseur works by appointment.

Nikita S. St. Petersburg: I was in December 2019, I managed just before all the events. Two weeks of pure unclouded high! I came in order to change the level on the board, stagnant in the middle peasants. In general, sports are a difficult matter, especially when I have served a year in the office. You return from the track in soap to the hotel, massage, seagulls, then sauna… You feel like a new person, literally. When I returned to work, my colleagues did not recognize me.

Holidays with children

Apart-hotel “Gubernsky” positions itself as a place of comfortable rest and even provides discounts on accommodation for children, but guests in matters of safety of kids need to rely on themselves. An adult should always be with the child, which reduces the quality of the parents’ leave. For rest with children the hotel is not adapted, there is no service of a nanny or educator, animators and pediatricians do not work.

Note! In the playroom and on the playground, children are left without a tutor, the hotel territory is not guarded. There are no children’s areas in the rooms, but there are many items everywhere that can be dangerous.

On the other hand, the minimum hotel provides. There is a children’s pool, in which a comfortable temperature is maintained, by prior agreement you can get additional dishes, towels and a crib. In summer, children’s play areas, trampolines are taken out on the territory of the complex, bicycles can be rented.

Children’s menu in the restaurant

For the most capricious visitors, the restaurant “Heat” works on a special children’s menu. It can not be said that it includes a huge range of various dishes, but the main ones are:

  • three types of soups;
  • hot dishes of meat and fish;
  • salads (from minuses, with mayonnaise);
  • side dishes – potatoes, pasta, buckwheat.

Desserts are much more, they include several types of ice cream, pancakes, fruits, milkshakes.

However, according to reviews, with the feeding of children, even young children, there are no problems, since the restaurant for breakfast has a huge selection of dairy products, there are always fruit slices and fresh pastries.

Nearby Attractions

In the foothills of Shoria there is always something to do, regardless of the season. Those who are not interested in skiing, come to the apart-hotel “Gubernsky” in summer and autumn, just to relax. Alternatively, you can negotiate with the locals and go to the taiga for a few days – for pine nuts, lingonberries, cranberries, cloudberries. Extremals agree on fishing on Siberian rivers with departure from Sheregesh.

However, if the soul does not lie to serious travel, which is delayed for weeks, even during a ski holiday, you can diversify the rest with small excursions.

Camel and Worship Cross

On the slope of Mount Kurgan there is an interesting magmatic formation resembling the figure of a lying camel. He is millions of years old, and it is his age that attracts the curious. In winter, hikers come up there on skis, in summer hikers get there.

Just above the Camel in 2001, a 15-meter cross was installed in honor of the 2000th anniversary of the Birth of Christ. Unbelievers can go up to him to look around. It offers a beautiful view of the Alatau, the Abakan Ridge and the Biysk Mane.

Ski holidays in Sheregesh are the choice of free and strong in spirit people who love nature and are ready for difficulties. They will like the silence, peace and autonomy of the apart-hotel “Gubernsky”, and its minor shortcomings are surmountable or easily solved on the spot.


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