Ambassador City Jomtien Garden Wing Hotel Pattaya, Thailand – Overview

In the south of the Jontiem area in Pattaya is a cozy and inexpensive hotel Ambassador Pattaya, the reviews of which are very good. This place belongs to the Ambassador complex and is located on the very beach. Each of the five hotel buildings has its own name. In this article, we will talk about the Garden Wing, one of the buildings of this institution. What is it about it that attracts tourists and why is it worthy of your attention?



The building called Garden Wing is one of the cheapest in the whole complex. An interesting fact is that all the buildings have different star ratings, this one in particular is only 3 stars. This place is great for the middle class. As for the surroundings of the hotel itself, it is very picturesque and beautiful. Many even say that Ambassador is a city within a city. Shops, beautiful gardens, fountains, there are several swimming pools, three of which are for children and constantly heated.

The area of the entire hotel complex, including the one next to the Garden Wing, is constantly guarded. Smoking is not allowed here, there are designated areas for it. If someone does get caught smoking in the wrong place, they will immediately be fined a hefty fine.

Boris: “We are vacationing in this hotel complex for the fifth time, this year for the first time there was trouble. First of all, for a request for a room that we had last year, they demanded a bribe from us, although we paid well for the trip itself. The carpet in the room was dirty, the towels were often forgotten to be changed. Nobody reacted to our complaints. Our TV set in our room didn’t work, they sent a master and he didn’t fix anything. The next day after the terrible scandal the equipment was replaced. It is unclear why, but in comparison with previous years the hotel has deteriorated”.


The six-storey building has 342 rooms and is the very first of all the buildings of Ambasador. The cost of rooms in this hotel is quite low, but despite this, all the rooms are quite cozy and have everything you need to relax, namely:

  • TV and satellite. Unfortunately, there are very few Russian channels (NTV and First), but there are many channels in English, German and Thai. The televisions themselves are older models in some dwellings, but are now gradually being replaced by more modern ones.
  • Central air conditioning system.
  • Shower. Many of the facility’s customers noted that towels and bathroom amenities are changed regularly once a day.
  • Large and comfortable beds, one double or two singles.

There is no safe in the room, but the guests of this place claim that it is not necessary. Things are not missing, the staff is always friendly and if there is any loss, this problem will try to be resolved. In addition, the lack of a safe in the room makes up for the lack of a safe at reception. Guests can use one of the boxes at any time. The inconvenience is that access to the safe is open from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm.

The friendliness of the staff is a separate conversation. The staff here is carefully selected, all of them are reverent to visitors and quickly fulfill all requests of tourists. All staff speak languages: Thai and English. Drinking water in glass bottles is brought to guests every day. Bottles must be saved or you will have to pay a fine to the hotel. A $100 insurance fee must be paid upon check-in, but the money will be refunded before departure.

Each room has a wonderful view of the mountains or ponds and the garden. Unfortunately, there is no balcony in the room. But you can enjoy this beauty through the large full-length windows. They guarantee good soundproofing, so the apartments are always quiet and peaceful. The atmosphere in the room is very cozy. Everything is decorated in cool colors (blue and white). Bedding and curtains in floral motifs. The room also has a floor lamp, three armchairs and large comfortable nightstands.

Mark: “We also holidayed in this hotel a few years ago, there have been no changes since then. There are a couple of rooms, which have already been repaired, but you can get there only for an additional fee, which we did not want to do. The furniture is old, the equipment in the room too. My wife complained that there was no hair dryer. I like the food in the hotel, breakfast can be considered as a full meal. In general I am not very satisfied, but with a limited budget it is possible to go”.


When it comes to the main meal, breakfast here starts at 6 and ends at 10am. It is imperative that you provide your meal ticket with a date. The food is very good, with a wide variety of different dishes. Rice, meat, sausages, fruits and vegetables. There are no restrictions in terms of food, you can eat as much as you want. The hotel is always a furore, but there is enough food and space for everyone.

Throughout the day, there’s also a place to grab a refreshment at the Ambassador. Bars and cafes work in each building, and the only difference is the price of the food. The more stars, the more expensive the dinner will cost. But the food is delicious everywhere. The food is always different and you can always try something interesting and unusual.

In the evening there is a beer festival near the Tower Wing. Everyone can try many different beers and delicious snacks. For romantic evenings you can go to a cafe by the sea.

Ally: “My family and I loved everything here. We had a whole week holiday and will gladly come again next year! All necessary nearby: the market, cafe, the sea, different places for rest. Very much was pleasant a food. Breakfast in general chikary, in cafe too there is than to eat. Children too didn’t miss and we could have a rest (hired a nanny). A pity that there are no animators, otherwise all is good “.


Unlike many other hotels, Ambassador City Jomtien Garden Wing did not provide its customers with animators for entertainment, so you have to organize your own leisure time. But there are plenty of other ways to keep yourself busy and have a good time.

First of all, it should be noted that there is a whole sports center. It has everything you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can always visit the gym and even hire a personal trainer. In addition, there is a billiards and tennis court on site for active recreation.

The peculiarity of rest in this boarding house is a huge variety of cosmetic procedures. There are professional masseurs here, you can visit jacuzzi or sauna. A variety of local herbs for aromatherapy are used during any of the treatments.

There are many cafes and restaurants on the grounds and in close proximity to the Garden Wing. The food there is the usual for all tourists: pizza, sushi, etc. For those who want to try something exotic, there is also something of their own, such as shark fin soup. Shopping aficionados will also find something of their own here. The hotel has many shops, a shopping center, jewelry and souvenir shops.

The children are provided with their own entertainment too. At any time, parents can hire a babysitter to spend time together. Older children can visit the mini-club. There are few other attractions for children on the territory, but there is a water park, oceanarium, amusement park next to the building outside the hotel.

The hotel does not have a private beach, but it is very close and can be reached within 10 minutes. This beach is considered one of the best in Pattaya: clean shore, clear water, there are sun loungers. Umbrellas are not provided there. There are also many vendors of fruit, seafood and souvenirs, they are supervised by specially placed security on the beach, so that they do not interfere with tourists. The only drawback of this beach is that the water gets muddy when it rains, but this does not apply to the other beaches. Jellyfish are common. So if these facts don’t suit you, you just need to find another entrance to the water.

Peter: “Came here in March and August 2017. The room is modest, nothing superfluous, but also the necessary things were not all. But it didn’t interest us much, we came back to the room only to sleep. We did not want to look too much after cleanliness, but on the whole acceptable. We had a wide choice of excursions, festivals and entertainment venues. We stayed in our room for a few days but there was nothing to do at the hotel, just shops and that’s it, and they get boring very fast. We don’t have much to do at the hotel, just shops and that’s it, and we get bored quickly. All in all we liked the holiday”.

Serge: “My family and I live in Bangkok, but once every couple of months we definitely go to the sea. The Ambassador was our stopover this time. The hotel is quite good, happy with the value for money. I call it a little Turkey in Thailand. There is a cheap market on the grounds. It is quite good, we will think about stopping here next time”.

Advantages and disadvantages

Every establishment has its advantages and disadvantages, and Ambassador Pattaya can’t be an exception. Based on these, it will be easier to decide whether this hotel complex is suitable for you or not.


  • There are buildings of different price categories on the territory of the complex;
  • The property is spacious and beautiful;
  • Friendly staff;
  • Tasty and varied food;
  • Lots of shops;
  • Not far from the beach;
  • Well guarded.


  • Little entertainment, young people will be bored here;
  • The buildings are old, the rooms haven’t been renovated for a long time;
  • The staff does not know English very well;
  • You can’t check in with animals;
  • No private beach;
  • Far from the airport;
  • No balconies.

The information came from reviews of tourists who visited here in 2017. Depending on the season, the situation may vary slightly.

The most preferable time for rest in this institution is considered under New Year: December-February.

Olga: “Went to holiday here by chance. In general the hotel is normal, but only for a budget holiday. The rooms are quite acceptable, cleanliness is monitored, the staff are friendly. I had to pay extra for a good room, but we didn’t have enough money. I had to pay extra for a good room but judging by the comments of others, we gave this money for a good reason. Late for breakfast I do not recommend, to eat in cafe in the territory is not very cheap, we went to cafe across the road (there and the prices are more pleasant).

Holiday in the grounds of the Ambassador Pattaya will be unforgettable, and if you give a preference to the building “Garden Wing”, then the vacation will be even more inexpensive. Excellent service, cozy conditions and unforgettable view from the window. This is where a lot of entertainment, warm sea and a lot of fun awaits you. Come to Pattaya and see for yourself the excellent service of Ambassador City Jomtien Garden Wing!