Amazing Zavidovo Russia, Shosha village, Tver region — A recreation complex that you will like

Zavidovo recreation complex,where your dreams will come true. Have you been looking for a corner where you can relax and have a good time? Where will the body and soul relax? Then book tickets to the relaxation complex.


“We speak your language” is the motto of our holiday corner. The staff is always ready to help and will always be very happy to see you. Any of the people working here speaks both Russian and English, which will help you to fully establish communication with the staff of the center. They know how to surprise!

If you wish, the staff will deliver breakfast to your room, which is very convenient and comfortable. Daily cleaning of the rooms will make you feel cared for by the complex. And also, with a separate payment, you will be available to the press for trousers, ironing services, dry cleaning, laundry, where our workers will gladly do everything to make you feel most comfortable here.

Alina: “Politely greeted … Thanks.

Healthy and active relaxation

Recreation center Zavidovo promotes your hobbies and does everything so that you do not break away from them even on vacation. The property offers access to a beach, cycling, hiking, games room and skiing. All this you can enjoy immediately after checking into the hotel. But that’s not all. Z

and a fee you can rent equipment for badminton, tennis and mini-golf, which will allow you to do what you love even with us. For lovers of recreation on the river or other water area there is equipment for water sports, canoeing, windsurfing and fishing, so lovers of these entertainment will feel comfortable.

Also for lovers of indoor sports, for relaxation at the end of a busy day, you will have a great opportunity to practice table tennis, billiards or darts. The complex supports all your hobbies!

Elena: “A wonderful corner for relaxation from the bustle of Moscow. There are all the possibilities – sports, mushrooms, fishing, hunting, bath and so on. The hall is included in the price of the room; the territory is very large, pleased – there is where to walk, ride a bike, several playgrounds, a large pond …”.

The recreation center cares about your health and offers a number of procedures and wellness services that are very popular and very popular among customers. At your disposal will be both an indoor and outdoor pool, where you can enjoy every day of relaxation.

There will always be an open fitness center for you, where trainers will help you get in shape and feel fresh strength. For those who like to temper, we always have a Turkish bath and sauna, where you can take a steam bath and relax absolutely free of charge. There is also a wellness centre, and offers that require additional charge include a solarium, massages and a hot tub/jacuzzi. The complex takes care of you and your health!

Alina: “Access to the spa area, swimming pool, sauna and Turkish bath, as well as the gym, is included in the price of the apartment. The pool is large spacious, bright, water 28 grams, air 30 degrees, there is a separate children’s shallow pool, Jacuzzi, there is a pool 150 cm deep, then 170 cm, and even reaches 2 meters, made by a cascade, multi-level, overflow pool. I loved it.”

One of the main features of our complex is nature. Stunning views of the Volga, Shosha, unique purity of air. Lovers of beauty and spiritual comfort can walk for hours in our surroundings, every second discovering a new, beautiful and unforgettable landscape. Cycling and hiking will give you a lot of pleasure from what you see, and clean and fresh air will attract you to us again and again.

A large area for relaxation will allow you to explore and enjoy our nature for more than one day. And the magical landscapes of the river will open a new corner of your soul and bring you peace of mind and solitude.

Olga: “Zavidovo is a magnificent nature, clean air and the best service! Very beautiful nature, forest, fresh air and a large area. There are many routes to walk.”

Company to your liking

Everyone will be able to find an interlocutor and find common topics for conversation with everyone. And it does not matter whether you are resting yourself, with friends or with family. However, there are many who appreciate loneliness.

We will support you in your aspirations and, when you order, we will be able to provide you with apartments in the quietest and most peaceful place where you can catch your breath, relax from the outside world, and where no noise and no one else can tear you away from this idyll.

And for a noisy and talkative company, we will be able to find housing with the most friendly, talkative and similar in temperament and interests neighbors, and you will definitely be able to make new friends with us. It’s all up to you!

Marina may refer to: “What else impressed: a huge number of people. I’ve never seen so much in homes to recuperate before. Apparently, domestic tourism has grown. Basically everyone is with kids.”

Dining & Facilities

Guests are always satisfied with the food and menu that the complex offers. On the territory of the complex there are several restaurants that are always glad to new customers. They will be able to satisfy the appetite of even the biggest gourmets. Also, if you wish, the staff is always able to bring breakfast directly to your room, which will save your time and effort. You can use our bars and your own minibar, which will be available directly into your apartment. We will satisfy all tastes.

If you wish, you will have at your disposal a special diet and children’s menu. In restaurants, a buffet is always available for you, which will allow anyone to choose dishes that he likes. What do vacationers say about this?

Eugene may refer to: “You can not find such food in elite restaurants! Just gorgeous cuisine. I tried everything and was satisfied with everything. Another surprise. Every employee of the restaurant knows what a particular dish consists of. I haven’t seen that anywhere. WELL DONE!”

The staff of the complex will do everything to make your stay at the hotel a pleasant and kind surprise. In our hotel, customers will be able to book both private bedrooms for two people, and for a whole company of four people. Each apartment here will provide you with a private bath, a minibar, air conditioning and a flat-screen TV.

All these amenities will become an integral convenience for you and your family or friends. Also, there is free Wi-Fi, which you can use without restriction in traffic. In the cold season, the rooms must include heating, which will not allow you to freeze and add home comfort to the home.

If you have a small child, do not worry – each room has a baby bed, which also does not require additional payment. In addition, children under 3 years old stay free of charge.

Victor: “Basically, the apartment is very decent mini-bar chic, the TV shows well. The view from the window opens to the Volga, very fascinating. There is a balcony. But there is one and minus – the beds are not very hard, and so everything seems to thank God. Thank you.”

Zavidovo provided for your uniqueness, because he created the conditions for each of you to feel comfortable in it. If you simply can not travel and relax without your pet – please take it with you to us. Can’t stand smoke and smoking? The hotel has special rooms for non-smokers.

On the contrary: do you like to discuss with friends some news over smoking a cigarette?

The complex has special smoking areas. Also on the territory there is a church and a temple, where the entrance is open to anyone. If you are a newlywed couple, then especially for you there is a room “Suite” with all the amenities and advantages.

There is also a transfer service directly from the airport, grocery delivery, food and drink delivery to the room and much more that our client wishes. Our customers also have the opportunity to visit the island of Nizovka, which is located 500 meters from the complex, and where you can easily reach by boat. Free private parking is available at the centre.

Kirill: “I took a pet with me, without him there is no food anywhere. The management reacted adequately, it did not cause any problems. Thanks.” Maria: “I came with the dog, dragged it with me all day, walked, even took it to the beach – no one said a word against it. Good staff. I’ll definitely come back here again.”

Booking of tickets for holidays with us is carried out via the Internet, where information is constantly updated, and only the latest data on the status of booking rooms are published. Rest assured, if you booked a room online, then no misunderstandings will occur.

Also, for convenience, we urge you to specify the time of your settlement and departure from the center. The entire private and common area of the base is guarded and fenced, which will make you feel here fully protected and confident in your safety. For unpleasant incidents that occurred through the fault of the staff, the management of the complex is responsible.


Vacation in Zavidovo will cost you less than in some popular hotels and will give you conditions that you can not forget. We have bars and restaurants, the prices in which meet the standard prices for these dishes, and only real professionals and masters of their craft are engaged in cooking. Additional services that are not included in the total price will also cost you at an affordable price.

Consequently, the complex for recuperation Zavidovo is a place where you can fully relax, gain fresh strength, improve yourself and just have a great time with your family or friends. This complex functions to bring people joy and make them feel inner peace and help them escape from the world around them. This is a quiet place where you will feel the beauty of life and where you want to return again and again.

Everyone should visit here, regardless of nationality, race, religion, vision of the world, because this is a place where everything goes by the wayside, and a person becomes the highest. The staff will help you feel at your best and get into the life of this complex faster. At any time of the year here you have the opportunity to see beautiful landscapes, fascinating pictures of the surrounding world. You need to feel it.