Amazing hotel Sentido Rosa Beach 4* Tunisia, Monastir — Reviews, photos, description

Hotel Sentido Rosa Beach 4 *: reviews, photos, description of the service – all this should and must know every person who has planned a trip to Tunisia. It should be noted that this institution has the status of “four stars”, although the service in it pulls on “5 with a plus”. Carefully read all sections of this article to independently assess the situation and make the only right decision.


In general terms

The construction of this tourist center was completed in 1995, after which it became available to vacationers from all over the world. That is, the history of its continuous development has almost 22 years, which is eloquent evidence that every year thousands of people come here who want to relax cheaply, but not “angry”. It is located in the northern part of the resort area called Scanes, which is part of Monaris. It has its own private area of the coast, inaccessible to those who do not have the status of a guest. The distance to the nearest air harbor is 2 kilometers, but taking into account the congestion of the roads, you will spend about half an hour on this path. Guests can walk to a large shopping centre just 200 metres away and take a bus or taxi ride to the centre of Monaris.

The complex includes infrastructure, souvenir shops, restaurants and bars. The total area of the occupied territory is 47,000 square meters. The main four-storey building is built in the oriental style. In 2009, large-scale restoration work was carried out here, during which all the necessary equipment was installed so that people with disabilities could come here. Repairs were made not only in the apartments and the main hall, but also in the catering facilities.

Oksana, Nizhnevartovsk: “Everything here is very neat, judging by the situation, minimalism can also normally exist in the oriental style. The situation pulls on the “four stars”. I chose this hotel because I believe that living conditions are not a primary criterion for me. Basically, a great value for money for Tunisia.”

A little about the rooms

Hotel Sentido Rosa Beach 4 * offers its guests 400 comfortable apartments of different sizes. They can live alone, together and a large family. On one of the floors there are three rooms for wheelchair tourists. They differ from the standard special shower, extended door openings and sinks, installed at an optimal level.

Special attention is paid to the equipment of the apartments, so people who appreciate comfort note in their reviews the availability of everything necessary for a comfortable stay and sleep. In the mini-bar you can always find bottles with soft drinks, there is a safe, access to which opens after payment. In order for you to be able to ask for help from the staff around the clock, there is a phone by the bed. In hot weather, the air conditioner works, with the help of which the rooms are cool, which is so lacking in the high season. The bathroom always has free toiletries.

Anna, Moscow: “I am very glad that I chose this hotel. I treat everything with increased requirements, which in most cases is the cause of stress. But the local staff surprised me endlessly, every day, conducting a thorough cleaning. They tirelessly wipe the dust, vacuum the floors, clean the plumbing. Bed linen is changed three times a week.”

What is a customized menu?

This concept has already been faced by those who visited the hotel Sentido Rosa Beach 4 *. But we’ll leave that secret for dessert, but for now let’s talk about the food system. Of course, they work here under the “all inclusive” program. This concept includes not only basic meals, but also brunch, as well as snacks throughout the day. Non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages are provided in unlimited quantities.

And now about the nice bonus that was mentioned in the title of the section. Once a week, guests have the right to eat free of charge in à la carte restaurants. They cook according to national recipes, there are dishes from around the world, including Italian cuisine. They are open by reservation and are open from 10 a.m. to midnight. Alcohol can be purchased much later, but you will have to pay for it

Andrey, Tambov: “The food here is complete, the “buffet” is literally bursting with a variety of hot, side dishes and meat. Mainly lamb is used here, and mussels and shrimp are popular among seafood. There is a diet and children’s menu. Bars are located by the pools and on the beach. They can enjoy booze and non-alcoholic cocktails. There are also light snacks, fast food, fresh pastries.”


Hotel Sentido Rosa Beach 4 * offers its guests not only comfortable accommodation and full meals, but also a whole range of free services and entertainment of the highest quality. However, access to the Internet is not included in this price list, for this bliss you will have to pay separately. Free access is available only in the common hall.

On the territory of the hotel there is a shopping center where you can buy gifts for relatives, clothes, care products, sports equipment and even jewelry. For those who come to rest by their own car, there is a place in the guarded parking lot. It is also found for an iron horse rented from the administration of the complex. Travelers who do not have time to acquire currency can withdraw money from an ATM or exchange cash at a special point.

Business meetings are constantly held in the tourist center. Especially for these purposes, there are conference halls and banquet halls. The largest of them is able to accommodate about half a thousand people.

I also want to note the places for smoking. The fact is that it is forbidden to use tobacco on the territory of the hotel and in the rooms, so special rooms are equipped for smokers. But if you belong to this category, remember that this is a bad habit, and it does not bring anything but harm to health.

Women and men can use the services of a hairdresser and a manicure and pedicure master. There is also a high-tech spa with massage rooms, a jacuzzi, a Turkish bath and a steam room. Fans of a healthy lifestyle daily visit the fitness room and aerobics lessons.

If during lunch you accidentally get dirty, do not waste time washing, but simply hand over your clothes to the free laundry, where they will be cleaned according to all the requirements without damaging the fabric. This service is available to all holidaymakers, regardless of what rooms they live in.

Nadezhda, Kerch: “Of all the benefits of rest here, I single out medical care. My son twisted his leg while riding in the water park, it was swollen and I thought it was a fracture. When contacting the medical center, I was surprised how quickly and professionally local doctors work. They provided all the necessary assistance, sent to the hospital for a picture, gave painkillers. Two days later, the child was jumping and galloping as if nothing was hurting.”


The organization of the dock is the pride of the administration of Sentido Rosa Beach 4 *. At the disposal of guests is a cozy private beach with soft fine sand and a convenient entrance to the sea. All sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as changing rooms and showers are freely available. You can also count on bathing accessories (mattress, circle, etc.). On the coast there is a school of scuba diving and windsurfing, catamarans, motor boats, jet skis, yachts are rented.

On the patio built several reservoirs with clean fresh water. Every day there are animated shows and entertainment events, tourists participate in competitions and sports events. The kids have their own pool with water slides, near which experienced lifeguards are always on duty. Also for the youngest guests opened a mini-club, which regularly held holidays with the participation of animation characters.

Regina, Krasnodar: “Throughout the vacation, I only saw my daughter in the evenings. In the morning we had breakfast together, and she ran to the pool, there bathed, played team outdoor games, communicated with her peers. They often went to cafes and a pastry shop, where a large number of desserts were prepared for them. She didn’t want to leave and took our word that we would definitely come back here!”

Through the eyes of tourists

After analyzing a huge number of reviews, both positive and negative (by the way, there are not so many of them), we concluded that the hotel complex called Sentido Rosa Beach 4 * has every chance of getting into the top three in attendance among similar economy class hotels. Here’s what they highlight in their comments:

  • Good nutrition. Guests note that for two weeks the dishes are practically not repeated. Breakfast includes soups and cereals, yoghurts and other fermented milk products. A lot of fruits and vegetables that will help satisfy hunger and keep the figure in perfect condition.
  • Great leisure. This concept includes water activities, evening animated shows, discos, sports, a spa and gyms. On the territory there is a bicycle and car rental point, a scuba diving school.
  • The service is brought to the highest level. The staff is ready to do everything to make guests feel comfortable. They wash your belongings, do the cleaning, bring breakfast and fresh press to the room.

It should be noted that in this complex all tourists enjoy pastime, regardless of whether they come alone, with the whole family or with a noisy friendly company. We assure you that a vacation in this place will seem to you a real fairy tale. But in the pursuit of pleasure, do not miss the opportunity for spiritual development – be sure to go on excursions and get acquainted with the history of this amazing country and its attractions. Let your holiday be unforgettable!