Amazing hotel complex “Velvet Seasons” Russia, Krasnodar Territory, Adler — Reviews, description, photos

The hotel complex “Velvet Seasons”, reviewsof which you can study in the following sections, amazes with its size. But that’s far from the only advantage it can boast of. Tourists are attracted by its convenient location, a developed system of leisure activities, good food and the presence of its own beach.

Many travelers note that they provide decent conditions for a long stay, and for those who come here by their own car, free parking spaces are equipped. As mentioned earlier, the entire territory is divided into residential areas, so it is advisable to learn more about them so that you can decide in which area you will feel most comfortable.

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In general terms

The hotel is located on the southern outskirts of the city, in an area called Imereti Bay. Within walking distance of the Olympic Park Circuit. The entire territory of the complex for convenience is divided into separate zones. For example, the well-known “Catherine Quarter” as a place of residence during the entire vacation is chosen by those.

Who wants to live in close proximity to the sea. On the second coastline there are quarters “Chistye Prudy” and “Clean House”. But the guests settled in the “Alexander Garden” will have to make daily long walks to the sea, but they are a stone’s throw from the Sochi circuit.

People who prefer to spend their free time on excursions and tours will surely like the location of this hotel complex. Vacationers can at any time visit the thematic “Sochi Park”, the park “Southern Cultures” and the ornithological park, without spending precious hours on moving. Also nearby is an Orthodox shrine – the Temple of the Image of Christ the Savior.

Polina, Kharkov: “The hotel has a very advantageous location. The main airport, which is visited by the vast majority of tourists, is in Adler, just fifteen minutes away. The railway station stands almost next to the air harbor. In light of these circumstances, I recommend that you save a little and do not pay for the transfer. Upon arrival in Sochi, just proceed to the bus stop and wait for the bus number 57 or 57k.”

Beach holidays

In the hotel “Velvet Seasons” there is a fairly wide range of opportunities to spend your free time. The administration offers everyone to engage in active sports, take care of your body and rent a car for trips around the city. But the last section of the article we decided to devote to a beach holiday, because the hotel is located on the coast of the sea, and it is a sin not to take advantage of this advantage and not to enjoy everything that the institution provides.

Aquazona, owned by the institution, is located in the southern part of the Imereti Bay near the border with Abkhazia. The territory is open and free of breakwaters, but the coating is galichnoe, so we strongly recommend that you get special shoes. The entrance to the sea is very convenient, many tourists in their reviews call it ideal for swimming with small children.

On the territory there are sunbeds with adjustable backs and umbrellas, there are cabins for changing clothes. The administration even allocated money for the construction of equipped showers, a first-aid post, playgrounds and a massage room.

Guests can at any time contact the rental of jet skis, boats, catamarans, water skis and other equipment. The school of scuba diving, windsurfing and parasailing is always open. Pipes, flippers and other equipment are bought in nearby stores.

Oleg, Taganrog: “I want to note the fact that here they carefully monitor the observance of safety precautions. On the beach there are several towers with CCTV cameras, and boats with lifeguards regularly run on the sea. Children can swim in a strictly designated area for them, in case of exceptions, adult accompaniment is mandatory. And if something suddenly happens, employees immediately send the victims to the medical center, where they are given first aid. “

«Alexander Garden»

This beautiful quarter has a very advantageous location. On the one hand, it is surrounded by the coast of the Imereti Bay, and on the other – a lot of infrastructure facilities of Adler. The nearest airport, in fact, like the railway station, is located 9 kilometers from the hotel. Nearby there is a park of several hectares, in which rare tropical plants grow.

Why else do vacationers love this place? Judging by the reviews, even the most famous pop stars, distinguished by high requirements, can stay in local rooms. The living rooms are very cozy, the design was created according to all the rules of the classical style.

When selecting furniture and décor, products made of unnatural materials were immediately cut off and did not even pass the “first qualifying round”. All rooms are equipped with powerful air conditioners, which during the entire time of your stay will maintain the optimal temperature level, even if the street will be more than 35 degrees Celsius.

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Cleanliness and home furnishings are, of course, an important circumstance, although not paramount. Guests claim that when buying a tour, they were guided by the fact that the territory of the hotel complex is located on the first coastline. In general, the beach here is very well-groomed, not cluttered with breakwaters, as in other parts of the Black Sea coast. But the coating leaves much to be desired – the shore is literally strewn with small pebbles, which painfully crashes into the feet and can cause injuries. But if you take slippers with you, such problems can be avoided.

Ekaterina, Moscow: “Velvet Nights is the best quarter and the apartments are the most comfortable. In some buildings there are even rooms for people with disabilities. Almost all rooms are complemented by balconies, next to the buildings there are gardens and parking for cars. From the windows – a gorgeous view of the water surface. “

«Chistye prudy»

The quarter is located between a fresh lake and the Black Sea, hence the name of the residential area. It was built on the territory of the Olympic Park. In general, this hotel was lucky with the location. Adler has very hospitable and hospitable people. Their hospitality is expressed in a good-natured attitude towards the guests of the hotel. In the “Chistye Prudy” there is a fitness center, a nightclub, a beauty salon, a gym, a playroom for children who often come here accompanied by their parents.

As for the rooms, as tourists say, it is very clean and tidy. All rooms are equipped with powerful air conditioning, separate bathrooms, balconies. The room has a TV, telephone, safe, a large dressing room in the form of a wardrobe and, of course, a bed and a mini-bar. Cleaning is carried out regularly according to the established schedule. The average cost of the premises is about 2900 rubles, this amount includes breakfasts and excursions.

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Among the residential buildings are comfortably located numerous gardens with interesting exotic plants, walking paths, on which cyclists often meet. By the way, special ammunition and a bicycle can be taken at the rental office, which works throughout the day.

Maxim, Nizhny Novgorod: “I was always surprised how beautiful it is in the Imereti lowland. And “Chistye Prudy” is a unique complex, because it implies rest and free pastime on the shore of the purest lake and on the Black Sea coast. The beach is close enough, and walks to it give only pleasure. There is enough entertainment in the aqua zone – you can ride a boat, catamarans, water skis, go fishing, dive into the depths and admire the strange fish. “

“Catherine Quarter”

As practice shows, not all travelers seek solitude, most tourists prefer to always be in society, meet new people, spend leisure time with them.

In the “Velvet Nights” this quarter is considered the largest, its number of rooms is a total of 1194 living quarters, equipped for couples with small children or noisy companies. At the same time, the number of services provided is chosen by the guests themselves, and from this ultimately the cost of the apartments is formed. For example, when paying for a standard room of 2790 rubles, you have the right to receive a full breakfast every day.

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But there is another characteristic feature of this hotel. The fact is that the occupied territory is so large that in the hottest hours on the street it becomes deserted and it seems that you are in a deserted city, Walking at such a time is a great opportunity to relax from the noise of people and be alone with yourself.

Ksenia, St. Petersburg: “The staff is very polite to the guests, the staff are always ready to go to the meeting and solve any problem. The apartments are clean and tidy, the bathrooms are regularly cleaned. The plumbing is new, the repair is excellent, the floor is not slippery. There is a powerful hair dryer, hygiene products are provided by the hotel. Overall, I’m happy with the service.”

“Russia House”

This hotel,part of the Velvet Nights complex, is located literally three minutes walk from the beach. The coating here is galician, so do not forget to stock up on special shoes. If the beach holiday is already bored, you can go to the city, the center of Sochi is half an hour away by public transport. And the Olympic Park is even closer – you only need ten minutes.

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The hotel includes 3500 rooms, equipped according to all the rules of modern style. On the territory of the tourist center there are several restaurants and bars, laundry, luggage storage, first-aid post and other important infrastructure facilities. Several business halls equipped with the latest technology have been built here. All beach activities are available to the residents.

Igor, Ekaterinburg: “I can’t say that I am satisfied with everything. In general, of course, the situation is pleasant, the infrastructure is developed, the staff is courteous and friendly. But there are moments that can completely change the favorable impression of the hotel. So, for example, in the premises there is no normal noise insulation. I got very “funny” neighbors, and I listened to their scandals for the night instead of an audiobook. Also not pleased with the prices in stores. The cost of souvenirs is very high, although the quality is very good. But with food complete order. I especially liked the local pizzeria, where they cook no worse than in Italy. “

Judging by the reviews of vacationers, the hotel complex “Velvet Seasons” is worth a visit for those who are accustomed to an active lifestyle and do not understand it without sports. It is also suitable for gourmets who like to feast on delicacies. We recommend considering this option and people who prefer lazy lying on the beach and swimming in warm sea waters. But you should take into account one caveat: sea adventures are relevant only at the height of the summer season.