Amazing Fan & Sun Club Sapphire 5*, Turkey, Kemer, Tekirova — Reviews, photos, service and maintenance

Fun & Sun Club Saphire: reviews,description, photos – all this we will talk about in our today’s article. Looking ahead, it should be noted that the world wide web has laid out countless both pleasant and unflattering characteristics, compiled on the basis of the personal experience of those who have already visited this hotel complex. I wonder how true they are, or is it just the machinations of competitors?



As mentioned earlier, with this name the hotel lives only a little less than a year. At the beginning of winter, the leadership changed here, and the new broom, as you know, sweeps in a new way. The complex is located on the territory of the village of Tekirova and occupies a huge area of 3.8 hectares. A motorway is nearby, a rival hotel is very close. From all other sides of the building surrounds the virgin nature, the beauty of which is simply breathtaking! The international airport is 75 kilometers away, but such a distance for many tourists is not an aggravating circumstance. On the contrary, during the trip there is an opportunity to see Antalya, Goynuk and Kemer – the famous and most popular resort cities of Turkey. By the way, the hotel is built near the village of Çamyuva and Mount Tahtali. There you can see with your own eyes a unique cable car and the ruins of the ancient city of Phaselis.

As for the arrangement, on the patio there is a beautiful garden in which citrus trees and pines grow. This combination of aromas makes the air very saturated, which by itself suggests a desire to walk around the hotel. But among the lush greenery there was a place for various infrastructure facilities, swimming pools, retail outlets, replete with souvenirs, jewelry, clothes and beach accessories. There are also sports grounds, where various competitions are regularly held.

Alexandra, Orsk: “The international airport is only 75 kilometers away, and we got to the hotel for almost three hours. And all because we had to go around a few more hotels in Kemer and Goynuk. Terribly uncomfortable, plus our guide disappeared immediately after we got into the car. I was tired and exhausted on the plane, and then there was the grueling ride in the minibus. In general, I will not go here again.”


In the largest building,and part-time and the main building, the reception staff work around the clock. So, how can you help here:

  • There is always an opportunity to take things to the dry cleaners. The service will take them to the laundry, where they will be cleaned according to all the requirements and rules of delicate washing.
  • From here you can order a taxi, room service, rent a car.
  • Exchange currency. In general, we do not recommend you to perform such manipulations, since there is a risk of running into a not very profitable course.
  • Buy excursion tours, which are paid at a separate rate.
  • Make an application for the use of the conference room. It is designed for 120 people.

In the central hall there is a playroom where tourists relax and wait out the hours of heat. At the disposal of guests billiard tables, darts, video games, chess, mini-golf and much more.

Anastasia, Perm: “In general, the situation in the buildings is cozy, in public places access to the wireless network is open. Around there are cozy sofas in tandem with coffee tables. The interior is original, the furniture is solid. In the garden you can walk for a long time, admiring the exotic flowers and tall pine trees. There are many shops, some of them working around the clock.”


All conditions are created for living here. Most of the rooms are housed in the main six-storey building, and there are also many rooms in the bungalows. Cleaning is carried out with enviable regularity, according to the schedule. The design is made in the style of “minimalism”, and this indicates that there is nothing superfluous in the premises. The only thing that pleases the eye is the reproduction of paintings by famous artists on the walls.

In the main building there are standard rooms, the area of which does not exceed 22 square meters. There is a wardrobe for storing clothes, bedside tables, chairs, a small table for snacks. From electronics and household appliances there is a TV, a telephone with the ability to call anywhere in the world, air conditioning, a small refrigerator, popularly called a mini-bar. Its contents are constantly updated with various soft drinks, mineral water and Turkish beer. The floors are covered with beautiful carpets, on the windows there are heavy curtains that help create twilight.

The bungalows have suites that are inexpensive due to the fact that they can accommodate four people, but the beds are bunk. This is unusual for five-star hotels, but the management took this step in order to attract customers with a modest budget. Also in the institution spend their free time and disabled people, specially for them were equipped with two rooms.

Ekaterina, Krasnoyarsk: “Never settle in a bungalow. There is always a smell of dampness, and this smell can not be covered by any air freshener. On request, I was moved to an apartment in the main building, but even here I faced an even more serious problem: all the rooms on the third floor are connected to the central air conditioning system, and in order to ventilate the bedroom a little, I had to open the balcony. As a result, I fought mosquitoes and other flying reptiles.”


Naturally, on the territory of the hotel Fun & Sun Club Saphire 5 * there are many catering facilities. All the main meals are held in the main restaurant and are designed to allow customers to choose and impose food on their own. During the day, you can have a little snack in snack bars and cafes, where cakes, pizza, fast food are served. All locally produced alcoholic beverages are provided free of charge according to the “all inclusive” concept.

I would like to note the fact that the hotel has a special area for children, in which small tables and special chairs are installed. For the youngest guests there is a menu with products useful for a growing body.

Anton, Astrakhan: “In principle, everything is fine with food here. Soups are not powdered, but full-fledged, always fresh, there are dishes from eggs, salads, pancakes, cottage cheese, cheese and sausage slices. Sometimes lamb is served, but very rarely, mainly cooked turkey and chicken. Side dishes – pasta, rice, vegetables. At the height of the season, the tables are full of fruits (melon, watermelon, peaches, grapes, apricots and oranges). For dinner, they usually make meat or fish on the grill.”


Of course, all tourists have the right to build their own day, especially since there are enough opportunities to spend their holidays as brightly as possible on the territory of the hotel and beyond. For example, during the day, guests can sunbathe by the large pool, while the kids frolic in their own pond. All sunbeds and umbrellas are freely available, there are always places, even when all the rooms are occupied by tenants. Children have the right to visit a mini-club, which employs experienced animators.

Now about health and beauty. Which complex does not have at its disposal a spa with massage rooms and saunas? Our hostel was no exception. Cosmetology services in it are provided throughout the day, in the evenings the steam rooms and hammam are open.

Fans of an active lifestyle will appreciate the simulators installed in the fitness room, volleyball, basketball and football fields, golf courses and tennis courts.

All guests can pay for excursion tours to the cactus garden, reptile park, the ruins of an ancient settlement and orange plantations. If you want to immerse yourself in sea adventures, there is always a scuba diving school and windsurfing courses on the beach. In addition, there are always jet skis, yachts and motor boats, catamarans, water skiing service is offered.

Oksana, Syzran: “When making a voucher, the tour operator several times said that the hotel animation is at the highest level. But in fact, it turned out that they practically do not engage in the leisure of adults, even at the evening show they never show. But with children’s everything is easier. They diligently entertain the kids, but talk to them exclusively in English.”

Hotel complex Fun & Sun Club Saphire 5* was built in 1993, but until now its administration has not been in the mood to expand its customer base. Money allocated for repairs was deposited in third-party accounts, which greatly affected profits. Now, after so many reorganizations and changes in the management team, visitors are beginning to return to the hotel. The last restoration work was carried out in 2015, and finally it touched all the apartments and utility rooms.

Last year, many tourists complained that mold and fungus live on the ceilings, and no one cleans the rooms. There are cases when guests for personal money bought moops and rags and washed the floors in their rooms on their own. We hope that these shortcomings were eliminated, a control sweep took place in the service personnel.

Also, a large number of tourists note poor sound insulation. If your windows overlook the neighboring complex, you are unlikely to fall asleep, because loud music comes from the street. There are discos until 3 am, so the sounds and rhythms can be heard even in the apartments on the fifth floor.

Recently, travelers are increasingly considering the possibility of spending holidays in this place, as they hope that the latest reforms have had beneficial consequences. Some are attracted by the rather low cost of living, while others are unique landscapes and a large number of excursion tours. We hope that staying here will give you pleasure and bring a lot of positive emotions!