A hotel made of wine barrels or visiting Diogenes

In the northern town of Stamoren in Holland there is an unusual hotel – a hotel made of wine barrels. The location of the Hotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren is ideal because of the stunning scenery and extraordinary landscape design. The rooms of this accommodation include wine barrels. Without a doubt, these barrels are not simple. Their capacity is 14.5 thousand liters.

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The owners of the hotel joke that they wanted to translate the hochma with the question “Did you sleep at the bottom of the barrel of wine” into reality. In fact, the owners of this hotel are in favor of ecology and waste-free production, so once huge barrels decided to give a new life. In addition, this decision makes their business more profitable, and attracts much more tourists to the city.

Barrel rooms

Externally, the Hotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren looks very ordinary, but the rooms are simple barrels once used in a local winery. Connoisseurs of French wine will appreciate the accommodation in such barrels. The fact is that the wood of the barrels is saturated with expensive varieties of wines so much that its smells still float in the air of the apartments. Each of the barrels is a cozy room, which includes a small living room, two beds, TV, radio, shower and toilet. The unusual rooms overlook the beautiful garden, and in autumn and spring you can see the old harbor of Stamoren. In addition to such unusual apartments, the hotel has ordinary rooms.

Depending on the season and on the selected room, the cost can range from 70 to 120 euros per night. However, when checking in in winter, the payment for accommodation with breakfast will be only 18 euros. Even in the dormitories of the city, usually the payment is higher than this offer. For people with pets, there will also be no problems. Animals will be allocated a place to spend the night and, of course, fed.


The hotel’s restaurant serves a wide range of dishes. The fish menu is particularly varied. For the selected dish, you can choose a wine, the choice of which in the hotel-restaurant is very wide. No wonder the hotel offers guests to stay in wine barrels. For reservations of more than 1 day, guests receive a free bottle of wine.


Undoubtedly, an unusual apartment is not the only thing that Stamoren has to offer. For the active, cycling in the surrounding area is offered, during which you can enjoy views of tranquil beaches and delightful forests. For lovers of a more relaxing holiday, it is worth taking a walk to the port, where you can look at the ships of fishermen, cargo ships and modern yachts. Also in the port is the famous statue of Lady Stamorin, whose gaze is directed towards the sea.

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Even if you are not a wine lover, accommodation in this hotel will definitely be remembered. One can turn on the fantasy and imagine yourself as the ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes, who is known to have lived in a barrel. True, not in such a large barrel and without the various amenities that are offered to hotel guests. In addition, you can tell your friends that you spent the night like Diogenes, but in a comfortable hotel.

Alina Abramova

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