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Wild West – the so-called four-star hotel in Saratov, which is known not only to guests of the city but also to local residents with pleasure visiting the thermal complex of the hotel. The hotel does not correspond to its name – the Wild West can be traced only in the design of the facade and the entrance group, also in the style of a ranch and cowboy romance, one of the rooms is decorated. The rest of the apartments are thematically related to different countries of the world. All about the wild west hotel and Saratov – in this article.

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Saratov is a hospitable and friendly city. In terms of size and population, the city can be compared with Birmingham or San Francisco, and in age it is older than New York. When the west was still wild, saratov already had attractions that have survived to this day. The city is a real Russian cultural pearl, located on the banks of the largest river in Europe, surrounded by picturesque forests and spacious fields.

Wild West Hotel is located on the outskirts, 7 kilometres from the city centre and a 25-minute drive from the airport. The hotel is located next to the road, equipped with a large free parking. Within a radius of 10 kilometers there are many attractions and entertainment venues for all ages.


Wild West Hotel is housed in a three-storey sand-coloured mansion decorated with wooden beams. The façade is decorated with images of a brave cowboy with a lasso in his hand and his cute companion in a wide-brimmed hat. Looking at the design, it becomes clear that this is exactly him, the Wild West. A couple of years ago, another building in the style of a Chinese pagoda was built in the courtyard. This house also has rooms of different capacities.

Staircase portals are carpeted and illuminated by wall sconces. The risk of slipping on the stairs tends to zero. Each site has a cooler with drinking water. Some guests with children complain that drinking water supplies attract kids, and they run to the stairs to drink every five minutes.

Tatiana, Moscow: We came to Saratov in September, found a beautiful golden autumn. True, the slousiness spoiled the impression a little, but the Volga embankment was beautiful. We stayed at the Wild West Hotel. The room was booked on the site, with free cancellation and payment on the spot. The prices are not sky-high, and the idea with the theme of the rooms is very decent. We chose “Paris”, a room for two. Everything that is stated is present in the room. We arrived in the morning, and in the evening we decided to visit the spa complex. Not Turkey, but very decent. I liked the massage and hammam. Restaurant with decent cuisine, round-the-clock room service. Equipped smoking areas, good friendly staff.

Some of the rooms of the main cottage overlook the road, the second part – to the patio. Families with children are better to take those rooms whose windows do not look at the busy traffic, or move into a Chinese house. All rooms are air-conditioned, so there is no need to open the windows. Guests note the interesting design of the apartments, stylish design and new content. Plumbing, furniture and linen in excellent condition. The rooms have one, two or three rooms, equipped with kitchenettes with a microwave, kettle and other attributes for a quick snack or a romantic late dinner.

The style of the rooms is designed in accordance with the traditions of the country. For example, in the bedroom of the room “India” the walls are decorated with a huge image of the Taj Mahal, carved beds, a designer sofa in the hallway, a stylish seating area, many accessories in the Indian style. In addition to “India” in the hotel there is “France”, “China”, “Africa”, “Japan” and others.


In the wild West hotel you can not only live comfortably, but also have a good rest. The hotel has its own spa complex with saunas, hot tubs, swimming pools and hammam. The walls of the Turkish bath are decorated with plates with inclusions of Himalayan salt, so the hammam has not only relaxing, but also a therapeutic effect. The spa complex is used not only by hotel guests, but also by local residents. The cost for hotel guests is reduced by 50% compared to the price of tickets for local residents.

In the yard next to the Chinese house built a large outdoor pool with a children’s area. Nearby there is a playground with swings and slides. The outdoor pool is only open in summer.

There is a large car park next to the hotel. The parking lot is fenced, not guarded, but there is video surveillance.

Ravil, Kolomna: We stopped in the Wild West for one night. We arrived in the afternoon, and since the road was still long, we decided to stop in Saratov to give the children a rest. After a little rest, we went to the sauna. For those who live in a hotel, make a 50% discount, it turns out to be quite inexpensive. The children were happy to splash in the pool, and then have dinner in the restaurant. Quite decent food, convenient location of the rooms. The renovation is fresh, the furniture is new. The room is cozy, the design was so liked by the children that they even quarreled, choosing who will sleep where. In general, the whole family liked the hotel, I definitely recommend it.


The price includes breakfast, which must be ordered the night before. There are several dishes to choose from, the staff takes into account the preferences of guests. If breakfast is not ordered in advance, hungry guests will not be left, but the choice, most likely, will not be. They will serve what is left in the kitchen. Therefore, it is better to warn in advance that guests intend to have breakfast at the hotel.

The hotel has a restaurant located in the basement. The interior is decorated in dark colors. The kitchen works around the clock, meals are delivered to the rooms even at night. This option is very popular with couples in love, newlyweds and those who come to Saratov on business and do not have the opportunity to have dinner on time.

Breakfast only is included in the room rate, and other meals can be purchased for a fee. The rooms have a free snack bar, updated regularly.

Saratov in history

Saratov is one of the most beautiful cities standing on the banks of the Volga. The city is located on the banks of the Volga River, in the center of the vast plain of European Russia. Saratov region is one of the most developed and densely populated regions of Russia.

The hometown of Saratov State Technical University is quite old. Its history dates back to the end of the XVI century, the city on the southern border of Russia on July 2, 1590 was founded by Prince Grigory Zasekin. Like its neighbors Tsaritsyn and Samara, Saratov was a border fortress that protected Russia from nomads.

Over time, the city continued to grow and acquired increasing economic and commercial importance. By 1797, it had become the center of the Saratov province – a huge territory stretching from Penza in the north to Tsaritsyn in the south.

Saratov stands on the banks of the Volga, where delicious commercial sturgeon supplied to other regions are found. This natural wealth was depicted on the coat of arms of the city, 3 sturgeon in the shape of a star on a blue background. Currently, sturgeon have almost disappeared due to the dam. Today, sturgeon are fed by special fish-breeding organizations.

Today Saratov is a large city with a population of more than a million people. There is a fairly developed entertainment infrastructure: the city has 5 theaters, the oldest circus in the country, a wonderful art gallery, also known as the Volga Hermitage, many nightclubs, cinemas and restaurants. But, at the same time, the city is very quiet and pleasant to live in.


Saratov has a temperate climate with warm summers and plenty of sunny days. In summer, the air temperature rises above +25C, which is perfect for relaxing on the beach of the Volga. Winters are slightly frosty and sometimes very cold, and bring a lot of snow. The temperature usually keeps around -10..-15C. One of the most popular activities of Saratov residents in the cold season is skiing and snowboarding.

Irina, Vladimir: We came to Saratov with children, to look at this ancient city. The greatness of the Volga is fascinating. The city has many parks, museums, well-developed infrastructure, there is something to see. We went on a small boat, listened to the guide. We went to the memorial to veterans of the Great Patriotic War, walked along the main streets. After getting acquainted with the history of the city and seeing everything with our own eyes, we went to have fun. We were in the circus, puppet theater, entertainment center. We lived in the Wild West, and dined in the city, there are many cafes and restaurants. We lived in Saratov for three days and went home satisfied. The city was nice, the hotel is lovely. Perhaps we will plan another trip here, because we did not have time to see everything that we planned.

Attractions & Entertainment

Visitors are happy to stroll through the streets of Saratov, admire its architecture and visit parks. The city has many recreational and excursion opportunities. One of the places where residents and guests of the city can relax is Kirov Avenue. It is a traffic-free zone with plenty of shops, nightclubs, cafes and restaurants where you can taste local delicacies and dishes of world cuisines.

The city is famous for historical sights, such as the landing place of the first cosmonaut – Yuri Gagarin, as well as the birthplace of famous Russian people. The history of Saratov is closely connected with Russian history and culture, with Peter the Great, Emelyan Pugachev and other prominent figures of different eras.

There are many monuments in Saratov. For example, in the Military Open-Air Museum (Victory Park) on Sokolova Hill there is a huge monument with cranes on the top, dedicated to the memory of Saratov residents who died in the Great Patriotic War. Other monuments are associated with the names of famous people. In Saratov there is a world-famous art gallery (Museum of Fine Arts), open to the public from July 26, 1885. This is one of the largest art galleries in Russia.

Named after Radishchev, the museum contains more than 15,000 outstanding works by Russian and European artists. You can also visit the museum of local lore. There you can get acquainted with the history, ethnography, flora and fauna of the region.

Every visitor to Saratov is irresistibly drawn to the Opera House and Theater Square – the historical and spiritual center of this city. You can visit the square at any time of the day or night, without worrying about opening hours and entrance tickets. And the Opera House is open only at certain times.

There are many theaters in Saratov: Opera and Ballet Theater. N. G. Chernyshevsky, where works of Russian and world classics are staged, drama theater, where classical and modern plays are presented, the Theater of the Young Spectator, the Theater of Musical Comedy and puppet theater for children.

Widespread interest in classical music is reflected in a large audience of concerts at the Saratov State Sobinov Conservatory and the Philharmonic.

The Russian National Circus was founded more than a hundred years ago by the Nikitin brothers. It was the first permanent circus in Russia. Now it is very popular among children and adults. Saratov residents are proud of their city, its architecture, history, traditions and culture.

The Volga, the largest river in Europe, can offer both entertainment and a relaxing holiday. It offers guests and residents of the city 3700 km of water space, where you can ride a canoe, yacht or river tram. In addition, you can buy a small cruise along the river to explore the surroundings from the deck of the ship.


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