What to see in Bangkok: Top 10 attractions of the capital of Thailand

Going to Thailand and do not know what to see in Bangkok? Start with the main attractions and architectural monuments that allow you not only to get to know the culture and religion of the local people better, but also to truly enjoy the beauty of unique temples.

Bangkok is an amazing city, and its inhabitants are deeply religious people, so when visiting temples and religious objects, you should definitely dress appropriately and take off your shoes at the entrance.

You can make purchases, as well as pay for excursions and hotel accommodation both by card and for cash. Exchange offices are everywhere. When buying souvenirs on the streets, it is customary to bargain, but in trade prices, sellers will not yield even a baht.

It is easiest to communicate with the local population in English, although even with excellent knowledge it is very difficult to understand what the Thais say because of the peculiar diction and distortion of English words.

Arriving in Bangkok is necessary:

  • visit the Grand Royal Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha;
  • attend a thai massage session;
  • try Durian fruit;
  • have fun on Kaosan Street.

For tourists, it is customary to move around the city by taxi. You can order a car or bike, which is more convenient for trips during peak hours.

Royal Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha

The Royal Palace is one of the main attractions of Bangkok. It was built in the late 18th place as a residence for the royal family. Currently, it is actively visited by tourists who have access to several halls. Here you can see the Temple of the Emerald Buddha – a magnificent building and the main cult object of the country.

The main shrine of the temple is a statuette of the Emerald Buddha. It is made of a piece of jade, and all the clothes of the deity are golden. The temple impresses with its magnificent architecture, sculptures and rich decoration. Caretakers constantly monitor tourists and do not allow to take pictures. In addition, the clothes should be appropriate – no shorts and deep neckline, and before entering the temple you must take off your shoes.

Of particular interest to foreigners is the changing of the guard ceremony, which takes place in front of the Royal Palace. Interestingly, the clothes of the guardsmen resemble the officer uniform of the guardsmen-grenadiers of the Russian army.

“It took us more than 2 hours to visit the Royal Palace. I wanted to inspect everything slowly, to take pictures. In the first half of the day there are not as many tourists as after lunch, so we guessed over time. An interesting ritual before entering the Temple of the Emerald Buddha is sprinkling the head with water. Everyone dips the flowers in a large bowl and splashes holy water on their hair.”

Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho)

Wat Pho Temple is a magnificent architectural structure in which the main attraction is kept – the reclining Buddha. The length of the statue is 46 meters, and the height is 15 meters. During the construction of this cult object, first the figure of the deity itself was erected, and then a vihan with columns around it. This is one of the oldest temples in Bangkok, built in the 12th place.

To inspect the statue, a stream of tourists moves counterclockwise around it while the Buddha is waiting for nirvana. During the passage, you can see extraordinary pictures on the walls that tell about the life of the Buddha’s disciples. In the decoration of the temple used marble, precious stones and gold.

The temple of the reclining Buddha is located on the territory of the oldest monastery. During the visit of tourists, traditions have developed, for example, it is necessary to throw a few coins into jugs installed at the steps next to the statue. The area around the temple is also interesting, here you can find a portal to another dimension, a huge number of various stupas, hundreds of Buddha figures.

“The size of the Buddha is impressive. It is almost impossible to photograph him entirely, except that once at his feet. The temple itself is magnificent! The tour of it, in my opinion, is short, I want to look at all this beauty for a longer time, but the flow is constantly moving, and it is almost impossible to stop. “

Giant swing

A unique structure appeared in Bangkok at the end of the XVIII century, during the reign of King Rama I. Giant swings were used for Brahmin ceremonies, which was completely stopped by the next ruler of the country. Currently, it is one of the attractions of the city, which is shown to tourists.

The swing is made of teal wood. At different times, several reconstructions were carried out and fragments that had fallen into disrepair were replaced. With the ritual in which the swing was used, several tragic cases were associated when, swinging at a 27-meter height, the teams of participants broke down and died not only the swinging themselves, but also the spectators.

Due to tragedies, King Rama II completely canceled the ritual and today the swing is not used for its intended purpose. The giant structure is located near the Suthat temple, and its crossbars, removed during reconstructions, are stored in the museum.

“Huge swings, it’s hard to imagine how they were able to install. And when you think that people swayed on them, trying to grab a bag of coins at a height, it covers an incredible feeling. “

Temple of the Golden Buddha (Wat Saket)

The Temple of the Golden Buddha is another iconic attraction of Bangkok. In the center of the luxurious hall sits the Buddha, poured out of gold with eyes of pearls and sapphires. This statue weighs more than 5.5 tons. The figure of the deity found its permanent place in the temple in the 20th stage, although its history began much earlier.

To preserve the Golden Buddha during the burmese takeover of the country, the locals smeared it with plaster and hid it in one of the houses on the outskirts. When many years later they remembered the existence of the shrine, it was decided to place it in a new temple. During the transportation of the sculpture, a piece of plaster broke off, and the buddha’s body of pure gold appeared to the eyes.

Those who were not impressed by the size of the Emerald Buddha, the 5-ton statue will not leave indifferent. The temple presents expositions, photographs and documents telling about the history of the attraction. In the same temple there is another cult sculpture – buddha-baby.

“We visited this temple in the afternoon, when there were a lot of people in it. In such an environment, it is very difficult to feel the extraordinary atmosphere. The Buddha is really impressive, it turns out that this sculpture is more than 700 years old, and for the general available it was discovered not so long ago. “

Temple of the Morning Dawn (Wat Arun)

The temple is named after Aruna, the deity of dawn. Its appearance in Bangkok refers to the Ayutthaya period. It subsequently became the official royal residence. The Temple of the Morning Dawn (Wat Arun) was constantly reconstructed and improved. Today it consists of a central pranga and 4 low pagodas.

The inner halls of the temple are richly decorated with frescoes that tell the different stages of the Buddha’s life. The walls are decorated with marble and glass inlay, and from the outside you can see a unique porcelain mosaic.

The steep stairs of the central pranga can be climbed to the top of the building, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of Bangkok. Throughout the temple there are a variety of giant statues, in total there are more than a hundred. Of particular interest is the relief image of the god Hindi Indra, which can be seen in the main niche of the temple. At night, the facade of the temple is illuminated by many light bulbs, and bright lights make the porcelain mosaic even more expressive and mysterious.

“I heard a lot about this temple, but only after visiting here, I realized that all this needs to be seen with my own eyes. Richly decorated halls, a huge number of different statues, magnificent frescoes. To get to this temple, you need to cross the river by ferry, from which you can clearly see the entire architectural ensemble. “

Khaosan Street

Kao San Street is visited by curious tourists to feel the atmosphere of evening and night Bangkok. From other Thai streets, it is distinguished by a huge number of bars, discos, entertainment venues. Tourist guides do not talk about this street and do not bring excursions here, most foreigners come here on their own to unwind or just look around.

On Kao San Road, you can stay in inexpensive hotels and more luxurious hotels with swimming pools and a decent level of service. Taking a seat at a table in one of the many bars or cafes, you can watch from above how DJs “start” a crowd of onlookers, arranging a show.

The length of the street is 1 kilometer, and throughout its length the concentration of establishments and stalls is so high that you can not immediately navigate. At night, the street flashes a lot of lights, and incendiary music sounds from everywhere, inviting foreigners and locals to discos.

You can get to this landmark of the city by public transport, or by ordering a taxi directly from the airport.

“My attitude to this street is ambiguous. Noisy, fussy, everyone is pushing, speech sounds in a variety of languages. We sat in a small café, went to several stalls – prices do not “bite” and you can bargain. But once you’ve been here, you’re unlikely to want to visit Kao San Road again.”

Lumpini Park or Chatuchak

Chatuchak Park opened in Bangkok in 1980. Land for the construction of a public place of rest was allocated by state railways. From the first months of operation, the park was liked by the Thais and today the locals come here to admire the beautiful landscapes and relax.

Chatuchak Park is small, and its territory is elongated in length. Here you can go boating on small artificial reservoirs, visit the railway museum or walk along many bridges. In recent years, tennis courts and a golf course have appeared in the park.

Lumpini Park is one of the oldest in Bangkok. It is surrounded by skyscrapers, next to which a cozy green area seems to be an island of tranquility. In the reservoirs located on its territory, turtles, monitor lizards and fish are found. Couples and pensioners like to walk in this park. Kids play on equipped playgrounds. On weekends, this is a favorite place for citizens to spend quiet leisure.

“Were with my husband in both parks. Chatuchak seemed to me very well-groomed and beautiful. For children there are attractions and playgrounds. Thai grannies go everywhere. But Lumpini didn’t really like it. Boring and not very well-groomed.”

Baiyok Sky

Another attraction of Bangkok is the tallest building in the city, which houses a hotel and several observation decks. Baiyok Sky is a great place to see the city from a bird’s eye view. On the roof of the skyscraper tourists lift panoramic elevators.

On the 77th floor you can visit the observatory with telescopes, which are allowed to look at for an additional fee. There is also a small museum telling about the sights of Bangkok. Going up to the 83rd floor, you can sit in a café with huge floor-to-ceiling windows.

In the evening, before sunset, foreigners climb to the very top of the tower, where a rotating panoramic platform is located. The skyscraper is located in the city center, and its visit is available during the day until 22-30 hours. From the observation deck Baiyok Sky (Baiyok Sky) you can take a photo of Bangkok, see the busy center and small neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city.

“We went to the tower, as we were recommended, in the evening. A lot of people in the elevator climbed like “sprats in a barrel” – very crowded. On the site itself, do not make your way to the windows. But I liked the café. We managed to take a table by the window, from where the whole city can be seen very clearly.”

Museum of Medicine

This museum of the city is recognized as the most unusual museum in the world according to the Times magazine. Initially, it was conceived as a collection of educational exhibits for medical students, but today everyone can see its expositions.

The Museum of Medicine is popularly called the Museum of Death. Here are the murder weapons, damaged organs, the mummy of a serial killer maniac. The museum consists of 6 halls and, undoubtedly, the most impressive is the exposition of forensic examination. Not everyone will be able to calmly consider the exhibits presented here.

Once in the hall of pathologies, you can see the bodies of infant freaks who suffered from genetic disorders. In the Anatomical Hall in wooden cabinets with glass showcases are skeletons, as well as organs and body parts filled with formaldehyde.

This museum is located next to the Grand Palace, so tourists visiting the city and its iconic attractions can easily get here. From the Palace to the museum can be reached by river shuttle or private boat.

“We went to this museum out of pure curiosity, but I will not want to visit there again – that’s for sure. To look at human organs and body parts, at babies disfigured by all sorts of diseases is a dubious pleasure. The museum is large, located in two buildings. The faint of heart have nothing to do here.”


Once in Bangkok, it is worth visiting the Oceanarium. It is the largest museum of the underwater world in South Asia. Its aquariums and pools are home to more than 30 thousand marine animals, fish and amphibians. The oceanarium is represented by three hundred-meter pools with unique underwater flora and fauna.

Once here, neither children nor adults will remain indifferent. The oceanarium is divided into several zones, where sharks, jellyfish, snakes, water rats are represented. At certain hours, a penguin show is shown here.

Of the interesting entertainment can be distinguished boating with a transparent bottom. During a walk on the water, you can observe how the marine life spends time. It is especially interesting to observe the feeding of animals, when divers sink to the bottom of aquariums and arrange a real performance, entertaining the public.

In the oceanarium there is a cinema, a shopping center, a café. There is an entertainment venue in the shopping center Siam Paragon, which is located next to the BTS metro station.

“Very interesting exhibitions of marine life. We liked the oceanarium and in general, how everything is organized in it. You can swim with sharks – they say, it is completely safe, but we did not take the risk. Interesting animals, large fish, coral reefs”.

Weather and climate are the main things that determine the possibility of a trip to Bangkok. Summer in Thailand is rainy and not a very good time of year for long walks. Hot months – March, April, May. This time is better suited for organizing a beach holiday. But in winter, you can come to the city to get acquainted with its culture, attractions and religion. But it should be remembered that in winter the high season begins in Bangkok and the prices for accommodation in hotels increase several times compared to the summer months.