Veranda Spa Hotel, Smolensk

Excellent hotels in Smolensk are, such that sometimes in big cities you will not meet. The nature here is so good that in the suburban green areas you can build entire health complexes, which was done several years ago. That’s how it came about. luxury spa hotel “Veranda”,in which we are pleased to invite you.

The hotel offers its guests a huge range of services: from recreation, spa complexes to beauty treatments.

Smolensk is one of the oldest cities of our country, original and unique in its rich history. How much Smolensk has experienced over its centuries cannot be retold.

Compared to other cities, it is small and quiet, many call it “sleepy”, no special events and news from there are not expected, as from many provincial cities, but this is not so. Guests here have something to surprise and destroy the existing image.

Spa Hotel Location

Luxury hotel is located a few kilometers from Smolensk, in a pine forest. You can get here in 10 minutes by car, if you visit the city on business or just walk.

This is a real reserve, an ecologically clean place where everyone finds harmony with themselves and unique nature. This is the area of the Dnieper River and Lake Klyuchego.

There is an airport, but it is not very close – more than 100 km from the hotel, but the city’s railway station is only 9 km away.

Architecture of the complex and rooms

Luxury hotel 4 stars “Veranda” is built in a picturesque pine forest, just 10 km from Smolensk, and the style of the buildings is appropriate – these are small and very cozy buildings, multi-storey ultra – modern buildings here would be inappropriate to see.

It offers stylish rooms with all the necessary household and digital appliances, and many regular customers book in advance spacious apartments with a living room and kitchen to feel like a cozy cottage away from the city noise.

In the “Veranda” there is not a single room that could not like: from standards to apartments and suites, the interiors are made of natural non-toxic materials, in comfortable baths it is pleasant to be like at home, and sleeps here sweetly on comfortable beds, also in the forest.

The whole family can come to the hotel, you will be offered rooms of increased area. A teenage child can sleep for an extra charge, and cots are provided free of charge for toddlers. Kitchens are equipped in many rooms, as well as balconies and living rooms.

Very often they book a suite with its own sauna and a small pool – when you want to retire with your company or family and relax.

Anastasia and Peter, Moscow “Went to Smolensk on business and, to be honest, did not suspect that we would find such an upscale hotel here, just amazed. Modern stylish room with expensive furniture and appliances, bathroom and equipment – just super, there is everything. On the advice of friends, we visited the local spa center and rested for a year ahead! Everything is very good, we will definitely come back!”

Meals at the hotel

For all guests, the price includes a continental breakfast, not the buffet to which we are all accustomed, but very tasty and hearty, enough to charge you with energy for the day.

The culinary art of the local chef is known throughout the city, and often even guests who do not live in the “Veranda” visit the restaurant and bar of the hotel passing through. High quality of dishes, skillful serving, even aristocracy – the hallmark of the institution. During dinner, quiet live music is played so as not to disturb the tranquility of the pine forest. And all the natural beauty can be seen through panoramic windows that give uniqueness to the restaurant. Weddings, corporate events, banquets are organized here.

Guests, at will, lunch and dinner can be ordered according to the menu and arrange an unforgettable romantic evening. If you want to get acquainted with the surroundings, then one of the options to do it and at the same time have dinner is to visit Smolensk with its restaurants and bars. About them you will tell you more and advise the best institutions of the hotel.

Olga, St. Petersburg “Hello! Spa hotel “Veranda” – a great modern place, separately I want to note the excellent quality of food. It seems that they do not cook for everyone at breakfast, for example, but individually for you – so everything is beautifully and appetizingly served. The assessment of the boss is five plus. It feels like it’s made with the freshest ingredients. Keep it up!”

Leisure in the hotel

“Veranda” is not just the title of spa – hotel, very deservedly, because health and cosmetology services here – beyond praise. Many guests are not the first time to book whole spa programs, are placed in the hotel just for this, in order to relieve themselves of all the tension, fatigue, recharge their energy and just take care of themselves in a few days.

  • Visit to the spa complex paid, discounts are made for regular customers, as well as when booking a set of services. It will not be easy for you to choose – experts acquaint guests with more than 120 types of programs for recovery, rejuvenation, raising the tone.
  • There is an indoor swimming pool, you can visit it throughout the year, including with children over 4 years old. The water is very clean, its quality is constantly checked, the pool is equipped with a countercurrent and hydromassage.
  • Guests can visit the steam rooms (Moroccan and Finnish), Russian bath, sauna, hammam. All these types differ in the temperature of the air in the room and the level of humidity, decide what suits you best for health.
  • For those who constantly keep themselves in shape, the gym is open, here you can book fitness classes with a trainer, including yoga workouts.
  • In summer, vacationers can spend time on the terraces and walk around the territory, breathe the healing pine air. The very stay in the hotel “Veranda” is already a recovery, so magically nature works.

If you come with children, for them there is a large and interesting area on the street, where you will not be bored. In the evenings in the lounge – their area you can take them to watch children’s movies, play board games, if the weather is not very good, and in general – walk and walk again!

Spa Hotel “Veranda” – a great place for business meetings and conferences, the staff thought through everything to the smallest detail, how to organize it for you perfectly. There are 2 halls for 35 and 60 people, all the necessary light and sound equipment, screens are provided. At the request of the customer, the chef of the restaurant prepares a buffet for a maximum of 350 guests at a time. Believe me, if you invite your partners to negotiations in the “Veranda”, and organize for them a holiday there, albeit short-term, success in business is provided to you.

Sergey, Moscow “Heard about this country hotel from friends, decided to go with the children to relax from the big city and breathe the air. Not wrong. Calm forest area, guarded, playgrounds on the street, bike rental is. We slept, went to the sauna and with the children to the pool, everything is fine!”

Friends, there is a beautiful hotel in the suburbs of Smolensk, you can choose and book a room in any convenient way for you – online or by phone – and come to get acquainted with the city.

What to see in Smolensk

The city of Smolensk is a regional center, albeit not as large as the rest of the centers of the regions, but ancient, this is unique.

History of Smolensk begins in the middle of the 9th century, when the first settlement was strategically successfully located on the banks of the full-flowing Dnieper River. It was so profitably located on the trade routes that the principalities of Kiev, Moscow, and Lithuania wanted to seize and subjugate it. I must say, they succeeded, albeit in different centuries, but thus, ancient Smolensk passed “from hand to hand”.

Being very close to the western borders of the country, he constantly defended the capital from enemies: in the 17th century the Poles went through him, in 1812 – Napoleon with his army, the Nazis in 1941.

The city of Smolensk is equally close to Moscow and Minsk, the capital of Belarus, so the way to the west runs through it.

Smolensk Fortress

As we already know, the city has always been a kind of shield from enemies from the west, and in ancient times the main defensive structures were fortresses. There is one in Smolensk, originally built in the 16th century under Ivan the Terrible, later it was replaced by a stone one, but even that could not withstand the pressure of the French army in 1812. In general, little remained of the city at that time, but by the 20th century they were able to restore more than half of the wall with 17 towers. If we compare the two Kremlins – Smolensk and Moscow, the “capital” is much smaller in length of the wall. Each tower of the Smolensk fortress has a unique design and name.

Paying tribute to ancient history, in our time in the fortress placed a very interesting museum “Smolensk – shield of Russia”

Assumption Cathedral of Smolensk

One of the most beautiful and bright cathedrals of the city, and there are a lot of them here, was a symbol and landmark on the Cathedral Hill. It was built at the end of the 17th century on the site of the temple destroyed by the Poles. The cathedral stands on a hill not alone, but surrounded by a bell tower, chambers, temples – a whole ensemble in the beautiful Baroque style. It is impossible to be there and not admire the 30-meter carved iconostasis of the 18th century, unique in its performance.

Take the time, climb the Cathedral Mountain and see not only the majestic temples, but also the picturesque views of the surrounding area.

Historical and architectural complex “Teremok”

Once lived in Smolensk famous patrons of Tenishev, who invested family savings not only in the culture of the city, but also the country. According to tradition, talented people of our time – musicians and artists, loved to stay in the estate of the Tenishevs in the village of Talashkino, so later the estate became a kind of art center, a gallery with work, known even abroad.

The house is bizarre in architecture, bright colors really resembles the fabulous Teremok and belongs to the Smolensk Museum – Reserve. Here Vrubel, Repin wrote their works, performed musical works chaliapin and Stravinsky.

Museum “Smolensk flax”

You can learn about how and when the smolensk land appeared in this museum. It has existed for 40 years and works in the Smolensk fortress, in one of the towers. In the region, climatic conditions were ideal for flax to grow, and in ancient times all the locals weaved clothes from natural materials. What models were before and what produces now you will also see in the museum.

Museum “Smolensk region during the Great Patriotic War”

Without a doubt, this is the most visited museum of the city, the theme of the Great Patriotic War is reflected in every building of the city, in the fate of almost every family, the whole region suffered greatly from fascism and has not yet restored the number of pre-war civilians. The exposition of the museum is located in a very interesting building, outwardly resembling the towers of the fortress. Like many buildings of the city, it was destroyed by the Germans, but by the end of the war it was already restored, in the 1970s a rich museum exposition was placed here:

  • household items;
  • military uniforms;
  • Awards
  • trophies from Germany;
  • military equipment of the war.

Memorial “Katyn”

Not far from the city, in the forest, there is a memorial that became “evidence” of the most terrible events of the Soviet era: the shooting of thousands of Polish officers.

In memory of our history, even the most sinister, and created this memorial more than 20 years ago.





Smolensk land is our history, culture and pride. You can find out what you did not know about these places before after staying here for a few days, and for a comfortable stay choose the best for yourself – spa – hotel “Veranda”. Guests are always welcome here!