Tusk Rio Casino Resort: a symbol of exotic luxury

The most luxurious casino in the southern part of the planet, amazing with its exotic grandeur, is located in the city of Clerksdorp, South Africa.

The exoticism of Tusk Rio Casino Resort can be seen in its Brazilian carnival-style setting, combined with the free-flowing African animals and birds, magnificent scenery of African nature, landscapes and vastness of the southern country.

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The African city in which the casino is based is a major agricultural, industrial and mountainous centre. It is located near the capital, Johannesburg, so getting to the casino is easy.


The first casino town was formed in the late eighties of the nineteenth century and its population was mainly gold miners.

The most beautiful gambling establishment of our time opened its doors to visitors in the spring of 2002, but it had a different name. In 2006, a major gambling company acquired Tusk Resorts, renaming it to its current well-known and popular name. This acquisition allowed for a significant increase in casino gaming and improved the livelihood of local residents. This was followed by the construction of the newest Peermont Metcourt Rio hotel with a conference centre close to the resort.


  • The facility is about 266,000 square feet.
  • The casino’s biggest focus is on slot machines with cutting-edge technology. There are more than three hundred of them in the casino. The slot machines are located in huge halls, striking in their splendor and wealth.
  • The most popular card games here are poker, blackjack in all their many varieties. A total of one hundred and fifty tables with eleven games can be counted in the casino. In addition to the games mentioned above, roulette is naturally popular among guests.
  • In addition to gambling, Tusk Rio Casino Resort is an entertainment complex for the whole family. It features spas, swimming pools, chic restaurants, nightclubs, and children’s play areas. The uniqueness of spa treatments using various therapies and topical beauty products is known all over the world. Guests of the casino can play golf, tennis, paintball. Diving and karting are also very popular among visitors to the exotic destination.
  • For high status guests, there are VIP areas with the highest level of service imaginable.
  • A special feature of the casino is a mine where locals and gold diggers once mined gold. Every visitor to the casino can see the facility with their own eyes.
  • At the casino hotel, each room is unique and designed in the tradition of a Brazilian carnival. Luxury, opulence and passion are in harmony here.
  • The casino restaurants and bars are unique in nature. One of the colorful establishments is Korova, with a locally decorated interior.
  • The casino is open 24 hours a day. The slot machines start accepting visitors after eleven o’clock in the afternoon.

African Casino is one of the most beautiful casinos in the world, located in a picturesque part of South Africa. Modern technology and innovation make it one of the favorite places for professional players, tourists, world-class showbiz stars and politicians. The bright colors of the gambling establishment, great shows and beautiful women in stylized costumes, make its visit unforgettable and memorable for a lifetime.

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Tusk Rio Casino Resort