Tropical Thavorn Palm Beach Resort Phuket, Thailand — Features of rest, prices

The island of Phuket from year to year attracts hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. To ensure comfort throughout your stay on the paradise island, you can stay at the Tavorn Palm Beach Resort Phuket, which has gained immense popularity among many tourists.

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Thavorn Palm Beach is a 5-star resort complex. It is a building with rooms that are surrounded by a beautiful tropical park. It is located on a large territory, an area of 10 hectares. It will take you about 10 minutes to drive to the city of Patong Beach, which is famous for its nightlife. Phuket Town can be reached in 30 minutes and the international airport of the same name in about 40 minutes by car.

Tavorn Beach is famous for its proximity to the sandy municipal beach of Karon, because it is located across the street from it. It is the third largest on the island of Phuket, the most well-groomed and clean. If you want to relax on Patong Beach, you can walk to it in 10 minutes. Rest in this place will appeal to those who love nightclubs and bars. The water is crystal clear. It is great for diving and snorkeling, for surfing.

The lobby is distinguished by spaciousness and a laconic interior, which can not but attract. The design is made in an exquisite colonial style with elements of local cultures. As users note, you can visit Thavorn at any time of the day. In the lobby, you will be greeted good-natured and registered in a pre-booked room. Your luggage will be neatly delivered to it.

Karon Beach,according to many tourists, is one of the best in Phuket. It is constantly maintained in perfect cleanliness, so you can relax on it with your children.

Vadim, Zheleznogorsk: “I always approach the choice of hotels carefully. Often I came across rooms with cockroaches and lice, and the service was bad. Fortunately, this did not happen here, only often butterflies flew to me. The hotel is in a great location. From here you can quickly get to all the points I need personally: the airport and the cities of Patong Beach and Phuket. For those who plan to travel independently, I recommend Thavorn Palm Beach.”

Room stock

The five-star complex Tavorn Palm Beach offers rooms of high comfort. Each of its guest can choose in advance how many rooms it should be and what area.

You can choose a single room, a multi-room, or an interconnecting room. The first option is suitable for those who come to Phuket on their honeymoon or alone to relax from the bustle of the city. The next two are ideal for large families or companies.

In the interior of colonial and modern style with accents on Thai flavor perfectly fits furniture made of teak wood. The walls are decorated in natural colors, among which light shades prevail. Each has large panoramic windows as well as a terrace. Thanks to them, you can enjoy amazing views that open to the park, swimming pools and the sea.

Each room has all the necessary amenities for the guest:

  • Air conditioner
  • Wi-fi;
  • Cable TV;
  • Telephone;
  • Safe;
  • Everything you need for coffee and tea;
  • In the bathroom, all hygienic bath accessories are updated daily.

If you decide to stay at Thavorn Palm Beach,you will be offered free water, fruits and berries at the reception. Large comfortable rooms most guests like very much. But there are always exceptions. If you need an additional safe, you can take it at the reception for a fee. Also, wi-fi is not free everywhere. But otherwise, each of them has everything you need to spend the morning or evening full of tranquility.

Evgeniya, Voronezh: “We came on vacation with our whole big family. The territory of the Resort is very large. The rooms are spacious, they have the necessary for a full-fledged housing. We were cleaning up at the same time, so we could know in advance when we needed to release him.

The cost of our holiday included breakfasts, where everyone could choose for himself what he loves most. The dishes were constantly updated, so we were constantly densely eaten. We tried to visit the gym every day and swim in the sea. I can’t appreciate the pools, as I’ve always passed by them. After the rest we were arranged a transfer to the airport. We got there in about 30-40 minutes. Now all my friends who plan to relax in Phuket, I advise you to stay here. ”

Food & Relaxation

In the hotel, every guest can taste the cuisine of various peoples of the world. If you want to taste real Thai dishes, then take a look at the old Siam Thai restaurant. The concept of the institution is based on ancient Thai customs: visitors sit on the floor at low tables, the original serving with an emphasis on the culture of Thailand. The institution, according to many vacationers, is quite cozy. It has a terrace with sea views.

For those who want a quick snack, the Ciao restaurant is available. It serves Italian cuisine. Food is served very quickly so as not to delay visitors. On the beach there is a café Coffee Talk, decorated in the style of Vintage. Visitors can get acquainted with a rich selection of menus, which includes both Thai and dishes of other peoples of the world: Chinese, European and so on.

The expensive Windsong Restaurant offers a la carte service. Here you are offered dishes of different peoples of the world, including halal. There are 2 bars by the pools. If you want to try soft alcoholic beverages, such as beer or cocktails, then go to the Chaba establishment, and in Blue Heaven you can try the excellent grill menu. Free Wi-Fi is available in all restaurants, cafés and bars.

Especially for children in Tavorn all conditions are created. On the territory there is a children’s zone, where animators work with the children. There is also a games room with a small pool and sun loungers for parents who look after them. Every day, events are organized before them, in which they are encouraged to participate and receive prizes. According to the guests, their children are delighted with the classes. They not only entertain them, but also develop creative and mental abilities. Parents can join and play with them.

For those who want to get acquainted with Thai culture and its traditions, the hotel organizes daily courses on local cuisine, painting on fabric and Thai language. At the end of the week, dance evenings are held here. If you want to play sports even on vacation, then a gym is open for guests. During the day, you can spend time on the simulators, attend yoga classes, Thai boxing or gymnastics.

Andrey, Vladikavkaz: “We came to Phuket for 2 days. Booked a room in advance. At the reception we were met by a young man. Registration was very fast. It was evident that before that they had been carefully removed. The children really liked the pools, entertainment from the animators. We could safely go to a restaurant without worrying about them. We spent the most time on the beach. The water is clean, there was no debris on the sand. There are many animals in the park, for example, parrots and turtles. My advice, if you need to exchange money, then a small office is located to the right of the hotel. ”


The staff is perfectly selected to work with guests. Room-servis works around the clock, and its employees are always ready to answer any questions. Cleaning is carried out daily. The staff has all the necessary funds to clean all the rooms in a short time.

Thavorn Palm Beach Resort has animators who entertain children in the play area. Rescuers are on duty near each pool to prevent accidents. Most of the reviews from Internet users are positive. They placed special emphasis on the fact that most of the staff speaks different languages perfectly. In restaurants, they ask in advance about allergies, taking care of the health of guests.

Maria, Moscow: “We really enjoyed our stay at the hotel. My husband and I decided it would be a great place for our honeymoon. We were in Thailand for the first time, so we didn’t know much about the culture of this country. I signed up for a Thai cooking class where I cook dishes like the ones at Old Siam Restaurant. This is a very nice addition! We managed to swim in only one pool, as we were almost always at sea. Karon Beach is a 5-minute walk away. The sand on it is very clean, as you can see people cleaning up garbage on the territory. ”


Most of the area of Thavorn Palm Beach Resort is a clean and beautiful tropical park. Here you can see rare trees, sit in beautiful neat gazebos, near ponds or fountains. The park has animals, such as parrots, rabbits, as well as butterflies.

If you want to enjoy the real beauty, then go to the garden with orchids. As the workers themselves note, few people take to breed them near the coastal strip, since the sea breeze can harm. But the staff at Palm Beach prepared the garden so well that guests can admire the plants all year round.

In the possession of the complex there are 5 outdoor swimming pools, characterized by different shapes and moods. For example, near the Blue Heaven pit there is a bar of the same name. Not far from the Paradise pool, tourists are offered massage services. And the Crocodile pool is different in that it is located near the beach. The most popular holiday destination is the Chaba Pool. In its center there is a bar so that visitors can swim in it with refreshing cocktails.

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There is also a beauty salon, where you can use the services of a masseur hairdresser or cosmetologist. Unfortunately, many do not want to relax in this hotel because of the large tropical park. Therefore, it is rare to notice large and cheerful companies here. The main part of the guests are newlyweds and couples with children who really like all the entertainment presented in Thavorn Palm Beach Resort.

Vladimir, Moscow: “At Thavorn Palm Beach Resort we came as a big men’s company. We often sought out on-site and off-site entertainment. The day later we went to Patong Beach where we spent time in nightclubs. Our permanent stop at the hotel was in the pool, where in the middle there was a bar with alcoholic beverages. The food was very varied, breakfasts and dinners we always had dense. Next time I’ll only go here!”

Thavorn Palm Beach Resort is an excellent five-star complex for those who want to relax and get acquainted with Thai culture. Even if you do not leave the room around the clock, you will be surrounded by an atmosphere of calm and relaxation. You can always book a room at the hotel in advance, paying all expenses by bank transfer.

Tavorn Palm Beach Resort features a classic interior without frills. The pleasant staff will take you into your rooms and offer welcome treats. A full set of entertainment for the whole family guarantees a great mood during the entire period of rest. At the end of the trip, a shuttle service to the airport can be arranged. This is an excellent option for those who want to save their money on taxi services, the cost of which in Phuket is quite high.