Top Hotels in Cologne

Cologne – a cheerful hospitable tourist, open to all Cologne – very old, the ancient Cologne Cathedral rises majestically from the historical center, rushing its spires into the heavenly sky. This monumental building is not only a Catholic church, but also the largest museum, which stores many valuable historical exhibits.

Modern Cologne is the most important industrial, business and student center of Germany. Its atmosphere is a mixture of positivism, emotionality, fun and cordiality. The city-holiday, the city-carnival, attracting a huge number of tourists from all over the world, is one side of Cologne. On the other hand, business respectable people and just rich, accustomed to comfort and luxury, travelers are regular guests here.

Where should they all stay?

Hotels and hotels of the city are able to receive guests with different needs, requests and material capabilities: from a student to a traveler with a “thick wallet”. Visitors can stay both in the center and closer to nature.

Luxurious high-class fashionable hotels in Cologne are able to cause admiration of the most demanding rich tourists. The atmosphere of comfortable splendor envelops welcome guests from the first minutes. You can feel yourself there royally, if not a pity per day from 18O

Schloss Bensberg

Grand Hotel Schloss Bensberg is a white Baroque palace located on the outskirts of the city. It is surrounded by perfectly trimmed lawns and ornamental trees. In front of the facade, an already magnificent picture is complemented by a beautiful fountain. All 84 rooms with the help of modern technologies are able to provide paradise living conditions. Also, the hotel provides excellent opportunities to communicate with nature in an aristocratic way. Guests can enjoy a game of golf, horseback riding in the picturesque surroundings. A large comfortable pool, like a spa, allows you to feel unity with the aquatic environment. Schloss Bensberg is one of the best hotels in the world.




Excelsior Ernst

The hotel’s ancient architecture blends seamlessly with its ultra-modern surroundings. Wi-Fi is available on site. Wide spiral staircases harmoniously coexist with air-conditioned roomsequipped with all the requirements of today. Here, the staff tries to guess all the desires and needs of the guests. The delicate palette of colors of the premises soothes and allows visitors to psychologically completely relax. The attraction of this place is the restaurant “Taki”, where you can enjoy a wide variety of cocktails, a bar and a piano.




Le Meridien Dom Koln

If tourists want to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of ancient Cologne, feeling like medieval kings, then this is their option, since the hotel is located opposite the Cologne Cathedral. Le Meridien Dom Koln is also surrounded by old buildings with a border along the Rhine River. This place is especially attractive for business travelers, because against the background of elite service there are cozy conference halls that provide all the opportunities for trainings and conferences.




Savoy Hotel

A great place for people with a rich creative imagination. In this hotel all rooms and suites are presented in the style of exotic countries, there is a spa salon and an excellent restaurant. The beauty center will allow the beautiful half of humanity to feel like Goddesses.




Hotel im Wasserturm

Hotel im Wasserturm is the product of creativity and new design solutions, as it is built on the basis of a water tower of the mid-19th century. His restaurant like a magnet attracts many people of creative professions from all over the world.

Mid-range hotels also provide comfort and amenities, including a restaurant, sauna, fitness rooms and other tempting offers. For this whole fairy tale you need to pay a maximum of 170-180 euros per day.



Hopper Hotel St. Josef

Hotel Hopper is a former monastery with an excellent restaurant, sauna, fitness club and unique works of art that can attract great interest.



Hilton Cologne

Hilton Cologne is located in the central part of the city with its own restaurant. Walking around central Cologne allows you to feel the unique atmosphere and enjoy the cozy German evening life.

Cologne is a fairly democratic place and students and people with limited financial capabilities can also safely settle in a hotel,paying less than 100 euros per day.



Hotel Conti

Hotel Conti is a fun hotel in the Belgian quarter with free Wi-Fi and a Thai restaurant on site, providing clean rooms with all amenities.



Hotel Engelbertz

Engelbertz is a great place for a family holiday with all the comforts.
Hospitable Cologne awaits its guests, luring to its central streets with a haze of roasting rolls and sausages, the smell of beer and a cheerful carnival noise. People with different incomes can visit this wonderful hotel.


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