The study of the “Golden Ring of Russia”: the best hotels in Kostroma

During the summer holidays and the long-awaited vacation days, many travelers go on an interesting trip along the Golden Ring of Russia – the famous tourist route that passes through the ancient Russian city of Kostroma. Few people know that in Kostroma you can not only visit iconic places, but also relax in the best hotels equipped with swimming pools.

Especially for you, we have prepared a list of the most comfortable hotels of the ancient Russian city, the same age as the capital.

Kostroma is easily accessible from Moscow by private car or train – the time on the picturesque road will be from five to six hours. For those who want to save money, regular buses are available, which get to the city in seven hours.

All right, ready?

Hotel Shelestoff

The most beautiful and well-groomed area of Kostroma, as you can easily guess, is the historical center – a place with many attractions, museums and churches. It is in the center that you can find a small hotel that receives high ratings from travelers.

The hotel apartment fund is not so large and consists of several categories available for booking: double room, Comfort room, business class apartments.

Guests of the hotel, tired of the busy excursions, can relax in the indoor pool, sauna with jacuzzi or massages. Also for guests there is a SPA-zone, which offers many programs.

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In the restaurant of the same name, owned by the hotel, a large selection of various dishes is available, which will appeal to both adult guests and young guests.

Alexey, Nizhny Novgorod. “The rooms are very good sound insulation, relax comfortable. I liked that the hotel has its own swimming pool and SPA – a huge plus for lovers of swimming and steaming. Breakfast is great and varied, all guests will find something suitable for themselves.”

Premier Hotel

From a small hotel, guests can easily walk to the center of Kostroma – the journey time will be about fifteen minutes. Taxi services are also available. The hotel is perfect for a quiet and relaxing holiday, as the complex is located away from the city on the picturesque banks of the Volga.

The hotel can accommodate single travelers and families with children: a standard suite, a junior suite, a suite and family apartments are available for booking.

For an additional small fee, guests can use the indoor pool and sauna. There are also barbecue areas on site (picnic facilities are provided by the staff).

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The hotel has a café and a bar that can arrange meals. Special meals are served for children, and meals can be ordered directly to the apartment.

Olga, Vologda. “The staff at the reception work around the clock, which is very convenient – they will always help to solve the problems that have arisen. Breakfast was nice, the child enjoyed eating porridge. On the other side of the Volga it is most convenient to get by taxi. “

Grand Hotel & SPA Aristocrat Kostroma

A comfortable hotel complex, from the rooms of which a beautiful view of the Volga expanses is available, is located in the suburbs of Kostroma. To get to the center and the main attractions of the city is easiest by taxi.

The following accommodation options are available for guests: junior suite, suite and detached house.

The complex has two swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), a bath, a fitness club and a sauna, and also offers guests to relax with massage sessions. Yoga classes can be booked at an additional cost.

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In the two à la carte restaurants, travelers can eat and try a variety of dishes. A special menu is offered for children.

Pavel, St. Petersburg: “Beautiful country hotel for a comfortable and relaxing stay. The spa was very nice, clean pool. The food is delicious, even as if at home.”

Park Hotel Volzhsky Priboy

After enjoying long and interesting excursions around Kostroma, travelers can go to the village of Borovikovo, which is located at a distance of thirty kilometers from the city center. In this village there is a country park-hotel, which offers all the opportunities for a calm, measured rest.

Rooms in the park hotel are stylized as traditional Russian huts and are divided into categories: standard apartments, family and suite.

The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, fitness room, SPA-lounge and sauna, massage sessions are available. Also, the hotel staff is ready to provide everything you need for sports.

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Three meals a day are organized in the restaurant on the territory of the park-hotel, which serves guests on the menu (adult and children’s).

Olga, Murmansk: “Landscaped and picturesque area where you can rent a separate house and spend a weekend. There is a secure free parking. Buffet meals, everything is delicious.”


The new four-star hotel boasts proximity to the main attractions of Kostroma – the monastery, museums and park. The hotel will be an excellent solution for tourists traveling along the Golden Ring.

The hotel has spacious rooms of the following types: standard, comfort, suite, family suite and executive suite. Some apartments are perfect for single occupancy.

The mini-hotel has all the possibilities for organizing leisure activities for guests: tired tourists can relax during massage sessions, get acquainted with cosmetic services and visit the hairdresser.

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The hotel has a hotel that serves delicious and varied dishes. Breakfast can be ordered in the apartment.

Elena, Vladikavkaz: “Clean and cozy apartment, equipped with everything you need for a light snack or tea party. I liked that in each corridor there was a cooler with free water. “

Kostroma Hotel Golden Ring

The design hotel has received many high reviews from travelers due to its convenient location on the banks of the Volga. By taxi to the city center can be reached in ten to fifteen minutes.

A characteristic difference of the hotel is that some rooms are furnished with luxurious antique furniture. Travelers can book apartments of different categories: standard suite, comfort room, suite.

Due to the location of the complex, guests have access to their own beach on the river bank and the pier, where small boats and jet skis are rented.

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The food in the boutique hotel is diverse: children can choose dishes from a special children’s menu, adults will surely appreciate a good coffee.

Natalia, Krasnodar: “Stayed at the hotel once again. I like that everything here is thought out to the smallest detail. The view of the Volga from the window of the room is just wonderful!”

Art-Hotel Centralnyi

Travelers located in a small art hotel, easily get to all the Kostroma attractions. The hotel is surrounded by ancient monasteries and temples, museums are within walking distance.

The art hotel is especially fond of staying for couples who can choose the following rooms: standard apartments, comfort room and suite. For budget tourists, accommodation in a common room is available.

The hotel staff pays special attention to the leisure of guests: employees organize excursions around Kostroma, horse riding lessons and culinary master classes, help rent bicycles to explore the city.

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Travelers celebrate a good breakfast, which is served in a café on the territory of the art hotel. Meals can be ordered at an additional cost (children’s menu or adult).

Valeria, Uglich: “Very stylish and comfortable mini-hotel, the rooms are clean, the linen is freshly ironed and snow-white. The apartments are equipped with everything you may need on vacation. The kid liked the bunk bed the most.”

Art-hotel Alexandrovsky

From one of the most famous monasteries of Kostroma, you can quickly walk to a comfortable small hotel, which was chosen by families with children traveling around the cities of Russia.

Guests can stay in one of the types of rooms: standard apartments, superior suite, deluxe room, room with a huge bed and comfort suite. For solo travelers there are special rooms.

In the hotel you can book excursions around the city, in the evenings listen to live music, rent bicycles and enjoy the calm atmosphere of Kostroma on the outdoor terrace.

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In the restaurant of the same name, owned by the hotel, guests can eat delicious and nourishing food, as well as taste fine coffee.

Eugene, Kursk: “The mini-hotel is very cozy and atmospheric. I liked that the bath had heated floors. You can feel the care of every guest!”

Ekaterina Hotel

In one of the historical buildings of the central district of Kostroma there is a small atmospheric hotel, which opened only a couple of years ago.

The small rooms of the hotel are clean and well-equipped, includes several categories: standard room, superior room, deluxe, suite and apartment. Suites are available for single occupancy.

For travelers who visited Kostroma on a business trip, the hotel provides access to the business center with all the necessary equipment. Also at the hotel there is free parking.

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Guests can enjoy in-room dining from the restaurant, as well as a bar and a selection of drinks.

Irina, Orenburg: “Despite the fact that the mini-hotel is hidden in the very center, the area is very quiet and calm. The furniture is new, the furnishings are classic style.”

Cruise Hotel

In the suburbs of Kostroma, the picturesque Volga coast is decorated with a stylish and comfortable mini-hotel, a little further from which there is a bridge.

Clean and stylish rooms are divided into several main categories: standard, comfort and suite, characterized by excellent views of the river expanses.

Guests can visit the sandy beach, the outdoor terrace, and explore the terrain and nature via one of the available routes.

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To eat, hotel guests do not need to go outside the territory – the hotel has a restaurant serving travelers on the menu. Meals can be delivered to your room upon request.

Tatiana, Moscow: “We are ready to visit Kostroma again for the sake of this wonderful hotel. Despite the fact that we were here in the winter, the rooms were perfectly heated, it was comfortable to be in them. I was surprised by the approach to children: they are ready to cook porridge separately or warm milk. “

We have prepared a comparative table of the best hotels in Kostroma, which are suitable for comfortable accommodation:

НазваниеРасположениеНомераУдобства в номерахРазвлеченияСтоимость проживанияПроживание с животными
Отель Shelestoff 5 км до железнодорожного вокзала. Комфорт Стандарт Улучшенный номер Номер бизнес-класса Телевизор Телефон Сейф Мини-бар Фен Бассейн СПА Массаж Сауна Баня Дети до 6 лет – бесплатно. Минимальная цена номера за ночь – 30 EUR Нет.
Премьер отель 10 км до железнодорожного вокзала. Стандарт, Полулюкс, Люкс, Семейный номер. Кондиционер Телевизор Звукоизоляция Утюг Фен Сейф Бассейн Сауна Место для пикника Минимальная цена номера за ночь – 30 EUR. Платно, по предварительному запросу.
Гранд Отель и СПА Аристократ Кострома 15 км до железнодорожного вокзала. Полулюкс, Люкс, Дом. Кондиционер Телефон Телевизор Утюг Гидромассажная ванна Бассейн Баня Массаж СПА Фитнес Минимальная цена номера за ночь – 110 EUR. Нет.
Парк-отель Волжский Прибой 16 км до железнодорожного вокзала. Стандарт, Семейный номер, Комфорт, Люкс. Душ Телевизор Холодильник Балкон Бассейн Фитнес Йога Сауна Массаж СПА Размещение детей до 16 лет – 10 EUR за ночь. Минимальная цена номера за ночь – 80 EUR. Платно, по предварительному запросу.
Я-Отель 3,5 км до железнодорожного вокзала. Стандарт, Комфорт, Делюкс, Люкс, Семейный номер, Представительский люкс. Телевизор Кондиционер Шумоизоляция Утюг Фен Терраса Массаж Салон красоты Дети до 2 лет – бесплатно. Минимальная цена номера за ночь – 45 EUR. Нет.
Кострома Отель Золотое кольцо 2 км до железнодорожного вокзала. Стандарт Комфорт Апартаменты Люкс Телефон Телевизор Мини-бар Чайник Фен Пляж Велоспорт Вай-фай Дети до 6 лет – бесплатно. Минимальная цена номера за ночь – 35 EUR. Платно, по предварительному запросу.
Art-Hotel Centralnyi 3 км до железнодорожного вокзала. Стандарт Комфорт Люкс Общий номер Кондиционер Телевизор Фен Утюг Вай-фай Рыбная ловля Прокат велосипедов Минимальная цена номера за ночь – 25 EUR. Платно, по предварительному запросу.
Арт-отель Александровский 2 км до железнодорожного вокзала. Стандартный Улучшенный Делюкс Люкс Комфорт Телефон Телевизор Кондиционер Фен Терраса Живая музыка Пешие экскурсии Минимальная цена номера за ночь – 45 EUR. Да, бесплатно.
Отель Екатерина Кострома 2,6 км до железнодорожного вокзала. Стандартный Улучшенный Делюкс Люкс Апартаменты Телевизор Кондиционер Звукоизоляция Сейф Фен Вай-фай Пешие экскурсии Парковка Дети до 12 лет – бесплатно. Минимальная цена номера за ночь – 70 EUR. Нет.
Отель «Круиз» 3 км до железнодорожного вокзала. Стандарт Комфорт Люкс Телевизор Телефон Сейф Кондиционер Утюг Фен Пляж Терраса Вай-фай Дети до 2 лет – бесплатно. Минимальная цена номера за ночь – 45 EUR. Нет.

Editor’s choice

If you decide to explore the cities of Russia and get acquainted with the famous route “Golden Ring”, then you will need to choose one of the hotels in Kostroma to comfortably stay in the city. After analyzing the table, our editors came to the conclusion that it is better to combine active recreation with walking tours and relaxed pastime in the SPA or pool in the complex“Grand Hotel and SPA Aristocrat Kostroma”. Tourists prefer the hotel because of the following features:

  • developed infrastructure
  • spacious rooms
  • wide range of services for families with children
  • proximity to the Volga.

If you opted for this hotel, we recommend that you rent a car for a more comfortable exploration of Kostroma, which can be left in a guarded parking lot near the hotel.

Alina Abramova

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