The Donn Q Inn – a hotel with twenty and two “faces”

In wisconsin, in the United States, there is an unusual hotel “The Donn Q Inn”,whose guests are invited to check into one of the 22 rooms. The hotel building is located among the endless fields in North Dodgeville.

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At first glance, the hotel is an ordinary farm: a two-story building made of wood, with a huge gate. But it is worth looking inside, and your idea of this hotel will radically change. The interior of the hall is made of raw stone, sheathed with wooden panels, there is a huge fireplace and cozy sofas. But it’s still flowers.

The hotel consists of 22 rooms, the interior of which is not repeated. The imagination of the creators of these numbers-fairy tales should only be envied. Below is most of the available number of rooms.

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  • Indian Summer Room. The room has a huge bed, which is decorated like an Indian wigwam. And for the entourage, all the walls of the room are pictures of the daily life of the Indians.
  • Jungle Safari Room. An incredible number of exotic plants, a real bamboo house located above the bed, as well as a bathroom made of stone. An ideal setting for people who feel like Tarzan at heart.
  • Issue “Maggie’s Nest”. This room is often chosen by married couples and newlyweds. The room is gentle white and pink, with numerous vases decorated with red roses, and the bathroom in the shape of a heart will not leave indifferent any woman.
  • Knights of the Round Table Room. At your disposal is a black king bed, numerous armor, swords, unicorns, and other paraphernalia of that time. Just do not sleep for a very long time, otherwise you will be late for the jousting tournament!
  • Northern Lights Room. In the hotel room there is an ice game, on the walls of the picture of the snowy desert and many mirrors that give the interior a completely icy look.
  • Room “Paradise Bay”. This room will appeal to romantic natures. Palm trees, the sea, many flowers – just a paradise!
  • Sherwood Forest Room. Being in the room, you will not leave the feeling that you are in a real forest. Mats in the form of grass, trunks of real trees, real stones. And of course a bow and a quiver with arrows, and otherwise, what are you then Robin Hood?
  • Number “Rifle shot”. The interior of this room will be very attractive for avid hunters. The walls of the room are decorated with antique guns, heads, horns and hooves of animals.
  • Room “Chapel”. Originally, the hotel building was a church. And this room was really a chapel. The room has three levels of living room, bedroom and bathroom.
  • Room “Oasis of Tranquility”. These apartments will take you directly to the moon. At your disposal is a real spacesuit, and instead of a bed, comfortable lunar craters in which you can comfortably sit and view the endless space depicted directly on the ceiling.
  • The number “Above, above…”. The walls of the room are painted with clouds and birds, and the bed is a huge basket of a balloon, at the bottom of which there are soft pillows instead of sandbags. Without a doubt, such a bed will take your dreams to the seventh heaven.
  • Royal Casino Room. Gambling people will appreciate the interior of this room: red, black and gold tones, a huge number of lamps, tablets with inscriptions such as “One-armed bandit” or “Black Jack”. If there is a desire to lower a decent amount in the casino, then it is worth booking this room – here you can survive the peak of excitement with security for your wallet.
  • Room “Arabian Nights”. Luxurious canines, a fountain in the room, various incense will make you feel like a real Arab sheikh, well, or his beloved wife.
  • Caesar’s Reception Room. The owners of the hotel tried to recreate the flavor of that era. This huge room has a marble bathroom, antique columns, and a themed panorama on the wall that will help take you to Ancient Rome.
  • Room “Boat”. In this room you will not find a regular bed. You will have to sleep in a Viking boat, which will take you directly into the open sea of dreams.

The hosts did their best to impress their guests for years to come. Therefore, if you find yourself near the town of Dodgeville, be sure to look into this hotel to stay in such an unusual hotel and get an unforgettable experience for a lifetime.

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Alina Abramova

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