The best Cappadocia hotels. Where to stay for sightseeing?

Cappadocia is located in the center of the Anatolian plateau in Turkey. Cappadocia translates as “the country of beautiful horses.” It is known for its unique lunar landscape, hot air balloon flight, cities underground, as well as churches in caves. There are direct flights from Istanbul to Kayseri in Cappadocia, which take about 1.5 hours, you can also get there by night bus from Istanbul,the road takes about 11 hours, but the trip to Cappadocia remains forever in memory.

Sota Cappadocia

Sota Cappadocia is one of the hotels in Urgup. This is a luxurious boutique hotel with personalized service and beautiful rooms. The cave rooms are decorated in a very modern style. Breakfast is included in the price. The hotel has terraces with views of the amazing Cappadocia.



Hotel Hezen

Hotel Hezen – Located in Ortahisar, it overlooks the castle in the village. The rooms in the cave are very modern, excellent service. Breakfast is included in the price.



Sultan Cave Suites

Sultan Cave Suites – known in social networks for the roof terrace, it offers a beautiful view of the Gorem, balloons and sunrise. Very romantic! At dawn, only hotel guests can admire some of the best views in Cappadocia.



Kelebek Special Cave Hotel

Kelebek Special Cave Hotel – provides different room category by price. Rooms at the hotel are cavernous and stone. Between the rooms there are terraces with beautiful views of Goreme. You can use the swimming pool or visit the hammam (Turkish base). Breakfast is included in the price.



Kismet Cave House

Kismet Cave House refers to not very expensive hotels, stone rooms decorated in a style traditional for Turkey, carpets and textiles. The hotel is located in the centre of Goreme. Breakfast is included in the price.



If you stay in one of the cave hotels, you can feel like a local a thousand years ago Many cave hotels provide an opportunity to enjoy luxury and feel like a king. Unlike the homes of locals, these boutique hotels are equipped with amenities such as a hammam (Turkish bath), high-speed internet and modern bathrooms. Other features include stone arches, volcanic-colored walls, and panoramic terraces overlooking the valley.

Travel Tip: Even if for a day, stay in a cave hotel to get a unique experience and enjoy Turkish hospitality at its best.

The Chavushin is suitable for visitors who are looking for a more relaxed and remote stay, hiking and views of balloons and sunrise. Chavushin is ideally located in The Goreme National Park, close to popular balloon launch sites. The small town has some stunning boutique hotels.

Urgup, Gorem and Uchisar are the main holiday destinations in Cappadocia, each with its own atmosphere and features. Everywhere there is a hotel to choose from elite boutique hotels to guest houses. Excellent local cuisine with original dishes will not leave indifferent. No one can forget the fabulous Cappadocia, and will definitely come back again.

Alina Abramova

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