The best beaches of the Dominican Republic: photos of 10 stunning places to stay in Haiti

On our site you can find photos of beaches and hotels in the Dominican Republicto perfectly plan your vacation and choose a suitable option. Rest in the Dominican Republic can be as comfortable as possible for tourists, it is a country with a high level of development, chic beaches, excellent hotels and expensive restaurants. Even Columbus, landing on the island of Haiti in the Dominican Republic, called it a lost paradise – and this metaphor is understandable, because the mild and moderately hot summer here all year round.

Holidays in this country are ideal for lovers of clean, untouched nature, there are many exotic plants and animals, unique coral reefs, fish and animals that can not be found anywhere else. In the Caribbean Sea there are many secluded, but landscaped beaches. Here you can be in the hot summer at any time of the year.

Bavaro Beach (Punta Cana)

Bavaro Beach (Punta Cana) is named after the village near which it is located. The beach is 25 km from Punta Cana Airport. The main feature of this place is a huge coral reef, which protects the beach from cold currents, dangerous inhabitants of the sea and too strong waves.

This reef provides a calm and pleasant holiday on the sea, the beach itself is sandy, with a gentle entrance to the water and gradually increasing depth. On the shore grow luxurious palm trees, so find shade here is not difficult. This is a real paradise with warm, clear water and a gorgeous view. Here is coral sand, which does not heat up even on the hottest days.

The length of the beach is 3 km, on its territory rental points of uniforms for water sports, as well as many bars, cafes and restaurants.

In the village of Bavaro, in several lines, there are hotels of different levels. The closest to the sea are the following options: Barceló Domnican Beach 4*, The Royal Suites Turquesa By Palladium 5* and Occidental Grand Punta Cana 5*. These are hotels with beautiful, modern living conditions.

“Luxurious beach to relax, very beautiful, warm water and small waves, it is always calm and quiet. My favorite vacation spot.”

Arena Gorda Beach (Punta Cana)

To the north of Bavaro is the beach of Arena Gorda (Punta Cana). This is a wide strip of clean, snow-white coral sand, which on the one hand is washed by the waters of the ocean, and on the other – surrounded by sprawling, tall palm trees. On the beach you can use umbrellas, tables, rent sun loungers. There is also a bar and a café on site. Water sports and diving equipment can also be rented.

The beach has a quality certificate “Blue Flag”. It is worth noting that there is no sanitary zone and restaurants – it is better to take food with you. The rescue post works all year round. In late autumn and winter in this place is quite strong wind and big waves, it is liked by surfers, but does not always suit ordinary tourists.

There are no hotels near the beach, they are in the distance. The closest are majestic Colonial Punta Cana, Iberostar Punta Cana, as well as elite variants of Riu Bambu 5 * and Luxury Bahia Principe Esmeralda.

“Very clean, beautiful, sand in the morning sifted with special machines to get rid of the larvae. A great place for a relaxing holiday, but you can also engage in active sports. A unique place, everything was nice.”

Palenque Beach (San Cristobal)


This beach is markedly different from most others in the country, there is not white, but gray sand. It is very popular among locals, as there is not a single hotel surrounded by several kilometers.

Palenque Beach (San Cristobal) still attracts tourists who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle and get closer to the culture of the Dominican Republic. Also, the place is very popular among diving enthusiasts, as at the bottom of the ocean there are very beautiful coral reefs and the remains of a ship that sanken 200 years ago.

There is untouched nature, the sand is much dirtier, there are stones, and the bottom is worse than on the beaches near the hotels. But, to visit this place is still interesting. On the shore there is also an excellent restaurant with delicious fish and seafood dishes.

“It’s an interesting place, but I wouldn’t go here all the time. Once there were, in general, liked, much less people around and all the local, the views are beautiful. But in terms of comfort, the beach loses to others.”

Bounty Beach (Saona Island)

Saona Island is a favorite place for tourists, it is located in the northern part of the Dominican Republic and excursions there are organized from all hotels. The peculiarity of the island is that the authorities of the country recognized it as a reserve and forbade construction. There is only one small fishing village on the island.

Bounty Beach (SaonaIsland) is one of the best places in the Dominican Republic. There are always few tourists, a place untouched by man allows you to immerse yourself in the pristine nature and appreciate it. On the shore there are many palm trees that lean towards the water, a huge number of exotic plants, 112 rare species of birds. Turtles and other animals walk quietly here. The water on Bounty Beach is azure-turquoise, clear and calm, the waves are minimal.

Despite the lack of infrastructure, there are still some signs of civilization – showers, toilets, changing cabins. Here you can not take equipment for sports, but the place is very fond of divers.

You can get to the island on your own – you need to leave the capital of the Dominican Republic by highway to La Romana, then get to Bayahibe. There will be plenty of signs all along the way.

Advertising bar “Bounty” was filmed here, so the beach got its name.

“It’s a stunning beach, really’ a ‘paradise delight’. We went on our own, but you can also go with an excursion. The purest water, beautiful nature, light ocean breeze – complete relaxation and relaxation. Next time we will definitely take the costumes for diving.”

Sigvori Beach (Punta Cana)

Syvori Beach (Punta Cana) located away from the resort areas, it is one of the most popular in the region. There is fine, very clean bronze sand, clear and warm water. Straight places for the purchase of attractions: Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa, Sivory Punta Cana Boutique Hotel, Sirenis Cocotal Beach Resort and Excellence Punta Cana.These hotels are mainly luxury.

Part of the beach is an open space with large waves, and part is a cozy bay with calm, so the place is popular among lovers of active and beach holidays. If the weather allows, surfing training is provided on weekends.

“We went to this beach to surf – I liked it. The waves are large, the wind is moderate, the water is warm and clean. The beach itself is also good, clean and well maintained. A couple of times we were in group classes on weekends, but they are more for beginners. “

Playa Dorada Beach (Playa Dorada)

This beach is ideal for lovers of a comfortable stay. Almost all of it is allocated for hotels, so every morning the staff conducts a thorough cleaning and cleaning, sifts sand from larvae and mollusks, and also prepares for a new resort day.

There is white, fine sand, clear and clean water, gentle descent and gradually increasing depth. The place is fully equipped for tourists – there are sunbeds, umbrellas, cafes, rental points for catamarans and sports uniforms. Diving suits can be rented.

“We rested here with a young man, the place is good, but it is rather a resort for families with children. No entertainment, just a beach and a few restaurants.”

Boca Chica Beach (Boca Chica)

The beach of Boca Chica (Boca Chica) is located near the capital of the country, it is a picturesque lagoon that is surrounded by a large coral reef. Due to the presence of a reef, the lagoon is protected from any dangerous inhabitants of the ocean, cold currents do not get here and a storm does not reach.

White, fine sand does not overheat in the sun, so rest is always comfortable. The depth of the lagoon is only 1.5 m, but here you can often find surfers, as well as divers and sailboats. Some water ski here. Gambling tourists can participate in fishing competitions.

“Beautiful place, view like a postcard. Brought a lot of great photos. The lagoon is very shallow, so it is good to swim with children, and in general is suitable for lovers of a relaxing holiday. The beach has everything you need for a comfortable pastime, loved it.”

Beaches of Caleton and Juanillo (Punta Cana)

The beaches of Caleton and Juanillo (Punta Cana) are some of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic, which is confirmed by the photo. A wide sandy, white stripe combined with turquoise water makes the view stunningly beautiful. This color of the sea in the Dominican Republic can be seen only on this beach.

These objects are located on the territory of the elite, the most expensive housing complex of the country Cap Cana. You can drive to the territory of beach clubs only with passes, and the owners of real estate and guests of the Eden Roc At Cap Cana and Golden Bear Lodge & Spa hotels – expensive and luxurious hotel complexes – have a pass.

Other tourists can also visit the territory of the beaches, but the cost of the entrance ticket is 30 euros. This price includes use of the swimming pool, toilet, shower and towel service.

On the territory there are sun beds, comfortable and soft beach sofas. Active guests can play volleyball, rent catamarans, boats and kayaks, as well as scuba diving lessons and diving uniforms. Sometimes there are horses that you can ride for a fee. The beaches are very popular for photo shoots and wedding ceremonies.

“It’s the most beautiful place I’ve seen. Just amazing, were in the Dominican Republic with her husband on a honeymoon, decided to see these beaches. Emotions overwhelm, beauty is incredible. We also decided to order a photo shoot here – expensive, but the result is gorgeous. “

Sosua Beach (Sosua Bay)

Sosua Bay is located in the north of the country and is in great demand among tourists. Sosua Beach (Sosua Bay) is one of the best places in the Dominican Republic, there is pristine nature, lush palm trees, unusual corals at the bottom and many exotic plants. The sand here is not as white as on the southern coast, but in the bay civilization has not touched nature, preserving its natural appearance.

It is a unique place with golden sand, turquoise water and beautiful coral reefs. The bay itself is cozy and quiet, but along the beach there are restaurants, bars, cafes and souvenir shops. There are several nightclubs here. The place is quite popular, so there are always a lot of tourists here.

“Beautiful bay, very clean, beautiful, got gorgeous photos. But a lot of people, sometimes there is nowhere to lie. I had to go to Dorado. The beach has a lovely restaurant and a great bar.”

Dominicus Beach (Bayahibe)

Clean and beautiful beach Dominicus (Bayahibe) is always in demand among tourists. Almost the entire territory is occupied by hotels, so it is not always possible to find a place. You can leave your car in the paid parking and walk along the coastline on any of the closed beaches. And you can also leave the car in the beach club and get access to its territory.

Near this place there are hotels Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa, Catalonia Gran Dominicus and Iberostar Hacienda Dominicus – luxury hotels.

There is a very beautiful nature, clean and white, fine sand, palm trees, turquoise sea with a good bottom. The beaches are fully equipped for recreation – they have sunbeds, umbrellas, paraphernalia for water sports, catamarans and much more. There are fewer tourists than on Bayahibe beach, but there are still a lot.

“I did not like it very much, the beaches are beautiful, but everywhere there are hotels, and when you come to someone else’s territory, you feel uncomfortable. Nature itself is luxurious, the water is warm, but the prices in the café are obscenely high, which is also a minus. “

The peculiarity of the Dominican Republic is that during the year the air and water temperature here almost does not change. In winter, the country has +29 and water +26, and in summer the air warms up to +32, and the water – up to +28. Therefore, you can come to rest at any time. But in summer the climate is more humid, there are practically no winds, in winter a storm and strong winds are more common. Therefore, tourists usually come here in the off-season.