The best beaches of Crete, Greece: Photos from which it is impossible to take your eyes off, TOP 10.

Crete is an island with thousands of beaches, for every taste, with hundreds of different shades of sea and sand, there are crowded, there are secluded. In order not to get confused in this diversity, we have compiled a rating of the best beaches of the island of Crete. Choose yours.

Xerokambos Beach

This beach is located in the south-east of the island of Crete in the Lassiti region about 100 kilometers from the city of Agios Nicholas, 70 kilometers from the city of Yerapetra, and 48 kilometers from the city of Sitia. Xerokambos is one of the most beautiful beaches of Crete. It consists of several beaches, among which there are sandy and sandy-pebbly. And since Xerokambos is removed at a fairly decent distance from the major cities of Crete, there is no fuss and is never crowded. But there are no water activities and umbrellas with sun loungers. Here are the showers here, the car is where to put. Near the beach there are several hotels where you can rent a room. The entrance to the sea here is gentle. If you do not like the hustle and bustle on the beach – this is one of the options for your holiday.

Triopetra Beach

It is located 52 kilometers from the city of Rethymna. The beach got its name because of three huge boulders sticking out of the water. Triopetra translates as “three-stone”. It is a huge beach starting at these rocks and stretching west for several kilometers. It is located so that if the south or west wind blows, then swimming will be a big question. But here are awesomely beautiful sunsets. Nearby are other beaches: St. Paul’s Dunes, St. Paul’s Bay with the beach and small hotels and taverns, and Ligres Beach. Camping on this beach is not allowed.



Elounda Beach

Here you can get confused in the beaches, because there are a lot of them in this region. The village of Elounda is located in the eastern part of Crete on the shores of the Gulf of Mirabella, 10 kilometers north of the town of Agios Nicholas. The place is very hyped and glamorous. Many celebrities like to come here. The most popular beach of Elounda is the beach of Skhisma. Located next to the port and very well organized by the local authorities. The sea here is always calm. The entrance to the sea is sandy.

If you move further north towards Spinalonga, along the way you will come across other interesting beaches without waves.



Vulisma Beach

It is located in the village of Istro, 12 kilometers east of Agios Nicholas. The emerald beaches of Istro are the main engine of development of this village. The beach of Vulisma or it is also called Chryssiamos – golden sand – is a beautiful beach with white sand, which gives the sea an exotic blue color. The beach is well organized. But if there is a wave on the sea, here, unfortunately, a lot of garbage is collected, and the beach becomes unsuitable for swimming. On such days, it is better to rush to another place. By the way, there are other beaches nearby that are less known: Karavostasi, Agios Panteleimonas, Hartalami Kolymbos and Pylos.



Karavostasi Beach

In Greece and Crete, the name Karavostasi is quite common, because literally it means: the parking of ships. And the beach of our rating of the best beaches is also called Karavostasi. And it is located in the village of Bali. This is a very small sand and pebble beach with crystal clear water. It is well equipped and ideal for snorkelers. Also in this bay dive divers from the local diving center. In the bay there is a small hotel and apartments for rent. If someone is tired, a great tavern is at your service.



Preveli Beach

This beautiful beach with a palm forest and a freshwater river flowing from the Kurtaliotsky gorge and flowing here. It is located in the south of Crete, 35 kilometers from the city of Rethymna. In the 60s, 70s, this beach was a favorite place for hippies and nudists. Now they can sometimes be seen here too. Preveli beach is sand and pebble. The water in the sea is cooler than in other places because of the river that flows here. On the beach everything is organized: shower, sunbeds, umbrellas, toilet and tavern.

In 2010, there was a strong fire here. Everything burned out. But to date, everything has recovered and only the blackened trunks of palm trees remind of the fire. A walk through the palm forest with a camera will leave many pleasant moments in the shower and in the pictures.

You can get to the beach from the monastery of Preveli. The path is very picturesque, but tiring on the rise. You can drive up from the east to Drimischiano Ammudi. The beach is a 5-minute walk away. But such beauties as in the previous version you will not see. Well, 1 more option. You can enjoy a boat trip from Plakias or Agia Galini on one of the boats that constantly ply here.



Matala Beach

The village of Matala is located 68 kilometers south of Heraklion. It is famous primarily for its rocky man-made caves, in which there were ancient Roman burials. In the 70s, these caves were arbitrarily inhabited by hippies from all over the world, who then could not smoke out of there for a long time. Now these caves are open for free visits. But it is forbidden to stay overnight in them.

The beach itself is sandy, but at the entrance to the sea sometimes there are stones, and you need to be careful. The infrastructure here is very well developed: sunbeds, umbrellas, shower, toilet, many taverns, souvenir shops and small hotels. And hippies can be found here now. They immediately sell handmade jewelry nearby.

Every summer, a music festival is held here, which attracts musicians from all over the world.

You can get to Matala by rented car or by bus from Heraklion.



Falassarna Beach

It is located in the west of Crete, 50 kilometers from Chania and 14 kilometers from Kissamos. This is a modern village with many small hotels, taverns and shops, located on a sandy beach stretched from north to south. The beaches of Falassarna year after year win the blue flag for the cleanliness and quality of the services provided and are constantly on the list of the best beaches in Greece. The beach is open to westerly winds. The sea is wavy here. And they say that the most beautiful sunsets in Crete are in Fallasarna.

Nearby are the excavations of ancient Fallasarna. It is better to get here by rented car, but you can take a bus or a taxi.



Balos Beach

This is one of the most inaccessible beaches of the island of Crete. You can get here either by car on a dirt road, risking to pay a tidy sum if there is a breakdown on this segment of the way, or by ship from the port of Kissamos, buying a ticket yourself, or as part of a group excursion. What is so unique about this place? The fact that the currents and winds in the company of the natural landscape created here a unique place in its beauty. The colors of the sea here are simply amazing. Someone has 16 shades someone 18, and they also say that it is here that 3 seas merge: Libyan, Ionian and Cretan. But perhaps this is just a beautiful lure for tourists, because no one has ever seen a specific place of confluence. But it is definitely worth visiting here. At least one eye to look at this unearthly beauty.



Elafonisi Beach

Some call Elafonisi the Cretan Maldives because of the white and pink sand washed by winds and currents. The pink color of the sand was due to the high content of impurities containing small fragments of shells and corals. In translation, Elafonisi means deer island, but you will not see deer here. This island is located 75 kilometers from the city of Chania. You can get here by bus, with an excursion and by rented car. There are no hotels near the beach, as this place is a nature reserve and is under protection. It is home to rare species of pritz and there are endemic plants. If you need amenities on the beach, it is better to stop at the part closest to the road, where there are changing cabins, showers, toilets and eateries. If you decide to go to the island, you should understand that there is none of this. But in return you will get more beauty, more nature and unity with it. You can even find a lagoon where there will be no one else besides you.

Important: If you are going to Elafonisi, be sure to look at the wind forecast. If they promise a strong wind, then it is better to postpone the trip to another day so that the impressions of this amazing place are not blurred.