Sights of Ryazan, a good opportunity to spend an interesting weekend

Ryazan is rich in historical and cultural attractions. Ryazan from the very first day of foundation was considered the supporting border of the state. The city had to go through hard times. It was repeatedly burned by enemies in the ancient and Middle Ages, during the Second World War, the inhabitants withstood a multi-day siege, without having the support of the regular forces of the Red Army. It was Ryazan that initiated the creation of a people’s militia during the Polish intervention (1611). Ryazan region gave the world the greatest creators of our time – physiologist I.P. Pavlov, poet Sergei Yesenin, founder of cosmonautics Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Soviet romantic writer Konstantin Paustovsky, actor Erast Garin. A simple walk through the ancient city will bring a lot of impressions and open the veil over some historical secrets.

Ryazan Kremlin

It is best to start acquaintance with Ryazan from this memorable place. This is the oldest part of the city, from which its development began. The place for construction was not accidentally chosen on a high steep hill. On the one hand, the approaches to the settlement were protected by the Trubezh River, on the other hand, by the waters of Lybedi. The first parking lot of people appeared on this place in the Mesolithic era. In the 6-7 centuries, Slavic tribes came here. In 1095, the city of Pereyaslavl-Ryazan was founded here, which even then represented a fortified fortress created to defend the borders of the state.

Today there is a historical and architectural museum-reserve, in which historical and religious objects have been preserved. Entrance to the complex is free, but to view the museum expositions, these are 5 objects, you will have to purchase tickets at the box office. You can buy a single ticket, which is valid only on weekends and holidays. Its cost is 550 rubles, discounts are provided for children, pensioners and students. 400 meters from the main entrance there is a bus stop “Cathedral Square” (bus number 41, trolleybus number 1). To the central gate of the Kremlin is an alley through the park. Hotels “Old Town”, “Aragon” are located one and a half kilometers from the attraction, “hotel” Kremlin Park “in 400 meters.

Address: 15, 15, Kremlin, Ryazan




Defensive rampart in the Ryazan Kremlin

With it, perhaps, it is worth starting acquaintance with the ancient part of the city. You can climb here from the street of the same name. A path leads up, from the top there is a view of the entire ensemble of the Ryazan Kremlin. You can immediately decide where it is best to go in the very near future. The rampart has a height of 9 meters, a length of 340 m. It was built before the construction of Detinets and was the main defensive object of the settlement.

Assumption Cathedral

The architectural building is a symbol of Ryazan. It was built by the serf architect Yakov Bukhvostov in 1693-1699. The history of the construction of the cathedral is interesting. In 1677, the local Metropolitan Joseph appealed to Tsar Fyodor Alekseevich with a request to allocate funds for the construction of a new church. He received the money and hired to perform the work of the mason Fyodor Sharitin with his comrades. Those, having received a fee, built a new church until 1692. When the metropolitan gladly informed the tsar that the cathedral was almost ready, the unfinished building collapsed, damaging the gate church in the Spassky Monastery. It turned out that the “ditern of stone affairs” Sharitin incorrectly made calculations, did not take into account the weakness of the soil under the foundation. In 1693, the construction was entrusted to Yakov Grigorievich, who six years later transferred the five-domed cathedral to the local diocese.

In 1992, after being forgotn during the Soviet period, the cathedral was transferred to the Russian Orthodox Church. Restoration work was carried out in it, the ancient iconostasis was completely restored. Services are held daily from May to October. The Divine Liturgy begins at 09.00, the evening service at 17.00. The doors of the temple are opened for believers at 07.30, visiting is possible until the end of the evening service.




Nativity of Christ Cathedral

Next to the Assumption Cathedral is the oldest temple of Ryazan – the Nativity of Christ Cathedral. It is because of its dilapidation in 1677 that the metropolitan began to petition for the construction of a new church, but the first stone cathedral of the Ryazan Kremlin still stands and is in good condition. Which of the architects owns the project is not known, but the last painting was made by the Ryazan icon painter Shumov in 1873-1875. Grand Duke of Ryazan Oleg initiated the construction. At that time, all the buildings in the city were wooden, including the main Orthodox church. After the construction of the stone cathedral, its consecration and obtaining the status of a cathedral, each new head of the diocese tried to bring innovations both to the interior design and to the external architecture.

The cathedral is active, the entrance is free. Here are kept the relics of St. Basil of Ryazan, other Ryazan saints and venerable Kiev-Pechersk fathers. Many shrines are available for worship, including pieces of the relics of Gregory the Theologian, John Chrysostom, Seraphim of Sarov, Matrona of Moscow. The temple is open from 7.30 am until the end of the evening service. Services begin at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.




Archangel Cathedral

The building is an example of earlyMoskov architecture. The temple was built at the turn of the 15th-16th centuries and was the burial place of the ryazan princes, then the bishops. The church has been thoroughly restored. It is located next to the Assumption Cathedral. It was returned to the ROC in 2011. Today, one of the richest collections of ancient Russian icons is collected here. Admission is free. There are no services.

Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery

Next to the bishop’s house there is a monastery. When it was laid is not known exactly. For the first time its existence is mentioned in the annals of 1467. It is believed that during the Mongol-Tatar invasion, St. Basil of Ryazan (1288) moved his cathedra here and it was then that the monastery was founded. But the chronology begins with the first documented mention. Until 1920, the brothers-monks fulfilled their duty and even created the Eparsha Seminary. From the early 20s to 1996, the brotherhood was dispersed. In our time, the monastery buildings have been restored, life and services have been established. On the territory of the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral, the building of the spiritual consistory, the Church of the Epiphany of the Lord have been preserved.




Oleg’s Palace

Just behind the Assumption Cathedral is the main civil building of the Kremlin – the white-stone palace of Grand Duke Oleg. It covers an area of 2.5 sq. km. This is the central museum of the reserve with many thousands of historical fund and exhibition halls. There is a permanent exhibition “From Russia to Russia”, as well as temporary exhibitions relating to individual historical eras, culture and art of society. Entrance fee. The cost of an adult ticket on weekdays is 180 rubles, on weekends – 210 rubles For pensioners, schoolchildren, students and preschool children there are discounts.

Cathedral Bell Tower of the Kremlin

This is the tallest building on the territory of the museum-reserve. It was designed and built from 1797 to 1840 by several architects. The Kostroma architect Stepan Vorotilov began, the second tier was built by the Italian Russko, the third was built by Konstantin Ton, and Nikolai Voronikhin completed the construction. The four-tiered bell tower in the style of classicism is an object of cultural heritage of the peoples of the Russian Federation. The building is located on the square in front of the Assumption and Christ Cathedrals.

Address: 10 Kremlviy Val St., Ryazan




Church of the Transfiguration of the Savior on Yar

This monument of architecture and religious pilgrimage is located on the edge of a cliff above the Trubezh River. Previously, this territory was called Streletskaya Sloboda. Here lived the soldiers who defended the fortress walls from the attack of enemies. In the beginning, there was a wooden temple on this place. In 1685, it completely burned down, and in its place was erected a white-stone church. It was built by the stolnik Ivan Ivanovich Verderevensky. The temple was closed from 1935 to 1995. On its basis worked maritime school DOSAAF. Today it is an architectural decoration of the city. Restoration and restoration work is carried out inside. The nearest public transport stop “Ryazan Kremlin” is 407 meters from the property.

Address: 14, Petrova Str., Ryazan




Cathedral Park

It will be impossible to pass by the Cathedral Park. It is located on the way to the Kremlin and is a natural landmark of the city. It stretches along the coast of Trubezh. To get acquainted with its interesting places, it is better to go from the side of the Cathedral Square (just on it there is a stop leading to the main gate of the Kremlin). The entrance to the park is solemnly decorated, and in front of it there is a monument to Oleg (sculptor Zurab Tsereteli). On the territory there is a chapel built for the 900th anniversary of Ryazan, with a dome in the form of a heroic helmet. The main alley passes by the main attractions of the Kremlin, monuments to famous natives and guests of the city.

Bar-Museum of Wines and Drinks of Russia “Sikera”

Not far from the entrance to the Cathedral Park until 2020, an interesting museum of authentic Russian traditional drinks worked. The bar has created an indescribable atmosphere of antiquity. Bartenders themselves prepared tinctures, liqueurs according to ancient recipes. Today the object is closed, but tourists sincerely hope that the excursions will resume again.

Address: 1, Seminarskaya Str., Ryazan




Poshtova Street, Ryazan

You can have a snack in any café or bar, and then turn onto the oldest street of the city – Pochtovaya. It began to be built up in 1780. Catherine II liked the plan of building the territory in the style of European cities, and she signed the project. Initially, it was planned that a trade route connecting Astrakhan and Moscow would pass through this street. The land was immediately bought up by merchants and built here stone residential mansions, shops, credit institutions, etc. The street has been repeatedly restored, the last reconstruction was carried out in 2014. There are well-preserved architectural monuments of the 18th-19th centuries, a monument to Eupathy Kollavrat is installed, there is an index with the names of the twin cities and the distance to each of them.



Sculpture “Mushrooms with eyes”. Lower City Garden.

Postal street leads to the central street of Lenin. Opposite the Philharmonic is the “Lower Garden” of the city park of Ryazan. Here, in 2013, a sculpture was installed, which sculptors Vasily and Polina Gorbunov performed according to the famous local proverb: “And we have mushrooms with eyes in Ryazan. They’re being eaten and they’re looking.” The landscape composition around the art object was made according to the project of architect Maxim Zhuravlev. This is one of the favorite places for photo shoots of tourists from different cities. Nearby there is a stop “Monument to Pavlov”.

Address: 26, Lenina St., Ryazan



Summer Club of the Noble Assembly

On the territory of the park it is also worth visiting the recently renovated Summer Club of the Noble Assembly. It is located next to the art object “Mushrooms with Eyes”. The building was built in 1904-1905 by architect Ivan Tsekhansky for the Ryazan Temperance Society. This could include not only people of noble origin, but also any decently dressed person. In this house, the first cinema in Ryazan was opened, local theatergoers showed performances, and musicians gave concerts. After the revolution, the building was given to the club of children’s creativity. Already in the 30s, about 2 thousand young pioneers were engaged here. Ironically, the park, which was once the personification of a sober lifestyle, in Soviet times turned into a “drunken park”. In the carved wooden building of the former summer club of nobles today there is the Ryazan Regional Scientific and Methodological Center of Folk Art, an exposition works. Admission is free. The object is being prepared for a complete reconstruction.

Address: 72, Uritsky Str., Ryazan

Gingerbread Museum in Ryazan

Then you can go through Freedom Square to the street of the same name. Here is the Gingerbread Gallery – the most delicious museum in Ryazan. It opened in 2015 and almost immediately became one of the attractions of the city. Visitors are offered an excursion, a master class with the manufacture of gingerbread according to traditional recipes of the peoples of the world, tasting, a sweet shop works. The museum is open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Entrance is paid, adult ticket – 200 rubles, children ‘s – 150 rubles, making gingerbread according to individual design – 100 rubles.

Address: 4, Svobody Str., Ryazan



Boat trip along the Oka River from Ryazan

You can finish a circular walk through the historical center of the city at the pier of the Ryazan Kremlin, from where ships depart along the Oka River. Pleasure craft depart daily at 12.00, 14.00, 16.00, 18.00, i.e. every even hour in the afternoon. The ticket office starts working 15 minutes before the flight. An adult ticket costs 400-500 rubles. (depending on the route), children – 200-250, kids up to 5 years old ride for free. For visitors, a sightseeing tour is held with a story about the history of the city and its main attractions. There is another flight at 20.00 with a disco. On the ship there is a bar, a souvenir shop, there is a cozy cabin company for a group of friends.

Country part

Having examined the surroundings from the side of the ship, there will definitely be a desire to visit the memorable places of the Ryazan region outside the city. You can go there by car or public transport. Many hotels in Ryazan provide a transfer to tourists or offer to rent a car. The best of them include the “Old Town”, “Aragon”, the congress hotel “Forum”, the hotel “Ryazan”.



Museum of Long-Range Aviation in Ryazan

Ryazan is not accidentally given the status of the City of Military Glory. Today, an elite school is based here, preparing the world’s best paratroopers. To the 30th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, the teacher of the Combat Training Center, Lieutenant Colonel Yuli Nikolayevich Ermakov, came up with the idea to organize an open-air museum of aviation equipment on the basis of the Diaghilev garrison. The opening of the exposition took place in 1975. During its existence, the museum conducted more than 6 thousand excursions, which were visited by 120 thousand people. In 2009, its employees were dismissed in the process of optimization, and the museum itself was withdrawn from the 43rd Combat Training Center. Thanks to the efforts of enthusiasts, the exposition was preserved. Now the museum works on a voluntary basis, a symbolic fee is taken for the entrance on a contractual basis. You can inspect the exhibits and listen to a fascinating story about each of them from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 18.00. On weekends, the staff rests. Before the trip, you must call and agree on a pass, since the object is located on the territory of the active military unit. In 800 meters from the entrance there is a public transport stop “Diaghilevsky town” (trolleybus No. 1, fixed-route taxi No. 41), go along the alley to the TU-16 aircraft installed on the pedestal.

Address: Belyakova str., office 41521, Ryazan



Manor von Derviz in the village of Kiritsy

For impressions of the life of the nobles of the century before last, it is worth going to the village of Kiritsa. Here, in 1889, the architect Fyodor Schechtel built the estate of von Derviz, on the territory of which there are now 11 regional objects of cultural heritage. The owner sold the estate in 1905 and left Russia for his historical homeland in Germany. After the revolution, the property was nationalized and transferred to state ownership. First, an agricultural school was organized here, then a cultprosvet school. It is believed that the feature film “Cinderella” in 1947 was shot here, against the backdrop of the amazing architecture of the fairy-tale castle and the nature of the infield garden. But, most likely, these are rumors. In 1938, a sanatorium for children suffering from tuberculosis was opened on the territory of the estate. It still works, so visitors are not allowed here. To inspect the object-winner of the contest “Seven Wonders of the Ryazan Region”, an observation deck was built. By car you need to go along the ring road in the direction of Shatsk to the sign “Sanatorium “Kiritsy” (from Moscow here leads the federal highway M5). Regular buses depart from the bus station of Ryazan. You need to choose directions in the direction of Sapozhka, Shilovo or Lesnoy, get off at the stop “Kiritsa”. Cheaper will cost a trip by train.

Address: Ryazan region, Spassky district, the village of Sanatorium Kiritsa



Museum-Reserve “Estate of S. N. Khudekov”

If there is a desire to walk not only in the park, but also to visit the estate, then it is better to go to the village of Erlino. Here is a unique park and architectural ensemble “Khudekov’s Estate”. Sergey Nikolaevich was a well-known journalist, playwright, publisher and editor of the Petersburg Newspaper. He bought the estate from the impoverished landlords Ivinsky, put it in order, built a stone house. But most importantly, he created a unique arboretum, for which he was awarded the Gold Medal of the exhibition in Paris. After the October Revolution, the estate was almost completely destroyed, the house was dismantled to the foundation, the furniture was stolen, st. Michael’s Church was given to the chemical warehouse. Miraculously preserved devastated park. Restoration work began in 1974, when the area was recognized as a monument of national heritage. By 1988, the project was fully prepared. The reconstruction was completed by 2012. Now a museum-reserve is organized here, a monument to the former owner is erected, the building of the estate with an exhibition exposition, a church, a coastal park, an arboretum park, greenhouses are open for visiting. The ticket price for an adult / child is respectively 100/50 rubles All of the above hotels organize excursion trips to the Erlin historical and cultural center. The distance from Ryazan is 11 4 km, you need to go towards Skopin, then turn to Korablino. At the 10th km from the turn there will be a pointer to Erlino. For trips by public transport, it is best to use the train.

Address: Ryazan region, Erlino village, Administrative center str., 5.



Museum-Reserve of S. A. Yesenin in Konstantinovo

It is impossible, having arrived in Ryazan, not to visit the house in which Sergei Yesenin was born and spent his childhood. It is located in the village of Konstantinovo. Pilgrimages here began immediately after the tragic death of the poet. Fans got on foot, on the crossbars, who was richer, came on horseback. There were a huge number of visitors. First they were received by the poet’s mother, then by his sisters. Thanks to numerous reviews and petitions in 1965, the house was transformed into a museum, and eventually turned into one of the largest complexes in the country. Almost the entire rural area went to it. In the estate of the landowner Kashina, a museum of the poem “Anna Snegina” was opened, the barn was transformed into a memorial object, an exposition was created in the Zemstvo school, a monument to the poet was erected. In 2010, the house of the priest I.Ya was restored. Smirnova. Here the poet’s parents were married, here he was baptized, and the priest himself played an important role in the formation of Yesenin. The objects of the museum-reserve also include the Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, the Spas-Klepikovskaya school, the literary exposition in the scientific and cultural center. Tickets are sold at the box office from 10.00 to 17.00 daily, except Monday. A single ticket on weekdays / weekends costs respectively 300/350 rubles Distance from Ryazan is 40 km on the highway. Go to Rybny on the highway M5, then turn right towards Ika. The bus departs from the bus station of Ryazan on the route to Vakino. After 1 hour and 20 minutes, he arrives in Konstantinovo. Travelers are ready to accept the hotels of the village: “Holiday home in Konstantinovo” and “House 144” by prior request.

Address: Ryazan region, Konstantinovo village



Ancient settlement “Old Ryazan”

City hotels and tourist offices offer a unique excursion tour “Ryazan – Old Ryazan”. The archaeological site is located in the Spassky district (50 km from the regional center). In the 12-13 centuries, the settlement was the center of the Ryazan principality. Today, only defensive ramparts and ruins of ancient temples remain from the buildings. Excavations have been conducted since 1822. During this time, valuable artifacts were found here, which are now stored in the largest museums of the country, including the Armory of the Moscow Kremlin and the Ryazan Kremlin Museum-Reserve. On the territory of Old Ryazan there is a white-stone cross in honor of Boris and Gleb. Here is the Alatyr-stone, which the popular rumor endowed with miraculous properties. The settlement became the venue for the annual historical and patriotic holiday “Old Ryazan”. There are two routes for trips by car: through the village of Kiritsy with a turn to Razberdeevo, then in the direction of Fatyanovka to the turn to Gorodishch. The second way lies through Spassk to the pontoon bridge, then along the Ica to the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord and up the slope. From the bus station of Ryazan there is a bus to Isada with a stop in Fatyanovka. Excursions are paid.



Starozhilovsky stud farm

Pavel Grigorievich von Derviz left a legacy not only the estate in Kiritsa, but also the stud farm in the village of Starozhilovo. He was created in the estate of his wife. The arrangement of the economy and breeding of pedigree horses was taken up by his son Pavel Pavlovich, who at the beginning of the First World War changed his name to Lugovaya. After the revolution, he hardly managed to avoid execution. The petition of his students before Lenin helped. The industrialist remained in business and founded cavalry courses, where in 1920 the future Marshal Zhukov was trained. In 1924, the former nobleman was still fired, and he was far from his offspring, to which he devoted 30 years of his life. During the evacuation during the Second World War, many valuable horses died. The livestock was restored after the war with great difficulty. As a result, since 1978, the plant is a manufacturer of the breed “Russian Riding”. There are no more analogues in the world. Today, the stud farm is operating in full force. The All-Russian championships in equestrian sports are held here. Architectural objects are not in the best condition, but you can see the buildings themselves and the Orthodox church. Excursions are held for groups of up to 10 people. In the village of Starozhilovo there is public transport from the bus station of Ryazan, the stop “Central Hospital”. If you go by train, you will have to overcome another 6 km by bus number 127.

Address: Konezavodskaya street, Starozhilovo, Ryazan Oblast



Paustovsky Trail in Solotch

Solotchey is a microdistrict in the Sovetsky district of Ryazan. The complete arrangement of the Project “Paustovsky Ecological Trail” was completed in the summer of 2019. Visitors are offered 7 routes of varying degrees of complexity. The distance varies from 7 to 50 km. All routes are marked. The most difficult is the trail “Meshcherskie lakes”, its length is more than 50 km. The writer lived in Solotch from 1930 to 1954. Walks in the surroundings inspired him to create new works. For example, walking along the route to the Black Lake, you can find many objects described in his books. For convenience, you can immediately stay in the park-hotel Paustovsky or come to the beginning of the route by taxi.

Address: Forest bunker, Ploschad Monastyrskaya, Ryazan



Hotel complex “Fisherman’s Village”

Six kilometers north of Ryazan in the village of Shumash built a unique hotel complex in the Norwegian style. It is located on the banks of the Occa. Rooms with all amenities are located in one and two-storey cottages. The striped lighthouse, which rises above the complex, will be an excellent landmark and will replace the navigator. You can get here only by car or taxi. On-site parking is available and space is available for a fee. People come here to relax from the city noise, calmly fish, breathe fresh air.



Ryazan is an amazing city with a rich history. She hospitably meets tourists, anticipating their desire to learn more about the traditions that have developed over the centuries.