Sights of Novokuybyshevsk – what to see in 1 day

The city of Novokuybyshevsk is a small but significant center of the petrochemical and oil refining industry of the Samara region. Production makes a great economic contribution not only to the life of the region, but also to the whole country. Large fuel enterprises are actively working and developing, glorifying the city and Samara as a regional center.

By the standards of modern cities, Novokuybyshevsk is not the largest, but very cozy city of the entire Volga region. As the head of the city likes to say, the main local wealth is not even oil, but the inhabitants of the city, because it is their efforts and enthusiasm that the city lives.

In these places, on the banks of the Volga, in the 18th century there was a small settlement of various nationalities: Russians, Chuvash and Mordvins. Waterways since ancient times served commercial purposes, and were a real route of life. The settlements were enlarged, and during the Second World War, in 1946, the first oil refining complex was founded. It was planned to equip only a working village here, but people so quickly replenished the local population that by 1952 Novokuybyshevsk received the status of a city, its history began its countdown, which is now reflected in its main attractions.

Park “Dubki”

One of the recreation parks of Novokuybyshevsk, organized in the 1960s, in a real oak grove of more than 1200 powerful trees. Almost immediately, employees of the petrochemical enterprise took patronage over it: they asphalted the paths, carried out landscape landscaping and opened a summer cinema.

Even in a small town, the park “Oaks” is considered miniature, but the locals love it very much for its comfort, accuracy and a wide variety of plants. On its territory walk, rollerblading, skateboarding, for this there is a specially equipped platform. On a hot summer day, you can take refuge in the alley, in the shade of oaks, and for lovers of active entertainment there are attractions and a Ferris wheel. Residents and guests of the city have good impressions of the park, as in their garden, where strawberries grow on the lawns.

For elderly residents of the city, for young mothers with strollers, a promenade is open. You can play sports on the playground equipped with simulators, in winter there are slides for snowboarding. Along the alleys there are sculptures on the theme of the family and busts of famous poets and writers.

Address: Novokuybyshevsk, Suvorov str., 24

Monument “Good Angel of Peace”

A very symbolic monument with an angel protects Novokuybyshevsk from troubles and unforeseen situations, helps the younger generation to work for the benefit of the country and preserve national traditions. This Angel of Peace is not only here, but also in 23 cities of the country and the world: Moscow, Sochi, Chelyabinsk, Penza, Noginsk, Magadan, Donetsk and others. The sculpture is made differently everywhere, but the Angel for Novokuybyshevsk stands on the globe, he himself is 4.5 m high, cast in bronze and covered with a layer of gold leaf. All this is located on top of the granite column, and the total height of the composition reaches 12 m. It harmonizes well with the architecture of the main entrance to victory Park, conveying the general meaning of preserving national traditions and historical memory.

The monument was very well received by the residents of the city, for all it personifies love and goodness, and it is very valuable that it was created on the initiative and at the expense of patrons of the city, the head of the enterprise “Electro”. With their initiative, famous people of the city, participants of the international action “World of Good” continued the tradition of charitable figures of the past.

Address: Novokuybyshevsk, Prospekt Pobedy, 1 E

Victory Park

One of several recreation parks of the city and a landmark of Novokuybyshevsk. It begins its history together in the date of assignment of the status of the city in 1952 and even then Victory Day on May 9, 1952 is celebrated here. Unfortunately, by the beginning of the 2000s, the park was in desolation, there was practically no infrastructure and no one brought order to it. As the city’s economy recovered from the crisis of the 1990s, reconstruction was carried out, and in 2010 Victory Park received the first guests in a new look.

In 2018, the recreation area rightfully received an honorable place in the city voting “Comfortable Urban Environment”. What was done for the comfort of citizens: cleaned the lakes and updated the soil around, installed an irrigation system for lawns, planted trees and shrubs, opened sports and children’s playgrounds.

In victory Park there is a garden of stones and stone sculptures, and they appeared after a profile competition of sculptors. They are very fond of children, photographed on the way to the playground.

Address: Novokuybyshevsk, Prospekt Pobedy, 1 E

Exhibition-Museum of Military Equipment

In the city Victory Park there is a small corner with exhibited equipment of the war years. It is impossible to call it a full-fledged museum, there are not so many exhibits, but it is still very interesting to look at, and for children even climb on the technique.

The park, according to the name, is dedicated to the memory of the bloodiest war in history, the Great Patriotic War. It was opened in 1952, just then Novokuybyshevsk received the status of a city. The entrance to the recreation area is decorated with beautiful arched gates, and guests, getting into its territory, not only walk, but also remember the heroes of the war. In honor of them, the Walk of Fame is decorated with information stands about the residents of the city who have passed the war.

A sculptural composition is also dedicated to the feat of the people: a soldier returns home from the war, and a woman and a child meet him with flowers. And so it happened after the victory, but the equipment that fought to help the soldier is presented in the open area. Residents and guests of the city can see in detail a tank, armored person personron, helicopter, self-propelled guns, a ZIS-6 car with a Katyusha installed on it and anti-tank guns. The entrance to the site with equipment is decorated with a red star, it is easy to find in the park.

Address: Novokuybyshevsk, Prospekt Pobedy, 1 E

Church of the Icon of the Mother of God “Tenderness”

In Novokuybyshevsk until 1995 did not think about the construction of a large temple, and the time was “non-religious”. In October 1995, priest Vladimir (Zagarinsky) consecrated a place in the park “Glory to Labor” for the construction of the temple, it was the best place in Novokuybyshevsk. Realizing that the young settlement did not have ancient Orthodox roots, a lot of time was laid for the work, so it turned out: for more than 10 years they worked on the construction, but now it is a very beautiful and the largest temple of the Most Holy Theotokos “Tenderness” in the Volga region. Architect Anatoly Shoshin recreated the unique interior of the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord in Diveevo. There is such power in it that parishioners immediately feel it. The first service here was held in 2010.

Later, a bell tower and a children’s educational school were erected.

The shrines of the Temple are considered to be the icon of the Mother of God “Tenderness”, the ark with particles of the relics of the Life-Giving Cross, the thread from the cover of the Virgin and the relics of John the Baptist.

Address: Novokuybyshevsk, Ostrovskogo str., 2 a

Museum of History of Novokuybyshevsk

The Museum of the History of the City appeared in 1977 on the initiative of a member of the Union of Journalists I.A. Vennikova. The construction involved the city authorities and the management of the main enterprises. At first it was part of the Samara Regional Museum, but then separated from it, moved to a new building, and at the moment it is a very large and modern exposition.

Within the walls of the museum you can learn about the stages of formation of Novokuybyshevsk since 1947, the participation of the city in the Second World War and its heroes. This is all the history of the last century, but there is also a section dedicated to ethnic groups that lived here 200-300 years ago.

Guests of the museum get into virtual modern systems, with the help of which it is easier and more interesting to learn the history of the city. You can learn about contemporary talented artists in the “Hall of Art”.

The museum is proud of its huge collection, which is more than 20 thousand items of storage, including a collection of 300 antique clocks created by a local master.

Address: Novokuybyshevsk, Belinsky str., 14

Exhibition hall

The exhibition hall appeared in Novokuybyshevsk in 1964, on a voluntary basis and in an uncomfortable basement. The original collection consisted of works donated by local artists. After 5 years, the Exhibition Hall received a more comfortable room, it was solemnly opened, and from that moment it did not change the address.

In the difficult times of the 1990s, there was not only an exhibition, but also the sale of works in the art salon. It was possible to buy all the accessories for professional drawing, the work of local masters. In parallel with the sale, exhibitions of painting, graphics and sculpture are also held.

Exhibitions glorify not only adult masters, but also small talents, and the Gallery annually participates in the All-Russian action “Night of Museums” and “Night of Arts”.

Address: Novokuybyshevsk city, Molodezhnaya str., 10

Museum of History of Novokuybyshevsk Oil Refinery

The local refinery is one of the most significant in the country, and it began its history in 1951. It was here that for the first time in the Soviet Union began to produce fuel for jet engines, additives and oils for rocketry and fuel for conventional cars. Many years ago, advanced oil processing technologies began to be used, and the enterprise was and remains very powerful. The company produces and sends petroleum products to the regions of Russia and neighboring countries.

Such an important and necessary production could not go unnoticed, and according to a good production tradition, a small museum of the history of the enterprise was formed. It tells about the history of the founding of the plant, which went and goes in parallel with the history of the city, its role in the development of the entire region. Visitors to the exposition can find out what technologies were at the very beginning and what we have come to today, about the contribution of the company’s managers in connection with specialized partners in Russia and other countries.

Address: Novokuybyshevsk, Lenin Square, 1

Berezovskoe Lake

The surroundings of Novokuybyshevsk are beautiful nature: forests and lakes, where you can go to relax on a weekend or on a short vacation. The most correct “tent” rest locals are accustomed to arrange on the shore of Lake Berezovskoye. They get here by car, there is no public transport. After a difficult working week, the most calm and relaxing rest is fishing here, on the quiet waters of Berezovsky. The lake is small: 500 m wide and 1 km long, nearby is the village of Berezovy (hence the name). Despite the “speaking” name, in the vicinity of the reservoir there are no birches, but there are maples and oaks, under the canopy of which it is so convenient to put up tents.

For those who want to fish, we inform you that there are perch, redfish and even pike. The shore of the lake is sandy, the entrance to the water is safe and gentle – it is good to relax with children. In summer, the water warms up to +23, and it seems that you are at sea, especially to the cries of seagulls.

Address: Samara region, Chapaevsk urban district, Berezovy settlement, Berezovskoye lake

Lake Orlovskoye

This lake is located at the entrance to the city, along the Samara highway. There is a legend that the lands, and the lake here, are named after Count Orlov, to whom Catherine the Great gave estates for help in the accession to the throne.

The lake consists of two parts-bowls, different in size, but the water is standing everywhere, and in the summer it warms up quickly. On Orlovskoye come to rest not only Their Novokuybyshevskaya, but from Samara and neighboring regions. In summer it is very comfortable to sunbathe, swim and fish, you can do all this from May to September, in July it is hottest.

For vacationers, two beaches are open: wild and paid, there is also a vike park for active recreation.

The wild beach is sandy, you can drive up to it by transport. Rest very often with children, the coastline is safe, and it is shallow.

The entrance to the paid beach is quite inexpensive, but the price includes the rental of sunbeds and umbrellas, you can have a snack in a cafe and immediately there is an entrance to the wijk park. There you can comfortably accommodate with your own barbecue and even rent a house on wheels.

Address: Samara highway, entrance to the city of Novokuybyshevsk.



Cow Lake

A small pond in the vicinity of the city, near the DOL “Druzhba”. Like many lakes in this area, it belongs to the volga river. Once the meadows here wanted to turn into a reserve, but now you can hunt in the area of Lake Korovye. Getting here on foot in the summer is the best option: along the way feel the aromas of meadow grasses. The lake is small, only 200 m wide and 500 m long. A great place for a summer holiday, not its shores are not crowded, quiet and safe.

Address: Novokuybyshevsk, pos. Ocean

A real traveler will always find how to have a good rest even in an ordinary “industrial” place, which is considered to be Novokuybyshevsk. The uniqueness of the place is its history and natural resources, which the Samara region is rightfully proud of.

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