Sights of Florence: 10 most interesting tourist sites of the country

If you plan to visit Italy,you should study in advance the photos of the sights of Florence. There are many monuments of architecture and culture in the city, perhaps in one trip you will not even be able to appreciate them all, but you definitely need to have time to see the most significant objects that will be given below.

To appreciate the atmosphere and fully feel the spirit of Italy, you can study in advance the culture of Florence, which is somewhat different from the general Italian. This city was founded personally by Julius Caesar, in 59. But, the dawn of the former capital of the Italian Republic falls on the XIV-XVI centuries, when it became the center of economic development of the country.

Today Florence is a unique city that combines the spirit of antiquity and modernity. Despite the fact that there are historically valuable places at every step, it is impossible not to appreciate the many opportunities for entertainment, excellent shopping and amazing restaurants with delicious cuisine.

Florence is the center of the dawn of the Renaissance, which is noticeable in its architecture. Such famous personalities as Dante Alighieri, Francesco Petrarch, Giovanni Boccaccio and many others were born here, so the city will be interesting for fans of ancient art and literature. Hence also the culture of the Renaissance, here worked outstanding architects who influenced the style of decoration of buildings around the world. Today, Florence is deservedly called an open-air museum, each object here is of great value to culture.

To get to Florence,if this city is the center of your trip, it is best to fly by plane. There are no direct flights, but you can make one transfer in a European city and from there get to Vespucci airport.

Santa Maria del Fiore


The Gothic Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is one of the hallmarks of Florence. This cathedral was built 7 centuries ago, on the site of the ancient church of Santa Reparata, which, in turn, was built on the site of an ancient Greek temple. The main feature of the cathedral is a multifaceted dome, which was built for 15 years under the leadership of Filippo Brunelleschi personally. The dome seems to hover over the cathedral, it has 8 faces. Only 100 years later, frescoes were applied to the dome. The height of this building is more than 150 m – it is one of the five largest cathedrals in the world.
Entrance to the cathedral is free, tourists can also climb to the observation deck, which is open daily. You can buy a ticket to visit the museum, bell tower and baptistery at a price of 30 euros.

“I highly recommend going up under the dome, where you will see frescoes from Vasari, see the panorama of Florence and appreciate the tools and mechanisms used in the construction. The most beautiful cathedral, be sure to see it. Crowds of tourists get in the way a bit, but you can’t get away from it.”

The Uffizi Gallery contains unique paintings by outstanding artists from around the world. This museum was built in a specially erected building for the Medici dynasty, the project was developed by Giorgio Vasari. The building was erected in 1580, initially it was supposed to gather all government offices under one roof.

Initially, the gallery brought canvases and sculptures themselves representatives of the Medici dynasty, who were fond of painting and wanted to show all their greatness in this place. Here appeared the unique works of Sandro Botticelli, the works of Raphael, Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Michelangelo and many other painters. The attention is also striking to the collection of sculptures, the main of which was the Venus de’ Medici.

The museum, which covers an area of 13 thousand square meters. m is located at Galleria degli Uffizi Piazzale degli Uffizi 50123 Firenze. The entrance fee is 8 euros. The museum is closed on Mondays, on other days it is open until 18.45.

“I had to stand in line for the entrance for a long time, but it was worth it. In the gallery it is impossible to go around and view all the sights even for the whole day, for 2 hours that we were there, saw a small proportion of unique exhibits. On the ground floor you can take an audio guide, so even more interesting. We will definitely visit the gallery again on our next visit.”

Ponte Vecchio Bridge

The Ponte Vecchio bridge is the oldest in Florence. It is noteworthy that earlier it was the most foul-swelling bridge of the Middle Ages and cost for several versts, but now it is a pathetic landmark, which is included in the top 10 must-see.

The bridge appeared in the days of the Roman Empire, then it was made of wood and constantly broke under the influence of the waters of the Arno River. When the bridge was made stone, in the XV century, butchers’ shops began to appear around it, hence the unpleasant smell in the district. Butchers built shops so that they protruded above the water – so it was more convenient to dump waste into the river. Now in these same shops open expensive jewelry stores.

Above the bridge there is the Vasari Corridor, which was built so that Duke Cosimo could take walks over the river. Today in this corridor there is one of the best galleries in the world, where 700 original paintings of outstanding artists of the XVI-XVII centuries are collected. There are self-portraits of Raphael, Rubens, Kiprensky and Vasari. Only excursion groups can visit the gallery, you need to book a place in the Uffizi museums. The guide is only English-speaking. The cost of the tour is 90 euros.

“Amazing place, very beautiful gallery. But the tour will be interesting and understandable only to those who know English well. We ordered a guide not in the museum, but in the travel agency of the city. Everything was very nice, it’s a pity that you can not take pictures. “

Academy of Fine Arts

The Academy of Fine Arts is one of the most popular museums in Italy. It was opened in 1561 so it has very valuable exhibits. This is the largest educational institution that controlled all art schools in the XVII-XIX century. It is here that the original David by Michelangelo, the statue of St. Matthew, the Evangelist Luke and much more are located.

There is also a rich collection of paintings by local masters, there are works by Andrea Orcagna, Ghirlandaio, Fra Bartolomeo, Filippino Lippi, Bronzino and other artists. The gallery is located at Piazza Pitti, 1, it is open daily, from 8.15 to 18.45, except Monday. The entrance fee is 15, 75 euros.

“Very interesting place for anyone interested in the culture of Italy. Beautiful works, originals, originals of statues – the tour made a great impression and gave a lot of new and useful information. “

Michelangelo Area

Piazza Michelangelo is florence’slargest square, with excellent views of the Ponte Vecchio Bridge. It is located on the top of a hill and offers a panoramic view of the city, especially beautiful the city looks at nightfall, when the lights are lit. For all tourists it is one of the main attractions.

The square is located between the gardens of Boboli and Bardini, there is a bronze copy of the figure of David, and at the foot of the mountain there are sculptures on the subjects of the seasons.

“Loved it, such a gorgeous view opens. You can absolutely free to enjoy the beautiful sights of Florence, they are all visible here in the palm of your hand. “

Signoria Area

Piazza della Signoria is located in front of Plazzo Vecchio, with many interesting sculptures from Michelangelo, Donatello and Cellini. In ancient times, it was here, on the main square of the city, that the fires of the Inquisition were built and officials held speeches.

This is the only allegorical cycle of statues in the world, where copies of real masterpieces are located. Here you will find David, Hercules and even Gorgon Medusa – a very interesting place for tourists. Of the original sculptures here only Perseus.

“The square with an unusual history and atmosphere, a very interesting place, you can walk for hours and look at the sculptures. Nearby is also the entrance to the Old Palace. It’s a unique square like I’ve never seen in any city.”

Palazzo Vecchio

Palazzo Vecchio is considered the most luxurious building in Florence. This is a mandatory item of the excursion program for any tourist, the building itself was built at the turn of the XIII-XIV century and is a unique work of architecture. Inside it are special frescoes and paintings. The palace has 3 courtyards and its own chapel, there is also a Dressing Room and this is an incomplete list of unique halls.

Palazzo Vecchio became the first seat of government of Florence. Acquaintance with the object begins at the entrance – the facade was decorated in the XVI century. Inside you can see statues of Veroccio and frescoes by Vasari.

The main room of the palace is the Cinquecento Hall. Its size is 52 by 23 m, the ceiling and walls are decorated with frescoes with historical significance. On the second floor, be sure to see the hall of the elements with frescoes, as well as the terrace of Saturn. The palace is located right on piazza della Signoria and works on such days Friday-Wednesday: 09:00 – 19:00, Thursday: 09:00 – 14:00. The entrance fee is 6.5 euros.

“Gorgeous palace, patios impress with luxury. In addition, here you can feel the spirit of antiquity and enjoy it to the fullest, see the meeting rooms, receptions, see the original sculptures and paintings of famous masters. “

Boboli Gardens

Boboli Gardens are famous all over the world, they are located next to the residence of the Medici Palazo Pitti. In these gardens there are luxurious plants that bloom all year round, many terraces, fountains, gazebos. Also, they are famous for a large number of sculptures of different centuries of creation. It was through the Boboli Garden that the main parks of Europe were created, including the palace park in Versailles.

The garden terraces offer excellent views of the garden Florence. The territory is divided by wide axial alleys, in the center there is a fountain of Neptune. Previously, magnificent receptions and balls were held here. The territory also has grottoes and copies of famous statues of historical value.The entrance fee is 7 euros, the gardens are open all year round starting from 8 am. Closing time depends on the season.

“Beautiful park, spent half a day here. Such a beautiful territory has never been seen, here not only the sculptures are chic, but also a lot of greenery, a luxurious place. Definitely worth a visit if you are not in Florence passing, but at least for a few days. “

Villa Medici di Castello

Villa Medici di Castello is one of the oldest country residences of the Medici, which belonged to the dynasty since 1477. Here, to this day, the original statues have been preserved, which were personally chosen by Duke Casimo.

Today, the park is planted with citrus trees, flowers and decorated with monuments of the Renaissance. In the center of the courtyard there is a fountain. The villa itself has a beautiful façade, it has 2 floors and balconies with pilasters. Unfortunately, almost nothing from the first owners of this villa has survived, only some of the original windows remain. The garden and villa are located on via di Castello 47, the museum is open all week from 8.15 to 16.30-19.30 (depending on the season). Entrance to the territory is free.

“Loved it, beautiful garden and villa with interesting history. Free entrance, which is also a big plus, excursions in Florence are not cheap. The place for a walk is beautiful, ancient sculpture paths, fountains – all this immerses in some special atmosphere. “

Baptistery of St. John the Baptist

John the Baptist is the patron saint of Florence. The Baptistery of St. John the Baptist is located in Piazza Duomo, in front of the cathedral. The building was erected on the remains of an ancient Roman temple. The exact date of construction is unknown, but the first mention of the baptistery dates back to 897. In 1128, the Pope awarded it the title of city baptistery, before that, it was just a church.

The building is notable for the fact that it has an octagonal shape. Inside, the walls and dome are covered with frescoes, which were applied during the XIII-XVI centuries. It was the gates of this baptistery that Michelangelo called “the gates of paradise.” The gates were covered with tiles with scenes from the Old Testament, which personified the vices of people. But in the middle of the XX century, the tiles suffered due to flooding and today they are replaced by copies.

The baptismal school is located in Piazza Duomo, at Santa Maria dela Fiore. To Piazza del Duomo. Admission is free from 11 to 19.00, but the museum is paid separately.

“It’s the pearl of all attractions, I saw it a year ago, but still impressed. I read before this “Inferno”, where there is information about the baptistery, it was very interesting to see everything with my own eyes. The frescoes were especially impressive – inside the baptismal hospital they are everywhere and create an indescribable atmosphere. “

Florence is a real paradise for fans of culture and painting. You can come here at any time of the year, the pleasant climate of the country will allow you to enjoy the sights in winter and summer. A great place for a family holiday or a romantic trip.