Sights of Feodosia – what to see in 1 day

The sights of Feodosia, located on the coast of the Crimean Peninsula, attract many. The city is popular among tourists because of the pebble beach area, beautiful promenade and low prices. Rest, according to tourists, inexpensive (in comparison with other destinations).

If you consider in advance the list of main attractions with a photo and a brief description, the rest in Feodosia will be planned and unforgettable.

Genoese fortress

This is a visiting card of the city, which is popular among guests. Do not confuse the attraction with other fortifications of the Crimea. For example, with a fortress in Gurzuf or Sudak.

It was built for the defense of the settlement in the XIV century. Another name is “Genoese fortress Kafa”. It had 2 lines of defense – internal and external. 30 towers were erected, the length of the walls was more than 4 km. An additional means of protection was a deep moat.

In the XIX century. most of the fortress was dismantled, the southern wall with 2 towers was preserved. They bear the names of St. Clement and Crisco. Next to the citadel there is a bridge and several Turkish baths.

Address: Lenin str., 11



Dacha Milos

The elegant palace was built in 1911, is also considered the hallmark of the city. Built in the antique style, the building combines Romanesque and Greek architecture, delights with the elegance of forms. The complex has a statue of the Venus de Milo.

Address: Aivazovsky Ave., 33

Ilyinsky Lighthouse

The lighthouse is located in the south-eastern part of Feodosia, closes the city from strong gusty winds and storms. In the XV century. on the cape there was an ancient church, which was destroyed during the capture of the Crimean Peninsula by the Tatars. Due to frequent shipwrecks in the coastal area in 1894, it was decided to build a lighthouse here.

The latter survived many historical events – wars, bombings and shelling during the siege of the city. But now the lighthouse provides safe passage of ships at sea.

Address: Cape Ilya



Dacha Stamboli

The structure is often depicted on guidebooks and advertising booklets. Construction began in 1909 and lasted more than 4 years.

Joseph Stamboli wanted to give one mansion to his future wife Rahili Bobovich. The building is built in the Spanish-Moorish style, pleases tourists and locals for more than 100 years. Slender minarets are combined with domes, and complement the beauty of the gallery building and balconies with luxurious staircases.

Since May 2013, a museum of underwater archaeology and a laboratory have been opened in the building, in which various marine finds are investigated.

Address: Aivazovsky Ave., 47



St. Constantine’s Tower

The tower is named after the Byzantine Emperor Constantine, depicted on the coat of arms of Theodosia. The structure was built in 1338.

The tower has only 3 walls, it is built of blocks of limestone and looks massive. The thickness of the masonry in some places reaches 2 m. At the top of the tower there are classic loopholes for defense against enemy attacks.

Address: Gorkogo str., 1



Monument to Aivazovsky

Aivazovsky is a native of Feodosia. In honor of the Russian artist, an avenue and an art gallery are named. In front of it there is a monument to the painter.

The bronze statue was cast in 1930 by Ilya Ginzburg, who was familiar with the artist. This is a tribute to the memory and respect of Ivan Aivazovsky, because thanks to him in Feodosia there was a water supply and a section of the railway was laid.

Address: Galereynaya str., 2

Aivazovsky Fountain

The building was built in 1888 The peculiarity of the fountain is the water in it is drinking. It is filled from an underground source.

Initially, the fountain had a different purpose – it performed an economic function (the townspeople took water from it). Now it is the most beautiful attraction of the Jubilee Park.

The white fountain stands out picturesquely against the background of green trees. Over the past 20 years, the source has been reconstructed twice. There are plans to make the fountain color-and-monic.

Address: Jubilee Park, blvd. Korobkova, 1

Monument to Nikitin

Nikitin is a merchant, traveler and writer. For the first time arrived in Cafu (the so-called Theodosia) in 1474 In the city he spent 4 months, waiting for a caravan to go to his homeland.

The monument is installed near the Genoese fortress. The cast-iron monument rises on a pedestal made of wild stone. There is a legend that part of the work “Walking for three seas” was written here. The monument to Athanasius Nikitin itself was opened in 2008.

Address: Galereynaya str., 1

Fountain “Good Genius”

The sculpture dedicated to the memory of Ivan Aivazovsky was demonstrated to the public in 2004.

In the XIX century. the city lacked fresh water, and out of 33 fountains only 4 worked. In the spring of 1887, Aivazovsky gave Feodosia the right to use the source that belonged to his wife. Grateful residents have installed a monument in honor of the artist – a woman standing on a pedestal offers the townspeople a bowl in which there is water.

The modern fountain is an exact copy of the monument of the XIX century, and the old version was destroyed during the Second World War.

Address: blvd. Korobkova, 1

Feodosiya railway station

The station building itself was built by architect Zaraysky from Dnepropetrovsk. For the first time in Feodosia built a railway in 1892.

For a long time, the main station was located at the station, which is now called “Aivazovskaya”. The modern building was built in 1956 The station was even filmed in Soviet cinema – in the film “Sportloto-82”.

Address: Aivazovsky Ave., 2

White pool

The white pool in the city of Feodosia is the highest attraction. The snow-white water tower is a monument of industrial architecture.

The pool was built due to the increase in water consumption after the construction of a commercial port and the laying of railway tracks. The tower is included in the city’s water supply and is fully operational.

Address: Sovetskaya str., 77

Art gallery

The history of the gallery begins in 1845, when in his mansion Aivazovsky organized an exhibition consisting of 48 works written in his early years. In 1800, the artist designed and built a building that turned into an exhibition hall.

The museum has more than 11 thousand works, including. on marine themes. The exposition acquaints visitors with the work of the painter. There is also a safe room where the artist’s personal belongings are stored.

Address: Galereynaya str., 2


Working hours: Mon, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun from 10:00 to 18:00

Price per visit: from 150 to 300 rubles.

Feodosia Museum of Antiquities

It is one of the oldest museums, has more than 65 thousand exhibits. It shows samples of ancient ceramics, ancient weapons, jewelry and outfits of people from all periods of the city’s life.

Part of the museum tells visitors about the flora and fauna of the Crimean Peninsula. You can get acquainted with the collection of minerals and various fossils.

Address: Aivazovsky Ave., 11


Working hours: Mon, Wed-Sun from 10:00 to 17:00

Price: from 70 to 200 rub

Green Museum

Alexander Green is a Russian writer, a representative of neo-romanticism. During his life he published more than 350 works. He lived in Feodosia from 1924 to 1930.

The Literary Museum has been working since 1970 and was designed by architect S. Brodsky. The museum also presents the office of the writer Green. The interior is decorated in the style of neo-romanticism.

Address: Galereynaya str., 10.


Working hours: Wed, Thu, Fri, Ssb, Sun from 9:00 to 17:00

Price: 75-150 rub

Museum of Coins and Money

Feodosia is the old city of the Black Sea coast, where coins were minted. Therefore, in the populated center there is a museum in which samples of money of different denominations are collected.

The expositions are divided according to historical epochs starting from the times of the Bosporan Kingdom. The institution has more than 29 thousand exhibits, which makes the museum popular among numismatists of the world.

Address: Kuibyshev str., 12.

Working hours: Mon, Sue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun from 10:00 to 18:00

Price: 50-100 rub

Vera Mukhina Museum

The Historical Museum is dedicated to the work of Vera Mukhina. The main part of the exhibits is represented by copies of the sculptor’s creations.

There is an exposition in the form of a room and part of Mukhina’s workshop. The greatest pride of the museum is the layout “Worker and Collective Farmer”.

Address: Fedko str., 1

Admission fee: 50-100 rub

Tsvetaev Museum

The Tsvetaev sisters visited Feodosia since 1911 The exposition of the museum can not be ignored by fans of the family’s work. Here you can see personal belongings, letters and excerpts of poems of the Tsvetaev sisters.

The museum was inaugurated in July 2009 and you can contact the guide to make the visit as interesting and informative as possible.

Address: Viti Korobkova str., 13


Working hours: from 10-00 to 18-00 daily

Price: 30-80 rub

Museum of Underwater Archaeology

The Museum of Underwater Archaeology is located on the second floor of the Stamboli cottage and has been opening its doors to visitors since 2013. There is an exposition of the Crimean War, which includes artifacts from the ship “Prince”, which sank in 1854.

Address: Aivazovsky Ave., 47


Working hours: from 10-00 to 18-00 daily

Price: 50-100 rub

Fish and Fisheries Museum

It is difficult to imagine a city located on the sea coast, without fishing. In 2015, in Feodosia, it was decided to open an interesting museum dedicated to the flora and fauna of the Black Sea.

There are exhibits telling about fishing from all over the world – from Europe to America, as well as skeletons of prehistoric inhabitants of the depths of the sea.

Address: Gorkogo str., 32


Working hours: every day, from 9:00 to 18:00

Cost of admission: 100-200 rub.



Religious monuments

People of different nationalities and religions have always lived on the territory. This explains why the city has many beautiful historical temples and churches that belong to different denominations.

St. Catherine’s Church

The 5-chapter temple begins its history from the end of the XIX century. It is considered a religious building and an architectural pearl of Feodosia. Admission is free.

St. Catherine’s Church demonstrates the architectural traditions of its time. The plan is based on a Greek cross, and above the main entrance there is an elegant belfry.

Address: Fedko str., 95

Working hours: daily, from 8:00 to 18:00



Iver Temple

You can visit the temple of the Iver Icon of the Mother of God. It is a former Armenian church.

The local settlements on the peninsula have a rich and interesting history. For the first time The Armenians appeared on the territory of modern Feodosia in the X century. Their number grew every year, and in the XIV century. they were the majority of the population of the Crimean peninsula and 2/3 of the inhabitants of Kafa.

On the coast along the wall of the Genoese fortress, an Armenian settlement was formed. There were 5 churches in the area. But in 1778 the Armenians began to resettle, and the national settlement began to decline.

In 1875, the place was consecrated by the Russian Orthodox Church and received its modern name.

Address: Portovaya str., 16

Kazan Cathedral

Wondering what is interesting in Feodosia, it is difficult not to say about the Kazan Cathedral. His mention can be found in all guidebooks. It is included in the list of interesting sights of Feodosia and the surrounding area.

This is an Orthodox cathedral, built at the beginning of the last century. The building belongs to the old Toplovskaya monastery. The building has an interesting architectural appearance. The Byzantine style of the dome resembles a warrior’s helmet, the eastern side of the cathedral is painted with scenes from the plots of the Gospel.

Address: Soborna str., 52

Surb Sarkis Temple

According to the reviews of tourists, in Feodosia all the sights are interesting. For example, the temple of Surb Sakis is an old religious building. It was built during the Middle Ages and is the center of the Armenian community of the city and its environs. Aivazovsky and his wife are buried here. Tourists go to this place to honor the memory of the artist.

Address: 1 Armyanskaya str.

Working hours: daily, from 9:00 to 18:00

Kiziltash Monastery

Feodosia is rich in sights and interesting places. But this monastery is located in Krasnokamenka, not in the city itself. He had farmsteads in 3 cities. In the middle of the last century, the building was blown up, and a nuclear arsenal was located on its territory. Later, the warheads were removed, and the monastery was revived again.

Now the attraction is considered an interesting historical place with delightful nature.

Address: Krasnokamenka, Verkhniy gorodok



Barracuda Paintball Club

When you want to have fun, spend interesting time, just playing paintball, the city provides this kind of entertainment.

Club “Barracuda” is popular not only among guests, but also among local residents. It is visited by both adults and children. This is a good place to relax from the beaches and many tourists.


Price: from 200 rub

Taigan Safari Park

The safari park is located outside the city. The tourist will have to walk a few meters from the wild animals of Africa.

Total area – 32 hectares. Of these, 20 fall on the territory for lions, and 12 are given to the zoo, including. children’s contact.

Address: Belogorsk, Lavender, 1


Ticket price: 450-900 rub.



Karadag Reserve, Golden Gate

The reserve was founded in 1979 and is home to many animals that are listed in the Red Book. But you can’t just visit the place – you need to sign up for an excursion. Hikes are divided specifically for people with different physical training. The duration of the tour varies from 45 minutes to 5 hours.

The reserve is called the extinct volcano Kara-Dag, which was active about 170 million years ago. Amazing rock formations make the place popular.

Address: pos. Kurortnoe, Nauki str., 24


Working hours: from 8:00 to 16:00

Price: 100-600 rub.



Central embankment named after Paratroopers

Railway tracks in the resort are built along the sea coast. Because of this, they were constantly washed away by the sea. To secure the railway, they made an embankment. Later, the embankment was also arranged. Nearby there are several sandy beaches.

Black Sea Embankment

This is the longest promenade of the city, where the best restaurants, beaches and entertainment complexes are located. It can be easily found on the map, since the embankment runs along the entire Gulf of Feodosia.



Komsomolsky Park

The largest park area in Feodosia. There is everything to spend quality rest in the fresh air – from fountains and benches to summer cafes. There are a huge number of attractions.

The peculiarity of the park is that it is located near the beaches of the city, near the sea, which makes it the main place to hide from the scorching sun.

In the evenings, various events are held, the most interesting of them is a fire show. It is not carried out daily, but quite regularly. You can learn about it from the Feodosia news.



Central beach “Pebbles”

It is the center of resort recreation. Visiting the beach is free, the length is more than 1 km.

Like most city beaches, it has a pebble coating. The infrastructure is developed, there is everything that a tourist needs – water ski rental points, banana rides, inflatable slides. In 2019, this beach was the record holder for the number of tourists.

Feodosiya is an affordable resort for any family. The compact location of architectural monuments will turn the trip into a comfortable stay. A list of interesting places of the city, the best attractions and entertainment with prices for 2020 will be needed by every tourist.