Sights of Berdsk – what to see in 1 day

Berdsk is a city in the Novosibirsk region of Russia, it stands on the banks of the Berd River, from which it got its name. The city of Berdsk is quite old and dates back to 1716, but there are very few ancient buildings here, most of the monuments were built in the second half of the last century.

Transfiguration Cathedral

One of the important attractions of the city of Berdsk is the Transfiguration Cathedral. An unusual three-level cathedral, in which the relics of St. Acacacy of Athos rest.

A few years ago, the Transfiguration Cathedral became the owner of the recently cast bells. From that day on, their ringing spreads throughout the county. There is a parochial school at the cathedral. And many cathedral shrines contain part of the relics of various martyrs.

Provides services and manages the activities of the temple – the rector of the Transfiguration Cathedral, Archpriest Basil. Also in the cathedral there are several priests who talk to parishioners about God’s topics.

The architecture of the cathedral is designed in the classical Russian style, as required by tradition. Since the temple is in the public domain, anyone can come here during working hours. This is the second temple in the Novosibirsk region, which has the status of a cathedral.

The territory of the cathedral is fenced. Here, near the altar, you can see several graves of the bishops of the cathedral, who served this temple all their lives.

The cathedral does not have a long history, it was founded only in 1992 by the architect Chernobrovtsev.

Address: Berdsk city, Maxima Gorky street, 44



Museum of Berd Radio Plant “Vega”

In the room, which is located on the seventh floor of the former administrative building of the radio plant (PO “Vega”), now houses a historical exhibition of radio equipment. Here are the goods that the plant produced from 1947 to the last working day of this enterprise. In addition to 627 exhibits, the exposition contains photographs and documents.

The exhibition is combined with a space for mass events (stage for 100 seats). In 2017, two small exhibition spaces were allocated in the hall, allowing to place exhibitions on art, natural history and technology.

The Museum of the Berd Radio Plant “Vega” was founded in 1981, on the eve of the 35th anniversary of the plant. The museum was founded by its former deputy director Ivan Dmitrievich Savinov.

The entrance to the Historical Museum of the Berd Radio System is located on the reverse side of the building – through the “Business Center”, by elevator to the 6th floor, then by stairs to the 1st floor.

Address: Berdsk city, Lenina street, 89/8, 7th floor

In 2010, a gallery of contemporary art was opened in the city of Berdsk. According to the head, Siberia is rich in talents, so he wants to help artists put their works and give guests the opportunity to purchase these paintings.

Also in the gallery there are master classes for adults and children. Such a place is a great way to show a child what art is, and see the works of artists with your own eyes.

Today there are exhibitions of various subjects: graphics, painting, photography. Among other things, the gallery hosted an exhibition from St. Petersburg “Kunstkamera peter the Great”. Attending such exhibitions is an interesting experience.

Near the gallery of modern art are the famous hotels of the city of Berdsk. These are, for example, Hotel Royal Marine, Okhotnik, Hotel and Restaurant Complex Sport, Red Siberia and other hotels.

Address: Berdsk city, Borovaya street, 4/4

House with cannon

Those who visit the house of Gennady Teplyashin, do it with his mouth open and admire the next masterpiece of the artist. This house, in which the architect lives, looks like a work of art. There are so many things here: painted walls, paper pots, guns firing fireworks, and even a cat that caught its paws on the roof so as not to fall off it.

We built this house very quickly. Gennady and his sons built the frame in just a month. And his plan was, drawn on paper in just half an hour.

Teplyashin’s family moved to the city of Berdsk from Kazakhstan after the perestroika of the 1990s. The first significant work of the young architect was the airport in Kazakhstan. He designed it himself and built it himself. After perestroika, there was not enough work, so Gennady traveled around the country and worked in many cities from Moscow to Kurgan. And only after that he went to his homeland – in the Novosibirsk region.

Now Gennady is retired and, as he says himself: “There is nothing more to do, only to decorate the house. With children.”

Tourists mainly inspect the house from the outside and not many manage to get to visit the architect. But inside, the house also impresses with its works of art. For example, the kitchen is painted with paints, in the bedroom a composition of sawdust on the entire wall. Going up to the second floor of the house, you cling to the bizarre railing of sawdust with special processing. And above the railings made a panel of shards of marble.

Of course, on the street the design is not worse than in the house itself. On the territory already known to many concrete gun is installed. This is the Shuvalov unicorn. You put down fireworks and shoot. And on the facade hangs a cat made of plastic.

To start and finish the next invention, Gennady Vitalyevich takes about a month. First, the model is made, then the form is formed. And only then it is necessary to treat with a protective varnish. The model can be made of any material and anything.

Children help Teplyashin to equip a family house. Most of them followed in their father’s footsteps.

Address: Berdsk city, Krasnaya Sibir street, 32

City Park “Berd spit”

The city park “Berdskaya Spit” is located in a unique natural area, where the mild climate and healthy air contribute to recovery and family rest. On three sides of the park open spaces to the Novosibirsk reservoir and the Berd Bay.

The city park “Berdskaya Spit” is a traditional summer picnics and beach holidays. Also, cultural events, trekking, skiing, artistic, educational and environmental trips are constantly organized here.

The purpose of the formation of the city park “Berdskaya Spit” is the preservation of the rarest and most endangered species of flora and fauna, as well as the preservation of the aesthetic value of natural ensembles. On the territory of the “Berd Spit” recorded 210 species of invertebrates, 55 species of birds, 17 species of mammals, 4 types of amphibians, 2 types of reptiles, of which 9 species are included in the Red Book of the Novosibirsk region.

Also, these places are popular due to esoteric legends. The presence of energy zones (some of which remove negative energy, while others charge a person with positive energy and restore health) have a unique positive effect on the human condition.

The beautiful nature and diversity of flora and fauna make this park unique. But in connection with the expansion of the city limits, everything began to be built up here, as a result of which deforestation and pollution of adjacent territories began. The city park has turned into a real dump.

Subsequently, the adopted law on paid entry into the territory of the city park solves this problem with pollution. When paying 400 rubles for a car, vacationers are given biodegradable garbage bags so that they can take out the garbage behind them.

On the territory of the park “Berdskaya Spit” with the permission of the city council allowed picking berries, amateur and sport fishing. There are tables, toilets and even sports equipment. The sandy beach is equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas, you can rent jet skis and bicycles.

Entrance to the city park is free, you pay only for the passage of the car. It is allowed to set up tents without setting a fire.

Address: Berdsk city, Morskaya street



Recreation Park “On the Rocks”

Recreation Park “On the Rocks” is located on the picturesque shore of the Ob Artificial Sea. This is truly an ecological place: birch grove, pine forest, wonderful air and beautiful sunsets.

Recreation Park “On the Stones” is a unique place to relax with the whole family, together with a loved one, children, friends, colleagues or even one away from the bustle of the city. Also on the territory of the park you can book an area for celebrating an event.

It is best to come here in the summer. At this time of year, you can sunbathe on the beach or even swim. Unfortunately, the Ob Sea, despite the fact that it has a closed territory, warms up very poorly. And even at the end of June, the water here may seem very cold. But then, in the Ob Sea you can ride on pleasure boats, boats and catamarans.

Admire the beautiful sunsets of the park, and stay here for the night. Hotels allow it: cozy houses with panoramic windows and sea views.

If you come in the winter, do not worry, there is still something to do in the park. First, walking in the recreation park itself is pleasant in any season. And secondly, in winter you can go down from the slides on buns, ride on a lighted track in a pine forest. After an active holiday in the park, the most pleasant thing is to spend a warm and cozy evening in your room. Hotels, glampings, hostels – choose what you like best.

Site: http:// nakamnyah.rf

Address: Berdsk city, Green Grove street

Berd forest dacha

The geographical position of the Novosibirsk region at the junction of natural zones determined the rich landscape diversity of its territories. Near the elements of the lowland taiga of Salair there are steppes, taiga and forest-steppe. And among them are large reservoirs of rivers, lakes and swamps of the region.

Among them, a special place is occupied by the nature of the basin of the old Berd River. On its banks, in the north-western direction from the city of Berdsk in 2002, the “Berd Forest Dacha” was included in the list of specially protected natural monuments of the Novosibirsk region. The western border of the “Forest Dacha” runs along the shore of the Novosibirsk reservoir. The northern and eastern boundaries are determined by quarterly clearings.

The natural massif “Berd forest dacha” was one of the first to be recognized as a reserve and for many years has been and remains a popular holiday destination for residents of the region. All guest houses, hotels, sanatoriums and sports facilities located here are protected by a beautiful untouched forest.

The most important attraction of this place is a pine forest in the form of so-called ribbon forests, which arose from ancient times. The famous local birch groves are called “pegs”. White birch trunks, which glow at sunset and burn with the bright yellow color of autumn leaves, always attract people with medicinal herbs, mushrooms and berries.

Continuous thickets of sea buckthorn, hawthorn, currants and rose hips filled the lower protected areas of the Berd forest dacha. And also there are a large number of birds with nesting sites and shelters for night and winter.

All forests of this territory are inhabited by numerous animals. For many of them, the main diet is sprouts, shoots, birch earrings and needles. There are special conditions for the formation of an ecosystem with rich flora and fauna. All this, coupled with the extraordinary aroma of the pine forest, makes you want to visit these places. The city of Berdsk is also very close.

Thanks to the creation of the natural monument “Berd Forest Dacha” it was possible to clearly define what is possible and what is not possible here. This is a great contribution to the solution of the common task of protecting and preserving nature.

Address: Berdsk city, Berdskaya dacha

Recreation Park “Green Island”

Recreation Park “Green Island” is located near the center of Berdsk. But visiting this place, it seems that the park is on another planet: the planet of healthy and active pastime and harmonious rest.

You can come to the recreation park at any time of the year. This park has everything for entertainment: sauna, sports grounds, banquet hall, skating rink, ski slope, beach, shooting range, boats, snowmobiles, paintball club. In addition, the park pleases the eye with picturesque views, saturates the lungs with clean air, caresses the ear with the chirping of birds, gives incredible harmony and a sense of peace to the soul of each visitor.

If you want to extend your vacation, you can rent a house.

Address: Berdsk city, Zeleny Ostrov microdistrict, 9/1

On the streets of the city of Berdsk you can see many interesting and attractive places. The city of Berdsk will tell about many events that occurred in it during its existence.

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