Sights of Alanya, what you need to see

Alanya is a town that was once a Mediterranean pirate settlement in Turkey. The water and air here is always warmer than in other cities of the country, because this is its southernmost section. One of the symbols of the city is the banana, as Alanya is surrounded by banana plantations. These fruits are especially tasty here. The second symbol is the Kyzyl Kule Tower – one of the main attractions of the city, which can be found in the port of Alanya. The town can boast of its comfortable beaches, excellent blue sea and plenty of entertainment. Here you can combine a relaxing holiday with interesting excursion promenades. What sights of Alanya are worth looking at in the first place is described in this article.

Alanya Fortress

This is one of the most famous sights of Alanya, which has survived to the present since the Byzantine era. It does not allow the inhabitants of Turkey to forget about the difficult history of their country. The fort evokes memories of Turkey’s successes and failures that have sunk into oblivion. The walls of the fortification are made of stone, connected to each other at that time by a solution with a secret composition – “khorasan”. Thanks to him, the walls could even withstand a cannon attack.
The length of the fort is about 8 km. Some of its sections are occupied by different towers. The inner halls of the fortress contain specially created water receptacles. The fort contains about 400 such tanks. The entrance to the fortress is framed by a gate in the form of an arch. Interestingly, each entrance is named. Inside the fort were such buildings as a mint, a scaffold, religious buildings, a shipyard, etc. The pearl of the fortress is the Red Tower – the place where the ethnographic museum with its extensive collection of exhibits is located.



Cleopatra Beach

The beach is located on the coast near the outstanding cape, on top of which rises a fort dating back to the XIII century. The length of the beach reaches 2 km. It is completely covered with coarse-grained sand, thanks to which the water is almost always transparent with an azure tint. Along the comfortable beach, hotel complexes of the resort town, various catering points, sports grounds and children’s towns with attractions are conveniently dispersed. Here you can make paragliding flights, ride a “banana”, do water skiing or rent a catamaran. The beach is gentle, so it will be an excellent option for spending time with children.



Red Tower

The historical landmark of Alanya, which has come down to us since the time of the Seljuks (XIII century). It was exhibited at the instigation of the Seljuk Sultan Kay-Kubad I to strengthen his residence. At the base of the structure is an octagon with a diameter of about 29 meters. The fortress has a height of about 33 meters with a wall thickness of over 12 meters. The highest level of the 5-storey structure can be climbed with the help of stone steps. From a height, the most beautiful panoramas of the harbor open. In the center of the building you can see the reservoir, and along the perimeter of the ventilation channels.

The curious architecture of the building is made in such a way that it allows daylight to penetrate all floors and even into hard-to-reach places. Historically, the tower is perfectly preserved to this day. Minor damage was repaired in 1950 during the restoration. Since the end of the 70s of the last century, a branch of the Ethnographic Museum of Turkey has been operating on the first floor of the tower.



Damlatas Cave

The cave can be found literally on the territory of Alanya, about 100 meters from the Mediterranean coast. The cave was found in the 40s of the last century during the construction of the port. Once upon a time, a quarry was located on this territory. The entrance to the dungeon is very convenient. Near it there is a beach and a small bazaar. The cave does not impress its visitors with its huge size, since you can see only one room. However, here you can admire the stalactites and stalagmites of marvelous forms.



Sapadere Canyon

The gorge, located in the vicinity of Alanya, is specially equipped for tourists to visit. The canyon was opened for excursions in 2008. You can get deep into it by specially equipped wooden bridges and stairs. For tourists there is a restaurant with a fish menu and a souvenir shop. Being in the canyon is a pleasure, because it is surrounded by a coniferous forest, among which the water layers of mountain streams break through. In the hot season, this is a real salvation from the scorching heat.




One of the ancient cities of Alanya, located in its south-eastern surroundings. The ancient city was built in honor of the wife of the Syrian king Antiochus IV Epiphanes. Regular battles in this area led to the fall of some kingdoms and the prosperity of new ones. Thus, Aytap became part of the Syrian province of Rome, which happened in the I century. The locals revered the god Apollo and honored him with a whole temple, the ruins of which can be seen today. Among other things, the remains of stairs, statues and cobblestone streets have reached the present day. There are also some parts of the necropolis, which was located slightly above Aytap. It is interesting to see the water supply and sewerage system of the ancient settlement. The ruins of Aitapa are difficult to access, but the reward for climbing to them will be gorgeous views of the surroundings and the sea.

Ruins of Olympos

The ruins can be found near the village of Ciraly. The ancient city is literally immersed in greenery, which makes it mysterious and incredibly picturesque. Before us, Olympos is practically not preserved and relative to other monuments of Alanya is almost not well-groomed, but this makes it non-trivial. It seems to be specially created for lovers of secrets and antiquity: the old riverbed, the ruins of an ancient fort, a colonnade and the ruins of a centuries-old theater.



Water Planet Water Park

Located on the territory of the hotel complex of the same name. A few kilometers from the city. One of the advantages of the aqua complex is its location: the Mediterranean coast on one side and the lush greenery of the mountainous terrain on the other. This is the largest aqua zone of the entire coast. Its area, together with the hotel and other entertainment places, is about 62 thousand square meters. m It offers visitors attractions of varying degrees of extreme: high-speed descents, wave pools, pools with towers, artificial reservoirs for rafting. Water activities are spread over several tiers of the hill, and slides are exhibited on the slopes among the greenery. From the highest points of the complex there are incredibly beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea. The food court of the water complex is represented by cafes and bars. In the cold season, the water park does not work.



Cave of the Dwarves

On the way to the Sapadere Canyon near the village of Tyrylar, the resorters of Alanya should definitely visit the cave to appreciate the original “dungeon” and the majestic view of the Taurus Mountains. It is divided into 6 halls. Here you can admire stalactites and stalagmites of fantastic shapes, karst funnels and stone “snowdrifts”. The cave has an interesting backlight, from which it received the nickname “Rainbow”.




One of the iconic places of the city. It is located near the sea. Nowadays, the shipyard serves as a mooring for small vessels of local residents. The history of the shipyard begins in 1228. It was exhibited by order of Sultan Ala ad-Din Key-Kubad I. The shipyard has an impressive size, occupying an area of about 2400 square meters. m. During the reign of the sultan, ships for his fleet were repaired and built here. The advantageous location hid the shipyard from enemy eyes.




The ascent by funicular to the ancient castle of Antalya will be one of the exciting events during the holiday at the resort. The ascent starts from the station near Cleopatra Beach and lasts about 5 minutes. On the way, you can contemplate the dizzying landscapes of the sea and an impressive view of the whole of Alanya. At the top, you can proceed to the northern part of the fortification. Having been hungry after a motsion on the fortress, you can go to a cafe or relax in a specially designated place.



Gardens of Alanya

Alanya is an actively progressing resort, and therefore every year new tourist sites appear here. The park area called “Gardens of Alanya” is one of them. The green corner harmoniously fits into the hilly landscape of the Turkish city. Despite the fact that it is located high, the park is well landscaped and incredibly beautiful. The park has various gastronomic establishments, play areas for children, an open-air concert venue and other entertainment. There are observation platforms with panoramic views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea.


The port of Alanya is located in one of the most beautiful Mediterranean harbors. Not far from it you can see the ancient castle of the city. The originality and originality of the port are added by architectural and historical sights. Sea promenades on steamships begin here, and at the end leave indelible impressions. Boat trips are provided by various companies of Alanya, able to offer a guide who speaks several languages. The comfortable embankment of the port is also popular. Be sure to taste seafood dishes of gastronomic establishments located near the pier. There are also shops and shops with souvenirs.



Archaeological Museum

The main collection of the museum was collected in the late 60s of the last century, but artifacts fall into the museum in our days, since archaeological research is still being conducted in the suburbs of Alanya. The exposition includes finds of various epochal events: the Phrygian reign, the Lydian period, the Greek era and the period of the Byzantine kingdom. The museum presents collections of ceramics, bronze dishes and jewelry, as well as parts of the surviving fragments of the decor of various buildings.



The Ancient City of Siedra

Just a few kilometers from Antalya are the ruins of an ancient city, once towering on the slopes of the hill of Cilicia (a region of the south-eastern part of Turkey). Walking among the remains of the ancient city, you can contemplate the most picturesque panorama of the Mediterranean Sea. Syedra is surrounded by two villages of our time, in which the atmosphere of antiquity is deliberately maintained. The ruins are the most valuable monument of archeology. In ancient times, Gnaeus Pompey the Great stayed here. In that era, coins with the image of Marcus Aurelius were minted on the territory of Siedra. Among the ruins you can find many interesting objects that are perfectly preserved to this day: baths, wells, colonnades and other buildings. In the ruins of the ancient palace to this day, a beautiful mosaic has been preserved, which suggests that Siedra was a rich city.



Dim-Chay River

This is one of the brightest and most peculiar places in Alanya. An exceptionally attractive valley is located a few kilometers from the city. The source of the mountain river Dim-Chay is hidden in the highlands of Konya. Near the river you can visit the natural monument of Turkey – dim cave. In the middle of the past century, the river was of great importance for Alanya and Turkey as a whole, because large areas given for the cultivation of bananas were irrigated due to its waters.
To this day, the reservoir zone is under protection, since fresh water resources are extremely important for the Turkish people. The construction of the largest dam was completed at the end of 2008. Since then, there has been no shortage of drinking water. Tourists go to the observation zone in order to admire the sky-blue waters of the man-made reservoir, hidden behind coniferous greenery and admire the water avalanche that collapses with a roar down. The most courageous tourists climb to the top of the mountain to see a dizzying panorama of the entire Dim Valley.



Grand Bazaar Market

One of the most visited places by guests of the city. After all, where, if not in the market, you can feel the atmosphere of Turkish life, and at the same time buy memorable souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones. The market is located behind the city hall of Alanya right in the center of the city. From the very early morning there are stalls where you can buy the freshest vegetables, fruits or Turkish sweets. But the main “market life” is in full swing in the large chambers of commerce on the market square. It is important to know that in the Turkish bazaars it is necessary to bargain, since this is a local tradition and a kind of game. And in the most remote parts of the bazaar, prices will be much lower than in the first or central rows.



Alanya Embankment

The embankment of the city attracts primarily fans of literary works about pirates, because here you can see a whole pirate flotilla, preserved from the time of Cilician piracy. There are also catering points with excellent fish cuisine. From the promenade you can see how international ships and rich private yachts moor, as well as boats of Turkish fishermen.



Ataturk Park

This is the largest park in Alanya and the most comfortable for promenades. It is located near Cleopatra Beach, so after a hot beach holiday you can take refuge in the slight coolness under the palm trees. And it is also worth walking along the numerous bridges, admiring the greenery, beautiful flower beds, sculptural compositions and fountains. Throughout the recreation area, benches for relaxation are exhibited. Playgrounds are open for toddlers. On the outskirts of the park, tennis courts and a free gym are on display for outdoor enthusiasts.



Summer Garden Club

A young, stylish and exalted club of Alanya, which operates in an open area. The name of the club is translated as “Summer Garden”, which perfectly conveys its atmosphere. After all, it is located among the lush flowering greenery and palm trees. Inside the club you can see a water cascade and a swimming pool. There is a chill-out zone, a bar and a restaurant complex. The atmosphere of the club is democratic and idle. On the dance floors sound popular world hits, as well as modern Turkish music.



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