Shoreland Hotel Sheregesh

Hotel “Shoreland” belongs to the category of economy class. The hotel is built in the center of the resort area of Sheregesh. The concept of arranging rooms and the entire infrastructure of the hotel is suitable for accommodation of both single tourists and the arrival of large groups. Low prices and relative comfort have long been appreciated by the regulars of Mountain Shoria. Rates include free shuttle service to the slopes and lifts, comprehensive meals at affordable prices, free parking space, discounts on ski passes and equipment rental. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel complex.

Location and history

The building, which looks like a dormitory, was built in Soviet times. The hotel was called “Shoria” in honor of the common name of the mountain-taiga region, located at the junction of the Sayan, Altai and Kuznetsk Alatau. It was ideal for accommodation of sports teams, tourist groups, corporate recreation. The building is located near the roadway, so it is convenient for tourist buses to enter the territory of the hotel parking.

The ski complex in the vicinity of the village of Kemerovo region Sheregesh was put into operation in 1981. It was built to hold the Winter Spartakiad of the peoples of the USSR. Then skiers from all over the country came here to train, and, since the 2000s, the territory has been developing as a resort of international scale. For 20 years, local entrepreneurs managed to increase the number of tourists from 30 thousand to 980 thousand per year. This indicator stimulates the development of the infrastructure of Sheregesh and attract tourists from Russia and other countries.

You can get to Sheregesh from nearby cities – large administrative centers of Siberia. Intercity buses depart from the bus stations of Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk, Krasnoyarsk, Barnaul. The easiest way to get from Novosibirsk and Novokuznetsk, from where there are direct flights to Sheregesh.

The hotel is ready to provide a paid shuttle service to/from Novokuznetsk Airport. The price of the issue is 4 thousand rubles (actual for January [y]), the distance is 176 km. Every Friday at 18.00 from Novokuznetsk departs bus tour to Sheregesh, back transport goes on Sunday. The ticket price is 400 rubles. (actual for December [y]) From the bus station and railway station in Tashtagol about 30 minutes by public transport (bus Number 101, departs every 20 minutes).

Please note:check-in at 14.00, check-out at 12.00. (surcharges for early check-in / check-out -50% of the room rate, in high season and in the New Year period -100%).

Room stock

In 2018, the complete reconstruction of the building was completed, as a result of which the total number of seats increased to 55 (with additional 75). The rooms are located in 2 buildings, which are located at a distance of 30 meters from each other. Beds and mattresses were replaced, new bed linen was purchased, decorative elements appeared in the interiors. In total, the fund has 25 rooms of three main categories:

  1. Standard. Five rooms are designed to accommodate three people, 7 rooms are designed for 4 guests. Located in the first building.
  2. Family – 3 two-room suites with bunk beds are located in the first building
  3. Studio – rooms of this category are located in the 2nd building. They are equipped with kitchenettes. In the studio of economy class can accommodate 2 people, in the improved – up to 4 people.

A special feature is the presence in almost every room (except for the superior studio) bunk beds. The rooms are very small in footage. Such sleeping structures save space and thereby reduce the cost of living. “Shoriland” is a very cheap hotel compared to other hotels in Sheregesh.

“For such a price, I have in principle no claims, the night cost 1300 rubles. Clean linen, the administrator will give a kettle, if you need a refrigerator, then it will also be brought and installed. Restaurant with fantastically low prices for complex lunches pleased with the quality of food” Igor, Russia

Additional information:Pets are allowed. Conditions are discussed with the administrator.

The administration provides free services for the delivery of urgent correspondence to the guest, wake-up call, call an ambulance. A ski storage room is included in the room.

Meals and restaurants

Catering arrangements are provided by the hotel’s restaurant. The kitchen offers set breakfasts for 250 rubles (actual for December [y]), lunches and dinners at a fixed price. When booking rooms with meals, guests are provided with pleasant discounts on the diet. The menu includes items of salads, appetizers, soups, hot and cold dishes, desserts and drinks. The restaurant is open from 08.00 to 23.00, receiving orders for delivery is carried out from 09.00 to 20.00 daily.

On the ground floor of the 1st building there is a microwave and a cooler with hot water. Those who wish can warm up here food bought elsewhere, and make tea / coffee. In the 2nd building of the kitchenette are equipped in each studio. Not far from the hotel there is a supermarket of the largest Siberian retail operator “Maria Ra”. The assortment includes food, household items, fresh pastries.

The best restaurants of Sheregesh are located near Mount Green. In your free time, after skiing or in the evening, you can visit the following places:

  • “Yurt” is located at the foot of the slope. Open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. The dining room is located in a real yurt, brought from Mongolia. The menu features Asian cuisine. Here you can order pilaf, lagman, chuchvara and dishes of the nomadic peoples of East Asia;
  • Apres Ski Bar Grelka is one of the most visited places in Sheregesh. Here everything is mixed in one cocktail – breakfasts, lunches, dinners, parties, discos;
  • Manty-Ponty is a place where you can eat delicious food at affordable prices. The hall is small, designed for 15 seats. The service is fast, the average check is 200 rubles;
  • pub “Ruks in Geshe” – offers American and European cuisine. In the evenings, musicians play in the hall, and the bartender pours the best craft beer in the resort.

Delivery of ready meals, including fast food, are engaged in three large catering establishments: “Сhekpointpizza”, GRыZZLY,sushi “Panda.

Leisure and entertainment

Hotel “Shoriland” is located at a distance of 4 km from Mount Green. To the slopes and lifts – one and a half kilometers. For guests of the hotel there is a free shuttle to sector E on Mount Green. Hotel guests receive a 30% discount on the daily ski pass in sector E and KD “Freestyle” when buying a subscription at the hotel. Ski bus departs from the hotel in the morning at 9.00 and 10.00, in the evening picks up guests from the slope of Mount Green at 16.00 and 17.00.

On the territory of the hotel there is a ski equipment rental “Energoaga”. Guests of the hotel “Shoriland” are given a 30% discount on the rental of equipment in all rental points from “Equipment”. They are located directly on the mountain in the buildings of the hotels “Snow”, “Polytech”, near the hotel Alpen Club. The cost of a full set of 600 rubles, accessories from 150 rubles.

The ski season begins at the end of November and lasts until mid-May. Frosts and heavy snowfalls form and keep the snow cover on the tracks for such a long period. The ski areas are divided into three main sectors, which are serviced by three different cable car operators. Sectors A and B are combined into one, their main operator is the company “Cascade”, sector E is served by the operator “Shoria-tour”, sector F is provided by the company Malka.

Each sector has its own characteristics for skiing and entertainment of tourists:

  • A/B – the largest number of trails, cafes, restaurants, parking lots, hotels, souvenir shops. Here are the famous routes “Lob”, “Dollar”, “Elena”. Due to the large flow of skiers and frequent snowfalls, the ski area can always be prepared properly. The bumpy surface of the tracks requires special skills – the ability to “roll hills”;
  • E – is located on the southwestern slope of Mount Green. Here is the longest route of the resort with a duration of 4 km. The second main track – wide and gentle – is suitable for novice skiers. The slope is annually equipped with new objects. There was a training descent and a snow park;
  • F is a conventionally designated area for skiing, on which some of the most popular lifts “Panorama” and “Gingers” are located. The first is interesting with the views during the trip, the second – the bright orange color of the booths. The slopes are designed for experienced skiers and beginners, some are interesting for freeriders. There is a steep descent, a training descent and the popular “Tomsk Forest”.

Pay attention! Many freerider ski areas are located on the slope of Mount Utuya. So far, they can only be reached by snow groomers.

Especially popular among fans of skiing is the lift “Freestyle”. Regulars of the resort call it “Satan” due to the fact that in bad weather, when all the “cable cars” are closed, this one continues to work. Morning snow begins to roll out it is its first passengers. The lift stands alone, is more expensive than the rest, is characterized by uninterrupted operation. From it are available tracks “Panorama”, “Lob”, “Freestyle”.

In the evening after skiing (the lifts finish work at 17.00), the guests of “Shoriland” will have to organize their own leisure. The hotel provides accommodation, meals, but there are no areas for active pastime. Corporate clients can gather in a conference room and hold a regular meeting or listen to an interesting lecture. Everyone else is left to their own devices.

The resort took care of the evening rest, so in addition to bars and restaurants there are more interesting places:

  • bath complexes (one is located opposite Shoreland across the street);
  • cinema “Mustag”, located in the building of the local DK;
  • night club «AYS-bunker».

The most interesting pubs are the brutal “Papa Misha”, the youth crazy “Heating Pad”, in Irish warm and soulful “Mountain Patrol”.

Recreational opportunities for children

Children under 6 years old are accepted at the Hotel “Shoreland” free of charge, if they do not need an extra bed. Having a restaurant with an affordable set menu will help solve the problem with cooking. But usually couples with children book studios in the 2nd building, where there are refrigerators, microwave ovens and kettles.

On the territory of the resort there are children’s clubs, schools for novice skiers, slopes for sledding. A favorite place for children to have fun is TheIty Park. A few years ago, hunters found huge traces of Bigfoot in the vicinity. Since then, his image has gradually become a symbol of Sheregesh. In the park, children are waiting for interesting performances, master classes, game programs, the host of which is the Eveni himself. There are three sessions per day for visitors. Check with the Shoreland Administrator for a time.

Not far from the Sky Wei track is an interesting attraction “Upside Down House”. In it, visitors walk along the ceiling, take pictures against the background of furniture installed upside down, have fun, feeling complete disorientation in space.

Excursions and attractions nearby

The hotel does not have its own tour desk. The reception will tell you hiking trails for walking or recommend which of the tourist groups you can join to visit the unique places of Sheregesh. To get acquainted with the local history and attractions, excursions to the following objects are organized:

  • The Worship Cross is the largest sculpture installed on the top of the mountain;
  • the Gulag Museum is a complete copy of Stalin’s camp for political prisoners, which was located in these parts;
  • Museum of Ethnography and Nature of Mountain Shoria;
  • The Azas Cave is the place where evidence of the existence of Bigfoot has been found.

Staying at the hotel “Shoriland”, tourists receive a full range of hotel services for relatively little money. Living conditions are quite satisfied with people who are unpretentious in everyday life and come to the resort just to go skiing.




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