Rosa Ski Inn Hotel Rosa Khutor (Отель Ски Инн Роза Хутор)

This is an overview of one of the most popular hotels at the moment Ski Inn (Rosa Ski Inn Hotel) in the ski resort of Rosa Khutor.

One of the new fastest-growing ski resorts in the world is located 50 km from the city of Sochi – the same one where the 2014 Winter Olympics were held. Rosa Khutor has been the winner of the World Ski Awards for five years, which means that the resort is on a par with the world’s ski resorts.

Rosa Khutor boasts a good tourist infrastructure that includes hotels, restaurants, shops, ski slopes, hiking trails, cable cars and an indoor water park.

One of the main attractions of the resort is its extraordinarily beautiful clean nature. The mountains, sea, forest and waterfalls are amazing, and the air is so fresh that you can taste it. Guests of Sochi are necessarily recommended to climb to the highest peak (2320 meters in height) by cable car. The view from this peak to the mountains is simply breathtaking!

Skiers with experience come here because of the excellent slopes and many trails, there are about 108 of them, and one of the 28 lifts leads to each peak. On weekends, the resort is crowded, if you like to ride in a relaxed environment, try to get out into the mountains on weekdays. Rosa Khutor is a great place to visit at any time of the year.

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Location and history

The Rosa Ski Inn is located at an altitude of 1,170 metres above sea level, close to Krasnaya Polyana. The hotel was built, thinking about the convenience of guests, so it is located in five buildings at once. From each residential building it is easy to get to the lift. At the booking stage, you can choose the desired slope. Experienced athletes have the opportunity to get to the right mountain without intersecting with beginners and the younger generation. And family guests can calmly and without fuss get to the “easy” track, explore the natural landscape from the cabin and get ready for skiing. From the main building depart ski slopes, here you can ride at any time.

Room stock

In the buildings of the hotel there are a total of 345 rooms of different levels. Each window offers stunning views of the Caucasus Mountains. The rooms have a small refrigerator, tea utensils, an electric kettle and a modern coffee maker. So if you want to ski in the early morning, then you do not have to wait for the opening of the restaurant, you can drink morning tea without leaving the room.

Marina and Ruslan, Tyumen: Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana, Rosa Khutor – places of power. It is very beautiful, you can feel the energy of the mountains. Some small flaws in the hotel simply do not notice, any room is doomed to success. But in the hotel I really liked, everything is on top, the service is amazing, beautiful, clean, romantic and cozy. Coffee and tea in the room, it is important for us, as we like to get up early and drink coffee when meeting the dawn. The rooms are good soundproofing, there lived a family with children nearby, but we did not interfere with each other. The hotel is definitely recommended, it is worth the money.

Meals and restaurants

Breakfast is served every morning in the restaurant. The restaurant’s menu is built on fresh local products, for which Kuban is famous. Near the Black Sea, which means that the restaurants serve the freshest seafood and authentic local dishes that you will not try anywhere else, for example, mullet.

You can choose a cozy pizzeria, a German gastropub, an international steakhouse or a karaoke club. Restaurants of the resort “Rosa Khutor” offer delicious, varied cuisine.

Tempting dishes in the restaurant, well-balanced cocktails, unsurpassed Alpine look, friendly staff and luxurious furnishings – that’s what makes this hotel one of the most popular places in the resort.

Leisure and entertainment

Rosa Khutor, Sochi’s most popular ski resort, boasts the longest cable car to its highest peak, Rose Peak. To get there, you will have to use several lifts on closed cable cars. For those who are afraid of heights, it may be a little scary to move in closed booths, but the views are worth it! Clouds between mountains, snow on the tops, grazing cattle – fantastic! In addition, the lifts are brand new and very safe.

The stops on the way to the top are wonderful. For example, Rosa Platon (height 1170 m) is a place where athletes used to live during the Sochi Olympics, and Panda Sky Park (height 1350 m) is an excellent adventure park where you can have a great time with children.

When you finally get to the peak of the rose (2320 m), get ready for a significant drop in temperature. If it was +27°C below, then here, on the highest peak of the mountain, the temperature can be even lower than +6°C. So it’s a good idea to bring warm clothes. However, the breathtaking panorama more than makes up for this slight inconvenience.

Skiing and snowboarding is perhaps the most exciting sport in the world. Mountain air not only saturates the body with oxygen, but also heals. The special climate stimulates the production of antioxidants in the skin, so in Sochi you can easily throw off a couple of years. If the holidays are small, then Rosa Khutor is just the place that can charge with strength and impressions for a long time.

For beginners, the help of experienced instructors and special tracks where it is almost impossible to get injured are provided. Not only adults, but also very young children ride here. You can also ride on a sleigh and “vatrushki” – vivid memories of the resort are provided to you.

Don’t be afraid to have fun and explore new tracks. After an active day, you can calm the aching muscles in the wellness spa. The range of services includes a wide range of facial and body treatments, including anti-stress therapy, back massage and immersion in the Jacuzzi with hydromassage.

Vasily, Moscow: The staff is very polite, the rooms and corridors are clean. The views are incredible… Healthy and positive place, highly recommended!

Recreational opportunities for children

The children’s area is located at the mountain station of the feeder lift (Olympia gondola) right next to the large base house on the Rosa Plateau. There is also a children’s club “Egorka”, which can be visited by children aged three years (maximum four hours), a children’s recreation area, a ski school for children and a ski kindergarten for very young athletes.

Things to do in Sochi

Going out the doors of the hotel, the tourist is surrounded by the majestic landscape of the Caucasus. You can start the day with a brisk walk in the fresh mountain air, sign up for a day trip, catch trout in local rivers, climb the Vorontsov caves or explore subtropical forests. In an hour and a half you can drive to Mount Akhun, the highest peak on the coast of Greater Sochi. After walking along the winding road uphill, you will come to the observation tower, built in 1936 and open to the public. It is said that on a clear day, even Turkey is visible from the top.

  • Stalin’s dacha. Sochi has always been one of the most beloved resorts of Soviet leaders. Bolshaya dacha V.I. Stalin, located in the mountains on the way to Lake Ritsa, is open to the public. He regularly came here not only for recreation, but also for meetings with political leaders of that period. Now there is a small museum where wax figures and personal belongings of Stalin are exhibited. Visitors have the opportunity to rent a room to feel the true spirit of the country’s past.
  • Sochi Olympic Park is full of magnificent sights. Come play ice hockey, watch figure skating, international auto racing and much more. The city of Sochi has several excellent sports facilities for everyone. For the Olympic Games, 11 new sports grounds were built, as well as new railway tracks, so that moving between the sites will not make it difficult for you. The objects of the mountain cluster included: the biathlon and ski complex Rosa Khutor, the alpine resort of the Rosa Khutor plateau, the Olympic village, the ski and snowboard park, the sledge center, the jump center. The objects of the coastal cluster are: the main Olympic village, the Formula 1 track, the Adler Arena, the Iceberg skating center, the Fisht Olympic Stadium and other facilities. All sites are new and built with the latest technology.
  • Sochi Park is a theme park located in the Olympic Village, fascinating for the whole family. This is a kind of Russian Disneyland, a park based on Russian fairy tales.
  • Discovery World Oceanarium covers more than 6,000 square meters and contains more than 30 individual aquariums and 5 million liters of water in total. Visitors begin their tour with a walk through the rainforest with a waterfall and a bridge over a pond with carp. The Sochi aquarium contains exotic species of marine animals from around the world, there are fish such as piranhas, discus, gourami and others. Next, visitors are waiting for seahorses, rays, somes and even sharks. Surrounded by water on all sides, visitors can feel as if they are completely immersed in the sea.

Sochi Arboretum

Located on a hillside, the Sochi Arboretum is a real pleasure for travelers. It is popular with both tourists and locals, as this park will take you on a botanical journey around the world with more than two thousand species of plants and trees from different continents.

The history of the arboretum has more than 125 years. It was founded by the famous playwright Sergei Khudyakov in 1892. He used his own money to set up a beautiful garden, where he built his summer residence.

The arboretum is a subtropical harbor located on the Black Sea coast. Translated from the Greek arboretum is a “collection of trees”. The park is divided into two parts. The upper arboretum is landscaped in the classical style with fountains, richly decorated sculptures and terraces. The lower arboretum is an untouched corner of wildlife, with ducks and swans swimming in ponds. In addition to ducks in the park you can find pelicans, ostriches and flamingos among other birds and wild animals.

The park grows more than two thousand species of plants and trees, including exotic and rare trees, shrubs and other vegetation. Locals called this park a “museum of nature”, as it presents plant species from all continents. There are 24 species of palm trees, 80 species of oaks, 76 species of pines, as well as many subtropical plants such as breadfruit, soap tree, coral tree, argan tree, strawberry tree and much more.

The best way to visit this park is to take the cable car to the top of the park on the hill and descend while admiring the flora from all over the world. When climbing the cable car, keep the camera ready, as the view of the park during the ascent will be beautiful. The panorama that greets you at the top of the park is even more stunning: breathtaking views of the coast, the Black Sea and the Caucasus mountain region. The descent is long, with many steps. So don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes.

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