President-hotel “Tavrida”, Yalta

If you want to fill your vacation with positive emotions and beautiful photos, then come to the President Hotel “Tavrida” – one of the most noticeable and famous buildings in Yalta. Since the 19th century, it has been included in the list of outstanding hotels in Europe, and now provides excellent service for its guests.

Ask anyone about the impressions of visiting Yalta and hear only excellent reviews. It is a bright and bright city, with evergreen parks, unique architecture and warm sea.

Yalta is located on a large mountain amphitheater, and the sea looks capes Montedor and Ai – Todor. From the cold weather the city is blocked by peaks with a height of 1400 m.

The climate here is dry and warm, and the air heals from many ailments. Thanks to this, the tourist season lasts almost a whole year. Vacationers experience the joy and inspiration of the beauty of the landscapes. No wonder since the 19th century people of art began to come here: writers, poets, artists.

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History, architecture and location

The building of the hotel is a historical and architectural monument of Yalta, was built in 1875 by architect Vinberg and was first called “Russia”. In the same years, a branch of the railway connecting the Crimea with central Russia was opened, and vacationers literally poured in here. The hotel was often visited by scientists and cultural figures: Stanislavsky, Mayakovsky, Chekhov, Bunin, Chaliapin, Botkin and many others. All of them were delighted not only with the Crimean nature, but also with the magnificent hotel. Now any guest has the opportunity to spend the night in it.

The President Hotel is located on the first line of the Black Sea, on the evergree embankment. From the airport of Simferopol can be reached in an hour, and more than 20 famous sights are very close. In 2005, the restoration was completed, while the historical style was preserved. The façade of the building is decorated with columns, verandas and promenade terraces. Cozy Venetian courtyards, marble staircases, decorated with forge and sculptures on the territory delight guests.

Rooms of the hotel

After the renovation in 2005, the hotel “refreshed”, while not losing its historical uniqueness. All rooms are modernly equipped with air conditioning, refrigerators and other appliances. Wireless internet is available throughout the hotel. Different types of rooms from standards to luxury apartments will appeal to even the most demanding guest. It has everything you may need during your vacation, and now consider the most interesting proposals:

  • cozy studio for two with a large double bed, furniture and an armchair. Bathroom with shower, towels and full accessory;
  • Family Apartment designed for 6 people, the room is very spacious – up to 80 sq.m. It has several beds, armchairs, wardrobes and a full kitchen with all amenities;
  • duplex apartment – It is a full-fledged house with an entrance hall, a kitchen, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a children’s playroom. It is maximally equipped, and the bathroom even has a jacuzzi and bidet. This room offers sea and mountain views. Among the entertainment is a smart cinema, a collection of discs with movies and music, a library with books.

Natalia, Moscow “When you come to rest, you want luxury, to please yourself. In last year we were in Yalta and decided to stay in the legendary hotel “Tavrida”, heard a lot about it. Gorgeous building, very beautiful, and it is clear that it is cared for. We lived in an apartment, they are beautiful. Everything is modern and beautiful, good furniture and appliances. Cleaning is daily, everyone changes and replenishes the sets in the bathroom. Separately, I want to say about the architecture, you feel like a star if you live in Tavrida. We loved it!”

Meals at the hotel

Meals in the hotel are on a custom-made menu, and how many times a day you will visit the restaurant, you decide. This must be indicated when booking. Whichever version of the guesthouse you choose, the restaurant “Tsar’s Kitchen” is waiting for you.

The place is famous and eminent, and for many years the guests of the restaurant were: the presidents of the Russian Federation and the former Soviet republics, as well as Turkey, the USA, Israel, the Czech Republic, the Queen of Sweden and many others. Even Grand Duke Dmitry Romanov visited, which is very important for our history.

Now many guests who do not rest in “Tavrida”, still try to visit this restaurant at least once to touch the history. For cooking, the chef uses only natural farm products, the quality is strictly controlled. The menu presents famous Russian dishes in a modern version. Often the luxurious hall of the restaurant “Tsar’s Kitchen” is used for banquets and weddings.

The hotel is located in the center of Yalta, and there are a lot of markets, cafes and restaurants that guests can visit and diversify their leisure time. Here are the most famous of them:

  • pizzeria “Piccolino”;
  • restaurant “Roppongi”;
  • dining room “Home-like”;
  • restaurant “Chaika”;
  • café “Magnificent solokha”.

Crimean cities, large and small, are good because there are many cafes and canteens where you can eat inexpensively and tasty, so living in the city center, be sure to take advantage of this opportunity.

Additional services at the hotel

The hotel building is located in the heart of the city, the internal infrastructure is small. The main goal of vacationers who book accommodation in “Tavrida” are rooms and the historical building itself, and they can use all the services nearby, now we will tell you about it.

The hotel is very close to the promenade, where you can walk, rent a ship or yacht.

The distance to the nearest beach is only 500 m, there are several of them near the hotel, you can use any. There is a city free beach, but usually it is crowded. If you walk towards Massandra (10 – 15 minutes), you will get to the excellent coastal zones, equipped and safe, they are paid.

Also within walking distance there are many restaurants, cafes and entertainment centers.

SPA center is in the hotel “Seaside Park”. In it you can swim in the outdoor and indoor pools with sea water, steam in the sauna, visit the jacuzzi and the snow room. All services are paid for non-hotel guests.

Nikolai, Samara “Rested in the hotel “Tavrida” twice, and the second time we went purposefully – I really liked the atmosphere and interior. For us, it does not matter that there are no huge swimming pools, spa complexes and gyms, all – still came to the sea. It’s enough that we lived in beauty and visited a cool local restaurant. If you really want relaxation, then there are many other large coastal hotels nearby, there for a fee visit the spa and beauticians, but again everything is optional. “Tavrida” we loved for its uniqueness, thanks to the administration and staff”

Yalta is the pearl of the southern Crimean coast, there are so many natural and historical places that you simply cannot see.

Sights of Yalta

It is difficult to say where you need to go in Yalta in the first place. Sometimes it seems that the whole vacation is not enough to see everything. Come to the Crimea more often, and each time discover new places.

Armenian Church of St. Hripsime

This is a masterpiece of national architecture of the 20th century, built by the architect Ter – Mikelov. The painting of the external and internal facades was made by the Armenian painter Surenyants. Guests admire the frescoes on the dome, and the entire volume of the room is perfectly illuminated through the arched windows.

An interesting find of the architect is a false entrance to the temple, in the niche of the facade. During the Soviet era, there was a museum here, and only by 1988 the church was restored. Nowadays, it is open for services and tourists, and also serves as a platform for classical music concerts.

Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary

More than 100 years ago, this church was built at the request of local Catholics. Architect Krasnov worked on the project and erected the building according to all the canons of Western European architecture of the Middle Ages. The structure is simple, not pretentious, and the severity is given to it by shape and color.

In the 1980s, an organ was installed in the church, and now it pleases with its sound not only during masses, but also at concerts. By the way, they can be visited for free. Services in the church resumed only in 1993.

Yalta cable car

Yalta is famous for its cable car, and it would seem that this is special, but it is not. It runs right through the city, above the roofs of houses. Locals call it the “sky track”, it was built in 1967, and now it is a very popular place. The cable car stretches from the central embankment to the Darsan hill, and in 12 minutes the cabins pass 600 m.

This is a great opportunity to see Yalta in height, but be careful – in the booths you need to jump on the go.

Zoo “Skazka”

Yalta Zoo began with a small zoological corner in 1990, and after 5 years changing the owner, it turned into a very interesting place. Now more than 100 species of different animals live on its territory, and as a development of the zoo, the owner Oleg Zubkov separately opened the Taigan Lion Park.

“Fairy Tale” is the largest private zoo in Europe, where all animals live in natural conditions for themselves and delight with the appearance of offspring. This says a lot that they are warm, cozy and most importantly safe.

Livadia Palace

This is the former Crimean residence of the royal family, luxurious in beauty and grandeur. Architects Krasnov and Monighetti during the construction relied on the style of the Italian Neo-Renaissan, so the palace looks very light. The historical complex includes the palace itself, several buildings around and a park that is more than 160 years old.

Guests can see and visit the Holy Cross Church, the Page Building, the palace of Baron Fredericks. Surprisingly, the park preserves sculptures, gazebos and fountains from the time of the emperors. In the park of the Livadia Palace, the Royal Trail is read, and a sanatorium for cardiology is opened.

Swallow’s Nest

This place is a real visiting card of the Crimea, and it was built in 1912 by the architect Sherwood. Such an interesting name was called the Gothic castle on the spur of the rock. There used to be a park nearby that collapsed into the sea during the 1927 earthquake. In those days, the observation deck literally hung over the sea, but was not damaged.

Until the 1960s, there was a reading room of one of the sanatoriums, then the building was generally closed due to poor condition. Only by 2002 it was brought into proper shape and opened for tourists. Now there are art exhibitions.

Mountain peak Ai-Petri

One of the most beautiful mountains of the Crimea, with a height of 1234 meters, is very popular with vacationers. It is interesting to see its curly teeth and the unique color of the rocks. If you go upstairs, you will see a 100 km view. If you decide to go there with an excursion, then visit the Yalta cave and beech grove. The observation deck can be reached by cable car, and already above, to the teeth, go on foot.

Japanese Garden “Six Senses”

A luxurious oriental-style garden can be found on site at Mriya Resort. Especially for the hotel complex, it was created by a Japanese architect, the author of the Imperial Gardens. Almost 2,000 tons of sand, trees and stones from Japan were brought to organize the landscape. The park covers 6 hectares and consists of terraces, Dragon Falls, Walking Garden, several ponds and thermal baths. This is a place for real relaxation.


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Yalta is so bright and dynamic, it attracts thousands of tourists every year. Here, modern trends live harmoniously next to a rich history and architecture. Feel this combination in the luxurious hotel “Tavrida”.