Pension “Aivazovskoe”, Partenit

Sanatorium “Aivazovskoe” of the Presidential Affairs Department is located in Partenith, its doors are open to guests all year round, but still the best period of stay is June – September. Come to relax in Partenit, beach and wellness holidays of high class are waiting for you!

Partenit is a place between Yalta and Alushta,and everything is beautiful here, starting with its name and ending with the landscape. This is the southern coast of the Crimean peninsula, and it attracts tourists to rest with majestic mountains, warm sea and historical places.

The village is located in a valley surrounded by coniferous and mixed forests, from which the air here is very clean. Nature has created such conditions that in this region built hotels and boarding houses of high class.

Partenit is a fairly large village, geographically divided into 2 districts – upper and lower, and in both tourist infrastructure is well developed: parks, entertainment centers, sanatoriums, cafes and restaurants.

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Location of the sanatorium

Sanatorium “Aivazovskoye” can be proud of its wonderful location: it is the southern coast of Crimea with a unique mild climate. Near mount Ayu – Dag and Cape Plaka. In less than half an hour you can get to Alushta and Yalta.

Room stock

The complex consists of 2 buildings in 5 floors each, at the same time the sanatorium can accommodate up to 200 people in 6 different types of rooms. The sanatorium is subordinate to the Office of the President of the Russian Federation, and the quality of service here is closely monitored. The buildings are at different distances from the sea, but in any case it is walking distance from the beach. It offers both standard rooms and suites with apartments. It offers views of the sea and the park.

The entire room stock is renovated, modern climatic equipment, TV, refrigerators, bathroom has a full set of accessories.

For lovers of secluded rest, the sanatorium offers accommodation in a separate suite – studios on the beach.

Natalia, Samara “This is the best Crimean sanatorium, wherever we rest. Over the years, the service does not decrease, new interesting places appear on the territory, the treatment program is updated, the rooms are comfortable and stylish. It’s nice to live, walk, communicate with the staff. It’s a place you want to go back to.”

Meals in the sanatorium

The sanatorium has several restaurants, cafes and bars, but most importantly, I want to note that all the work that the staff does is aimed at maintaining the health of guests and preventing diseases. The very concept of a sanatorium implies proper dietary nutrition, the restaurant even takes orders for the daily menu.

The cost of vouchers includes 3 meals a day according to the buffet system, and depending on the housing of residence, the guest uses several restaurants.

So, for a day everyone can discuss the composition of their menu, which is balanced and diverse: fish, meat, dairy products of the highest quality, desserts and pastries. Agree, when the food is tasty, the mood immediately improves and immunity increases.

Cafes and restaurants of the sanatorium “Aivazovskoe”:

  • Panoramic restaurant “Poseidon” gives guests a warm atmosphere and delicious dishes from the chef. It offers views of the sea and the park. There is a spacious hall and a terrace for brunch.
  • Lobby bar in the building number 1 overlooks the Mexican garden, the promenade and the sea. Crimean tea, coffee and snacks are served. Oxygen cocktails are very popular, which help normalize blood pressure and improve sleep.
  • Dining room “Home kitchen” – a simple, but beloved by many place. Here you can take a set lunch, for example, for guests who come to you.
  • “Tavern” is located on the embankment and all the locals call it a fish diner, it really serves the freshest seafood: mussels, squid, barabula, shrimp and gobies. Local drinks will tastefully complement your dinner, which can be enjoyed on the terrace overlooking Cape Plaka.
  • “Italian courtyard” is a phyto bar, not a pizza and pasta restaurant, and here you can sit very nicely over a cup of coffee and dessert, light snacks and ice cream.

Vasily and Elena, Moscow “Sanatorium for us is not only treatment, but also healthy food, well, if it is also tasty. Here, in “Aivazovskoye” there is no need to worry about it. Almost individual menu for adults and everything you need for children. We come here not for the first time, and still do not bypass all the restaurants to enjoy the menu. Do not eat “from the belly”, but pamper yourself with local delicacies. We highly recommend the whole complex, the service is on top!”

Additional services of the sanatorium

First of all, let’s talk about medical services, many guests for a long time prefer to be treated and healed in “Aivazovskoye”. Here they specialize in the treatment of heart ailments, respiratory system and much more.

In addition to the fact that high-class doctors are receiving in the sanatorium, the territory itself is so beautiful and pleasant that being here, you already relax. The area of the complex is more than 25 hectares, and the local park is called a natural monument of design art. It created a Japanese garden, sculptures and gazebos, waterfalls, planted olive grove.

The price of the voucher includes a lot of services and services:

  • Dietary 3 – x single meals;
  • indoor large swimming pool;
  • equipped guarded beach;
  • medical procedures as prescribed by a doctor;
  • visit to the sports complex and gym;
  • aqua – aerobics and breathing exercises;
  • amber – salt room;
  • excursion to the landscape park.

For real athletes and lovers to keep themselves in a cheerful form, yoga and Pilates classes are held, jet skis and kaikas can be rented on the sea, there are sports grounds and a tennis court.

Beach The sanatorium is located 5-10 minutes from the buildings, and you can walk to it through the park, but there are also free shuttles that will take you to the coast. There are small pebbles on the beach, but approaching the water is very comfortable, even for children. Guests rest on sun loungers under canopies, there are changing cabins, showers, toilets and a lifeguard post.

The spa center of the sanatorium offers guests a wide range of services for weight loss, rejuvenation of the body, anti-cellulite programs, wrapping and peeling.

Treatment programs of the sanatorium:

  • Recovery from the effects of pneumonia is a very topical issue today, unfortunately, and on the basis of the sanatorium carry out procedures that help to recover from coronavirus infection.

With the help of physiotherapy, the lung tissue is brought to the desired state, the blood is saturated with the necessary oxygen level, and as a result, all the reserves of the respiratory system are turned on again.

  • Cardiological procedures: the heart is our main organ, and the activity of the whole organism depends on its work. As a result of the procedures, the pumping function of the heart improves, the vessels are cleaned and the risk of ischemia is reduced.


  • Normalization of the nervous system: the emotional state is stabilized and not only, because the general condition of a person, and life expectancy, depends on the correct functioning of the nervous system.
  • Restoration of the musculoskeletal system: diseases in this area, unfortunately, are the most common because of the modern lifestyle. Pain in the joints, limited movements – the reasons for going to the doctor. To get rid of such ailments means to improve the quality of life as a whole.

If you come to the sanatorium for treatment, then you will definitely get it in full, but even more likely you will recover if you enjoy the sea and the sights of this part of the Crimea.

Attractions Partenit

The village has a very interesting name, and in Greek it means “maiden”. There was such a legend that on one of the mountains near the village many centuries ago there was a temple of the goddess Virgin, and not by chance, because the local valley was mastered by people in antiquity. The main occupation was agriculture, fishing and trade. Later, there was a port, and even the capital.

Many famous families developed the village, such as Raevsky (they bred vineyards), Gagarins, Winners. The nature is very beautiful, and the climate is pleasant, so they settled here not only for the summer, but also all year round. After the Second World War, the village was called more simply – Frunzenskoye, the area became a resort, but not simple, they began to build sanatoriums for the military, scientists, cosmonauts. Health resorts are proud of their famous guests: Titov, Leonov, Zhukov, Konev.

In 1991, the village was returned to its unique name, and now it is known throughout the country as an ideal health resort.

There are not so many attractions in the village itself, and almost all of them are natural. For longer excursions will have to go a little further along the coast.

Ayu – Doug or Bear Mountain

Without a doubt, this is the most notable object in the village, and it is said that before the first people came to the village, they lived on this mountain. Here were found household utensils, figurines and parts of dwellings.

On the mountain found the remains of the structure of the Basilica of Peter and Paul, the main sanctuary in ancient times. You can approach the ruins through the territory of the sanatorium “Crimea”.

Esotericists believe that the mountain is an energy center that gives enlightenment.

Kale Cliff – Pote

It is located in the eastern Parteit, and it is quite difficult to climb it. The Genoese built a castle here for their leader, and later founded a settlement. Nowadays on the cliff you can see the base of the ancient fortress, ceramic shards. It is interesting to look at, but to climb here, you need to go through private courtyards of houses, to which the inhabitants are accustomed.

Old minaret

It reminds locals and tourists of the time when the Turks were in the city of the peninsula. The building is dilapidated and not restored, but thanks to this it has retained its uniqueness. It is said to be more than 300 years old, but most of it was destroyed when the road to the village was built. On a stone staircase, through an arch in the minaret, you can climb up, but note that the passage is quite small.

Territory of sanatorium “Crimea”

In the 19th century, this land belonged to the Raevsky family, was planted with a variety of trees. Nowadays, the sanatorium belongs to the military, so the entrance to the park is paid, and strictly with documents, but it is worth it. In Soviet times, scientists of the Nikitsky Botanical Garden also worked on the decoration of the park, brought here a lot of lush plants. There is an atmosphere of silence and harmony, it is a great place for romantic walks and acquaintance with rare plants.

Aquapark in Alushta

In less than half an hour you can drive from Partenit to Alushta and visit a very good water park. It is small and is located on the territory of the hotel, but is open to all comers. There are several pools: wave, with a fountain and waterfalls, children’s with slides. For adults, steep slides with winding descents, a jacuzzi and a hydromassage are available. After active entertainment, you can visit the sauna, solarium, massage, billiards and bowling. You can have a delicious meal in the café and restaurant.

Park “Crimea in miniature”

If you are not going to go around the entire peninsula with excursions, then in this park you can get acquainted with all the famous monuments of the Crimea, only in miniature. Here are the sights of Evpatoria, Yalta, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Alushta. What exactly is depicted architecturally? These are the houses of famous Crimeans, palaces, fortresses and churches. Excursions are held for organized groups.


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Partenit is a cozy village, and with its homely atmosphere it conveys the main traditions of hospitality of the south. Come to the best sanatorium of the region “Aivazovskoe”, relax both soul and body!