Park Hotel Rhodes, Koreiz

Park Hotel “Rhodes” is a former sanatorium, which is still popular in Koreiz as an excellent health institution. Come to this resort of Crimea and spend your great vacation.

The village of Koreiz is comfortably located on the mountain slope of the southern coast of the Crimea, in a quiet place. Why do tourists like to come here? Everything is very successfully combined here: warm sea with clean beaches, useful mountain air and beautiful sights.

Koreiz grew up on the site of a small Tatar settlement, became an elite resort in the last century, and is popular now.

There is practically no winter at the resort, the air temperature is higher than in Yalta itself, and the hottest month is July, although not dry. The water in the sea warms up to +25.

In Koreiz come not only for a beach holiday, but also to improve health, strengthen the immune system. Healing mountain air has a beneficial effect on the state of the respiratory and cardiovascular system. That is why there are sanatoriums and hotels of high quality service, guests book treatment programs almost a year in advance, so high demand for them.

Hotel Location

“Rhodes” is a cottage complex in Koreiz, and this village is adjacent to another, Mishor, practically merging with it. Yalta is only 12 km away, the international airport is about 1.5 hours away.

From the Park Hotel Rhodes, you can book a transfer to the train station or airport, as well as excursions to the local attractions surrounded by it.

Koreiz is one of the quietest and most peaceful villages on the South Coast, but if you want dynamics and noisy entertainment – welcome to Yalta. This is the advantage of “Rhodes”: guests live in a quiet village, but interesting leisure is not far away.

Rooms of the hotel

The complex of cottages is built just 100 m from the sea, and includes 7 houses with rooms and a classic building. Cottages differ in the number and type of rooms, but they all have a modern design and fresh renovation, equipped with air conditioning, TV, refrigerators, equipped with bathrooms, there is a balcony. Guests are offered to stay:

  • Cottage 1 consists of two suites;
  • Cottage 2 consists of 4 stylish suites;
  • cottage 3 has 2 suites, each 2 – x room, with a view of the park and a balcony;
  • Cottage 4 – the best with sea view, consists of 4 suites with kitchens;
  • Cottage 5: suites with sea and park view;
  • Cottage 6: 7 suites of increased area with kitchens;
  • Building 7 offers 9 rooms, including apartments (3 rooms), suites with a capacity of up to 6 people.

Natalia, Omsk “My whole family loves to settle not in huge hotel buildings, but in small cottages, which we found in Rhodes. In general, the village itself is small, quiet, and everyone felt at home. We had a great room with sea view, simple interior, such modern minimalism. The appliances are good, the bathroom is large, and the staff cleans when the guests are comfortable. Highly recommend to lovers of measured rest, comfort and tranquility”

Meals at the hotel

When booking accommodation in Rhodes, guests can choose the type of meal that suits them: à la carte, dietary or buffet. The main restaurant of the hotel prepares dishes of several cuisines of the world, including the Crimean, and also attracts its regular visitors with a pleasant interior and a high level of service. In summer, the veranda is open, and the bar also offers outdoor access.

The hotel has only one restaurant, and if you want to diversify your holiday in terms of gastronomy, then go to the village, on the coast, where almost every evening you can visit new establishments for yourself.

Svetlana, Moscow “I would like to especially note the staff of the restaurant, which always goes to meet guests. We rest in “Rhodes” for the third time, and we know that there will be no problems with food, although the child needs special food. A few years ago, we even met the boss, and he works there, it says a lot. Many thanks to all the staff that create home conditions on vacation”

Additional services at the hotel

Cottage complex stands 100 m from the pebble beach, it is clean and well maintained. There are showers, a medical center, children’s and sports grounds, rental of accessories for divers, there is a bar.

Pool, which is used by guests of the hotel “Rhodes”, is located on the territory of the neighboring sanatorium “Ai – Petri”, very close. It is large, equipped with a countercurrent, waterfall and geyser, there is a hydromassage.

All additional services on the basis of “Ai – Petri” are available to guests of “Rhodes”, so it is prescribed in the living conditions, which is why be sure to visit the bath, massage and cosmetology rooms, gym, tennis court, billiards, restaurants and bars.

A separate important point of visiting the Crimea is the medical base of sanatoriums, which is famous throughout the country. Cottages “Rhodes” are very close to the sanatorium “Ai – Petri”, and it is convenient to go to the procedures. The equipment is very modern: diagnostic and therapy rooms, an inhalatorium, a gym and a complex for exercise therapy.

Doctors of the sanatorium specialize in the following profiles:

  • problems of the musculoskeletal system;
  • cardiology;
  • pulmonology;
  • neurology.

An initial examination of patients is carried out, after which additional procedures can be added to the main treatment: climatotherapy, inhalations, reflexology, laser treatment, thalassotherapy, physio procedures.

Guests very often order special programs that are designed for a longer stay in the sanatorium, such as “Antistress”, correction of excess weight and cleansing the body of toxins.

No summer vacation is complete without visiting historical and natural attractions, in other words, the treatment and the sea will be perfectly complemented by excursions. Crimea is a place rich in such beauty, sometimes a vacation is not enough to see everything interesting.

Sights of Koreiz

The very first mention of Koreiz as a settlement dates back to the 8th century, and refers them to the trading place of Kurasite, later – already with a religious place – the monastery of Curiza, so it was in the history of many ancient states. The name is very interesting even for us modern, translated from Greek means “inhabited place”.

Official documents prove to us that the village was here in the 18th century and left behind data in history. It was at that time that the Crimea was annexed to Russia, and since then the small village began to develop and attract not only ordinary tourists, but also the aristocracy, which understood luxury not only domestic, but also in the field of recreation.

Now the territory of the village occupies about 400 hectares, and the maximum point above sea level is 150 m. Koreiz is united with Mishor, they are often even confused, and their entire coastline is beautiful pebble beaches and crystal clear water.

Walking the resort here is special: while you wander around the neighborhood and breathe the mountain air, at the same time catch the Crimean – Tatar flavor. It is expressed in architecture, cuisine of cafes and restaurants, cemeteries and mosques.

Dulber Palace

It was built by the architect Krasnov, the same one who was the author of the Livadia Palace. The sketches were created by its owner – Prince Romanov, who at that time was influenced by the traditions of the East. The result was a structure with silver domes, blue wall paintings and carved arches, as in a fairy tale.

“Dulber” in translation means “magnificent”, and indeed the palace and the park around it amaze with beauty.

Now the building is used as a sanatorium, and living here, you will feel like real kings.

After the revolution, this palace, like many others, was used for political purposes, and representatives of the House of Romanov were held in it, but they managed to emigrate.

In Koreiz there is Miskhor Park, which is famous for the variety of species of trees, palm trees, shrubs from around the world. Some trees here are older than 500 years, and they were carefully preserved when the landscape was preserved and new species were planted.

On the Embankment of the village there is a whole collection of sculptures, places for photo shoots, and the most popular of them is a mermaid who holds a child. Another composition – a robber steals a girl from a mountain fountain. The plots of many southern places were local legends.

If you want to see the beautiful places of Koreiz from a bird’s eye view, climb to the top of Ai – Petri, and you can do it like this:

  • cable car;
  • on the mountain serpentine by car;
  • hiking in organized groups.

The observation deck is located at an altitude of more than 1200 m and offers a view from Simeiz to Yalta. In addition, you can visit the famous caves Ice, Three-eyed and Geological.

Park Chair

It is located between Gasproy and Miskhor and was created before the 18th century, when Crimea was not yet Russian. The locals had unique agro-techniques by which they could plant trees on the mountain slopes. The same technologies were used later, when they created a regular park for the royal family.

The area of The Chamber Park is huge, 23 hectares, and it is occupied by coniferous trees that give clean air. Some pines were planted under Turkish citizenship, that is, until 1783. There is also a luxurious rose garden and the Chapel of Xenia of St. Petersburg.

Yusupi Palace

The palace is now open to the public along with its historic rooms, and in the park around you can see the ponds, gazebos and rare plants. The palace was built in Koreiz more than 100 years ago, and in 1945 became the venue for the famous Yalta conference at the end of the Second World War.

All the main documents following the war were signed by the leaders of the allied states in Livadia, and the Yusupo Palace was the headquarters of Stalin and the delegation of the USSR. During the war, the wine cellars were converted into a bunker, and receptions were held here at the highest level. In the park in front of the palace you can now see three palm trees that were planted by Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill.

Cable car “Miskhor – Ai-Petri”

One of the most famous mountains of the Crimea Ai – Petri has such a convenient location and observation deck that all tourists want to climb there, see the beauty around. In 1987, a cable car was built in 3 km, and it was listed in the Guinness Book of Records, because there is the longest span without a single support in 1670 m. To climb to the top of the mountain, you will need 15 minutes.

To ensure the safety of guests, the equipment is checked before each departure, in the cars there are conductors and duty posts at the stations.

When you climb to the top of Ai – Petri, you can not only see the surroundings in all their glory, but also visit the restaurants of local cuisine and wine tasting.

Dreamwood Amusement Park

It is located not in Koreiz, but on the territory of the luxurious hotel “Mriya Resort”, in Yalta, but everyone can visit it. The park is divided into zones: water, wind, forest and mountains. Each of them has its own thematic areas and attractions.

Even the youngest children are allowed here, they are equipped with play areas and the attraction “Flower Carousel”, where live hedgehogs participate, and you can play gardeners. Water slides are also convenient and safe.

In the “Mountains” zone there is an old mine of the 18th century, where children can find nuggets, get into virtual reality, see the eruption of a volcano.

If suddenly the weather deteriorates, that is, closed game rooms, interactive platforms, restaurants and cafes.





The southern coast of Crimea is the warmest, sunniest and most interesting. Come to the modern cottage complex “Rhodes”, feel the real Crimean hospitality against the background of excellent hotel service!