Paradise Island Resort & Spa 5*, Maldives – tropical resort in the Indian Ocean

The Maldives has long been associated in the minds of travelers with a paradise corner of the planet, surrounded on all sides by the pure azure Indian Ocean. Despite the fact that a holiday on the picturesque islands is very expensive, the impression of the holiday will be unforgettable – especially if you choose the five-star hotel Paradise Island Resort & Spa.

You can get to the tropical atolls only by plane, direct flights are available from Moscow (from other airports the flight will be made with a transfer in the UAE or Qatar).

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Most maldivian hotel complexes are located on small islands in the ocean, since the state itself is a set of atolls located at a distance from each other. “Paradise Island Resort” was no exception – it occupied almost the entire small island, you can get here by boat from the capital male, where the international airport is located.

Tourists who are going to visit the tropical archipelago know that there are no special attractions in the Maldives – the highlight of the resort are endless snow-white beaches, an endless ocean with interesting underwater inhabitants and picturesque nature. People come here to relax and recharge their energy before working days, to find themself in an atmosphere of complete tranquility and relaxation.

Many travelers note the successful location of the complex – the airport is literally ten kilometers away, speedboats regularly depart to it. This feature is a very important plus, especially for tired tourists after many hours of flight.

Alena, Volgograd: “We rested here in February, it was the season in the Maldives. It is convenient to get to the complex – only fifteen minutes by a small boat. The hotel has an administrator who explained and showed us everything, and then helped with all the questions and problems. We’ll definitely come back to Paradise again!”

Beaches & Pools

The hotel complex boasts a developed infrastructure – every guest, even the most demanding, will find something to do. Many people come here for the warm Indian Ocean – a short walk away is a clean well-groomed sandy beach, equipped with free sunbeds and umbrellas. There is a small lounge bar on the coast offering delicious drinks and fruit juices and smoothies.

For those who do not particularly like to swim in sea water, there are several spacious pools, which are cleaned regularly. The increase in depth in them occurs gradually, so such pools are suitable for kids.

Especially for children, employees leave toys near the pools, so parents can not worry about the entertainment of children. Sun loungers and parasols in this area are also provided free of charge, guests can always find a free place.

Marina, Moscow: “From our suite there was an exit directly to the ocean coast – in some places there were coral reefs, but this did not interfere with swimming. The ocean is stunning, as is the beach. The water is pure, bright azure in color, there are many free sun loungers on the coast. There is an atmosphere of complete peace on the island!”


Since the hotel boasts a location on the first line from the ocean, it offers a lot of services for outdoor activities. At the complex there is a diving center, which conducts classes for those who wish and special equipment is issued for diving into the ocean depths.

Badminton, tennis and table tennis, billiards and squash are also available. Windsurfing training and rental of various surfboards for guests of all ages are available on the coast. Staff can also help rent a bicycle to explore the tropical island or a canoe for rowing.

The staff offers many wellness services to maintain the physical health of guests: on the island there is a SPA-lounge with a sauna, a beauty salon where a lot of care procedures are available, a massage parlor and a gym where you can resort to the services of a personal trainer to develop an individual training program. Tourists can choose a package of SPA-services with a big discount (it is necessary to find out from the administrators).

Five-star hotel complex Paradise Island Resort & Spa has not forgotten about the leisure of young guests – a safe open-air playground is open for them, qualified animators work and interesting performances are periodically held.

Alexander, Kaliningrad: “The hotel has animators who perfectly entertain children. In the evenings, various shows and performances are organized, several times the child even tried to make aqua makeup. The most memorable entertainment is the daily feeding of small sharks and rays from the pier.”


The hotel is comfortably and equipped with everything necessary for a relaxing holiday. Guests can book original and non-standard accommodation options – a bungalow with its access to the beach, located almost at the water’s edge, a villa in a house standing in the ocean on stilts, or a spacious suite (two hundred square meters. m.) with a private pool. Also very comfortable will be accommodation in a villa located in the middle of a lush tropical garden, or in a villa with its own jacuzzi.

A feature of the object is that most of its rooms are equipped for people with disabilities (it is necessary to find out from the administrator when booking). For newlyweds, staff can decorate any suite and order fresh flowers. When choosing an option, you need to take into account the fact that the zones in the hotel are divided into space for smokers or non-smokers.

Anastasia, Kazan: “It is good to come here with companies or large families – you can take the whole villa in the garden or in a house on stilts. In the rooms on the windows there are good mosquito nets – neither mosquitoes nor other insects inside were observed. Repairs are fresh, cleaned even several times a day, if necessary. “


Travelers coming to the Maldives want to take a complete break from the everyday routine and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of peace – the paradise Island Resort complex can provide this opportunity. On the territory of the hotel there are several restaurants known for the quality of service and a large selection.

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are available through the buffet system, guests are invited to choose dishes of local, European or Asian cuisine. Refreshments are served on the spacious terrace with beautiful views of the vast ocean. Wine and other alcoholic beverages are available during any meal (you should contact the waiters).

We recommend you to visit the restaurant, which has earned high marks of satisfied tourists and specializes in the preparation of fresh seafood – it is also located on the territory of the hotel. Here you can spend a romantic evening with a bottle of wine or celebrate an important event.

Natalia, St. Petersburg: “The food is organized at an excellent level: the choice of dishes is large, there are many unusual desserts, the waiters work quickly. But most of the treats for us were quite spicy. In the restaurant Farumathi you can spend a wonderful romantic evening and taste delicious seafood. “

Quality of service

The hotel is distinguished by an excellent level of service – the staff is ready to provide the most relaxed and comfortable rest of guests. Rooms are cleaned every day: maids try to get into the apartment when the residents spend time by the pool or on the beach. Bed linen and beach/bath towels are also changed daily.

Administrators at the reception area work around the clock, so it does not matter at what time you check into the hotel – you will be registered both late at night and early in the morning.

At the reception, you can ask to arrange temporary luggage storage, if necessary, or provide a concierge who will take you to the bungalow and tell you all the information about the complex. There is a currency exchange office in the building – it will be useful to you if you want to buy souvenirs in a local shop.

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A water shuttle service to Male Airport (speedboat) can be arranged on request at a small additional cost. You can get to the capital of the state in just twenty minutes, which is considered a clear plus for the Maldivian hotel.

Svetlana, Krasnodar: “It is convenient that the hotel has administrators who speak several languages, and there is a Viber/WhatsUpp assistant service. Travelers are entertained by a team of cheerful animators. I liked that beach towels are distributed in any quantity, you do not need to issue a card. “

Rest in the luxurious “Paradise Island Resort & Spa” will be a memorable event for the whole family: children will definitely like cheerful animators and daily feeding of marine life, and adults will appreciate the SPA center and picturesque beach on the ocean coast.

We advise you to book a tour to the Maldives in advance – in the season, which lasts from November to March, there may be no free seats.

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