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One of the most famous ski resorts in Russia now – Rosa Khutor – where the Panda Shelter Hotel is located. The resort traces its history back to 2003 and was the first large sports project in the post-Soviet space in the south of our country. It was planned near Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi – the most beautiful place in the Aibga Mountains. The highest point here is called the Stone Pillar (more than 2300 meters above sea level). There is no doubt that Rosa Khutor became especially popular after the XXII Winter Olympic Games in 2014, but for many years before this event, the resort has established itself as a professional, well-equipped place for both amateurs and craftsmen.

As a “test” competition before the responsible Olympic Games, the Alpine Skiing World Cup (2012) was held. The territory of the ski base is huge – about 2000 hectares, on it you can find the following attractions and entertainment for every taste:

  • modern ski slopes;
  • playgrounds, clubs and schools of instructors;
  • beaches and waterfall park;
  • hostels, hotels of medium and premium classes;
  • amusement parks;
  • a huge selection of shops, restaurants, centers for the sale and rental of mining equipment.

Julia, Kirov “Panda Shelter” – a great magical place in the mountains, clean and cozy, great views from the windows, I want to come back. Optimal ratio of price and quality, very affordable price for a budget tourist… I recommend it”

Despite the rather large distances between the objects, each of them can be reached using a cable car, which, in turn, is also a local attraction.

The resort is divided into two parts – lower and upper. The lower one is called Rosa Valley and serves as a transport point and artery of the entire district, all tourists come here in order to climb three different peaks. In addition, Rosa Dolina is rich in natural and architectural objects: the pedestal of champions, the town hall, the Romanov bridge.

The upper level of the resort is Rosa Plateau and Rosa Peak with the Olympic Village. It is here that all those routes are located, for the sake of which tourists come to winter Sochi. Everyone can buy ski passes that give discounts on unlimited use of trails, lifts, instructor services. And, of course, it is impossible not to say about the beautiful views that open from the highest points of the ridge.

In order to do winter sports or fully relax here in the summer, you need to choose a comfortable place to stay for yourself and your family.

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Location and history

Hotel “Panda Shelter” in Sochi – one of the most popular among the guests of the resort. Choosing accommodation here, you will find yourself high above sea level, where the views from the windows are the most spectacular. To get here from the airport of the city of Adler will take about an hour, and three mountain lifts – within a radius of several kilometers. This is a modern and well-equipped hotel in the Olympic Village, a place with the unusual name of Esto-sadok. The settlement was founded by Estonian settlers in the late 19th century, and is now focused on vacationing tourists.

Rooms, services

Architecturally, the Panda Shelter Hotel is represented by two five-story buildings, with elevators.

  • The hotel offers more than 100 rooms of different categories, many vacationers note the optimal ratio of price and quality.
  • The most affordable accommodation option is a hostel for 4, 6 and even 10 people in one room. Unfortunately, due to the new epidemiological situation in the world, the hotel administration temporarily stopped placing more than 3 people in the room, which indicates care and attention to guests.
  • Economy class rooms are located in blocks of 2 – 4 rooms, there is a shared bathroom and a bathroom. Despite the simplicity of accommodation, this type of room is very popular among young couples, students and groups of friends. At the same time, all rooms are equipped with cable TV and climatic equipment depending on the time of year, there is a washing machine. On each floor there is a kitchen where you can cook yourself, and a large dining area.
  • The most cozy and comfortable rooms are recognized standards with balconies, often – panoramic windows, a private bathroom.
  • Rooms are cleaned on request, every three days.

When booking accommodation, you can choose the type of meal available to all guests in the “Panda – café”: breakfast, half board and full board. All three types are based on a set menu, which is very varied and changes daily, but there is also always the opportunity to try the à la carte dishes. Do not forget that the hotel has a kitchen where everyone can cook for themselves. Many guests fondly remember the hospitality of the café and large portions of all dishes. Tourists from all over the surrounding area come here to eat and just have a good time.

In case of early departure to the airport or for a tour, you will be prepared a takeaway breakfast.

Your evening will be held perfectly in another famous institution of the hotel – the bar “RyoBeernaya”, where there is always a huge selection of beer and meat on the grill.

If you come with children, then in the cafe menu there are always suitable dishes, and you can easily share your portion, because they are not small, as you remember.

Since its foundation, the hotel is focused on receiving groups of tourists, both adults and children. Nutrition managers are ready to offer several types of group complex nutrition and make discounts to corporate customers.

Marina, Moscow “The best place I have ever visited! The view from the window is excellent, the mountains and the sky are just a fairy tale. The air is clean, just super. The room is simple and cozy, most importantly, it was warm. Breakfasts / dinners are simple, but hearty, you do not want to eat for a long time, you can walk and walk. The cable car is within walking distance and is free of charge for hotel guests. At every step of the ski rental, but we were out of season, not needed. And so, there is where to walk and admire the picturesque views. Cafe on the 2nd floor, “Ryobeernaya” is called, there you can have dinner if you do not have time for dinner in the dining room. Very tasty, although not very useful)). I also want to note the manager of the hotel Alexander, talked with him, he spoke in detail about the most interesting places, roads, entertainment nearby. In general, we absolutely liked everything!”

Leisure and entertainment

What kind of entertainment can its guests find in the vicinity of the hotel? This region of the south of our country is beautiful in summer and winter. This is how nature created it. But additional comfort conditions have already been created by the founders and employees of the hotel.

Guests come here in the summer to enjoy the fresh mountain air and beautiful scenery. The Panda Shelter Hotel has its own private beach and a free shuttle will take you there. People who are active, ready to learn new things, discover new hiking and cycling routes will certainly find something to do here. All year round there is a well-known amusement park with an interesting name “Yeti Park”, which will be interesting, first of all, for children and everyone who wants to participate in exciting quests and conquer the rope town. The most daring guests are always welcome here, because the main attractions are located at the level of a nine-story building.

Undoubtedly, winter is the most favorite time of the year for visitors to the resort, for lovers and devoted fans of skiing. The hotel “Panda Shelter” has all the conditions for you to rest actively and not feel a lack of anything.

In the lobby of the hotel there is a special room for storage and cleaning of your equipment, it is guarded and equipped with round-the-clock video surveillance. All guests of the hotel receive a free ski pass to the ski lift upon check-in. Throughout the winter, guests use the shuttle service from the hotel to the entrance to the cable car.

The ski resort is focused not only on professionals in their field, but also on beginners who, before trying themselves on a more dangerous slope, train near the hotel. Whether you use skis, or snowboards, on the training slope will not be scary at all. To help here there are instructors who will pass on all the skills to their students. All trails of various levels of difficulty are maintained in perfect condition with the help of modern snow coating systems, which is very important. Security specialists took into account all the details of the routes and landscape. Lifts and cable cars are among the safest in the country. And, of course, while you are climbing to the height you need, do not forget to admire the mountain beauties around. Active winter rest is always a charge of vivacity and excellent mood. Mastering various sports, especially in such a picturesque place, is undoubtedly pleasant and memorable for a long time.

If suddenly the weather has deteriorated, and you spend the evening in the hotel with your family and friends, then there is a relaxation room with board games for adults and a special play area for children. Interesting leisure activities can be provided for guests of any age.

Anna, Ekaterinburg “Wonderful cute hotel, with cool balconies, with heated towel rail and clothes dryer, with iron in constant access, with silence and cleanliness! With the choice was not mistaken! Very welcome! There’s a place with microwaves who need it. Just a great hotel! No annoying music, everything is fine! And not expensive at all. Around quiet, beauty, close to shop and pharmacy, cafes, restaurants. Cute really!”

The very convenient location of the hotel in close proximity to the slopes, as well as from local attractions plays a big role. In your free time from sports fun you will be happy to visit the famous places of Sochi.

Just a kilometer from our hotel there is a unique place – the ethnopark “My Russia” – a huge territory on which the architectural styles of 11 regions of our vast country are reproduced. Having been here once, you will learn about the traditions and styles of such places where you are unlikely to find yourself live. The complex is open to the public until the evening, and arriving here in the morning, you will give yourself an unforgettable day of cognitive walk. All architectural miniatures placed in the park are equipped with information plates with interesting descriptions that will always prompt your “location”.

Many guests staying in our hotel like to walk along the central square of the village, which is called Mzymta Square, which is conveniently located between the embankment of the same name and the ski base. It is always crowded, bright and noisy because of the entertainment events, exhibitions. There are many cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops on the square.

For lovers of literature, classical houses – museums with a private history there is an opportunity to visit such a place. This is a house owned by the Estonian writer Anton Hansen Tammsaare, who very openly and accurately described the era of Estonian immigrants in our lands. He also translated F.M.’s novels. Dostoevsky into Estonian.

The resort of Rosa Khutor on Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi amazes with its variety of natural landscapes, historical sights, modern sports clusters. Being here, you will love any time of the year. Hotel “Panda Shelter” is always glad to its guests!

Svetlana, Moscow “Rested with a company of 5 people: 4 adults and a child. We had 2 double rooms booked. At the reception, at our request, we were easily settled in one block. The hotel is small and very cozy. For a week you know all the visitors in person. Adequate staff at the reception and in the bar. Separately, I would like to note the cleaning in the rooms and in the rest of the premises. During the week, the linen was changed 2 times. Housekeeping every day. The hotel is very clean. Children’s playroom is a huge plus! For adults in the evening in the bar there are always board games. After dinner, watch movies or computer game tournaments. Another plus is its own drying room for equipment. In general, the impressions of this hotel are very positive. Good value for money. This is the cheapest option on Rosa Plateau. And at the same time very worthy”

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