Mayak Hotel Kirovsk

Mayak Hotel is located in the secluded town of Kirovsk on the banks of the Neva River, 50 km from St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport. In some distance there are dense forests, where in good weather you can walk or collect mushrooms and berries.

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The good location of the hotel in the city is often noted by guests in their reviews.

“Great location. The bank of the Neva, a park area, an equipped beach nearby. There is a barbecue area. In the hotel building there is a sauna and a swimming pool with hydromassage – it is very pleasant to visit after the road. Breakfast is brought to the room at a convenient time. The staff is attentive.”

Room stock

The hotel building is located on the banks of the river at some distance from the city center, which allows guests to create a feeling of country recreation.

All rooms are divided into two categories:

  • Standard room with bed, desk, TV, air conditioning, bedside table and private bathroom;
  • Suites of increased area with a private glass terrace.

Each room has free Wi-Fi and tea and coffee making facilities.

Additional amenities on the territory of the hotel “Mayak”:

  • Parking near the hotel;
  • Equipped barbecue area;
  • Laundry;
  • Indoor swimming pool;
  • Sauna;
  • Restaurant with karaoke;
  • Nightclub.

The hotel is ready to receive guests with pets. To come with a four-legged pet, it is enough to warn the accommodation service about this after booking. Those who have already been to the hotel “Mayak” note that it was important to them. Few hotels in the Leningrad region are ready to accommodate guests with animals.

Very hospitable staff, always ready to help and prompt. Lying to pets.”

The greatest response from guests is that the hotel, having the format of not a country guest house, but a classic hotel, has a barbecue area and a veranda overlooking the forest. They note this in their reviews.

Great covered veranda in the room and very good that there is a place for barbecue. Very friendly, friendly staff.”

Meals at the hotel

The hotel can order breakfast, which is served in the restaurant at the hotel or brought to the room. In addition to a continental menu, burgers can be ordered in the room. The rest of the time the restaurant is open à la carte.

There are several small cafés, a burger shop and grocery mini markets nearby.

Activities in and around the city

Entertainment here depends on the time of year. In summer – rest on the beaches of the Neva and Lake Ladoga, walks in the forest and picking mushrooms and berries. In winter – mountain and cross-country skiing.

In summer, to relax on the beach or walk along the promenade, you can walk around the city to the Neva. But if you also want to swim, you should choose a pond with warmer water. Near the city of Kirovsk, such a reservoir is Lake Ladoga. In europe’s largest freshwater lake in summer, the water warms up to about 20 degrees and on a warm sunny day is suitable for swimming. On Lake Ladoga come those who want to swim in an open pond from St. Petersburg, so the beach, although unequipped, but clean and well-groomed. And the proximity of forests makes the air clean and fresh. Therefore, the rest here is also healthy.

Winter entertainment here is more diverse. The Leningrad region is famous for its ski slopes. Not far from the town of Kirovskaya there are small trails for cross-country skiing. You can arrange ski trips and on large forest trails. But go to larger facilities with modern infrastructure and trails, which are equipped with lifts. especially since it will not be difficult – the road to large and well-known slopes and trails takes about an hour on a highway with good coverage.

Ski slopes in the Leningrad region

Most of the high-quality ski slopes in the Leningrad region are just a 1.5-hour drive from the Mayak Hotel. Therefore, guests of the hotel can go to any of them. Do not miss this opportunity, because the ski resorts of the Leningrad region are worthy competitors to the descents to Sochi and the Elbrus region.

  • Resort Igora. It is located near the village of Toksovo, Vsevolozhsk district. Complex of the European level with ten slopes for skiing and two training. In addition to the slopes for skiers and snowboarders, there is a track for cotton candy, an indoor skating rink and a snow park. There are six different lifts, including a children’s lift. Next to the slope there is an ice palace with an ice rink, a curling area, a cinema and shops. There is a very high level of service and appropriate prices.
  • Okhta is a park. Ski resort with more modest prices than in the resort of Igor. It is located in the village of Syargi, Vsevolozhsk district. The complex has ten ski slopes, a cross-country ski run and an outdoor ice rink, a spa complex, indoor pools, a rope park and a children’s club. The resort is located in a beautiful location. Around the slopes there is a coniferous forest with tall perennial trees.
  • North slope. Another complex near Kirovsk, located in the middle of the forest. There are affordable prices and a large selection of entertainment. Four ski runs and four sled tracks coexist with a paintball field, an extreme park and numerous baths and saunas.

Cross-country skiing track

The nearest modern cross-country ski run to Kirovsk is located in the village of Garbolovo. The journey here will take a little more than an hour. On the highway there are sections with a length of 1.5 to 5 km. And suitable for skiers of different levels of training. In order for visitors to understand in advance whether the snow cover is ready for ski races, photos of ski tracks are uploaded to the site in real time. The ski base in Garbolovo is a non-profit project, so you do not need to pay for a visit to the place.

Sights in and around the city

Kirovsk is a typical Soviet settlement. It is quite understandable that it was formed in 1931 as a working settlement. Of the attractions here are numerous monuments to working professions and Soviet power.

But the nature here is amazing. The forests around Kirovsk are one big natural attraction. You can walk for hours on them, inhaling the useful and fragrant air of the pine forest.

If you have time, you can go to the suburbs of St. Petersburg. Although they are in some distance, to get from Kirovsk here in time as well as from St. Petersburg itself. The nearest country residence is Pushkin. The city that glorified the famous poet. Next to it is one of the most famous places in St. Petersburg – Tsarskoye Selo with the Catherine Palace, where the famous Amber Room is located. The way here will take a little more than an hour.

The most important place to visit when coming to Kirovsk is the city of Shlisselburg and the fortress of Oreshek on the island of the same name.

Shlisselburg is located on the shore of Lake Ladoga. Near the city of Neva flows into the lake. The journey from the hotel will take about 20 minutes. The road itself is already a landmark. It’s called “The Road of Life.” During the siege of Leningrad, food was brought to the city by the blockaders and it was thanks to this road that the inhabitants of the city withstood a long 500 days. In memory of these events, a museum of the Siege of Leningrad was created in Shlisselburg. Here are collected materials about the difficult time that immerses visitors in the atmosphere of 1943. The city for this museum was not chosen by chance. It was the garrison of the fortress of Oreshek that held the defense for all 500 days of the blockade, not allowing the Nazis to seize the right bank of the Neva and block the Road of Life.

The main attraction of Shlisselburg, except for Lake Ladoga, is the Oreshek fortress. A small pentagonal island with defensive bastions and towers at each of the corners, has a long and rich history. The fortress was created in 1323 and soon conquered by the Swedes. It was in this part of Lake Ladoga that the Battle of the Neva was, after which the territory of the fortress again began to belong to the state that built it. After the border of the Russian Empire moved, and these territories ceased to be borders, the fortress began to serve as a prison for political criminals. Now it is the territory of the museum and the observation deck.

Unremarkable, at first glance, places can seriously interest their guests and bring a huge number of positive emotions. So it is in the case of Kirov. It looks unremarkable and boring, it is worth looking a little wider. And you begin to understand that a quiet city located in a place where a rich history and a large number of attractions and entertainment around is what you need. Here you get a lot of emotions, but you do not get tired. And the hotel “Mayak” with its pleasant atmosphere complements the pleasant impressions of the place.


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