Magic Rixos Premium Belek 5* Turkey, Belek — Description, photos, reviews

Hotel Rixos Premium Belek 5* has one very important feature. In the courtyard of the complex there is a full-fledged water park with many slides and attractions. This means that this is an ideal place for a family holiday, because both children and adults love water activities. We offer you to plunge together with us into the world of pleasure and fun, which offers a hotel of the category “five stars”, working on the system “all inclusive ultra”.

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Agree, such a combination of words in itself efingests thoughts of a comfortable holiday in a paradise on the Mediterranean coast. But where did this name come from? The fact is that the first complex of this network was built in the resort area of the city of Antalya. Not far from it are the ruins of the ancient city of Perge. According to legend, the history of its development began after the Trojan War. In 120-121 BC on the Turkish land stepped brave Greeks, who were the founders of Perge. One of them was named Rixos. It was in his honor that Fettah Taminji named the chain of his hotels.

The tourist center we are discussing captured a vast territory of 100,000 square meters. Naturally, on this territory there are not only residential buildings equipped with rooms for guests. There are a large number of catering facilities, several swimming pools, an impressive water park, sports grounds, a private beach line, conference rooms, gardens and much more.

Konstantin, Tver: “The hotel, of course, is gorgeous, there is nothing to say. Before that, I had never rested in such places. Everything around is permeated with luxury. Pleasure is expensive, but the cost of living includes a lot of services, so if you choose a more budgetary institution, you will have to spend much more on entertainment. And then you paid the money, and you don’t worry about anything. Cool!”

Holiday in the style of «Luxury»

Surely, you have already guessed that in this hotel you will find comfortable rooms that fully meet all the requirements and meet international standards. The apartments have new chic furniture, on the balconies you will find cozy street chairs and breakfast tables in the fresh air. The rooms are always cool enough, which contributes to a good sleep of children and adults. Insects do not bother with their buzzing, as is often the case in other institutions. A large bed is installed, on request for children, the staff will always provide extra beds for children.

The spacious bathrooms have everything for guests to take a shower or bath. Toiletries, towels, hairdryer, slippers and bathrobes are provided free of charge. According to the guests, the floors here are not slippery, and the smell of dampness is never felt.

A safe, storage cabinet and minibar are included and the daily renewal minibar is included. In addition, all rooms have access to free Internet. Service takes place 24/7, cleaning is carried out every day according to the established schedule.

Svetlana, Khabarovsk: “I’ve dreamed of such a vacation all my life! In my apartment I felt like a real queen. The design is very cool, the furniture is beautiful, and the view from the window is just gorgeous! Employees are smiling, courteous. Any problem is solved at the click of your fingers, just call the reception and show your dissatisfaction. I will definitely come back here again!”

Water activities and active sports

As mentioned earlier, Rixos Premium Belek 5* has at its disposal a huge water park built near the main pool. Here every day frolic and bathe kids with parents and representatives of active youth. For children, this is a real paradise, because the height of the slides is truly impressive. While skiing you are guaranteed to get a lot of positive impressions and adrenaline!

A spacious terrace has been built near the reservoir, on which umbrellas and sun loungers are installed. Their number is enough to accommodate everyone, even if the hotel is crowded in high season. Everything is freely available, guests never get up early in the morning to occupy a sun lounger. But while your children dive into the water with enthusiastic screams, you can relax and sunbathe.

Tired of lying still for a long time?

Animators working in the recreation area will help you relax and be sure to involve you in sports competitions and team games. The administration also offers everyone water aerobics, water polo and water dancing.

Those who prefer active sports, for sure, will like the presence of specially equipped sites. So, for example, you can always play golf, tennis, football, basketball, volleyball. In a specially designated room there are billiard tables, plasma TV for video games, darts, chess, mini-library.

The beach area is a matter of pride for the hotel administration. It is always clean, the coating is sprinkled with fine sand, the entrance to the sea is very convenient. On the coast there is everything you need for a good rest – from sun loungers to changing cabins. There is a towel pick-up point, a bar with soft drinks, alcohol and light snacks, as well as a lot of entertainment. Among them are the school of scuba diving, parasailing and windsurfing.

Ivan, Kirov: “The beach was always clean despite the people leaving garbage and waste. Employees constantly clean and algae, which is brought to the shore. Prices for entertainment do not bite, so you can try everything that the hotel offers. In addition, the reception offers many options for excursions, so I recommend that you get acquainted with the local attractions. “

Food system

In the hotel Rixos Premium Belek 5 * everything is built on the system “All inclusive – All exclusive”. This means that all food and beverage costs are already included in the price. The main restaurant serves a variety of Turkish, European and Asian dishes, there are many pastries, fruits and desserts. A special menu has been developed for kids. Always in the presence of high chairs, for children who take their own food, a separate area is arranged.

On the territory of the hotel there are several more restaurants “al-carte”. You can get here only by prior booking, so guests book tables in advance. Pleasant music plays in the establishments, the atmosphere has on long gatherings. In order not to feel hungry between the main meals, guests order light snacks and soft drinks in local bars.

Now for alcohol. Since this institution is considered elite, guests use alcohol-containing products for free. And no matter what kind of drink you prefer, the administration ensures that nothing is diluted here.

Oksana, Krasnoyarsk: “I went on a business trip to Turkey, and stayed in this hotel. I was very pleased with the fact that according to the all-inclusive program, guests are entitled to one free visit to the à la carte restaurant. The menu is simply gorgeous, they cook deliciously, the dishes look very elegant, the table setting, in general, is beyond praise. The perfect combination of “price and quality”. I liked everything very much, I plan to come here as a traveler.”

Organization of children’s leisure

In the tourist complex Rixos Premium Belek 5* young guests enjoy special privileges. From nine in the morning to nine in the evening, experienced animators work with them. They arrange entertaining shows for the guys and develop their talents and abilities. In the game room there are always tables for writing, drawing, sculpting, origami and designer. Regularly members of the mini-club visit the zoo, beach and swimming pool. Children ride on the slides under the supervision of rescuers. In the evenings, they visit discos for teenagers, and return to their parents only for dinner and in order to go to bed.

In general, the kids are definitely not bored here. But what if parents want to go to a fun night event? For such purposes, the hotel employs nannies who, for a small fee, are always ready to look after your offspring, of course, for a separate fee.

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Elena, Nikolaev: “My son was very happy with the trip. He is 8 years old, and many of his peers lived in the hotel at that time. They went on excursions together, walked in the garden, bathed in the pool and frolicked on the slides. In restaurants, by the way, a special menu has been developed for actively growing organisms, in which there are a lot of vegetables, fruits and meat. All this is very necessary, especially when the child spends so much energy. The apartment has a single bed. In general, the family rooms are very cozy, the floor is non-slippery, so the son runs and jumps as much as he wants. But at the same time, the neighbors never complained about the stomping!”

Hotel complex Rixos Premium Belek 5* – a luxury establishment. Here you will find luxury and comfortable living conditions. The rooms are always clean and tidy, the corridors and lobbies resemble the royal chambers, the main hall looks royal. Guests are offered a large number of free services, including the use of conference rooms, laundry, beauty salon, spa, gym, indoor pool and many others.

There are also paid activities, such as diving, fishing and windsurfing. Also, you can always play sports without changing your usual schedule. Especially I want to note the spacious tennis courts with high-quality coverage and the possibility of night lighting. For a certain reward, hire an experienced instructor, take equipment and sports equipment for rent, and feel free to go to the court. Everyone has the opportunity to play volleyball, golf, mini-football and other outdoor games.

I don’t think you need to talk about what a fabulous place it is. After reading the article, you yourself probably guessed that staying in this hotel will give you a lot of pleasant memories, which you will tell relatives and friends about for a long time. What are you waiting for? Be bold to go to a travel agency and book rooms, the swimming season is just around the corner!