Lakhta Plaza Hotel, Saint Petersburg

They are able to accept with comfort in St. Petersburg, and the new hotel“Lakhta Plaza” is a confirmation of this.

St. Petersburg,Leningrad – we call the northern capital of Russia in different ways, but with love and respect for history. The city is unique, extraordinarily beautiful, St. Petersburg residents are proud of it, and those who have visited here at least once, will definitely return.

What attracts tourists here so much? Maybe the rich history and secrets of the city? Or white nights, the special romance of the streets, museums and theaters?

It is enough just to love the city for no reason and want to meet him, and he in return will offer his guests wonderful places to stay.

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Location and history

Undoubtedly, among the newest hotels in the city of Lakhta Plaza, the hotel has taken a deservedly high place. This is a business hotel on the picturesque Gulf of Finland, the Seaside district of the city. Even the classically inclined locals were pleasantly impressed by the modern architecture of the building. The glass façade, like a mirror, reflects the sky and the sun during the day, the stars – at night, and it looks excellent.

Planning to visit St. Petersburg? Plan your accommodation in the luxurious hotel “Lakhta Plaza” and get real pleasure from your visit to the city.

Just 2 years ago, the founders of the hotel planned to open apartments and rent them out. The idea seemed very correct, because the area is new, business development is developing around, and new housing would be very useful.

In the process, the concept was changed, and now in St. Petersburg there is another luxury hotel 4 stars 20 km from Pulkovo International Airport. The hotel is new, but has already managed to acquire its fans among tourists and businessmen who love comfort.

Room stock

The hotel offers accommodation of more than 100 rooms of different comfort, with unique interiors and service at the highest level. Almost all rooms offer views of the endless Gulf of Finland.

Whichever room you book, everywhere there is a homely coziness and comfort combined with restrained sophistication.

Many guests note the excellent location surrounded by banks, boutiques, shopping centers.

It offers the following types of rooms (all with balconies):

  • Cozy studio with an area of 36 sq. m, ideal for comfortable accommodation of one person.
  • Superior overlooking the Gulf of Finland, stands out for its unusual interior and layout, there is a spacious sleeping area and living room.
  • Suite two-room or family

The name speaks for itself, it is popular with families with children, when it is important not only comfortable accommodation, but also space. The most daring ideas of modern designers have found embodiment in the interior, such a room is sure to appeal to guests of the northern capital.

  • Premium Class Apartments

The choice is for those who are used to space, even with single living. But, of course, here you can accommodate a large company: 2 large bedrooms, a dressing room, 2 baths with all accessories, a living room with a kitchen. All this is located on 120 sq. m, you can not imagine a more luxurious room.

The room rate includes the following services: satellite TV, wireless Internet, mini – bar, safe.

Nikolai, Kostroma “Stayed in this hotel for the first time, but on my last visit to St. Petersburg, I think it was not yet open – new and very modern. I lived alone, and the studio room was quite enough for me. Wonderful equipment and pleasant interior, nothing superfluous, nevertheless tastefully done. Clean daily and replenish everything, especially in the bathroom. The hotel definitely deserves its four stars, I recommend it to everyone!”

Meals and restaurants

For all guests of the hotel, the accommodation includes breakfast buffet, with a rich selection of delicious dishes. The chef of the restaurant creates his masterpieces not only for lunch and dinner à la carte, but also breakfasts are always varied and perfectly served.

Do you want to spend a pleasant evening in a restaurant? Book a table and enjoy the author’s dishes of Russian, Italian and European cuisines. For dinner, you can choose a decent wine – the choice is huge.

During the construction of the hotel, they conceived a panoramic restaurant with a bar, and so it turned out. Through the huge windows, guests can admire the waters of the Gulf of Finland, the park and modern high-rise buildings.

The main restaurant regularly hosts banquets, wedding celebrations, business meetings. Tell us about your preferences, and professional organizers will do everything at the highest level.

The hotel has a bar, which is very popular in the evenings, here they celebrate birthdays, organize children’s events, because it is very sweet and tasty, and the name of the bar is appropriate – “Candy Bar”. Guests say that they just get lost when choosing desserts, chocolate, ice cream – so many of them!

Leisure and entertainment

A good 4 star hotel is simply obliged to have a first-class gym and spa complex, and“Lakhta Plaza”is no exception. Everyone who monitors their health and wants to be in good shape, during his stay visit the beauty salon “Crystal & Wellness” – a modern health complex. The room itself is so stylish and beautiful that it is a pleasure to be here. The halls of the salon are completely mirrored, which significantly increases the room, the interior is made of wood and natural stone.

It offers the services of:

  • sauna;
  • gym;
  • cosmetology and manicure room;
  • Spa – salon with 7 types of massage.

The spa here is special, everything is thought out to the smallest detail, even the influence of materials and color in the interior on the sight, hearing, smell of the guest. Such comfort and care you have never met anywhere else.

Hotel“Lakhta Plaza”is also recognized as one of the best modern places in St. Petersburg for conferences, business meetings, banquets.

The spacious hall for 50 seats is equipped with first-class light and sound equipment, microphones, projectors, laptops. At the request of the guests, the chef of the restaurant will prepare delicious snacks for a small business banquet. As an additional service, service of the event is offered by a specialist in IT technologies, which is unique and convenient, you will be sure that the system will not fail at the right time.

Boris, Moscow “Stayed in the hotel “Lakhta Plaza” for several days, there and held an event for business partners. Everything went at the highest level, from check-in and accommodation to negotiations. As they say, there is no shame for a minute. At the end of the working day we visited the sauna and spa, all delighted. Technical support of the event – at height. Thank you all, highly recommend”

The hotel is not located in the historic center, but this does not prevent you from spending your free time the way you want. Being in one of the most beautiful cities not only in Russia, but also in the world, it is impossible not to visit its sights, historical places. The heart of the city is only 10 km away, you can get there by public transport or taxi and visit the Hermitage, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Faberge Museum, the Summer Garden and the Mariinsky Theater.

In walking distance from the hotel there are many interesting places in St. Petersburg, and now we will talk about them.

Nearby Attractions

From the windows of the luxurious hotel “Lakhta Plaza” offers a view not only of the waters of the Gulf of Finland, but also of other modern iconic places of the northern capital.

Park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg

The “youngest” of all the parks of the city with a huge territory of 85 hectares, and you can relax here in different ways. The name was given not by chance, as it was laid for the anniversary of St. Petersburg. The shore of the Gulf of Finland is not very convenient and safe for the construction of residential complexes, but for the park the conditions are ideal. In support of the symbolic figure of 300, only 300 were initially planted: seedlings of Finnish apple trees, shrubs and trees. After some time, part of the territory was given for the construction of a water park.

What is in the “Park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg” and what you can do:

  • colorful playgrounds with trampolines, slides and attractions;
  • clean sandy beach, sun loungers;
  • tennis courts and volleyball courts;
  • wireless Internet throughout the territory;
  • rental of bicycles, skateways, roller skates and other equipment;
  • green lawns and cozy alleys for leisurely walks, clean air.

The most notable and famous monument of the park is a high column, which the locals call simply the Tower or Lighthouse. For 22 meters allocated, even architecturally, 3 of its components – 3 centuries of the city’s existence. At the very top of the column, the architect Vasilkovsky placed a weather vane in the form of the St. Andrew’s flag.

In the park there is even a monument to the famous Latin American, who once visited our country, Francisco de Miranda. It would seem, what does it have to do with the park and the city? Back in the days of Suvorov and Potemkin, he, being a subject of another state, joined our Russian Ekaterinoslav regiment, became a colonel there, and all this happened as a result of his casual acquaintance with our famous military leaders. There is a three-meter monument in the park since 2012 and is considered happy by the locals: his left shoe is tinder and guests of the city, and the newlyweds in the hope of good luck and a happy life.

The park is huge and several more places of entertainment have been built on its territory, one of which is “Peterland”. It is a huge center with shops, tennis and squash courts, a cinema, restaurants and a modern water park, the dome of which is visible from afar. It is difficult to imagine until you visit there that the total area of water activities is 25. 000 sq. m, and the dome of the building with a height of 45 meters – the largest in the world.

In the water park at the same time can be 2000 people, frolic on the slides, some of them claim to be the most extreme. Be sure to ask the staff where you can with the children, so that everyone is comfortable and most importantly safe.

There are not only slides, but also a swimming pool with artificial waves, a jacuzzi, more than 10 types of baths and a spa – a salon for adult visitors. Children just love to come to the water park on the island created for them with labyrinths, slides and fun sprinklers. All kinds of water activities you will find here, even a diving school is planned to open very soon.

Elagin Island and Palace

A wonderful architectural ensemble of St. Petersburg, which has never changed its name in history. The palace on the island is a real pearl on the Gulf of Finland. It was built by the famous architect Carl Rossi in the middle of the 19th century at the behest of our Emperor Alexander I. The exquisite residence belonged to the Romanovs has never been altered, and still it is the best monument of Empire art in Russia. After the Revolution, like many museums of the country, the Yelagin Palace placed the expositions of the Museum of History and Life, and thanks to the efforts of the caretakers, it was preserved and not looted.

Unfortunately, the Great Patriotic War, the blockade of Leningrad brought enormous destruction, military units were located in the palace. Later it was destroyed almost to the ground, but also restored by the first of all the Leningrad palaces. You can learn about this and much more by visiting the island and the palace with a tour.

The ceremonial halls of the Yelaginsky Palace and the exhibition halls many times became platforms for filming, such famous directors as V. Merezhko, V. Bortko, A. Uchitel, P. Lungin worked here.

St. Petersburg is a unique city – a dream, which is simply impossible to explore in one visit. There are so many museums and galleries, palaces and monuments that many cities and countries will envy. The monument is in the open air, and here you get pleasure even when you wander the streets. I want to stay in St. Petersburg longer, and you will feel real comfort in the hotel“Lakhta Plaza”. Come here, stay on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, and your positive impressions will begin from here. Welcome!

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