Kokkini Hani Landmarks

Kokkini Hani is a small village on the coast with many hotels around. Convenient location: close to Heraklion and airport. The bus to the capital goes only 15 minutes, the fare is 2 euros. In Heraklion go shopping and nightclubs, visit interesting places and just walk through the ancient streets. The beaches in the Kokkini Hani area are both sandy and pebbly. Good beaches are located near expensive hotels, the rest are untroomed and with garbage. The water is clean and warm, the approach is gentle: it is convenient for children to splash in shallow water. There is quite often a strong wind when a red flag is hung out – this is a ban on swimming in the sea. Thanks to the same wind, a surf club flourishes on one of the beaches (Arina Beach), where you can learn surfing, riding on the SUP board and rent equipment.

The trade center in the village is two large grocery supermarkets and a dozen souvenir shops. Prices for food and Chinese junk are higher than in Heraklion. The gastronomic attraction of Kokkini Hani is the confectionery “Spiridon”, in which even the residents of Heraklion come for fresh pastries and desserts. Also in supermarkets sell delicious cheeses of local production: hard, soft, goat milk, etc. In general, Kokkini Hani is not the most fashionable part of Crete: walking around the village, you can find abandoned houses and smelly washrooms. The main attractions located within walking distance are an aquarium, a dinosaur park and a planetarium. To the rest will have to go by taxi, with a tour or rent a car.

Help! Mini-train “Train Tour” is a success among those tourists who want to explore Kokkini Hani and the neighboring villages of Gournes and Gouves. You can ride along the circular route for 9 euros. Usually this sightseeing tour tourists make during bad weather. The train departs from the hotel “Arina-beach”.

Аквапарк Watercity Waterpark Crete

According to some tourists, this water park loses to its counterpart from Cyprus or Spain, but better than in Turkey. Of the advantages, it is worth highlighting a large number of slides for both children and adults. There are especially dangerous for thrill seekers. Queues for slides are only in high season and during peak hours. The territory is quite large, sunbeds and windmades are always freely available. The price tag in the café is acceptable, but above average along the coast. Who wants to save on food, he can bring lunchbox with him. When ordering tickets through the site provide a 15% discount. Also, visitors praise electronic bracelets, thanks to which you can not carry a wallet with you: in paid locations, a bracelet is applied, and when leaving the water park they pay for everything. Renting a safe costs 6 euros. Of the minuses can be noted cold water in the pools – swimmers freeze even at a temperature of +35 on the street. Poor transport accessibility: you can’t get here by bus, because it is not possible to get here. the object is located in the mountains away from the highway. You have to use a taxi or a car for rent. In general, the place is worthy of a visit, and the price tag of services is quite acceptable.

Elena Karmazova writes a review: “at first we wanted to visit different water parks, as a result, we went twice to this one. Good slides – the back does not hurt from the joints. Pleased with the large number of showers, changing rooms and sunbeds. We were with two children, aged 6 and 12, who liked the children’s town where they played with other kids from different countries. Also for children of different ages arranged a lot of swimming grounds. Safety is well thought out, so no one will fly on his head from the pipe. The territory is decorated with sculptures and statues in the Greek style, you walk around and cultivate. In two cafes you can have a snack, the price tag is normal. There is also a souvenir shop and a shop with accessories, where we bought shorts, swimsuit, swimming trunks. Of the minuses only large queues, but August 31 here is the highest season. “

Official site: https://www.watercity.gr/



Парк динозавров Dinosauria Park

It is better to visit this entertainment center with children under 10 years old who will enjoy the fascinating world of dinosaurs. Some of the figures are mobile: growling, puffing, spreading his mouth and clasping his teeth. Next to each monster there is a poster with a fascinating story and characteristics. Stylized scenery and a natural park complement the effect of presence. There is a 7d cinema in which a half-hour educational film is shown. Also for children there is a good playground and various thematic locations: a planetarium, a hospital, a puzzle corner, etc. The dining room on the territory will please with comfort and an adequate price tag. In addition, there is a snack bar located closer to the exit, where you can have a snack. They come here for at least half a day, take a lot of water bottles with them. Children will like this place, some parents too. The park is located in the village of Gournes Pediados, which borders kokkini Hani. The ticket price is not small (8-10 euros), but there are discounts on the site.

Zubanova writes a review: “With a child of 4 years spent in “Dinosauria” 3 hours. Yes! Dinosaurs are not real, little moving figures, but the size is large, near each poster – in general impressive. The inspection was turned into a fascinating walk, explained to the child and enlightened themselves. We went to the planetarium, watched the film for 30 minutes. On the playground, he also ran, liked the “time machine” and “excavations in the sand”. Would go more, common views with dinosaurs are beautiful.”

Official site: http://www.dinosauriapark.com/

Aquarium of Crete

A very interesting place that will please both children and adults. Medium-sized aquariums are arranged, there are no giant ones here. All guests, first of all, are impressed by large creatures: sharks, moray eels, rays, jellyfish and various fish. In the water, illumination of different colors is made, which decorates the underwater world – you can relax for hours, watching the life of its inhabitants. For completeness of perception it is better to take an audio guide. To get into the aquarium during feeding means to see an even more exciting action and activity of the inhabitants. Experienced tourists bypass the exposition twice: the first – for informational purposes, the second – to better see the creatures they like. The halls are cool and comfortable, climate control and ventilation work. At the entrance there is a small café, at the exit there is a souvenir shop with interesting books. A ticket for adults costs 10 euros, for children 6 euros, up to 4 years old they pass for free. Visit the oceanarium usually at a time when the sea storms or just a strong wind with waves. A detailed inspection of the exposition usually takes about two hours.

Official site: https://www.cretaquarium.gr/



Scotino Cave

The place is not tourist – buses do not go, you need to get to the cave by car rented. The entrance ticket costs 4 euros, as the steps, railings and lighting inside are made. In the central hall there is a cross over the grave of the victims who took refuge here from the Ottoman Turks. The black vent of the entrance has a menacing appearance. Being inside, you feel the breath of the cave, which sneaks and impresses even those who have visited other similar places. In order to climb into the depths, you need a strong lantern, since the backlight of the smartphone will not cope with the age-old darkness. There are few people in the location, you can even get to a time when there will be no one in the cave at all. Around the entrance there is a beautiful landscape and a church that is worth a visit. From the hill there is a wonderful view of the valley – a great place for a photo shoot.



Planet Crete Planetarium

Visit this place not only lovers of constellations and the night sky. Families with children on vacation want to get new sensations, to see something previously unknown. Such entertainment can be 7d-cinema and cartoons in three-dimensional glasses with musical accompaniment. A three-dimensional dome, special chairs and special effects will help to make a virtual excursion into the world of stars and galaxies, dark matter and underwater monsters. Different thematic films are shown. In addition, an exhibition of interesting exhibits is arranged: a parachute, a ball with plasma, models of planets, etc. The design of the premises is made in the style of the interiors of the spacecraft. Children from 7 years old planetarium program should be interesting, adults will also be able to learn a lot of cognitive. For example, there are new exhibitions telling about the latest experiments and missions for space exploration. Usually tourists come to this place during bad weather, when there is still nothing special to do. From Kokkini Hani to the planetarium can be easily reached on foot.

Official site: http://www.planetcrete.gr/

Excavations of Niros (Minoan Palace of Nirow)

Unlike the famous and promoted Phaistos Palace, where the cost of the entrance ticket is 15 euros, the excavations of Niros can be viewed for free. Although they also belong to the Minoan era – approximately 2000 years BC In those days, this place was a luxurious villa of a pagan priest, today – the ruins of the foundation and walls. It’s breathtaking when you imagine how long ago it was. Most of the mansion is sheltered from the sun under a canopy so that archaeologists can work not under the scorching sun. Kokkini Hani no longer has such antiquities, so the excavations of Niros must be visited for cultural purposes.

Anopolis Village

The picturesque village “Anopolis” is somewhat reminiscent of the famous “Potemkin villages”. The place is known for the fact that here for tourists arrange “acquaintance with Greek culture”. This event is called “Cretan Evening”. Hundreds of people are brought here by bus on a mountain road. Around the idyllic landscape: fruit trees, beautiful houses and a tavern for 1000 places, where the “acquaintance” takes place. In “Anopolis” built about 20 beautiful houses and a church. The central place is the stage in the tavern, where artists-dancers in national costumes for 4 hours dance and sing. The repertoire is associated with the Greek epic: the Minoan period, myths, legends, national songs and dance in an embrace – sirtaki. From the color: a musician with a bouzuka (something like a harp), a gray-haired gymnast-magician and a bearded merry man. So that tourists do not get bored, different snacks are served on the tables: Greek salad, stuffed tomatoes, meat kebab and a couple of dishes. The food is prepared very simply, so not very tasty. In addition, the portions are small, but this is not even food, but an snack to the main dish – young wine. There are no restrictions on drinking, since there is a huge barrel nearby, with which jugs are constantly replenished. By the end of the performance, drunken tourists climb onto the stage and, hugging, dance sirtaki. Then everyone is loaded into the bus and taken back. It is worth adding that with this money (40 euros) you can sit a couple of times in a tavern with wine and delicious food.

Monastery of St. John the Theologian

From the village of Anopolis to the monastery on foot can be reached in 10 minutes. This place is known not only for its heroic history in the national liberation struggle of the Greeks against the Turkish invaders, but also as one of the spiritual centers of the Orthodox Church in Crete. Many soldiers and monks died here, and the buildings were restored twice from ruins in the 19th century. In addition to the central temple in the Byzantine style, in the monastery you can admire the fortress walls, towers, chapel and park. The territory is perfectly landscaped, in the temples there is a service: you can put candles, attach to icons, order demands. There is a complex of monastic buildings in a picturesque valley surrounded by mountains. Beautiful landscapes and spiritual atmosphere leave a pleasant impression on tourists who are interested in such places. At the same time, the monastery of St. John the Theologian is not included in the excursion routes due to religious bias, because it is not included in the excursion routes. most of those who come to rest in Crete are Europeans, far from the Orthodox faith. It is better to visit this place during large church holidays, when solemn services and a procession are arranged.