Independent travel to Ruskeala from Moscow or St. Petersburg

Ruskeala is a mountain park located among the Karelian forests. Especially popular is the journey on a retro train – Ruskeala Express. Let’s consider in detail how to exist it with the minimum available budget.

About Ruskeala

Ruskeala is magical at any time of the year and in autumn and summer and winter. Marble Canyon is visited annually by millions of tourists. Marble from this canyon was mined during the time of Catherine II and was used for the construction of various objects of St. Petersburg such as: St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Kazan Cathedral, St. Michael’s Castle, Marble Palace and others.

From Moscow

If you are a traveler from Moscow, then first of all your task is to get to St. Petersburg. For this, the widely advertised Peregrine Falcon train is well suited. It departs almost every half hour from the Leningradsky railway station. The duration of the trip is approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. The train is comfortable with seats, you will not notice how you will find yourself in St. Petersburg. The average ticket price is 4000 rubles.

It is necessary to arrive in St. Petersburg quite early. Therefore, if you plan to leave Moscow in the evening and spend the night in St. Petersburg, then here is a selection of hotels: link.

From St. Petersburg

After you were in St. Petersburg. You need to get to the Finland station. As a rule, Sapsan trains arrive at the Moskovsky railway station of St. Petersburg. Finland station is located at the metro station Ploshchad Lenina red line.

Here you need to take the Lastochka train to Sortavala station. The swallow departs at 6 a.m. The cost of 300p for January 2021. At 10:30 you will arrive on the Swallow in the city of Sortavala on the same way, where you will be waiting for this wonderful train – Ruskeala Express.

Ruskeala Express – Sortavala departure station

You take photos, admire the views, and at 10:45 you leave for the Karelian Ruskeala Park. Free tea is offered along the way. The compartment of the train is calculated for 6 passengers. Tickets are only from 300P, but it is advisable to buy in advance. Tickets can be purchased on the website of Russian Railways.

The train is created in the style of the 19th century. Recreated as the exterior and interior. The train perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the times of Nicholas II.

The train even has an old dining car, made for the old interior.

After an hour of travel, you arrive at the end point. Next, you go to get acquainted with the views of Carlya in Ruskeala Park. And in the evening you go back to sortavala on the same train or on your own. The return train departs at 17:30.

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