Ideal Asteria Kremlin Palace 5* Turkey, Antalya, Kundu — Reviews, description, list of services

Asteria Kremlin Palace ex Wow Kremlin Palace 5*,reviews of which you can read in the sections of this article, is considered a luxury hotel complex. This hotel is located almost on the shore of the purest Mediterranean Sea in the resort area called Kundu.

From the international airport of Antalya it is separated by 20 kilometers. The price of the voucher usually includes a comfortable transfer, so after 15 minutes after a tiring flight you will find yourself in the warm and cozy atmosphere of the booked apartments. Let’s imagine that you have already landed in Turkey and are halfway to the hotel.

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What awaits you?

About hotel

Huge by the standards of this eastern country, the hotel Asteria Kremlin Palace ex Wow Kremlin Palace 5 * with all its buildings, swimming pools and its own part of the coast occupies a total of neither more nor less than 75 thousand square meters. I must say, it looks just fabulous, for which you need to thank the designers who worked on the local architecture.

We have already casually said that every Russian will feel as if he has not left his native country anywhere. Everything here reminds of Moscow, here and the Kremlin, and the Resurrection Gate, and the Historical Museum, and the royal apartments, of course, in a smaller copy. Many travelers from all over the world come here only to fully enjoy the combination of beautiful Old Russian architecture and Oriental culture.

You have no idea how picturesque the local landscapes are. On the one hand, the hotel is surrounded by majestic mountains, on the other – the vast expanses of the sea. The beauty of the landscape is very difficult to overestimate, since not every paradise can boast of a “combination” of snow-capped peaks, eucalyptus thickets and the sea coast. Pleases and the fact that the courtyard of the hotel is connected to the territory of the neighboring complex, which means that there tourists can use free services.

Evgenia, Moscow: “The view here is certainly gorgeous. Once I ordered a tour of the sea by boat. We drove far enough, so I had the opportunity to look at my hotel from a distance of several kilometers. Just imagine: the native sights of Red Square against the backdrop of tall palm trees and majestic mountain ranges. Very beautiful!”

Rooms & Apartments

Here you have admired the local beauties, and it’s time to check into the booked room. The hotel has 932 living quarters, fully adapted for living, both by noisy friendly companies and a large family. Let’s look at all the options in more detail:

  • 797 standard rooms. Each of them can accommodate a maximum of three people at a time.
  • 10 standard rooms equipped for people with disabilities. Door openings are widened here, and bathrooms have low sinks and toilet holders.
  • 30 “familyrums”, which usually live tourists who came to rest with a large company or family.
  • 79 Dublex Room. They are placed on two levels. On the ground floor there is a bedroom and a bathroom, on the second floor there is a bedroom, a balcony and a small living room.
  • 14 Suite. Several people can spend their holidays in them.
  • 1 Junior Royal Suite Room. This apartment consists of a spacious living room, a small kitchen and a bedroom. There is even a personal dining table, so guests can retire for lunch, breakfast or dinner in their own room.
  • 1 two-room Royal Suite Room. There is a study, a bedroom, a living room and a cozy kitchen area. There are two bathrooms with Jacuzzi.

Arrangement of rooms

All apartments, regardless of their cost and location, have clean new furniture, cozy design, comfortable showers and baths. The interior is very soft, unobtrusive, made in a minimalist style. Depending on the location, guests have spacious balconies and terraces. Approximately 20% of all living spaces have windows overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Flooring – soft carpet.

All rooms are connected to the central air conditioning system, each guest can independently regulate the temperature in the room using the remote control. On a hot afternoon and before going to bed, guests can always use the TV. In the mini-bar there are always soft drinks, cold mineral water, lemonade, Turkish beer. The cabinets have small safes, in which it is easy to hide even a laptop. You can use it for free. Wireless Internet access is also available, but this service belongs to the category of paid.

The bathrooms in the apartments can hardly be called cramped. Depending on the category of rooms, you can count on a shower or bath. Toilet, sink, wall mirror – all kept clean and serviceable. The property offers free towels, a hairdryer and hygiene products.

Alexandra, Tula: “I really liked my room. Everything is neat, the TV, of course, is not a plasma panel, but it works perfectly. The air conditioner has never broken, around the clock maintains the optimal temperature. The apartments are cleaned every two days when bed linen is changed. “Cosmetic” cleaning takes place daily, always in the bathroom are clean towels. In general, everything is solid and clean. I’m satisfied.”

Food system

In the hotel complex Asteria Kremlin Palace ex Wow Kremlin Palace 5 * there is a program“included”. And this means that all vacationers are waiting for a full three meals a day with a lot of snacks and light lunches (optional, of course). In the main restaurant there are always free tables and there are never queues and mountains of dirty dishes. Highchairs are freely available. It is possible to spend a pleasant dinner or lunch on the terrace.

The menu here is very diverse. In addition to the world-famous Turkish dishes, the hotel has chefs who know how to cook food from different peoples of the world. In addition, the local buffet is replete with exotic fruits, vegetables and local sweets. For supporters of a healthy lifestyle, a special dietary and vegetarian menu has been developed.

The administration of the institution also recommends visiting the restaurants “al-carte” during the rest. There are only six of them here. The first is “Pasha”, it serves surprisingly tasty Turkish dishes with notes of oriental flavor. The second is “La Gondola”, in which you can enjoy Italian food. The third is “El Sombrero”, it works daily specifically for those who love Mexican food. In the “Marina” you can enjoy seafood cooked on coals, caught in the Mediterranean Sea. In “Mangal Park” chefs work on meat dishes, which, as you may have guessed, are cooked in the fresh air. Tourists can also treat themselves to a variety of delicacies at the local sushi bar. Before visiting one of the proposed restaurants, we recommend taking care of premature booking.

Svetlana, Krasnoyarsk: “I must say, they feed here for “slaughter”. At every step you can stumble upon a restaurant, a small café or bar. All of them work all daylight hours and close after midnight. All local alcoholic beverages are served free of charge, the husband says that all this is not limited or diluted. Pastries are always fresh, sweets are presented in the widest range. You can even have breakfast at five in the morning, which is very convenient, because I always got up about six. “


Hotel Asteria Kremlin Palace ex Wow Kremlin Palace 5* is famous for its swimming pools and private beach area. Rest here is brought to a completely new level. The private beach, accessible to all guests without exception, is located just a hundred meters from the main building, in which the vast majority of apartments are located. The entrance to the sea is very convenient. The administration has built a long wooden pier from which you can dive. All sun loungers, sun loungers and sun umbrellas are provided free of charge, as well as beach towels.

Now for the entertainment. Guests can not just lazily sunbathe on the beach and swim in the purest water of the Mediterranean Sea. Visitors are presented with a huge number of different services, including a special place in scuba diving, windsurfing and parachuting. You can always ride a motorboat, jet ski, water ski, catamarans and bananas. On the territory of the private coast there are courts for volleyball, basketball, mini-football and golf. Almost all of the above services, with the exception of team games, are paid for according to a separate price list. On the territory of the hotel there are international payment systems, there is a currency exchange office.

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Konstantin, Voronezh: “The stay here is simply unforgettable! I rode a boat, rented a car, a bicycle, shopped in a nearby town, went on excursions, went to scuba diving school. I especially want to note the work of local animators: they coped with their work simply impeccably. No disco was complete without their participation, they also constantly entertained people by the pool. It allowed me to get to know my neighbors, whom I now consider my friends.”

The hotel complex Asteria Kremlin Palace ex Wow Kremlin Palace 5 * is a whole world full of exciting entertainment and recreation on one of the most picturesque sea coasts in the world. It is impossible to accurately determine the direction of this hotel, there will always be something to do and young children, for whom a mini-club of interests has been created, and elderly people who spend days on end on sun loungers with a book in their hand, and representatives of active youth who are eager to take maximum emotions and positive from vacation.

It is pleasant to spend time here, while not thinking about how to fill your stomach. In the evenings there are noisy parties, and in the morning all guests are collected in a local restaurant by the smell of fresh pastries and Turkish sweets. We recommend you to visit this amazing place at all costs, otherwise there will be no place in the piggy bank of your travels, which without exaggeration can be called a resort paradise for every tourist.